96 Names That Mean Heaven (Girls and Boys)

In most cultures and religions, babies are considered blessings from heaven. 

Like angels, they’re beautiful and angelic in every way. 

If you believe your bundle of joy is a gift from above and would love to give him or her a name that reflects that, there are several names you can consider. 

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Searching for the perfect angelic or heavenly name for your little one? Check out this list for some inspiration.  

Girl names that mean Heaven, Heaven sent, Angel, Sky

  1. Aingeal

Aingeal is a girl name of Greek Origin. It translates as “messenger of God” and is a variant form of Angela. 

  1. Amaterasu

The name Amaterasu means “shining over heaven”. It is of Japanese origin and is often associated with the Japanese sun goddess regarded as the ruler of the heavens. 

  1. Anela

Anela is a name of Hawaiian origin. The name translates as “Angel” and is the Hawaiian equivalent of the name Angela. 

  1. Angela

Angela is a female name with origins in the Spanish language. It is also often linked to the Greek word Angelos which means “angel” or “messenger of God”. 

  1. Angelina

Angelina is a variant form of the name Angelina. Both names are derived from the Greek word “Angelos” which means “messenger of God”

  1. Aolani

Aolani is a name of Hawaiian origin. It translates as “beautiful cloud”  or “Heavenly cloud” 

  1. Araceli

Araceli is a female name of Latin origin. It means “altar of heaven” or “heavenly homemaker” 

  1. Arella

The name Arella is of Hebrew origin. It translates as “messenger of God” or “angel”.

  1. Arrosa

The name Arrosa is of Basque origin. It means “sprinkled with dew from heaven”. Arrosa can also be written as Arrose. 

  1. Asunción

 Asunción is a Spanish name that means “ascension” or “assumption”. 

  1. Avari

Avari is a girl name of American origin. It means “of the heavens” or “from the sky”. It is a variant form of the name “Avery”. 

  1. Cælia / Celia

Celia is a name of Latin origin. It is derived from the word “cealum” which means “heaven” or “sky”.  

  1. Celand

The origin of the name Celand is Latin. It means “one who is meant for 


  1. Celeste 

A soft and pretty name of Anglicized French from the Latin Caelestis. This name was heavily favored by early Christians and means “of the heavens”. 

baby wearing a cherubic crown
  1. Celina

Celina is a name of Latin origin. It is a derivative of the name “Celeste” which means “heaven”.

  1. Celine

Celine is of Latin origin but it is quite popular as a French name. Celine means “heaven”. 

  1. Chiela 

Chiela is a name of Esperanto origin. It means “heavenly” in Esperanto

  1. Dabria

Dabria is a name of Latin origin. It translates as “name of an angel” or “angel of death”. 

  1. Dangelis

The name Dangelis is of Italian origin. It means “son of an angel” or “from the angels”. 

  1. Diana

Diana is a name of Latin and Indo-European origin. Diana means “divine” or “of heaven”. 

  1. Diane

Diane means “divinity” or “divine”. The name is the French form of the Latin name Diana. 

  1. Divina

Divina is a girl name of Spanish Origin. It means “divine” or “heavenly”.  

  1. Engela

Engela is another form of the name Engel. Both names are derived from the Old German word for “angel”. 

  1. Erelah

The name Erelah is of Hebrew origin. It means “holy messenger” or “angel”. 

  1. Frigg

Frigg is a name of Scandinavian origin. It means “love” or “beloved”. In Norse mythology, Frigg is the wife of the god, Odin. 

  1. Haunani 

is a Hawaiian name that is usually only found in Hawaii. It means “Beautiful Dew” and in Arabic means “one who is merciful”

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  1. Heaven 

means “Abode of God” or “Gods House” and is an old English name that’s not often heard these days.

  1. Inana

The name Inana means “lady of heaven”. It is a Sumerian name given to the Mesopotamian goddess of love. 

  1. Inara

Inara is a name of Arabic origin. It means “A heaven-sent daughter who shines with light”. Variants of the name include Inaara or Inaraah. 

  1. Irem

Irem is a Turkish female name. It means “garden in heaven”  in the Turkish language. 

  1. Jaantje

The name Jaantje is of Hebrew origin. It means “gift from God” or “gift from heaven”. 

