155 Stunning Middle Names For Sienna

Sienna is a strong, bold and colourful name. 

Its meaning reflects the Italian city of Siena, which is where a shade of orange-red clay was produced during the Renaissance. 

Made popular by the actress Sienna Miller, it’s a pretty popular name in the United Kingdom and also gaining in popularity in the United States as well.

In October 2021, Britain’s Princess Beatrice named her daughter, Sienna Elizabeth, making the name trend.

Choosing a middle name for Sienna can be quite a difficult task. We, as parents, want the PERFECT name for our babies but finding a name both parents love can be a herculean task!

Because I know how difficult choosing a middle name can be, I have put together this large list of middle names that go well with Sienna.

Have a look through and discover what combinations you like! 

Pin to your favourite baby name board to remember later!

middle names for Sienna

155 Middle Names For Sienna

  1. Sienna Abigail
  2. Sienna Adelaide
  3. Sienna Adrienne
  4. Sienna Alexandra
  5. Sienna Alexis
  6. Sienna Alice
  7. Sienna Amy  
  8. Sienna Andora
  9. Sienna Annalise
  10. Sienna Arabella
  11. Sienna Aubrey
  12. Sienna Audrey
  13. Sienna Autumn  
  14. Sienna Aveline
  15. Sienna Avery
  16. Sienna Beatrice
  17. Sienna Belle
  18. Sienna Blythe
  19. Sienna Breeze
  20. Sienna Brielle
  21. Sienna Brooke
  22. Sienna Brynn
  23. Sienna Cadence
  24. Sienna Camille
  25. Sienna Carla
  26. Sienna Carly  
  27. Sienna Carmen
  28. Sienna Cassidy
  29. Sienna Catherine
  30. Sienna Charlotte
  31. Sienna Chloe
  32. Sienna Chloe  
  33. Sienna Christina
  34. Sienna Claire
  35. Sienna Clara
  36. Sienna Clementine
  37. Sienna Coralie
  38. Sienna Daisy
  39. Sienna Eden
  40. Sienna Elise
  41. Sienna Elizabeth
  42. Sienna Eloise
  43. Sienna Emilie
  44. Sienna Emmeline
  45. Sienna Emmy
  46. Sienna Evangeline
  47. Sienna Eve
  48. Sienna Evelina
  49. Sienna Evelyn
  50. Sienna Faith
  51. Sienna Faye
  52. Sienna Fearne
  53. Sienna Felicity
  54. Sienna Fern
  55. Sienna Fleur
  56. Sienna Florence
  57. Sienna Frances
  58. Sienna Gabriella
  59. Sienna Gabrielle
  60. Sienna Georgia
  61. Sienna Georgiana
  62. Sienna Grace
  63. Sienna Gracelynn
  64. Sienna Harriet
  65. Sienna Hayley
  66. Sienna Hazel
  67. Sienna Heidi
  68. Sienna Hermione
  69. Sienna Hero
  70. Sienna Hester
  71. Sienna Holly
  72. Sienna Imogen
  73. Sienna Isabella
  74. Sienna Isabelle
  75. Sienna Isobel
  76. Sienna Isolde
  77. Sienna Ivy
  78. Sienna Jade
  79. Sienna Jasmine
  80. Sienna Jessica
  81. Sienna Jo
  82. Sienna Jocelynn
  83. Sienna Josephine
  84. Sienna Joy
  85. Sienna Juliet
  86. Sienna Juliette
  87. Sienna June
  88. Sienna Kate
  89. Sienna Katherine
  90. Sienna Kylie
  91. Sienna Lauren
  92. Sienna Layla
  93. Sienna Leah
  94. Sienna Lee
  95. Sienna Leigh
  96. Sienna Lily
  97. Sienna Linden
  98. Sienna Lois
  99. Sienna Louisa
  100. Sienna Louise
  101. Sienna Lowri
  102. Sienna Lucia
  103. Sienna Lucy
  104. Sienna Mabel
  105. Sienna Macie
  106. Sienna Madeleine
  107. Sienna Madeline
  108. Sienna Madison
  109. Sienna Maia
  110. Sienna Maisie
  111. Sienna Malika
  112. Sienna Maria
  113. Sienna Marianne
  114. Sienna Marie
  115. Sienna Marina
  116. Sienna Martha
  117. Sienna Mary
  118. Sienna Maude
  119. Sienna Megan
  120. Sienna Miriam
  121. Sienna Molly
  122. Sienna Nadine
  123. Sienna Natalie
  124. Sienna Nicole
  125. Sienna Noelle
  126. Sienna Norah
  127. Sienna Olive
  128. Sienna Ottilie
  129. Sienna Paige
  130. Sienna Pearl
  131. Sienna Penelope
  132. Sienna Phoebe
  133. Sienna Piper
  134. Sienna Poppy
  135. Sienna Primrose
  136. Sienna Rachael
  137. Sienna Rachel  
  138. Sienna Rae
  139. Sienna Raine
  140. Sienna Rosalind
  141. Sienna Rosemary
  142. Sienna Ruby
  143. Sienna Rue
  144. Sienna Saffron
  145. Sienna Sky
  146. Sienna Tabitha
  147. Sienna Therese
  148. Sienna Victoria
  149. Sienna Violet
  150. Sienna Vivienne
  151. Sienna Willow
  152. Sienna Wren
  153. Sienna Xanthe
  154. Sienna Zandra
  155. Sienna Zoe

