17 Last Minute Hospital Bag Items You Mustn’t Forget!

You’ve spent weeks and weeks preparing for the arrival of your little one.

Downloaded several hospital bag checklists. 

Your due date is just around the corner and you are ready to pop any day soon.

Now is a good time to double-check and make sure you have everything you’ll need in labour. Are you missing any last-minute hospital bag items?

With my second baby, I found myself in labour, rocking on my birth ball while simultaneously calling out to my husband things to include in my hospital bag.

Talk about unprepared?!

I want better for you. Let’s keep you organized and ready-to-go when baby says it’s time to make an appearance.

With this in mind, I curated this list of last minute hospital bag items so you have a handy list to check off as you make that last dash before heading to the hospital or birth centre.

I also explain why each item is on my list and why you will need it with you during your labour and delivery.

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Just a little reminder, this is NOT a complete list of things you’ll need in your hospital bag. No. This is a list of things you need to grab last minute because you can’t pack them up weeks before.

For a complete hospital bag packing list for mum, dad and baby, download the free printable checklist below.

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Great. Let’s get into these last-minute hospital bag items for mum. 

Last Minute Items to pack for Hospital Bag

17 Last Minute Hospital Bag Items

1. Eyeglasses, contacts and solution

If you wear specs like me, taking your eyeglasses along is a no-brainer. You want to see your baby clearly the first time you’re able to hold him or have a peek at him as the case may be.

Many women prefer contacts to glasses during birth. It’s more convenient. No need to wipe sweat and other bodily fluids off. In short, it’s less exasperating!

Unfortunately, except you have a spare, glasses and contacts are things we use daily, so they can’t be packed in your hospital bag beforehand. That’s why they’re on my last-minute hospital bag item’s list.

Make sure to take along your contact lens solution if you wear contacts.

2. Phone and charger

It’s easy to forget your charger when making the mad dash to the hospital.

If you have a spare, consider packing it up in the days before you’re at full term.

If not, then your phone(s) and charger should be on this list as well.

In case you’re wondering why you need a charger. The answer is simple: you can’t necessarily tell how long labour will last except you are going in for a planned CS.

For many mums especially first-time mums labour lasts for hours. Moreso, Induction can take days. I’m NOT saying this to scare you but inform you ahead of time.

During this time, you want to be able to communicate with the world and entertain yourself, listen to your birth affirmations and such.

PRO TIP: buy an extra long charger like this one. Many times, the hospital bed is located far away from any sockets, which can be pretty annoying when you’re trying to charge your phone during labour.

3. Camera

If you are of the mind to record your birth, then a camera is essential.

Some women use theirs daily. If that’s more like you, then, don’t forget to add this at the last minute into your hospital bag.

4. Slippers

Hospital floors are notoriously cold. Besides, no woman wants to walk barefoot in a hospital. 

So, pack along your fancy (or simple, I love fancy btw) slippers.

5. Fresh food and fruits

Some of the best hospital snacks to have when giving birth are fruits and fresh foods.

Pro Tip: most hospitals won’t allow you to eat when labour starts in case you need general anaesthesia with CS.

Although giving GA with CS is very uncommon these days, many medical officials still prefer you eat nothing.

So, the eating and drinking I’m referring to here are for during induction or before the 2nd stage of labour begins. And for your birth partner too.

Make sure to grab some fresh fruits just before you head off to the hospital or when you arrive (if things are not too intense at this stage).

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6. Lip balm

Many women complain of dry lips after giving birth or during the birth itself.

Some say the gas and air makes your lips dry. I honestly never had this problem. But many do, so I’m including it here. Pack your favourite chapsticks along.

7. Maternity notes

You can’t pack up your maternity notes weeks before your due date because, well, you’ll likely have midwife/doctor appointments till 40 weeks and beyond (if you go past your EDD).

But your maternity notes are one of the most important items in your hospital bag that MUST NOT be forgotten.

They give a lot of information to the midwife that would attend to you on your delivery day. (Here in the UK, we don’t necessarily have the same midwife throughout during pregnancy and labour).

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8. Toiletries – Toothbrush, toothpaste

If you don’t have spare ones, pack these along. Also for your partner too.

Anything to make you feel fresh is always welcome after birth.

9. Hairbrush

The moment will come when you’ll want to take those first few pictures for Instagram and posterity.

Your hairbrush will come in very handy then.

10. Makeup

If you love to look put together no matter what, then get a small toiletry bag and pack your most essential makeup items. Add these to your hospital bag when it’s time to move.

11. Tablet, laptop & charger (entertainment)

Are you going in for an induction, then you may be staying a couple of days  So, you don’t get bored out of your mind, take a laptop, charger or tablet. 

You can download your favourite movies too. Consider taking game cards as well. Anything to pass away the time.

12. Deodorant – things you use daily

Deodorant and basic toiletries are essential to make you feel fresh after a messy labour experience.

13. Pillow 

A lot of women progress faster when they feel they’re in a comfortable, warm environment.

When you have your own pillow with you, you’ll have a feel of home, be much more comfortable and your labour might proceed faster.

14. Towel

Hospitals have the flimsiest towels, you’ll be most comfortable using your own.

15. Earphones

Get earphones to listen to your birth affirmations, labour playlist and hypnobirthing tracks.

16. Medication (for husband)

Are there any medications you or your spouse take daily? Don’t forget to pack these in your hospital bag.

17. Thank you notes and pens

It’s always a nice thing to appreciate those who care for you.

This doesn’t have to be crazy expensive. Many times, a simple thank you note will do.

Buy some beforehand, get blank cards if you want to personalize your message.

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Wrapping up,

Packing your hospital bag is one of the most exciting things most expectant mums look forward to.

It’s also one where it’s easy to forget certain important items in the heat of the moment.

Put this list on your hospital bag so you know exactly what last-minute hospital bag items to pack when it’s time.

Remember, if you’re STILL yet to take a birthing class, you’ve still got time to take this fantastic prenatal class by Liesel at Mommy Labor Nurse and get better prepared to meet your little one.

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