10 Breastfeeding Gift Basket Essentials For New Moms

Breastfeeding is a lot of work! Many mothers will arguably say breastfeeding is one of the hardest things they’ve done.

So, putting together a breastfeeding gift basket for a new mom is a very thoughtful and lovely idea any new mom will appreciate. Even if you are that new mom!

Are you looking to surprise a special woman in your life with a breastfeeding gift basket?

Then read on!

I’ve got just the best breastfeeding products you need to make this breastfeeding gift idea a winner!

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10 items to put in a Breastfeeding Gift Basket

1.  The Basket

WHATWEARS Baby Diaper Caddy Organizer, Portable Diaper Caddy Basket for Baby Boys and Girls, Cotton Rope Diaper Basket Organizer - Baby Basket with Compartments (Grey)

Guess this is obvious. For a nice DIY breastfeeding gift, picking a cute, portable basket like this one is essential.

A pretty baby diaper caddy can work too because they are usually divided into sections, making it easier to locate items at a glance.

You’ll put all of the items you get into this basket, so make sure it is sturdy like this.

2. Cute Water bottle

MEITAGIE 32oz Motivational Water Bottle with Time Marker & Fruit Strainer, Leak-proof BPA Free Non-Toxic 1l Bottle with Carrying Strap, Perfect for Fitness, Gym and Outdoor Sports (Rose Quartz)

I love love this cute water bottle and from the reviews, you can see that there are lots of women who agree with me.

Breastfeeding makes you thirsty. So, having a water bottle is very handy and a good addition to a practical breastfeeding mom gift basket.

There’s this popular breastfeeding myth that drinking more water increases breast milk supply. This isn’t true

Breastfeeding makes you thirsty because breastmilk uses up a lot of body water so that’s why you should drink water to stay hydrated. 

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3. Breastfeeding Affirmations

Fourth Trimester Mama Breastfeeding Affirmations - A Deck of 20 Supportive Affirmation Cards for Nursing and Pumping Moms

In the early days, breastfeeding can take a toll on you, physically, mentally and emotionally.

Because your baby is feeding round the clock, you barely have time to rest, your nipples are sore from all that nursing.

It’s at this stage that many new mothers consider quitting (or just quit). Sometimes, all that will keep a nursing mom going is breastfeeding affirmations.

Positive affirming words that will remind you that you CAN do HARD things! 

You can get a set of bonus breastfeeding affirmations here.

These breastfeeding affirmations are like bookmarks and so very handy. Make sure to buy some to encourage you if you ever feel like giving up breastfeeding.

4. Nipple Cream

Lansinoh Lanolin Nipple Cream, Safe for Baby and Mom, Breastfeeding Essentials, 1.41 Ounces

Most women will have some initial soreness as their breasts get used to their baby latching on for milk.

It’s inevitable. That’s where a nipple cream comes in. Nipple creams help to soothe and heal bruised, sore and cracked nipples.

Most are made from Lanolin which is safe for babies even newborn babies. So, don’t hesitate to slather it on after every feed and when your nipples hurt.

I used this particular one and it did the job though I wished it was less sticky.

This other one is organic and according to moms, it’s not sticky. So, if stickiness will be a problem for you, check this out!

So, can you now see why adding a nipple cream to your nursing gift basket will be a fab idea?


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5. Silicone Breast Pump

haakaa Manual Breast Pump for Breastfeeding, Silicone, Clear 4oz/100ml

Silicone breast pumps are magical! That’s the best word I can use to describe them. Literal game changers!

Every nursing mom I know knows how precious every drop of liquid gold is! So, letting any bit waste is so painful!

That’s where this magical equipment comes to play. As you nurse your baby on one side, You latch this on the other boob and it collects all the milk that would otherwise have been wasted.

It’s a fab little milk collecting machine. 

The Haakaa is the most popular brand but you can buy others as well. They work equally as good. 

I used this brand and it’s worked so well for me in 22 months of breastfeeding my son.

6. Nursing Pads

Organic Bamboo Viscose Nursing Breast Pads - 14 Washable Breastfeeding Pads, Wash Bag, Reusable Breast Pads for Breastfeeding (Pastel Touch, L 4.8")

Nursing pads have saved many many nursing moms from potentially embarrassing situations.

Most moms will leak breast milk either during pregnancy or after birth. You don’t want 2 big circles on your top when you decide to finally go grocery shopping with your newborn a few weeks after birth.

That’s why you need nursing pads. You place them inside your bra and they absorb any breast milk that leaks.

There are 2 types. The disposable ones are what I used. They were okay but itched a lot. Sometimes, they shifted out of place in the bra, especially after a feed.

Then, there’re the reusable, often organic ones like these. You can use them again and again. All you need do is wash them after each use.

I think nursing pads are a great addition to a breastfeeding gift basket for new moms.

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7. Muslin Square or Burping cloth

SwaddleDesigns Cotton Muslin Squares, Set of 3, 27x27 inches, Pastel Blue Nautical Little Ships Fun

Newborns need to be burped usually after every feed to get gas out of their bellies. 

Sometimes while burping them, they can have a little (or large) spit-up. That’s why muslin squares (or burp cloths as they’re called in the US) are important.

They prevent the spit-up from running all over your top. Muslin squares are so versatile. There are so many ways to use muslin squares! So every breastfeeding gift basket should have a pack or two. 

These are pretty good and will get the job done! A lot of moms rave about how soft this premium brand’s muslin squares are!

8. Breastfeeding cookies or healthy snacks

Munchkin® Milkmakers® Lactation Cookie Bites, Oatmeal Chocolate Chip, 10 Ct

Breastfeeding can make you very hungry. 

There’s nothing better than having a few healthy snacks on hand when you’re busy nursing your newborn at 3 in the morning.

If you love eating homemade meals, you should check out these breastfeeding snack recipes, they are so yummy and help to increase milk supply.

Also, if you’re trying to boost your milk supply, then a good supply of breastfeeding cookies will be very beneficial.

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9. Breastfeeding Journal

Professional Milk Maker Daily Planner Journal: Cute Funny New Busy Mom World Breastfeeding Week Gift Idea Positive Affirmations & Breastfeeding Schedule Tracker Log Organizer Notebook To Write In

In the first few weeks of nursing your baby, you’ll want to keep a breastfeeding log that will detail the times you breastfed, the last side your baby fed on, his urine and poo output and so on.

There’re many ways to do this. But if you’re a paper and pen kinda girl, you’ll want to consider getting this cute and practical breastfeeding journal.

It will help you track your baby’s feeding routine, nappy changes etc

10. Breastfeeding tips and hacks

The First-Time Mom's Breastfeeding Handbook: A Step-by-Step Guide from First Latch to Weaning

I love little books containing practical tips! And I’m certain you do too!

If you love to read, then this breastfeeding handbook is perfect for first-time moms. It will help you answer any pressing questions you have about breastfeeding.

So, you can read a hack or two during those midnight feeds and learn a little more about breastfeeding.

Make sure to add this to your breastfeeding gift basket.

Alternatively, if you’re more visual. You can get a breastfeeding course like this one that you can complete in 90 minutes!

You can also buy a newborn tips book like this one! I really like it because the information is bite-sized and so easy to consume without getting overwhelming.

In conclusion,

Breastfeeding git basket ideas are thoughtful ways to show support to and help a new mom who plans on breastfeeding.

Thankfully, a breastfeeding gift basket is easy to put together. All you need do is buy all the breastfeeding basket essentials mentioned above, package them nicely and present your gift to the special pregnant woman in your life.

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Have fun putting your breastfeeding basket together!

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