50 Names That Mean Angel (For Girls And Boys)

There are many different ways to find inspiration for baby names.

You can look to your family tree, pop culture, or even nature for name ideas.

But one of the most beautiful places to look for baby name inspiration is in the heavens.

If you’re looking for a name for your little one out of this world, you might want to consider a name that means angel.

Angels are messengers of love and protection. They symbolize hope and purity and are incredibly powerful beings.

Naming your child after an angel is a way to bestow those same qualities on them.

To help you find the perfect name for your little angel, we’ve compiled a list of names that mean angel from heaven.

From classic names like Gabriel and Angelica to unique names like Seraphina and Halo, you’re sure to find the perfect name for your bundle of joy!

Girl Names That Mean Angel 

Beautiful girl dressed as an angel
  1. Abhinoor 

Abhinoor is an Indian name that means “angel.” 

  1. Anahera

If you’re looking for a beautiful Maori name for your daughter, this name is a good choice that means “angel.” 

  1. Anela

This angelic name is sure to put a smile on your face with its meaning of “angel” in Hawaiian

  1. Ángeles

This is a charming Catalonian name that denotes “angel.”

  1. Angelica

For a name with the word angel right at the beginning of it, Angelica is a sweet choice that also means “angel.” 

  1. Apsara

This Indian name has a background in the Hindu religion. Apsara means “angel” or “heavenly maiden.” 

  1. Arcángela

This name comes from the Greek word for the archangel, the highest-ranking angel of God in several religions. 

  1. Arella

Another angelic girl name that begins with A and means “angel” is the Hebrew name, Arella. Another meaning of this name is “messenger.”

  1. Atchara

This is a unique name that originates from Thailand. It means “angel.”

  1. Custodia

If you’re looking for a name that will encourage your little girl to be a “guardian angel” to those around her, the Latin name Custodia will be a good fit. 

  1. Farishtamoh

Farishtamoh is an interesting name that has roots in the Uzbek language. It is derived from combining the words “angel” and “moon.” 

  1. Fereshteh

In Persian, this name has the lovely meaning of “angel.” 

  1. Gelya

For a simple and sweet Russian name, Gelya will let your daughter know that she is an “angel” to you. 

  1. Hooriya

Hooriya is a double-lettered name that originates from Indian culture. It denotes the “angel of heaven.” 

  1. Kannitha

This is an exotic Cambodian name for your daughter. Kannitha translates to “angel.”

  1. Malaika

Malaika is another name that means “angel” from Arabic origins. 

  1. Mitra

If you’re looking for a sweet Persian name, Mitra shows your daughter that she’s an “angel.” 

  1. Natsumi

This name has roots in Tsonga and means “angel” in Xitsonga

  1. Parisa

Not to be confused with Paris, France, Parisa is a Persian name that expresses that your little girl is “like a fairy or angel.” 

  1. Tevy

This modern name rolls off the tongue. Tevy is a Cambodian name that means “angel.” 

  1. Trinh

Trinh is a 1-syllable name your daughter will be saying in no time. This name is Vietnamese for “fairy” or “angel.”

Boy Names That Mean Angel 

Portrait of a little baby as an angel
  1. Abatur

Abatur is a name that comes from the Mandaean religion. It means “father of the angels.” 

  1. Ael

Ael is a modern name derived from the Breton word for “angel.”

  1. Angelo

For a name with old-fashioned vibes, Angelo is an Italian name that means “angel.” 

  1. Anir

Anir is a unique name that comes from Berber culture. In Tamazight, it means “angel.”

  1. Aranđel

This Serbian name translates to “archangel.” 

  1. Ingram

This English baby name’s straightforward meaning conveys to your son that he is your “angel.”

  1. Malachi

Malachi is a sturdy name that is of Hebrew origins. It means “angel or messenger of God.” Malachi is the name of the last Hebrew prophet. 

  1. Melaku

Melaku is an Ethiopian name that means “the angel” in Amharic. 

  1. Michaelangelo

For a name with double angelic vibes, Michelangelo is a good choice.

It is a combination of Michael, the name of an archangel of God, and Angelo, which means “angel.”

There is also the famous Italian painter and sculptor for your son to look up to in his creative endeavors. 

  1. Zadeni

Zadeni is another Persian name that is derived from the name Yazdan, which means “angel.”

Unisex Names That Mean Angel 

New born baby with angel wings yawning
  1. Angel

Angel is a Greek name that is good for a child of any gender. The meaning of this name is pretty self-explanatory. 

  1. Aniol

This gender-neutral name originates from Polish heritage and means “angel.” 

  1. Chi

Chi is a short Nigerian name that means “personal guardian angel.” 

  1. Desange

This French name expresses the sentiment “of the angels.” It is taken from the French title of the Virgin Mary. It is mostly used in French-speaking African countries. 

  1. Engel

Engel is the German word for “angel.” This name can be enhanced by combining it with other names. For example, Engelbert or Engelhard.

  1. Gotzon

In Basque culture, Gotzon is a name that means “angel.” 

  1. Malak

This name comes of Arabic origin and means “angel.” 

  1. Merahi

Merahi is a gorgeous Tahitian name that denotes “angel.” 

  1. Tien

For an inclusive name suitable for both boys and girls, Tien is a Vietnamese name that means “angel” or “fairy.” 

Angel-related Names

  1. Alya 

This Arabic name means “heavenly” or “sky” and is inherently angelic. 

  1. Gabriel

Gabriel is a Hebrew name that means “God is my strength.” 

While this does not directly translate to an angel, Gabriel is one of the archangels in the Bible. He is the one who brought news of Jesus’s birth. 

A feminine version of this name can be Gabriella. 

  1. Halo

Halo is a modern unisex name that has grown in popularity recently. 

Halo is an English word that refers to the light surrounding the head of a saint or an angel. It was the name of a 2009 hit song by Beyoncé.

  1. Haniel 

Haniel is a Hebrew name that means “grace of God.” This is the name of an angel who is associated with Venus. 

  1. Heaven

This name comes from the English word and does not mean angel. Instead, heaven is the place where God and angels live. 

  1. Javan 

Javan is a handsome name with roots in the Hebrew language, meaning “Greece.” He is thought to be the guardian angel of Greece. 

  1. Michael

If you’re looking for an alternative to Gabriel, Michael is the name of another archangel in the Bible. 

Michael is a Hebrew name that expresses the sentiment of “who is like God?” 

A feminine version of this name is Michelle. 

  1. Rabia

 Rabia is an Arabic name that means “spring.” This is the name of the angel who accompanies the sun on its trip through the sky from dusk to dawn. 

  1. Raphael

Raphael is a Hebrew name meaning “God has healed.” It is also the name of an archangel in Judaism. 

Raphael is commonly used as a given name for males and is an uncommon name in the US and UK.

  1. Seraphina

Seraphina is one of those angelic names that is extremely uncommon. The name Seraphina is of Hebrew origin, and it means “burning one,” “fiery one,” or “ardent.” 

Seraphina is often associated with the seraphim, a class of angels in the Christian religion.

The seraphim are the highest-ranking angels in heaven and are known for their radiant beauty and burning love.

List of top 12 names that mean angel for girls and boys

Wrapping Up Angel Names For Girls And Boys

Angels are one of the most popular subjects in baby names.

Many parents want their child to have a name that represents all that is good and pure.

The list of angel names above is heavenly and lovely.

So hopefully, you’ve got some baby name inspiration for your little angel from this list.

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