  1. Jannat

Jannat is a Muslim name that means “heaven” or “Garden”. It can also be translated as “paradise” or “pleasure”. 

  1. Juno

Juno is a girl name of Latin Origin. The name means “Queen of Heaven”. 

  1. Kalani 

A Polynesian name that appeals to many cultures which means “The Heavens, Sky and Royal One”. Often found in Hawaii and other Pacific islands. 

  1. Kaula 

Another Polynesian name this time meaning “Child of the Heavens” “Prophet” or “Messenger of God”. Kaula is a pretty girl’s name. 

  1. Kayla

Kayla is a name of Hebrew origin. It is most likely a derivative of the name Kelila or Keila. The name Kayla means “one who is like God.”

  1. Lani 

is a popular Hawaiian girl name that means “Sky” or “of the sky”. It is often added to other names to make longer names with more meaning like LoLani which is “Royal Hawk”

  1. Leilani 

Leilani which means “Royal child of Heaven” in the Hawaiian language. This is a very popular girls name. 

  1. Lulani 

is another popular Polynesian girls name for “The highest point in the sky” 

  1. Malak

The name Malak is of Hebrew origin but is more popular as a Muslim name. It means “messenger” or “angel”.

  1. Maricela

The name Maricela is of Spanish Origin. It means “of march” in association with the Roman god Mars-the mythological god of fertility. 

  1. Manulani

Manulani is a name with origins in the Hawaiian language. It means “resembling a bird in heaven”. 

  1. Melangell

The name Melangell originated in Wales. It means “sweet angel” or “dear angel”.  

  1. Melek

Melek means “angel”. The name is of Turkish origin and is primarily a female name 

  1. Menaka

Menaka is a name of Indian origin with roots in the Hindi language. Menaka means “celestial dancer”. 

  1. Michewa 

An unusual Tibetian Name meaning “Sent from Heaven” that isn’t heard much elsewhere. 

  1. Minau 

A lovely Persian girl’s name that also means “Heaven”.  

  1. Minu

Minu is a girl name of Persian Origin. It means “heaven” or “Paradise” and can also be spelt as Minou. 

  1. Mitra

Mitra is a name of Indian (Hindu) origin. It means “angel” and is often associated with the Hindu god of the sun. 

sleeping baby inside huge wing feathers
  1. Moraika 

The name Moraika is of native American (Incan) origin. It means “an angel” or “heavenly messenger”. Variants of this name include Moraekah, Morayka and Moraeka. 

  1. Neveah 

Is heaven spelt backwards and has the same meanings. 

  1. Niloufer 

is a more unusual name for a girl meaning “Celestial” that originates from Tamil, Sidihi and Hindu.

  1. Noelani 

Another Hawwaiin girl’s name, this time meaning “Mist of Heaven.”

  1. Okalani 

Originating from the Pacific Islands but mainly used in English speaking countries, This is another name meaning “from the Heavens”.

  1. Ongela

Ongela originated from the Old Greek Language. It is a variant of the name Angela which means “God’s messenger” or “angel. 

  1. Ourania

Ourania is a name of Greek origin. It means “heavenly” or “of heaven”. Ourania can be shortened as Urania or Rania. 

  1. Quiana

Quiana also spelt as Kiana is a popular Christian name but its main origin is the Latin language. It means “heavenly” or “living with grace”. 

  1. Roselani

Roselani is of Hawaiian origin and it means “heavenly rose”. 

  1. Saura 

This is a popular Hindu name that means “Celestial” and is attractive and meaningful. 

  1. Semira 

a derivative of the full name Semarimis meaning ” Highest Heaven” it’s a very popular Hindi name. 

  1. Semiramis 

A Hebrew female name that means “highest heaven”. 

  1. Serafina

Serafina is a name of Latin origin. It translates as “burning ones” 

  1. Sky 

An old English name directly from Nature and also referring to the Isle of Skye, this name has Dutch origins meaning “giver of Shelter” as well. 

  1. Sorano 

A name from the Japanese Culture meaning “of the Sky ” would make an attractive girl’s name for someone who wants something unusual. 

  1. Talia

Talia is a female name of Aramaic origin. It means “drew of God” and can also be written as Taliah, Taaliah and Tahlia. 

  1. Ualani

The name Ualani’s primary origin is the Hawaiian language. The name means “heavenly rain” or “rain from heaven”. 

