45+ Names That Mean Fly, To Fly (For Boys and Girls)

Names that mean “to fly” can be a refreshing change from the more common names. 

They can also be a source of inspiration for parents who are looking for a name that will inspire their child to soar through life. 

We all want to fly. We want to be free from our cares and worries, to soar above the fray and see things from a new perspective. 

If you’ve seen our names that mean wings, or our air names, you would undoubtedly love these fly names.

These names all mean fly, to fly. They inspire us to take flight and embrace the world with open arms.

Boy Names That Mean Fly, To Fly

super hero boy flying with dad
Super hero boy flying with dad

1.   Arnim

The name “Arnim” was derived from the town of Arnim near Berlin. The meaning of the name is “small flying eagle” from Old German. 

2.   Altair

The name Altair is primarily a male name of Arabic origin that means “Flying Eagle”.

3.   Augurio

The name “Augurio” from Latin, is a cute boy’s name. The meaning of this is “divine flight of birds”. 

4.   Aerion

Aerion is an English name closely associated with “air travel”.

5.   Avel

Avel is a name from the Breton language which means “wind”.

6.   Caelus

Caelus means “sky” and it is a male name in Roman Mythology.

7.   Celestine

Celestine is an English name for boys. It means “of the sky”.

8.   Samir

Samir is a boy’s name that means “wind, air”. It is an Indian name.

9.   Elsu

The name Elsu is predominantly a Native American male name that means “flying falcon”.

10.  Ermir

Ermir is an Albian boy name meaning “good wind”.

11.   Fujin

Fujin means “air, wind”. It is a name of Japanese origin for boys.

12.   Gozol

Gozol is a Hebrew name and is used for boys. The meaning of this name is “soaring bird”.

13.    Hiei

Hiei means “flying shadow”. The name has two parts i.e Hi and Ei.  (Hi) means “jump or fly” and (ei) means “shadow”.

It is a boy’s name of Japanese origin.

14.    Hiichirou

Hiichirou is a Japanese name with (hi) meaning “to fly” and, (ichi) meaning “one”, blended with (rou) meaning “son”.

15.    Kaito

Kaito is predominantly a Japanese masculine name that represents “ocean, sea,” “soar,” and “fly.” It means “flying over the sea”.

16.   Kaisho

Kaisho is a Japanese boy name that means “Fly over the sea”.

17.   Keyne

The meaning of Keyne is “man of the eastern sky”. It has Celtic origins.

18.   Mulele

In Swahili, (East Africa) Mulele means “flying”.  This is a beautiful boy’s name.

19.   Parwaz

Parwaz is a Muslim boy’s name. Its meaning is “flight”. The word comes from Urdu.

20.  Shohei

Shohei is a Japanese name for baby boys. Sho means “soar or glide” and hei means “level, even, or peaceful”. What a beautiful name!

21.  Shu

Shu is an Egyptian male name and means “he who ascends”.

22.   Tobio

Tobio has its roots in the Japanese language and comprises two words. “Tobi” means “to fly” combined with “o” meaning “hero, manly”.

23.   Uddiyan

It is an Indian boy’s name. The name Uddiyan is derived from the Hindi language. The meaning of the name Uddiyan is “flying speed”

24.    Uddinam

Uddinam is a Hindu boy name, meaning “flying up”.

25.    Volley

Volley is a cute baby boy’s name that is pronounced as VAALiy. The name originated from the term Volare, which means “to fly” in Latin.

26.    Yuto

Yuto is from Japanese where (yu) means “excellence, supremacy, and tenderness” mixed with (to) meaning “person” or “soar, fly” and referring to a Chinese constellation.

27.    Zubeen

Zubeen is a Persian name with the meaning “something that touches the sky”.

Girl Names That Mean Fly, To Fly

young girl flying in red hot balloons
Young girl flying in red hot balloons

1.   Asuka

The name Asuka means “to fly” and “bird.” It may additionally mean “tomorrow” and “fragrance” written with special kanji.

2.   Aya

Aya is a baby girl name from the Hebrew language that means “to fly swiftly”, and “hawk”.

Aya has a lot of variants in different languages such as Japanese, Arabic, and Mongolian with various meanings.

3.   Alya

Alya is an Arabic name used for girls. It means “sky, heavenly”.

4.   Aura

This name of Greek roots means “soft breeze”.

5.   Anila

It is a gorgeous girl’s name of Indian origin with the meaning “child of the wind”.

6.   Anemone

This name is derived from Greek and it means “daughter of the wind”.

7.   Alizeh

The Persian name Alizeh means “wind”.

8.   Fei Yen

Fei Yen is a baby girl name that is pronounced as Fey-YEHN. The word Fei Yen comes from the Chinese language.

Fei Yen means “flying swallow bird.”

9.   Fah

Fah is a short Thai name that means “sky”.

10.  Hagar

Hagar is a feminine name meaning “flight” in Hebrew. It can additionally be of unknown Egyptian origin.

In the Old Testament Hagar was the second wife of Abraham and Ishmael’s mother.

11.  Heepueni

It is a Greek feminine name that means “to lie in the cloudless sky”.

12.  Lolana

The name Lolana means “Soaring like a hawk” and is of Hawaiian origin.

13.  Myia

The name Myia is taken from the Greek meaning “fly”.

14.  Naseem

Naseem is a famous name that means “breeze, soft air, or wind”. It is an Arabic name for Muslim girls.

15.  Rabi

Rabi means “gentle wind”. It is an Arabic female name.

16.  Volante

Volante means “he who flies” in Italian. The name has Spanish and English variants but the meaning in Spanish is unknown. 

In English, the name is from the present participle of Old French voler which means ‘to fly’, in a ‘nimble’, or ‘agile’ way.

Unisex Names That Mean Fly, To Fly

dad tossing young son in the air
Dad tossing young son in the air

1.   Ama

Ama is a unisex name of Japanese origin with the meaning “sky”.

2.   Pengfei

Pengfei is a gender-neutral name in the Chinese language. Peng relates to a large, mythical bird in Chinese mythology mixed with “fei” meaning “to fly”.

3.   Tingiyok

Tingiyok is an Inuit name meaning ‘to fly”. This name can be used for both genders.

Final Thoughts on Names Meaning Fly, To Fly

These names are indicative of the power and freedom that flight represents.

Parents are always hopeful to see their kids fly to new heights as they pursue their passions and dreams in life. 

Names that mean fly, to fly, wind, flight, air, and sky can serve that purpose well.

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