55 Names That Mean Miracle (for Girls and Boys)

When you hear the word “miracle,” what comes to mind?

For some, it might be a personal experience that has touched them deeply. For others, it might be a long-awaited event or answer to prayer.

No matter what miracle means to you, there’s no denying it’s a powerful word. And, as it turns out, quite a few baby names mean miracle.

These names are perfect for babies who are, quite literally, miracles.

These little ones are fighters and survivors, born prematurely or against all odds. And what better way to celebrate their strength than with a name that honors it?

In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the most beautiful names that carry the meaning of “miracle”.

From common names to more unusual ones, there’s sure to be a perfect name for your little bundle of joy.

Girl Names That Mean Miracle 

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  1. Alazne 

Alazne is a Basque name that means “a miracle child.”

  1. Amari 

This adorable name has English origins and demonstrates the beautiful meaning of “miracle of God.” 

  1. Ayah 

Ayah is a simple Arabic name that has Quranic roots. “Miracle” is one of its few meanings.

  1. Gwyneth 

This popular name comes from Welsh origins and means “blessed,” which is essentially the same thing as a miracle. 

One notable celebrity is Gwyneth Paltrow, an American actress, and entrepreneur. 

  1. Harika 

Harika is a name that comes from the Turkish word for “miracle.” 

  1. Karishma 

Karishma is a rare name that comes from Hindi heritage. The name simply means “miracle.” 

  1. Karamat 

This uncommon name has Islamic origins and has the beautiful sentiment of “miraculous power.” 

  1. Kiojah 

Kiojah is a Swahili name that means “miracle.” 

  1. Liness

This is a modern and special name that comes from the Hebrew tongue. It combines Li, “to me, “ and Ness, “my miracle.” 

  1. Maravilla

This name has Spanish origins and means “miracle to marvel at.”

Maravilla is a great option for a baby girl. It’s a strong name with a special meaning, sure to make your child stand out from the crowd.

  1. Marvella 

This beautiful French name is a great one for your daughter. It comes with a lovely meaning “miracle to marvel at.” 

If you are a fan of the Marvel Universe, this name will certainly make your daughter a fan as well!

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  1. Masingita 

Masingita is an uncommon name from Tsonga origins and means “miracles.” 

  1. Milagros

A Spanish name that expresses the meaning “miracles.” There is also a male variant to this name. 

  1. Mirari 

Mirari is a Basque name that carries the meaning of “miracle.”

  1. Mireya 

This name is a timeless one that has roots in Spanish. It denotes “miracle” or “admired.” 

  1. Mireille 

Mirielle is a beautiful name that comes from French and will give your daughter a “miraculous” life. 

Many sweet nicknames can be derived from this name. 

  1. Myrai 

This name is an American version of the Japanese name Mirai. “Miracle” is one among the several meanings of this name. 

  1. Nasia

Nasia is a Hebrew name that brings up the expression of “God’s miracle.” 

  1. Odachi

Odachi is a Nigerian name for girls from Idoma Tribe, meaning “miracle.”

  1. Oluebube

Oluebube is an Igbo name for girls from the West African country Nigeria meaning “miracle.”

  1. Pelia 

Another name that comes from Hebrew is Pelia. This name shows the simple but special sentiment of the “miracle of God.”

  1. Sachi 

Sachi is a perfect name for people interested in Japanese culture. This name is short for Sachiko, which means “miracle.” 

  1. Simangaliso 

Simangaliso is a Zulu word meaning “miracle.” It is often used to describe something beautiful and awe-inspiring. Simangaliso is used as a girl’s name.

Boy Names That Mean Miracle 

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  1. Adbeel 

Another name that has Biblical roots is Adbeel. This strong name expresses that your son is a “miracle of God.” 

  1. Asher 

Asher is a Hebrew name that is quite popular in the US

This Biblical name means “miracle” and “blessing” and will let your son know that you consider his birth a miracle.  

  1. Čudomir

This interesting name has Archaic Croatian origins and has two special meanings: “miracle of peace” and “peace is a miracle.” 

  1. Daivyan 

This is an uncommon Sanskrit name with the religious meaning of “miracle of Lord Krishna.” 

  1. Eijaz 

Eikaz is a handsome name that comes from Arabic origins. It means “miracle.” 

