240 Dark Academia Names (For Girls and Boys)

Dark academia is a popular aesthetic that is often seen on social media and in fashion.

It is characterized by its dark and mysterious elements, as well as a focus on classic literature, art, and history. Think Harry Potter vibes; old books, vintage looks, library- that sort of thing.

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This aesthetic is perfect for those who are looking for a more sophisticated and intellectual name.

Whether you are looking for a name for a new character in a book or story, or you just want to find a dark and mysterious name for yourself, this blog post is for you!

Dark Academia Names For Girls 

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Something is alluring about the Dark Academia aesthetic.

Maybe it’s the promise of an escape from our mundane lives, or the chance to be a part of something dangerous and mysterious. Whatever the reason, we can’t get enough of it.

And what’s not to love?

The aesthetic is all about rich colors, cozy firesides, and billowing libraries. It’s the perfect blend of gothic and old-world charm.

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect Dark Academia name for your little girl, look no further.

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite Dark Academia names for girls.

From classic literary characters to modern goth girls, there’s sure to be a name on this list that’s perfect for your little one.

  • Adeline (French, Noble or Nobility)  
  • Agnes (Greek, Holy or Pure) 
  • Alexandria (Greek, Defender of the People) 
  • Alice (German, Noble) 
  • Alisa (Hebrew, Great Happiness or Joy) 
  • Amari (Hebrew, Promised by God) 
  • Amarillis (Ancient Greek, Sparkle or Shine) 
  • Amorette (French, Little love) 
  • Anastasia (Greek, Resurrection) 
  • Annabel (French, Favored Grace) 
  • Anya (Russian, Grace) 
  • Arabelle (Latin, Prayerful) 
  • Artemis (Greek, Butcher or Twin of Apollo) 
  • Audrey (English, Noble strength) 
  • Aurelia (Latin, Golden one) 
  • Aurora (Latin, Dawn) 
  • Avonlea (English, River near a field) 
  • Beatrice (Latin, She who makes happy) 
  • Beatrix (Latin, Voyager) 
  • Bellatrix (Latin, Female warrior) 
Dark Academia Names For Girls with meanings
  • Bess (Hebrew, God is my oath) 
  • Blair (English, Meadow, or Field) 
  • Blythe (Old English, Cheerful) 
  • Bridget (Irish, Exalted one) 
  • Bronwyn (English, White raven) 
  • Bryony (Greek, Climbing plant) 
  • Calliope (Greek, Beautiful-voiced) 
  • Camilla (Italian, Helper to the priest) 
  • Camille (French, Perfect) 
  • Carolee (English, Song, or Free person) 
  • Cecelia (Latin, Blind) 
  • Celeste (Latin, Heavenly) 
  • Charlotte (French, Free man) 
  • Claire (French, Bright) 
  • Clove (French, Nail) 
  • Coletta (French, Victorious) 
  • Coraline (French, Coral) 
  • Cordelia (Latin, Heart or Daughter of the sea) 
  • Dahlia (Scandinavian, Valley flower) 
  • Daphne (Greek, Laurel)
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  • Darcy (Irish, Dark-haired) 
  • Daria (Persian, Sea) 
  • Dawn (English, Daybreak) 
  • Delphinia (Greek, Dolphin) 
  • Diana (Greek, Divine) 
  • Donna (English, Lady) 
  • Eleanora (Greek, Shining light)  
  • Elowyn (Cornish, Elm tree) 
  • Enid (Welsh, Spirit, or Life) 
  • Estelle (French, Star) 
  • Evalina (Latin, Beautiful bird) 
  • Evelyn (British, Desired) 
  • Faye (Middle English, Fairy) 
  • Felicity (English, Happiness) 
  • Ferryn (English, Adventurous) 
  • Fleur (French, Flower) 
  • Flora (Latin, Flower) 
  • Florence (French, Blossoming) 
  • Francesca (Italian, Free) 
  • Ginette (Italian, God is gracious) 
Dark Academia Names For Girls with nicknames
  • Guinevere (Welsh, White fairy) 
  • Gwendolyn (Welsh, Blessed ring) 
  • Helena (Greek, Shining light) 
  • Hester (Persian, Star) 
  • Isadora (Greek, Gift of Isis) 
  • Ivy (English, Vine)
  • Jade (British, Precious stone) 
  • Joan (Hebrew, Yahweh is gracious) 
  • Jorinda (Greek, Alert, or Watchful) 
  • Josephine (Hebrew, Jehovah increases) 
  • Juno (Latin, Queen of Heaven) 
  • Lana (Slavic, Shining, or Light) 
  • Lavender (English, Purple flower) 
  • Lavinia (Latin, Legendary mother of Roman) 
  • Lenore (Greek, Light) 
  • Lexi (Latin, Man’s defender) 
  • Lilia (Latin, Lily flower) 
  • Lilith (Hebrew, Night monster) 
  • Lilian (Latin, Lily, or Purity) 
  • Lorain (French, Kingdom of Lothar)
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  • Lucinda (Latin, Light) 
  • Lydia (Greek, Beautiful one) 
  • Magnolia (Latin, A flower) 
  • Manon (Welsh, Beautiful Queen) 
  • Margaret (French, Pearl) 
  • Margaux (French, Pearl) 
  • Margo (French, Pearl) 
  • Margot (French, Pearl) 
  • Matilda (English, Mighty in battle) 
  • Maude (German, Powerful battler) 
  • Mavis (French, Songbird) 
  • Melanie (Greek, Dark-skinned) 
  • Meredith (Welsh, Great ruler) 
  • Miranda (Latin, Worthy of admiration) 
  • Nancy (Hebrew, Grace) 
  • Octavia (Latin, Born eighth) 
  • Odessa (Greek, Wrathful) 
  • Odeya (Hebrew, I will thank God) 
  • Olwen (Welsh, White footprint)  
Dark Academia Names For Girls with meanings
  • Ophelia (Greek, Benefit) 
  • Pandora (Greek, All gifts) 
  • Pearl (English, Precious) 
  • Persephone (Greek, Bringer of death) 
  • Phoebe (Greek, Bright) 
  • Ravenna (Italian, Raven) 
  • Rose (Latin, Rose or A flower) 
  • Rowena (German, Fame, and Happiness) 
  • Seraphina (Hebrew, Burning ones) 
  • Sylvia (Latin, Spirit of the wood) 
  • Tanis (Greek, Serpent) 
  • Valeria (Latin, To be strong) 
  • Valerie (Latin, Strong or Brave) 
  • Victoria (Latin, Victory) 
  • Violet (Latin, Purple) 
  • Violeta (Latin, Purple) 
  • Winifred (Welsh, Blessed reconciliation) 
  • Winona (Sioux, Firstborn daughter) 
  • Wynona  (Sioux, Firstborn daughter)
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Dark Academia Names For Boys 

