136 Cool Middle Names For Lexi

Lexi is a super cool girl name. It’s funky, trendy, stylish, and feminine.

To me, it denotes a child who is upbeat, happy, daring and fashionable. Never a dull moment with a Lexi!

It’s a great choice for your baby girl’s first name. I love the fact that it’s a bit unconventional too, just like Freddie!

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Lexi is an abbreviated form of the full name, Alexandra (Greek in origin) which means “to defend or to help”.

In the US, Lexi as a first name is moderately popular, gaining more popularity in recent years. 

In England, it’s just outside the top 100 popular girl names at #132 in 2019.

So, don’t let the unusual use of Lexi as a first name faze; you. 

Lexi Branson was the name of a character in Vampire Diaries. Also, Lexi(e) Grey was one of my favourite characters from Grey’s Anatomy.

Lexi is an unconventional name but not weird!

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These are names that go with Lexi. Some are short, others are long.

I’ve added some traditional middle names to provide a balance to the modern name, Lexi. 

There are so many options here for you to choose from. And they are all listed alphabetically.

If you are also looking for some guidance on how to choose the perfect middle name for your princess, keep reading.

I share some golden nuggets to help you towards the end of this post.

middle name for Lexi- Skye
  1. Lexi Abigail
  2. Lexi Addison
  3. Lexi Alana
  4. Lexi Alexandra
  5. Lexi Alice
  6. Lexi Allison
  7. Lexi Amber
  8. Lexi Amelia
  9. Lexi Anastasia
  10. Lexi Anna
  11. Lexi Annabelle
  12. Lexi Annalise
  13. Lexi Anne
  14. Lexi Ashley
  15. Lexi Aspen
  16. Lexi Aurora
  17. Lexi Ava
  18. Lexi Avery
  19. Lexi Bella
  20. Lexi Belle
  21. Lexi Beth
  22. Lexi Breanna
  23. Lexi Brenna
  24. Lexi Brianna
  25. Lexi Brooke
  26. Lexi Cadence
  27. Lexi Caitlin
  28. Lexi Carla
  29. Lexi Chana
  30. Lexi Charlotte
  31. Lexi Chloe
  32. Lexi Christa
  33. Lexi Christina
  34. Lexi Claire
  35. Lexi Dakota
  36. Lexi Danielle
  37. Lexi Darlene
  38. Lexi Deanna
  39. Lexi Delia
  40. Lexi Delilah
  41. Lexi Diana
  42. Lexi Drew
  43. Lexi Edith
  44. Lexi Ella
  45. Lexi Elodie
  46. Lexi Erica
  47. Lexi Erin
  48. Lexi Esther
  49. Lexi Eve
  50. Lexi Evelyn
  51. Lexi Faith
  52. Lexi Faye
  53. Lexi Fiona
  54. Lexi Gabriella
  55. Lexi Gabrielle
  56. Lexi Georgia
  57. Lexi Georgina
  58. Lexi Gina
  59. Lexi Grace
  60. Lexi Hailey
  61. Lexi Harlow
  62. Lexi Hillary
  63. Lexi Hope
  64. Lexi Isabella
  65. Lexi Isabelle
  66. Lexi Isadora
  67. Lexi Isla
  68. Lexi Jade
  69. Lexi Jane
  70. Lexi Janelle
  71. Lexi Janessa
  72. Lexi Jessica
  73. Lexi Jocelyn
  74. Lexi Josephine
  75. Lexi Joyce
  76. Lexi Katherine
  77. Lexi Katrina
  78. Lexi Kayla
  79. Lexi Kaylah
  80. Lexi Kennedy
  81. Lexi Kirsten
  82. Lexi Lana
  83. Lexi Lauren
  84. Lexi Libby
  85. Lexi Lou
  86. Lexi Louise
  87. Lexi Lucia
  88. Lexi Mackenzie
  89. Lexi Maddison
  90. Lexi Madeleine
  91. Lexi Madeline
  92. Lexi Madison
  93. Lexi Mae
  94. Lexi Maggie
  95. Lexi Makayla
  96. Lexi Mallory
  97. Lexi Margaret
  98. Lexi Mariah
  99. Lexi Marie
  100. Lexi Marlene
  101. Lexi Mary
  102. Lexi Megan
  103. Lexi Melissa
  104. Lexi Mercedes
  105. Lexi Natalia
  106. Lexi Natasha
  107. Lexi Nevaeh
  108. Lexi Niamh
  109. Lexi Nicole
  110. Lexi Olivia
  111. Lexi Pearl
  112. Lexi Perla
  113. Lexi Quinn
  114. Lexi Reese
  115. Lexi Renee
  116. Lexi Rose
  117. Lexi Rosemary
  118. Lexi Ruth
  119. Lexi Ryan
  120. Lexi Samantha
  121. Lexi Saskia
  122. Lexi Savannah
  123. Lexi Serenity
  124. Lexi Shirley
  125. Lexi Simone
  126. Lexi Skye
  127. Lexi Skyla
  128. Lexi Sophia
  129. Lexi Summer
  130. Lexi Taya
  131. Lexi Tiara
  132. Lexi Tiffany
  133. Lexi Tina
  134. Lexi Valentina
  135. Lexi Violet
  136. Lexi Zoe


