“If you have knowledge,

let others light their candle in it”

Margaret Fuller

Are you a mum to be or a new mum?

Welcome to Mums Invited!

I’m Gloria.

I believe you deserve to enjoy an easier transition into motherhood.

The postpartum period can be shocking if you are not adequately prepared.

But it doesn’t have to be.

You can be fully informed.

You can go into labour, delivery, and afterbirth armed with enough knowledge and support to make things so much easier than the average woman’s experiences.

This is what Mums Invited is here for.

To help make your adjustment into motherhood as painless as possible and to support you all the way.

I do this by providing tips and helpful information.

Information that has made such a difference to me as a mum of two boys, 14 months apart.

I also share my journey and experiences hoping we learn that:

Experience is a master teacher,

even when it’s not our own”

Gina Greenlee

About Me

I’m a wife, mum, and Christian.

A Nigerian living in the UK.

I love telling stories and helping others.

As a new mum, I struggled with breastfeeding.

Unbeknownst to me, my son was severely tongue-tied making nursing extremely painful.

Everyone told me this pain was normal.

But I couldn’t understand how something that was supposed to be so natural could be so painful.

Failure. Frustrated. Overwhelmed. Heartbroken. Unheard.

These are a few words to describe how I felt.

My son finally had his tongue-tie snipped at 7 weeks.

Sadly, by then I had been forced to give up breastfeeding.

Connecting with other mums online revealed tongue-ties in babies in the UK were more common than I thought.

Probably worse, was the way health professionals dismissed its effect on breastfeeding.

Thereby, ending many new mothers’ dreams of breastfeeding their babies.

I tell the full story of my breastfeeding and tongue tie experience here.

From being dismissed by a pediatrician to finally self-diagnosing the problem.

It’s an informative read and will help you as a mum to be to know when breastfeeding isn’t going right.

Months later…

When my second son was born with a tongue-tie, I knew what to do.

I had the right knowledge, experience, and support to ensure that my desire to breastfeed him was successful.

And I’ve successfully breastfed him for over a year now.

This is something I’m most grateful for.

Now, when I reflect on my postpartum journey with my second boy, I feel:

Hope. Joy. Happiness. Relief. Warmth. Supported.

This is the feeling every new mum should have about postpartum.

I’ll love to help you feel that way!