  1. Ijaz 

Another similar name is Ijaz, which has roots in Urdu and expresses “miracle.” 

  1. Imme 

Imme is a unique name derived from the Livonian word ‘im’ that means “miracle.”

This is the perfect name to remind your son that he is a precious miracle in your life. 

  1. Itsub 

This uncommon name has roots in Ge’ez and points to the word “miracle.” 

  1. Jose 

This handsome name comes from Spanish lineage and gives the impression of “God’s miracle.” 

  1. Milagro

Milagro is a Spanish name that expresses the meaning of “miracle.” The female variant of this name is Milagros. 

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  1. Miracolo

This special name comes from Italian and sounds like the word miracle. 

This name will express to your son that he is “a miracle.”

  1. Mirakel 

Mirakel is a rare name from Danish origins and means “miracle.”

  1. Nissan 

Nissan is not only a vehicle brand but also a handsome name from Hebrew, meaning “miracle.” 

  1.   Onnah

Onnah is a short and cute boy name originating from Nigeria and of the Idoma ethnicity. It means “miracles.”

  1. Pele

Pele is a masculine name of Hebrew origin that means “miracle” or “wonder.” 

This name was popularized by the Brazillian footballer, Pelé, known as one of the best football players of all time.

  1. Tamrat 

This masculine name has Amharic origins and expresses the sentiment of “miracle.” 

  1. Tamre 

Another similar name from Amharic origins is Tamre. It gives the meaningful sentiment that your son is “my miracle.”

  1. Ymaut 

Ymaut is a unique name that has roots in Livonian. “Miracle” is among the meanings of this name. 

Unisex Names That Mean Miracle

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  1. Ḓembe

This is a name that has Venda origins. It means “miracle” in Tshivenda. 

  1. Dikgakgamatso 

Dikgakgamatso is a long name that comes from Tswana heritage. The meaning of this name is “miracles” in Setswana.

  1. Imake 

This name is of Livonian origins and is derived from the word im, which means “miracle.”

  1. Iyanuoluwa

Iyanuoluwa is a Nigerian gender-neutral name meaning “the miracle of God or the wonder of God.”

  1. Loreto 

Loreto is a name suitable for a child of any gender to show them that they are “miraculous.” 

  1. Marvel 

This English name expresses the sentiment of “miracle” or “wonderful story.”

  1. Nasiah 

This gender-neutral name comes from Hebrew and means “miracle of God,” which is a sweet meaning for your child. 

This name has many variants, and you can choose the one you like the most. 

  1. Nes 

Nes is a short and sweet Hebrew name for a child of any gender.

It denotes that your child is a “miracle.” Nessa is the feminine form of this name.

  1. Nessel 

Nessel is a Hebrew name that simply means “miracle.”

  1. Tshimangadzo 

This is a long and uncommon Venda name, but it has a beautiful meaning of “miracle” in Tshivenda. 

Miracle-Related Names 

List of names that mean miracle
  1. Brandubh 

While this name doesn’t mean miracle and “black raven,” it can be classified as a miracle-related name. 

In Irish mythology, Brandubh was a person who was raised from the dead through a miracle. 

  1. Lourdes

Lourdes is a French name with Spanish origins.

The name derives itself from the famous pilgrimage site in France, which is said to have miraculous healing powers.

The name Lourdes is often associated with purity, hope, and faith.

The name Lourdes is unique and has a beautiful meaning.

If you are looking for a name for your daughter that is both beautiful and has a special meaning, then the name Lourdes is a great option.

Lourdes is the name of one of Madonna’s daughters.

  1. Mira 

This lovely name has many meanings in several languages, but it is also the beginning of the word Miracle.

It is a short and sweet name for your miracle child. 

  1. Miracle

The name Miracle originates from English and means “divine intervention, an extraordinary event.”

This name is perfect for a baby girl born healthy and happy after a difficult pregnancy. 

The miracle is also a popular name for girls born around the holidays, as it reminds them of the miracle of Jesus Christ’s birth.

It’s gaining acceptance as a unisex name option.

Final Thoughts on Names Meaning Miracle

Many beautiful names have special meanings.

If you are looking for a name that represents a miracle, consider some options on this list.

With so many amazing names, you will surely find the perfect one for your baby.

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