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The Dark Academia aesthetic is everything from moody, to literary, and gothic. If you’re looking for the perfect name for your baby boy that fits this aesthetic, then you’ve come to the right place!

Here are some of the best dark academia names for boys:

  • Ace (Latin, One, or Unity)
  • Adrian (Latin, Black, or Dark one) 
  • Aldamar (German, Famous for his experience) 
  • Ambrose (Greek, Immortal) 
  • Archibald (Old German, Bold or Genuine) 
  • Arnold (German, Power, or Eagle) 
  • Arthur (Celtic, Bear) 
  • Atherton (English, From the town by a spring) 
  • Atticus (Latin, Belonging to Attica) 
  • Augustus (Latin, Magnificent) 
  • Aurelius (Latin, Golden one) 
  • Balthazar (Greek,  Bal protects the king) 
  • Benjamin (Hebrew, Son of the right hand) 
  • Bernard (French, Strong or Brave bear) 
  • Blaine (Scottish, Yellow) 
  • Caius (Latin, Rejoice) 
  • Cal (Hebrew, Devotion or Faithful) 
  • Caleb (Hebrew, Faithful) 
  • Callahan (Irish, Bright-headed) 
  • Caspian (English, White) 
Dark Academia Names For Boys with meanings
  • Cedric (Celtic, kindly, loved)
  • Charles (Old English, Free man) 
  • Chet (English, Fortress, or Camp) 
  • Clive (British, Cliff, or Slope) 
  • Clovis (French, Renowned fighter) 
  • Credence (English, To believe)  
  • Davis (British, Son of David) 
  • Demitri (Greek, Of Demeter) 
  • Dietrich (German, Ruler of the People) 
  • Dorian (Greek, of Doris or Gift) 
  • Edgar (English, Rich) 
  • Edison (British, Son of Edward) 
  • Edmund (English, Protector) 
  • Edward (English, Rich guardian) 
  • Edwin (English, Rich friend) 
  • Eldritch (English, Old and insightful person) 
  • Everette (Old English, Brave, and strong boar) 
  • Ezra (Hebrew, Helper) 
  • Finn (Irish, Fair) 
  • Francis (Latin, Free man) 
  • Gavyn (Welsh, White falcon)
  • Griffin (Welsh, Lord or Prince) 
  • Hartwell (English, Lives near the stag’s spring) 
  • Henry (French, House ruler) 
  • Isodore (Greek, Gift of Isis) 
  • Jace (Hebrew, Lord of Salvation)  
  • Jasper (Persian, Treasure bearer) 
  • Joel (Hebrew, Yahweh is God) 
  • Jonathan (Hebrew, God has given) 
  • Julian (Latin, Youthful) 
  • Kasper (Polish, Bringer of treasure) 
  • Kemp (English, Soldier) 
  • Klaus (German, Victory of the people) 
  • Lawrence (Latin, from Laurentum) 
  • Lowell (French, Young wolf) 
  • Lucian (Latin, Light) 
  • Lucien (French, Light) 
  • Lucius (Latin, Light) 
  • Lysander (Greek, Liberator) 
  • Magnus (Latin, Great) 
  • Maurice (Latin, Dark-skinned) 
  • Maximus (Latin, Greatest) 
  • Milan (Slavic, Gracious or Dear) 
Dark Academia Names For Boys with nicknames
  • Montgomery (French, Mountain belonging to the ruler) 
  • Mordred (Welsh, Controlled)
  • Nathan (Hebrew, Gift of God) 
  • Nolan (Irish, Champion) 
  • Oliver (French, Olive tree) 
  • Orion (Greek, Rising in the sky) 
  • Oscar (Irish, God spear or Deer-lover)  
  • Percival (Welsh, Pierce the vale) 
  • Percy (French, One who pierces the valley)
  • Phineas (Hebrew, serpent’s mouth or oracle)
  • Reginald (Latin, ruler’s advisor)
  • Russell (French, Little red) 
  • Salvatore (Italian, Saviour) 
  • Sebastian (Greek, Venerable) 
  • Silas (Greek, Forest) 
  • Theo (Greek, God’s gift) 
  • Theseus (Greek, Son of Aegeus) 
  • Tobias (Hebrew, God is good) 
  • Vincent (Latin, Victorious) 
  • Walter (German, Commander of the army) 
  • Warren (French, Park keeper) 
  • Winslow (English, Friend’s hill)

