60 Names That Mean Long Awaited

Names are important. 

They are the first words our parents speak to us, and often represent our identity for the rest of our lives. 

Some names, though, have a special meaning that goes beyond their everyday connotations. 

Names that mean long awaited are the perfect pick for couples who have waited a long time to become parents. 

These names communicate to your child that you have eagerly anticipated their arrival. 

They also serve as a beautiful reminder of the special moment when you first learned you were going to be a mom or dad. 

If you’re expecting a child and haven’t chosen a name yet, consider one of these names for your long-awaited little one. 

Each of them has a special meaning that will resonate with you.

Girl Names That Mean Long Awaited

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1- Abhilashita is a Hindu baby girl name that means “longed for; desired and wanted”.

2- Adora is a lovely Latin girl’s name that means “adored,” “beloved one,” or “gift,”.

3- Amadora is an Italian name that means “gift of love”.

4- Anina is an Aramaic girl’s name that means “grace; let my prayer be answered.”

5- Asha is such a beautiful female name with Hindu roots. It means “hope or wish”. It can also mean “life” in Swahili.

6- Eashita is a pretty girl name that means “wanted” in Hindi.

7- Eliana is a pretty Hebrew name that means “God has answered me”. 

It lends itself to many potential nicknames and alternative spellings like Elia, Eleana, Liana, and Lia.

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8- Kayin is an African name that means “long-awaited daughter”. Variations of the name include Kayen, Kayan and Kayon. Can also be unisex.

9- Lindiwe means “the daughter we have waited for”. It has African roots.

10- Oneida is a beautiful female name that translates as “our long-awaited daughter”. It’s Native American in origin and other variants are Oneida, Oneyda, Onida and Onelea.

11- Gaida is of Latvia and Estonia Cultures. It means “to wait for” or “expectations”.

12- Marlise is an elegant girl’s name. In Hebrew, it means “wished for child”.

13- Mirium is a popular girl name of Hindu origin. It means “wished for child”. Mimi will make a pretty nickname.

14- Mary is a basic name with numerous origins and meanings. One of its several meanings is “wished for child”.

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15- Aibhlinn is an Irish baby girl name. Aibhlinn means “longed for” and “wished for child”. It is the Irish variant of the name, Evelyn.

16- Bijîn is a Kurdish name from the Middle East. It translates as “long for and desire”.

17- Chido is a Shona name from Zimbabwe. It means “wish, desire and love”.

18- Desiree is a gorgeous French name that translates as “much desired” or “wanted”. It was made popular by the movie, Désirée in 1954.

19- Heela is a pretty girl’s name native to the Pashto of Afghanistan and Pakistan. It means “to hope for and to wish for”.

20- Kika: this unique Japanese name means “prayer or hope”.

21- Janae: This cute modern American name is more often seen used among African-Americans.

It means “God has answered” or “God is gracious”. It’s the perfect name for your baby girl that you’ve waited for.

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22- Pratthana is a Thai name meaning “desired, long for”.

23- Sami is a cute and short Japanese girl name. It has many meanings including “hope for, wish for, and desired”.

24- Theadora is a cute girl’s name with Greek roots. It means “gift of God”. Thea will make a lovely nickname for this gorgeous girl name.

25- Theodosia: looking for an uncommon alternative to the popular, Theodora? Theodosia is the name for you! It means “god’s gift”. Tessa, Tess, Thea, Tia, Teddy, Dia and Sia are great potential nicknames.

26- Wilona is a pretty Irish name with Old English roots. It means “longed for” or “hoped for”.

Boy Names That Mean Long Awaited

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1- Abhimanyu is a strong male name that is popular in India. It means “to long for” “to desire” and “to wish” in Hindu.

2- Abhilash means “desire, wished” in the Hindu language.

3- Arman is a handsome Persian boy’s name that means “wish” or “hope”.

4- Bane is a Hawaiian boy name. It means “long-awaited child; eagerly awaited for or yearned after”. 

Unless people are aware of its Hawaiian roots, this name conjures up the term bane and all of its negative implications in English. 

5- Biton is a Mozambique boy’s name that means “born after a long wait”.

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6- Chociebor is a Polish name. It means “to wish for, to want or to desire”.

7- Daunoras is a Lithuanian boy’s name. It signifies “to want, to wish, to desire”.

8- Didier is a male French name that means “ longed for child”. Didier Drogba, the former Ivorian Chelsea football player is a famous name bearer.

9- Dilmurād: a name from the southern Asian countries of Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan. This name means “heart’s wish”.

10- Exaucé is a rare and exotic masculine French Name. Its meaning is “to fulfil/grant the wish of a prayer.”

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11- Kam this short boy’s name means “desire or wish” in Persian.

12- Ian is the Scottish variant of the name John. It means “God is gracious”.

13- Murad is an Arabic male name that means “wish” or “desire”.

14- Sifiso means “wish” in Zulu.

15- Sugaal: is a cool sounding male name that simply means “wait”. Sugaal has Somali heritage.

16- Zelimir is a Croatian name that means “to wish, to desire”.

Unisex Names That Mean Long Awaited

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1- Amadore: this stunning name is used for mainly girls but also boys. In Italian, it means “gift of love”.

2- Baram: this rare Korean name means “expectation” “desire” and “hope”.

3- Bennett is an Old English name derived from a surname. It means “blessed or little blessed one”.

4- Betabasi is an Ibibio name from Nigeria that literally means “wait for God”.

5- Chamnong has Thai origins. It means “wish or desire”.

6- Desire is an androgynous English name that’s gotten from Old French. It translates to “to long for; to wish for; to desire”.

7- Initizar has Arabic and Turkish roots. This gender-neutral name means “wait”, “expectation” and “anticipation”.

8- Evelyn is a lovely name derived from an English surname. Evelyn means “wished for child”. 

Surprisingly, it’s a unisex name that’s mostly used by girls nowadays. Some cute nicknames are Evie. Evy, Lynn.

9- Fursat is a Turkish baby name that means “perfect time or right time”.

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10- Hui-won is a Korean name meaning “to wish for, to desire and to hope”.

11- Kibō: this rare Japanese name means “wish, hope, aspiration”.

12- Noras is a cool Lithuanian male name that simply means “wish or desire”.

13- Raja is a unisex baby name that means “hope, expectation, optimism” in Arabic.

14- Rindzela is an exotic-sounding name. It means “wait for” in Tsonga, a Southern African language.

15- Tiaitau is a Tahitan unisex name. It means “long wait”. 

16- Toive is a cute Finnish androgynous name that means “wish or desire”. 

17- Tumaini is a beautiful Swahili name that connotes “wish and hope”.

18- Wish is an apt name of English origin. It literally means “a desire, hope, or longing for something or for something to happen”.

Final Thoughts on Long-Awaited Names

If you are still looking for the perfect name for your child, consider one of these names that mean long awaited

These names represent hope and wish fulfilment, and they will remind your child of how much they were hoped for and longed for.

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