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Tips For Choosing A Good Middle Name That Goes With Sienna

1. Choose a meaningful middle name.

For a rainbow baby, you might want her middle name to reflect that e.g Hope, Iris.

Also, consider the meaning of the middle name. Do you want your baby’s middle name to convey a certain emotion, idea, character? 

2. The flow of names is important.

How well do the first, middle and last names flow together? Try to avoid overly rhyming names. These might be cute when your child is a baby but not when your baby is grown.

3. Consider your baby’s full initials.

This study shows that positive name initials lead to a longer life. So, you can attempt to give your princess a positive acronym.

Also, be on the lookout for initials that spell negative words or anything that could cause your child to be picked on. 

For example, Sienna Abigail Buckingham would have the acronym S.A.B. This could easily make your girl a target for bullying ins school. 

4. Say the names out loud.

You might like how the name looks on paper, only to discover you don’t quite like the sound of it.

5. Consider your family naming traditions if you have any.

Some families have traditions where any girl child is given the middle name, “Rose” or “Grace” for instance.

However, don’t be too scared to buck traditions that don’t work for you.

Nicknames For Sienna

You may want to shorten Sienna as it’s a 3- syllable word – a little bit of a mouthful.

The good news is that Sienna can be shortened to form several adorable pet names. 

Check out these cute Sienna nicknames to find one you can call your beautiful baby.

  1. Cee-Ce
  2. Ce-Ce
  3. Enna
  4. Ens
  5. Ensie
  6. Nen
  7. Nenna
  8. Nens
  9. See-Saw
  10. Sen
  11. Senna
  12. Senny
  13. Sens
  14. Sensie
  15. Sie
  16. Sien
  17. Siene
  18. Sinni
  19. Sisi 
  20. Sissy
middle names for Sienna

Why You Need A Middle Name For Sienna

To distinguish popular names

Middle names can help to distinguish your baby if their first and last names are quite popular.

Middle names encourage better behaviour in kids

It’s a common parenting strategy to call children by their middle and full names when scolding them for bad behaviour.

But do you know this has been proven by research?

According to this study, reminders of one’s middle name leads to an increase in good behaviour. This is a great reason to give your child a middle name.

It can be a way to honour family members

Giving a middle name can be a way to honour extended family members like grandparents.

If you really would like to, you can give your baby, your grandma’s name or your partner’s nan’s name.

It’s a subtle way to honour that person and keep their memory alive.

An alternative name

We all hope and want our children to love the names we give them.

This isn’t always the case. If that happens, your child has the option to use their middle name as their given name.

Work-related reasons

Other times, your child may end up working in a field, where their first and last names are already in use.

They may choose to distinguish themselves by using their middle names as their first names instead.

This is a common trend with actors and celebrities. Ever heard of Laura Jeane Reese Witherspoon, James Paul McCartney?


Picking a middle name can be hard, but hopefully, this article has helped you find the perfect middle name for Sienna.

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Congratulations on your baby girl.

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