Unisex Dark Academia Names 

A Boy and A Girl Wearing Harry Potter Costumes
Harry Potter is a great source of inspiration for dark academia names

The Dark academia trend is focused on study, writing, and art, and the aesthetic is often inspired by the Gothic and Romantic periods.

If you are looking for a unisex or gender-neutral Dark academia name, then this is the list for you!

  • Arden (English, Great Forest) 
  • Asher (Hebrew, Happy or Blessed) 
  • Atlas (Greek, To carry) 
  • Auburn (English, Reddish brown)
  • Bellamy (Norman, Good friend) 
  • Briar (British, Thorny bush of roses) 
  • Bridger (British, One who dwells near a bridge) 
  • Bronte (Greek, Thunder, or Bestower) 
  • Brooklyn (English, Beautiful brook) 
  • Constantine (Latin, Constant) 
  • Elliot (Hebrew, The Lord is my God) 
  • Ellis (Welsh, Kind and Benevolent) 
  • Finley (Irish, Fair-haired courageous one) 
  • Flynn (Irish, Descendent of Flann) 
  • Gale (Middle English, Jovial)  
  • Hayden (Old English, Hay field) 
  • Hyacinth (Greek, Blue Larkspur) 
  • Icarus (Greek, Follower) 
Unisex Dark Academia Names with nicknames
  • Kai (Greek, Earth) 
  • Leander (Greek, Lion man) 
  • London (English, From the great river) 
  • Luca (Latin, Bringer of light) 
  • Noa (Hebrew, Motion) 
  • Nyx (Greek, Night) 
  • Peyton (Irish, Fighting man’s estate) 
  • Poet (English, One who writes verse) 
  • Raven (English, Dark-haired, or Wise) 
  • Reed (English, Red-haired) 
  • River (British, A flowing body of water) 
  • Rowan (Irish, Red-haired) 
  • Sage (Latin, Wise, or Healthy) 
  • Sam (Hebrew, God hears) 
  • Skyler (British, Sky) 
  • Thessaly (Greek, From Thessaly) 
  • Valentine (Latin, Strong, and Healthy) 
  • Willow (English, Freedom) 
  • Wren (British, Small songbird) 
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Wrapping Up Dark Academia Names

In conclusion, dark academia names are evocative and mysterious.

They often have a historical or literary bent and can be used to set a very particular tone.

If you are looking for a dark and unique name for your academic endeavors, consider one of the options on this list.

Looking for more names that fit this vibe, check out rare vintage girl names, forgotten old-fashioned names for boys, and old money names for boys and girls.

Dark Academia Names list

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