  1. Ululani 

means “Heavenly Inspiration” in the Hawaiian language. 

  1. Urania 

Is a name of Greek origin that means “Heavenly” that was very popular back in Ancient times but not at all now.

  1. Uriana

Uriana originated from the old Greek language. It means “heaven.” Some derivatives of this name include Uriane, Urianna, Uryan and Uryanne. 

  1. Usha 

Daughter of Heaven, Sister of the night, Usha has the meaning “Dawn” and comes from the Hindi and Sanskrit languages. 

  1. Wehilani

The name Wehilani is a unisex Polynesian name. It means “adornment from heaven in the Hawaiian language. 

  1. Zaylee 

Originating in Greek and then Anglicized, Zaylee has the meaning “Heavenly Woman”.  

  1. Zaria

Zaria is a name of Slavic or Hebrew origin. It is a variant of the Hebrew name “Sarah: and it means “woman of high rank”. 

  1. Zoralle 

is a name from Slovakia that means “Heavenly and delicate woman”. It has other deviations such as Zorall, Zorale, Zorel and Zorelle.  

Boy Names That Mean Heaven, Heaven Sent, Angel, Sky

sleeping baby wearing angel wings on a sky background
  1. Agnolo

Agnolo is a name of Italian Origin. It means “angel”. Angelo, the Spanish form of this name is more common. 

  1. An

An is a gender-neutral name of Chinese origin. The name means “peace” in the Chinese language. 

  1. Anu

Anu is a name of Sumerian origin. It means “the heavenly one” and is the name of the Akkadian sky god. 

  1. Arcelio

Arcelio is a boy name of Latin and Spanish origin. It means the “altar of heaven”. 

  1. Cælinus

The name Caelinus is of ancient Roman Origin. It means “angel” or “celestial. The feminine variant of this name is Caelia. 

  1. Celesto

Celesto is a name of Latin origin. It means “heavenly” and it is quite popular in Catholic countries. 

  1. Celino

The name Celino means “heavenly”. The name is of Italian origin and is the shortened form of Marcelino. 

  1. Engel

The origin of the name Engel is linked to the Greek, German and Dutch languages. In all languages, it means “angel” or “heavenly messenger”. 

  1. Jennett

Jennett is a Muslim Hindi name meaning “heaven-sent” or “paradise”. It is different from Jeanette which is of Hebrew origin.

  1. Kong

Kong is a boy-name meaning “sky” or “of heaven” and is of Chinese origin. 

  1. Langit

Langit is a name of Indonesian origin. It means “sky”, “paradise”, Or “heaven”. 

  1. Selestino

The name Selestino is Latin. It means “one who is heaven-sent”. Selestino is a variant of the name Celesto. 

  1. Tenchi

The name Tenchi is of Japanese origin. It means “of heaven and earth”. It may also be written as Tenchea or Tenchee. 

  1. Uranus

The name Uranus is of ancient Greek origins. It means “heavens” and is associated with the Greek god of the same name. 

Unisex Names that mean Heaven

  1. Gotzon

The name Gotzon is of Basque origin. It means Angel and can be used for both genders. 

  1. Haneul 

Haneul is a traditionally Korean name. It is a unisex name meaning “sky”.

  1. Kalani

The name Kelani means “the heavens” or “sky”. It is a gender-neutral name of Hawaiian origin. 

  1. Lani

The name Lani is of Hawaiian origin. It means “heaven” or “chief” and is gender-neutral. 

  1. Leilani

The name Leilani is a variation of the Hawaiian name Lani. It means “heavenly child” in the Hawaiian language. 

  1. Lulani

Lulani is closely related to the name Leilani. The name means “sky” , “heaven-sent” or “highest point in heaven”. 

  1. Nalani

The name Nalani is of Hawaiian origin. It means “the heavens” or “serenity of the skies”. 

  1. Seraphim

Seraphim is gender-neutral. It is of Latin origin and it means “burning angels” or “fiery ones” in biblical writings. 

Wrapping Up Baby Names Meaning Heaven, Angel, Sky 

If you’re looking for the top names that mean heaven, the names on this list are among the best options to consider. 

They range from common names to less conventional ones. These names contain connotations of heaven, angel, God’s messenger, and sky.

Regardless of your personal, religious or cultural preferences, these are great names with attractive and deep meanings. 

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