47 Names That Mean Fast (For Girls and Boys)

Many names represent speed, such as those that mean ‘swift’, ‘lightning’, or ‘rapid’.

These names are perfect for baby girls or boys who are born fast or for parents who want their child to grow up to be quick-witted and successful.

They could also be the perfect fit for athletic parents! 

So if you’re looking for a name with meaning for your new arrival, then look no further than this list of names that mean fast!

Girl Names That Mean Fast 

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  1. Achira 

Achira is a Sanskrit name that means “a quick and prompt person.” 

  1. Aculia 

This unique name has roots in Gaulish. It is derived from the Gaulish word ACU, which means “quick” or “fast.” 

  1. Advija 

Advija is a name that comes from Bosnian origins. It means “swift” or “fast.”  

  1. Ainia

This lovely Greek name expresses the sentiment of “one who is swift.” 

  1. Aya

This 3-letter name translates to “fly swiftly” in Hebrew

  1. Chadi

Chadi is a Chamorro name that means “fast” or “quick.”  

  1. Hayano

If you’re looking for a beautiful Japanese name, this one comes from the word haya, which means “swift and fast.” 

  1. Kohana

This soft name comes from the Sioux culture and means “swift.” 

If you choose this name for your daughter, you’re certain to end up with an active little one. 

  1. Malila

This name has a unique and unconventional meaning to it. Malila is a name that comes from the Miwok culture. 

This beautiful name means “salmon going fast up a rippling stream.” 

  1. Rewa

Rewa is an Indian name that means “swift.” 

  1. Selin

This Turkish name would suit a gorgeous little girl. Selin means “fast-flowing stream.” 

  1. Sunki

This unique-sounding name has roots in the Hopi language. It is a name that means “swift” or “to catch up with.” 

  1. Suri

Suri is a name that is short and sweet. It comes from Quechua culture and means “fast like an ostrich.” 

  1. Toshiko 

Toshiko is a Japanese name derived from Toshi, which means “quick,” and ko, which means “child.”

Overall, the meaning of this name is “quick child.” 

Boy Names That Mean Fast 

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  1. Abis 

Abis is an Arabic name that means “one who is swift and alert.” 

It is a good name for your son as a reminder to be alert in his life. 

  1. Acco

This name has Gaulish roots and means “swift” or “fast.” 

In 53BC, Acco was the chief of Senones in Gaul. He was the one who led his countrymen to revolt against Roman Emperor Julius Ceasar. 

  1. Aiolos 

This is a unique name that comes from Greek Mythology. It means “quick-moving.” 

In Greek mythology, Aiolos is the Greek God of the wind. 

  1. Aklesh 

Aklesh is a handsome name that comes from Sanskrit origins. It means “swift lord.” 

  1. Alsvid 

If you’re looking for an interesting name for your son that originates from Norse mythology, look no further. 

Alsvid is a name that means “all swift” or “very fast.” In Norse mythology, it is the name of one of the horses that pulls the sun. 

Continuing this theme of speed and endurance, you might be interested in reading some excellent horse books to inspire your child and deepen their understanding of these magnificent creatures.

  1. Arnfastr

Another unique name from Old Norse, Arnfastr is an option for you. 

It is derived from the Norse word arn, which means “eagle,” and faster, which means “fast.” When combined, the name means “fast eagle.” 

  1. Artak

Artak is an Armenian name derived from the Parthian meaning “fast.” 

  1. Boaz

Boaz is a Biblical name that might interest you. It translates to “swiftness” in Hebrew

In the Bible, Boaz is the man who marries Ruth in the Old Testament Book of Ruth. 

  1. Celerino 

This is a unique Latin name that means “fast.” 

  1. Chapal

Chapal is a name that comes from Sanskrit origins. It means “restless” or “quick.” 

  1. Chukhpelek

This long Khanty name means “fast.” 

  1. Citino 

This is a Latin name that means “to act quickly.” It is a good name if you want your son to be quick-witted. 

  1. Dahy

Dahy is an Irish name that expresses the sentiment of “capable,” “quick, and agile.” 

  1. Flutarak

Flutarak is an Albanian name that figuratively means “fast and agile.” 

  1. Guayra

Guayra is a handsome Quechua name that means “fast as the wind.” 

  1. Guayua

Similarly, Guayua is a name that comes from the Aymara lineage and means “restless” or “fast as the wind.” 

  1. Hayato

This is a charming Japanese name that means “fast person.” 

  1. Inalef

This unique name has roots in the Mapuche culture and means “swift reinforcement.” 

  1. Javas

This charming name comes from Sanskrit and means “swift.” 

  1. Kaholo

If you’re looking for a Hawaiian name for your son, Kaholo is an interesting choice that means “adept” or “nimble.” 

  1. Kesegowaase

This six-syllable name comes from the Algonquin language and means “fast,” “speedy,” or “rapid.” 

  1. Khongyangba

Khongyangba is a Manipuri name that translates to “fast” in the Meitei language. 

  1. Okila

This is an uncommon name from Greenlandic origins and means “fast runner.” 

It is a good name for your athletic son. 

  1. Raghu

This name has roots in Indian culture. It means “swift” in the Sanskrit language. 

This is the name of a heroic king in Hindu epics, who was also Rama’s great-grandfather, one of the most widely worshipped Hindu deities. 

  1. Sherwin

Sherwin is a cute English name that means “swift runner.” 

  1. Shpend

This is an Albanian option if you’re looking for a one-syllable name for your little boy. 

Figuratively, Shpend means “to be fast.” 

  1. Xun

In the Chinese language, Xun is a name that means “swift one.” 

  1. Yaangba

Yaangba is an interesting name from Manipuri origins and means “fast” or “speedy” in the Meitei language. 

Unisex Names That Mean Fast 

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  1. Piki 

Piki is a name that is suitable for both boys and girls. It comes from Maori lineage and means “fast” or “ascend.” 

  1. Shun 

Shun is a short Japanese name that you can name a child of any gender. It means “fast.” 

  1. Tochitlie

This unique gender-neutral name comes from Nahuatl origins. It translates to “rabbit.” 

It is also related to the Nahuatl word, totoca, which means to “run fast.” 

Fast-Related Names 

  1. Dash 

Dash is a unique name that means “to run quickly. 

In the popular animated movie The Incredibles, Dash is the name of the son in the family who has the power of super speed. 

  1. Flash 

If you’re interested in superheroes, you’ve surely heard this gender-neutral name before. 

Flash means “bright light,” and it is the name of the DC Comics character, The Flash or Barry Allen, who has the power of superhuman speed. 

List of names for girls and boys that mean fast

Wrapping Up Fast Names

These names all mean “fast” in different languages.

These might be perfect for you if you’re looking for a name that connotes speed.

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