9 Places to get Inexpensive Baby Stuff in the UK

Inexpensive and baby are not words we often hear together.

Everyone says babies are expensive. To an extent that’s true. There are the endless nappies and wipes (amongst many other things) that we’ll keep on buying till our babies are potty-trained at least!

There’s also the invariable cut to pay as a result of maternity leave.

But wait a minute! What if I told you, you can get quality inexpensive baby stuff. (Yes, I used those two words together!)

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Just before my first son was born, my husband and I decided I would go on full maternity leave. That meant 12 months off work! As a result, we knew our income as a family would be affected.

I wanted to save as much as possible so we wouldn’t necessarily feel the crunch.

So, I started my research. This led to my discovery of where to buy inexpensive baby items in the UK.

9 Places to buy Inexpensive Baby Stuff in the UK

inexpensive baby clothes for sale

1. NCT Nearly New Sales

The NCT (National Childbirth Trust) is the UK’s largest Parent Charity. Twice yearly, they hold a Nearly New Sale, where they sell nearly new and sometimes, brand new baby and children clothes, toys, and newborn essentials.

They hold one in the spring and another in early/late fall. There are several local NCT sales and each sale is slightly different.

From my experience, the best place to get information about your local NCT sale is their Facebook group or page. There, you’ll find all you need to know about their next sale, how you can volunteer to get early access, and how to buy tickets to attend.

My first time at an NCT sale was amazing! I got a really good £30 baby play gym for £5. Plus, lots of baby books.

Plus, loads of high street retailer baby clothes sell for less than half their original prices. Talk about a bargain!


  • Go early
  • Have a list of things to buy
  • Find out the prices of the items you want to buy. That way you know when NOT to pass on a really good deal.
  • Bring a partner/friend along to help carry bigger items especially if you are heavily pregnant.
  • Become a NCT member or volunteer to get earlier access to the sale.
  • Check out the quality of the clothes you are planning to buy. Few are really used. While most are usually in a good state.


Mum2mum market is a “pop up market of nearly-new baby, kids and maternity goods where mums sell to mums”. It’s very similar to the NCT nearly new sales.

The main difference is that with the mum2mum market you get to buy directly from the seller. This offers the UNIQUE opportunity to negotiate further when buying items.

Entry cost £2 per person and children go in free.

There’s a two-for-one entry offer. This can prove very useful if you need to drag along a friend or partner to help carry all your goodies.

They have pop up sales all over the United Kingdom. As with the NCT, it’s worth following your local mum2mum market group on Facebook for all the latest sale news, offers and freebies.

You can expect to get lightly used baby and children’s clothes, books, toys and equipment, and maternity outfits at the mum2mum market.

a pregnant woman on a laptop


God bless the day I discovered Facebook MarketPlace. I mean, I knew it was there for quite a while but I wasn’t curious enough to check it out. The day I did, Oh my!

Facebook Marketplace is an online market place on Facebook that allows people to buy and sell items from used to brand new.

I’ve bought and sold on this platform numerous times.

For my boys, I’ve bought baby items like swings, toys, and a walker. I got such great deals on all items. The swing was a £75 Mothercare brand I got for £5!

Other baby items you will find are cloth bundles, books, outdoor garden toys like baby swings and slides, baby milestone cards, nursery furniture, strollers, the list is endless.

Be aware that Facebook Marketplace has some rules and regulations that guide how trading is carried out on the platform.

Facebook Marketplace works based on geographical locations. Usually, the seller’s location is given as an estimate for privacy and security reasons. Know that you can widen your search area.

Most items are by collection only.


Similar to Facebook Marketplace, Facebook groups are online groups on Facebook where the buying, selling or exchanging of items are done. They are usually private and some are location-bound.

Most location groups are suggested to you by Facebook or you can look up groups using the name of your town or city and see suggestions.

As with the Facebook Marketplace, using discretion is important when buying items online in Facebook groups.

It’s worth checking BARGAIN UK GROUPS on Facebook. They routinely share a lot of deals and coupon codes for retail stores. That way you can buy some discounted baby items.

My favourite bargain group is Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK. It has over 1 million members. Several new deals, coupon codes and money hacks are shared in the group daily.


Ikea thrives on their Scandinavian, minimalistic and gorgeous style.

They have an excellent range of affordable nursery furniture as well as feeding items.

My only gripe is that they don’t have many stores. As such, the costs of delivery for large purchases can be steep.

a signage indicating baby stuff are on sale


Almost all UK supermarkets and some retailers like Argos, Boots, and Matalan regularly hold baby sale events.

During baby events, baby items are usually sold at HUGE discounts.

This is a good time to buy baby items in BULK. Things like baby wipes, nappies are items to stock up on.

Click here to find out when each supermarket and retailer’s baby event and clearance will hold in 2020.


If you happened to miss all the baby events near you, then not to worry, Asda George is one reliable place to ALWAYS get cheap baby stuff.

They have my top recommendations for babies’ clothes, nursery items, and feeding equipment. I got my son’s high chair here for just £12.

Also, if you sign up to George Rewards, you will be able to unlock more discounts when shopping with ASDA Goerge.


I buy lots of my newborn outfits from Primark.

Primark is the place to buy numerous newborn outfits for the CHEAPEST price possible! They are the ultimate place to buy inexpensive baby stuff especially clothes.

The general rhetoric is that Primark things are inferior. However, newborns don’t need the most quality clothes, they outgrow them pretty quickly.

I have a bunch of clothes from pricier retailers that my boys hardly wore more than a few times. So, what’s the use of that?!

Go buy from Primark and thank me later!


When it comes to baby toiletries, you can’t beat the discounted prices at Savers and Home Bargains.

They sell branded inexpensive baby stuff like Aveeno baby lotion, Bepanthen, Persil, and Fairy non-bio detergents.

I also love buying some nursery decor items from Home Bargains.

They have a fuller range of products in store than online.


One EXTRA point.

Can you leverage your family and friends for baby stuff?

I did.

My sister-in-law gave me her sterilizers and other baby stuff. They were invaluable to me and I’m thankful to her.

If you don’t mind, ask family and friends for stuff they no longer use. You’ll be surprised, what goodies you might get in return!

Cheap Baby Stuff to Avoid Buying Nearly New

  1. CAR SEAT: Car seats can expire and can be involved in accidents. Many manufacturers state that a car seat should not be used again if it was involved in any accident.
    Unless you know the history of a car seat and these other things, it is highly discouraged to buy them second-hand.
  2. BREAST PUMP. Only hospital grade pumps or a closed system pump can be safely used by several people. There’s a high risk of contamination from molds from leftover milk!


If a friend were to ask me where to buy inexpensive baby stuff in the UK, I’ll tell her to check out:

  1. The NCT
  2. Mum to Mum Market
  3. Facebook Marketplace
  4. Facebook Groups
  5. Ikea
  6. Baby Events and Clearance
  7. ASDA George
  8. Primark
  9. Savers and Home Bargains
  10. Family and Friends

Where else do you shop for cheap baby stuff?

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