130 Lovely Middle Names For Phoebe

Looking for a middle name for Phoebe? Great. Today I’ll share a long list of Phoebe middle names.

Let’s get into it!


Is it spelled Pheobe or Phoebe? Good question. It’s important to address this as you’ll come across this question often when you name your baby, Phoebe.

So, how do you spell the name Phoebe?

Phoebe is the correct spelling of the name. The “O” comes before the “E” It’s also the most popular and traditional spelling.

However, it is commonly misspelled as Pheobe. Here the “O” comes after the “E”.

Some parents prefer the Pheobe spelling. It is a somewhat unique twist on the name. 

Other times it’s an honest mistake.

Still, some consider Pheobe as a variant spelling to Phoebe.

Other commonly misspelled variants of Phoebe are:

  • Phebe
  • Phebie
  • Feebee
  • Feebie
  • Feeby

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Classic, feminine, quirky and old-fashioned are some adjectives used to describe Phoebe. 

Phoebe is a name of Greek origin meaning pure, radiant and bright. It’s pronounced as “FEE-bee” in English.

The Apostle Paul made mention of her in the New Testament book of Romans. She was a notable woman, a deaconess in the Church of Cenchrea.

Phoebe is also a Titan in Greek mythology and grandmother to Apollo and Artemis.


Phoebe is a very popular name in the United Kingdom but less so in the United States. 

It’s currently just outside of the top 20 most popular baby girl names in the UK at number 22.

Probably the most notable character to bear the name is Phoebe Buffay- one of the main casts of the funny and extremely popular Tv show, Friends.

If you are a fan of Bridgeton, then you already know that the female lead, Daphne is played by Phoebe Dynevor.

Let’s get into the middle names that go with Phoebe.

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I hope you find a middle name for Phoebe in the list below.

  1. Phoebe Aaliyah
  2. Phoebe Abigail
  3. Phoebe Adele
  4. Phoebe Alana
  5. Phoebe Alannah
  6. Phoebe Alexa
  7. Phoebe Alexis
  8. Phoebe Alice
  9. Phoebe Alisha
  10. Phoebe Alyssa
  11. Phoebe Amelia
  12. Phoebe Amelie
  13. Phoebe Anais
  14. Phoebe Ann 
  15. Phoebe Anna
  16. Phoebe Annabeth
  17. Phoebe Anne
  18. Phoebe Ariella
  19. Phoebe Beatrice
  20. Phoebe Belle
  21. Phoebe Beth
  22. Phoebe Bethany
  23. Phoebe Blaire
  24. Phoebe Brooke
  25. Phoebe Caitlin
  26. Phoebe Camille
  27. Phoebe Carys
  28. Phoebe Catrin
  29. Phoebe Cecila
  30. Phoebe Cecile
  31. Phoebe Charlotte
  32. Phoebe Claire
  33. Phoebe Dawn
  34. Phoebe Dorothy
  35. Phoebe Ebony
  36. Phoebe Eden
  37. Phoebe Eleanor
  38. Phoebe Elisabeth
  39. Phoebe Elisabetta 
  40. Phoebe Elise
  41. Phoebe Eliza
  42. Phoebe Elizabeth
  43. Phoebe Ella
  44. Phoebe Emily
  45. Phoebe Emma
  46. Phoebe Enya
  47. Phoebe Estelle
  48. Phoebe Eva
  49. Phoebe Eve
  50. Phoebe Fern
  51. Phoebe Fleur
  52. Phoebe Gail
  53. Phoebe Gina
  54. Phoebe Grace
  55. Phoebe Harriet
  56. Phoebe Hazel
  57. Phoebe Heather
  58. Phoebe Helena
  59. Phoebe Hope
  60. Phoebe India
  61. Phoebe Iona
  62. Phoebe Iris
  63. Phoebe Isabelle
  64. Phoebe Isla
  65. Phoebe Islay 
  66. Phoebe Isobel
  67. Phoebe Jade
  68. Phoebe Jane
  69. Phoebe Jayne
  70. Phoebe Jemma
  71. Phoebe Jenna
  72. Phoebe Jessica
  73. Phoebe Jo
  74. Phoebe Joelle
  75. Phoebe Joy 
  76. Phoebe Juliet
  77. Phoebe Juliette
  78. Phoebe June
  79. Phoebe Kate
  80. Phoebe Kaye
  81. Phoebe Lara
  82. Phoebe Laura
  83. Phoebe Lauren
  84. Phoebe Lila
  85. Phoebe Lillian
  86. Phoebe Lois
  87. Phoebe Lola
  88. Phoebe Loren
  89. Phoebe Lorraine
  90. Phoebe Louise
  91. Phoebe Lucia
  92. Phoebe Mae
  93. Phoebe Maeve
  94. Phoebe Marie
  95. Phoebe Matilda
  96. Phoebe May
  97. Phoebe Maya
  98. Phoebe Megan
  99. Phoebe Meredith 
  100. Phoebe Mia
  101. Phoebe Michelle
  102. Phoebe Morvoren 
  103. Phoebe Nadine
  104. Phoebe Niamh
  105. Phoebe Nicole
  106. Phoebe Noelle
  107. Phoebe Nora
  108. Phoebe Olive
  109. Phoebe Olivia
  110. Phoebe Orla
  111. Phoebe Quinn
  112. Phoebe Rae
  113. Phoebe Renee
  114. Phoebe Robyn
  115. Phoebe Roisin
  116. Phoebe Rosa
  117. Phoebe Rosalie
  118. Phoebe Rose
  119. Phoebe Seren
  120. Phoebe Serena
  121. Phoebe Sienna
  122. Phoebe Skye
  123. Phoebe Star
  124. Phoebe Sue
  125. Phoebe Summer
  126. Phoebe Tabitha 
  127. Phoebe Thea
  128. Phoebe Violet 
  129. Phoebe Wren
  130. Phoebe Zara
middle name for phoebe


