19 Small But Cute Galentine’s Gifts For Your BFFs

As the countdown to Galentine’s Day begins, let’s talk about showing some love to our gals.

Now, if the term “Galentine’s” doesn’t ring a bell, no worries! It’s like the cool, laid-back cousin of Valentine’s Day, solely dedicated to honoring the fantastic friends who make our lives brighter.

So, if you’re on the lookout for Galentine’s gifts that effortlessly express your love, keep those eyes peeled because I’ve got some real gems headed your way!

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Small and Cheap Galentines Gift Ideas

Imagine finding a gift that encapsulates your unique bond, something that whispers, “You’re my ride-or-die, no need for anything fancy.”

I’ve carefully curated a list of cheap but cute Galentine’s gift ideas that not only mirror the simplicity and authenticity of your friendship but also promise to add that extra sparkle to your celebration.

Excited? You should be!

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Small Galentine Gifts

1 – Name Necklace

Nameplate Gold Necklace - Galentine's Gifts

This Galentine’s, surprise your girl gang with these dainty name necklaces.

2 – Heart Trinket Dish

Personalized Heart Ring Dish - Galentine's Gifts

This heart ring dish can serve as the perfect addition to your girls’ vanity tables. 

They are bound to love the gold details on this dish, and the heart shape is right in tune with the celebration of love. 

You might see it on their nightstand a lot during your FaceTime sessions.

3 – Lip Balm

Lip Balm - Galentine's Gifts

“I have enough lip balms” – said no woman ever!

Burt's Bees Lip Balm Stocking Stuffers, Moisturizing Lip Care Christmas Gifts, SuperFruit - Pomegranate, Coconut & Pear, Mango, Pink Grapefruit, 100% Natural (4-Pack)

This is one practical gift for your gal pals on Galentine’s Day. They can keep it in their car dashboard, nightstand, makeup bag, or even their favorite jacket. You can have it customized or get this lip balm gift pack.

4 – Galentines Keychain

Compliment Keychain - Galentine's Gifts

There is no better feeling than knowing that you are seen and appreciated by your tribe.

Get your girls these cute and encouraging Galentine’s keychains that come with compliments. 

Whenever they reach for their keys, you will remind them how amazing they are!

5 – Hair Ties For Your Gal Pals

Valentine Hair Ties - Galentine's Gifts

If you are looking for something your girlfriends will use, this hair tie is another gift that ticks the box. 

Hair Ties - Galentine's Gifts

We really like this XOXO-themed pack of hair ties, but the text on this pack “Be My Galentine” is also so darn cute!

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6 – Heart Rocks

Heart Rock Refrigerator Magnets - Galentine's Gifts

If your BFF loves all things arts and crafts, just get this heart rock already. She can display it on her vanity or workstation and also use it as the perfect paper weight for her assignment sheets.

7 – Galentines Jewelry

XO Necklace - Galentine's Gifts

If your bestie already has a monogram or name necklace, we have got you covered. 

Get her this XO bracelet, which is the perfect piece of jewelry for Galentine’s Day, and the perfect addition to her collection of necklaces. 

Cheap Galentines Gifts

8 – Galentines Wine Bottle Label

Custom Wine Bottle Label - Galentine's Gifts

Gift this wine bottle label to your Galentine for her happy hour. It comes with a sweet message and your partner in wine will surely smile when she sees it. 

9 – Make A Wish Bracelet

Wish Bracelet - Galentine's Gifts

Bracelets and BFFs go hand in hand. Am I right or am I right? Get your BFF this wish bracelet for Galentine’s Day. 

Apart from being delicate and cute, it shows how you want your bestie to get everything she deserves. And more!

10 – Brunch Glasses

Personalized Drinking Glasses - Galentine's Gifts

Girls who brunch together, stay together! Get these super cute brunch glasses that can be customized with your friends’ names. 

All the more reason to meet for brunch with your gal pals.

11 – Galentines Can Cooler

Slim Can Cooler - Galentine's Gifts

Make sure your girls beat the heat with this slim can cooler with their names printed on it. Not only does it keep their drink chilled, but it will remind your friends how thoughtful you are. 

12 – Fuzzy Socks

Ladies Socks - Galentine's Gifts

What even is comfort if not fuzzy socks? Get your girl gang these super cute socks that come in the prettiest of colors. 

The best part is the “Be My Galentine” printed on the soles, which adds perfectly to the occasion.

13 – Jewelry Box

Engraved Jewelry Box - Galentine's Gifts

Let’s face it: Girls love jewelry, and they love cute boxes. Why not give your friend the best of both worlds? 

Have a look at this gorgeous jewelry box that is compact and classy. With different sections for her rings, studs, and necklaces, your girlie will feel over the moon to have her jewelry sorted. 

The compact size of this jewelry box makes it very useful and travel-friendly.

14 – Galentines Tote Bag

Tote Bag - Galentine's Gifts

Tote bags are all the rage these days. Get your girl gang these minimalistic yet cute tote bags. 

Galentines Tote - Galentine's Gifts

She can use it for her grocery trips or shopping sprees and when she does, every glance at the tote bag will remind her of your beautiful friendship.

Picture this: You are out at a brunch and all your girl gang has one of these tote bags, screaming out loud how cool of a team you are, aww! 

15 – Personalized Makeup Bag

Personalized Makeup Bag - Galentine's Gifts

Another great gift idea for Galentine’s Day is to get your girlies personalized makeup bags.

These bags come in various colors, and there are so many font designs and color options to choose from, ranging from gold, silver, rose gold, white velvet, glitter, and whatnot! My guess is that your mom, sister, or friend is instantly going to shift her makeup in this gorgeous makeup bag the minute she unpacks it.

16 – Berry Sweet-Scented Wax Melts

Valentines Wax Melts - Galentine's Gifts

Check out these adorable wax melts that are just perfect for Galentine’s Day. As the name indicates, they have a lovely scent and are the ultimate gift for your art-savvy gal pal. 

In case you guys exchange letters, you might recognize this beautiful pink wax seal on their letters in the future.

17 – Customized Compact Mirror For Her

Custom Compact Mirror - Galentine's Gifts

A cute handy mirror is a girl’s best friend. Add her name to it and you have got yourself a practical and cute gift for your Galentine’s. 

You can have their name engraved on it, but that’s not all. They offer many beautiful designs to choose from, so you can select the styles that resonate most with your girls’ personalities.

18 – Hair Scrunchie

Hair Scrunchie - Galentine's Gifts

Scrunchies have made a solid comeback and they are here to stay. 

How about getting these cute scrunchies for your gal pals? You can choose from a range of beautiful colors and even add a customized text card, that adds a personal touch to the gift. 

19 – Scented Mini Candle

Personalized Mini Scent Candles - Galentine's Gifts

How cute are those adorable scented mini candles? If you are planning to give something to each one of your gal pals, these candles are perfect because you can order them in bulk. 

They can be customized with a personal message and you can choose from over 40 plus designs.

Not only that, but you can also choose the metal box color and the amazing scent (their options are rose, sandalwood, lavender, vanilla, eucalyptus, vanilla, aloe vera, and ocean).

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Creative Gift Ideas for Your BFF

Wrapping Up Galentine’s Gifts

If you’ve picked out something special for your besties, know that every little thing you do for each other matters.

Those thoughtful gestures? They’re like the glue that sticks your squad together, creating a patchwork of shared laughs, late-night talks, and all those memories that make your gang uniquely awesome.

So, as you carry on with your day, let the love and warmth you’ve put into those Galentine’s gifts be a lasting reminder of the incredible connections you’ve cultivated.

Until our next catch-up, keep being awesome friends!

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