Choosing your baby’s middle name may not be as easy as you may think. 

There are so many factors to consider to ensure you give your daughter a name she will love and be proud of.

The flow of the middle name with the first and last names is very important. Some people find pairing a short first name like Lexi with a longer, more syllabic name like Samantha gives a better flow.

But you know what? If you love a short middle name like Lexi Rose, that’s fine as well. There are no rules! 

Also, say the names out loud. Do you like the sound of it? Not just how good it looks on paper.

You might also consider having a meaningful middle name rather than a filler name. 

So, say you struggled with infertility before finally getting blessed with your daughter. Isabella which means God’s Promise might be a suitable middle name for your Lexi. 

One HUGE factor you should consider is how the initials spell out

You wouldn’t want any funny initials. On the other hand, an initial like L.I.T would be so funky just like her first name, Lexie!

Finally, don’t be in a rush. The perfect middle name for your baby will come to you. It might take a while but it will in the end.

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Names that go with Lexi - Delia

You may be interested in these alternative spellings of the name, Lexi: 

  • Lexie
  • Lexa
  • Lexia
  • Lexine
  • Lexus
  • Lexee



I know, I know, you might have searched far and wide, scoured blogs and books and still not found the name that “clicks”. 

So, you may be wondering if it would be all that necessary to give your baby girl a middle name.

I hear you. 

Let me give you 3 major reasons why it’s a good idea to give Lexi a middle name.

#1. The Power of the FULL NAME

You will be familiar with the full name power play. You know, the one your parents undoubtedly used on you when you were being naughty as a child.

When they called you with your full names including your middle name!

You remember, right?

It’s not just a parent hack, you know. Recent research has proven that calling your child by their full names- first, middle and last names- makes your child less indulgent and promotes good behaviour.

Amazing, right!

I should try it more often with my kids. Lol.

#2. A way to HONOUR FAMILY members

Giving your baby a middle name can be a sweet way to honour family members, especially extended family that passed recently or ones you are/were particularly fond of.

#3. You’re giving your child OPTIONS

We all want our kids to love the names we give them. 

Realistically, this won’t always be the case. 

And that’s okay.

By giving your child a middle name, you are giving them options for the future. In that case, your child has the option of using their middle name as their first name. 

Just like the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle. Her first name is actually Rachel but she goes by her middle name, Meghan.



I hope that this post has given you ideas on names to go with Lexi. 

At best, you found the middle name. At worst, you got some inspiration.

People will always have good and bad things to say about the names you choose for your child.

Don’t let that deter you from choosing a name you love and vibe with. At the end of the day, it’s your baby and not theirs!

Choosing a good middle name for Lexi might not be a straightforward process but I have no doubt you’ll get there in the end.

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Congratulations on your baby girl!

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