Here are some factors to consider when picking a middle name for your baby girl, Phoebe.

  1. The flow of the middle name with the first and last names. Is there a natural flow to the names?
  2. Say the names out loud. Do you like the sound of it? Not just how good it looks on paper but how it sounds.
  3. Pick a meaningful middle name rather than a filler name. You may decide to pick the name of a dear family member or the name of the place you first met or had your first date. It’s entirely up to you!
  4. What do the initials spell? You wouldn’t want a Phoebe Iris Grant (P.I.G) now, would you? This is especially important if you consider the fact that you may get personalised gifts.

    On the other hand, this study shows that positive name initials lead to a longer life. So, giving your baby a positive acronym like Phoebe Eden Philips (P.E.P) can make her like longer!
  1. Don’t be in a hurry. The perfect middle name for your baby will come to you. It may or may not take a while but it will in the end.

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Here are a few Phoebe nicknames. If you want a bigger list of over 50 nicknames check out this detailed post on the best nicknames for Phoebe.

  • Fifi
  • Pheebs
  • Bee
  • Beebee
  • Fee
  • Feebs
  • Bibi
  • Bea
  • Pixie
  • Pip
  • Bebe
  • Fi
  • Bibby
  • Pibbles
  • Pheebz
  • Fefe
  • Phoebs
  • Phoebster
  • Peebee
  • Phee



You might have spent countless hours scouring websites and forums looking for a name that “clicks. 

So much so, you may be wondering if it is important to give your baby girl a middle name.

I completely understand. I’ve been there. 

Here are 4 reasons why it’s a good idea to give Phoebe a middle name.

#1. To DIFFERENTIATE your girl

Phoebe is a fairly popular name in the UK. So, there’s a good chance that there may be 2 or more Phoebes in her class. 

What happens if you have a popular last name like Smith as well? A middle name will help to distinguish your dear Phoebe.

#2. The Power of the FULL NAME

You will be familiar with the full name power play. You know, the one your parents surely used on you when you were being naughty as a child.

You remember, right?

It’s not just a parent hack, you know. Recent research has proved that calling your child by their full names- First, middle and last names- makes your child develop more self-control and also less indulgent.

Isn’t that amazing? 

#3. A way to HONOUR FAMILY members

Giving your baby a middle name can be a sweet way to honour family members, especially the extended family that you are fond of or those who passed recently.

#4. You’re giving your child OPTIONS

We all want our kids to love the names we give them. 

Realistically, this won’t always be the case. And that’s okay.

By giving your child a middle name, you are giving them options for the future.

In that case, your child has the option of using their middle name as their first name. 

Ever heard of Laura Jeane Reese Witherspoon? The famous actress goes by her middle name Reese.


You or your partner may not be set on the girl name, Phoebe. Are there names like Phoebe that are equally quirky but adorable? 

Here’s a list of names similar to Phoebe:

  • Alice
  • Chloe
  • Clara
  • Cleo
  • Cora
  • Daphne
  • Delphine
  • Fiona
  • Hazel
  • Hermione
  • Lydia
  • Margot
  • Naomi
  • Penelope
  • Persephone
  • Rhea
  • Xanthe
  • Zara


In Conclusion…

I hope you found a middle name to go with Phoebe after reading this post.

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Congratulations on my baby!

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