50 Last Names That Mean Fire

Hey there, writers! Are you hunting for a unique last name that packs a fiery punch? Look no further!

Today, we’re diving into some of the fiery last names out there. From names that literally mean fire to those with a fiery connotation, these surnames are sure to add some heat to your characters.

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Fiery Last Names For Characters

So, grab a glass of water (or a fire extinguisher), and let’s start exploring the sizzling world of last names that mean fire!

Last Names That Mean Fire 

A fire heart on black background

1- Almenara 

Almenara is a Spanish surname that means “fire beacon.” 

2- Azer 

This Persian last name means “temple fire.” It was an occupational name for the maintainers of the fire at Zoroastrian temples in Ancient Persia. 

3- Blaize 

Blaize is a sleek surname that comes from the English language. It means “torch” or “firebrand” in Middle English

4- Blaze 

Similarly, Blaze is an English surname that means “fire” or “fiery.” 

5- Brand 

Brand comes from the Old German word brant for a German surname, which means “fire.” 

This is a name for a person who lives near an area that was cleared by fire. 

6- Brinton 

This is a locational surname meaning “settlement belonging to Brun.” It also comes from the Old English word for “fire” or “flame.” 

7- Cakmak 

This unique Turkish surname means “lighter” or “a tool to ignite the fire.” It is also the name of a village in Turkey. 

8- Doubtfire 

This is a surname you are sure to have heard before. Doubtfire is an English surname that is derived from the Old French word dout, which means “fear,” and fire, which simply means “fire.” Overall this name means “fear fire.” 

You may have heard of this surname through American actor and comedian Robin William’s 1993 comedy film Mrs. Doubtfire. 

9- Egan 

Egan is a surname that originates from Irish culture and means “fire.” 

10- Eld 

Eld is a short and sweet Swedish surname that actually comes from Old Norse. It means “fire.” 

11- Embry 

This is an interesting last name that has roots in the English language. It gives off the fiery vibe of “ember” and “smoldering fire.” 

12- Feuer 

If you’re looking for a German surname, Feuer comes from the German word meaning “fire.” 

13- Feuerstein 

This German last name is a combination of feuer, meaning “fire,” and stein, meaning “stone.” 

This was an occupational name commonly given to a blacksmith. 

14- Fireman 

This surname may sound unusual as it is the name of a job that everyone is familiar with; however, Fireman is a Jewish surname. 

It is an occupational name that comes from the German words feuer, which means “fire,” and mann, which means “man.” Simply put, this surname means precisely what it says. 

15- Funk 

For a unique surname that comes from the English language, Funk means “a spark of fire.” 

16- Hagan 

Hagan is the anglicized form of the Gaelic last name meaning “descendant of Aodhagan.” The name Aodh means “fire.” 

A fire ball

17- Hayes 

Hayes is an Irish last name that means “fire.” 

18- Hino 

In Japanese, Hino translates to “fire” from the word hi and “field” from the word no

19- Huo 

Huo is a Chinese surname that means “fire.” 

20- Kasai 

Kasai is a surname with roots in Japanese culture and means “fire.” 

21- Magee

Magee is an Irish last name that means “fire.” It is the name of a pagan God. 

Some variants of this surname are McGee and McCoy. 

22- Noad 

Noad is an unusual English surname. It is a locational name for someone who lives near a beacon, which is also known as a signal fire.

23- Oriel 

This Welsh surname is derived from a combination of germanic components meaning “fire” and “strife.” 

24- Palic 

Palic is a Serbian surname that is derived from the word pality, which means “to fire” or “to set on fire.” 

25- Pozharin 

This Russian surname means “man of fire.” 

26- Pyromallis 

This four-syllable last name comes from the Greek language. It is derived from the words meaning “fire” and “hair.” This name is typically for redheads. 

27- Rost 

Rost is an occupational last name for a blacksmith. It comes from the Middle High German word meaning “fire” or “embers.” 

28- Tanguay 

Tanguay is a Fench last name that is derived from the words tan, meaning “fire,” and ki, meaning “dog.”

29- Tlatilpa 

This last name translates to “where the fire is born” in the Aztec language. 

30- Tyson 

Tyson is a French surname that means “fire” or “high-spirited.” 

One famous bearer of this surname is American boxing athlete Mike Tyson. 

31- Van Vucht 

Van Vucht means “of fire” in Dutch

32- Von Brandt 

This two-worded surname originates from the German language and means “from the area cleared by fire.” 

Last Names That Mean Red 

red fire

33- Couch 

Couch comes from the Cornish word cough, which means “red” and indicates red hair. 

34- Flannery 

This last name originates from Irish culture and means “red valor.” 

35- Kokkinos 

If you’re looking for a unique Greek last name, Kokkinos means “red.” 

36- Lahmar 

Lahmar is an Arabic surname that means “the red one.” 

37- Leroux 

If you’re looking for a French surname, Leroux comes from the Old French word ros, meaning “red.” 

38- Puna 

Puna translates to “red” in the Estonian language. 

39- Radcliffe 

This locational name means “red cliff” in Old English

One famous bearer of this surname is Daniel Radcliffe, an English actor who is best known for playing Harry Potter in the Harry Potter movie series. 

40- Rogan 

Rogan an anglicized form of the Irish word ruadh, which means “red.” 

41- Rojo 

Rojo is a Spanish last name that means “red.” This can refer to both hair color and complexion. 

42- Roth 

Roth is a German surname that comes from the Middle High German word rot, which means “red.” 

43- Rothberg 

Rothberg is another German surname. It is derived from the words rot, meaning “red,” and berg, meaning “mountain.” One variant of this name is Rothenberg. 

44- Rotstein 

In German, Rotstein translates to “red stone.” 

45- Roy 

Roy is a Scottish name that comes from the Gaelic word ruadh, which means “red-haired.” 

46- Rudd 

Rudd is an English surname that is derived from the Old English root word rud-. This surname is originally meant for a redhead. 

One famous bearer of this surname is American actor Paul Rudd. 

47- Russell 

Russell is an English surname that means “little red one.” 

48- Shani 

Shani means “red” in Hebrew

49- Sorrell 

Sorell is an English last name that means “little red-haired one.” It is derived from the word sorel, which means chestnut.

Fire-Related Last Names

Phoenix - the bird of fire

50- Phoenix 

Phoenix is an English surname that means “dark red” or “crimson.” This comes from the name of a mythological bird that dies in a fire and rises from its ashes in rebirth. 

Wrapping Up Fire Last Names

And there you have a plethora of last names that all have one thing in common – they mean fire!

These surnames are perfect for any character who exudes heat and energy.

Whether you’re writing a story about a fiery dragon or a passionate artist, these last names are sure to inspire your writing.

So, feel free to be creative and take a chance on one of these fiery last names; you never know, it might just ignite a new story idea for you.

Happy writing!

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Surnames That Mean Fire
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  1. in Iran we pronounce it “Azar” not azer also this means the the guardian angel of fire & There are rumors that said they didn’t let women close to fire especially in fire place during their menstruation and commanded to that .. anyway “Azarin” relate to fire , nira & atash mean fire in Persian (or farsi)


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