65 Names That Mean Hope (For Girls and Boys)

When you hear the word hope, what do you think of?

A future that’s better than the present? The possibility of something good happening?

Hope is a powerful thing.

It’s what gets us through tough times and helps us see the light at the end of the tunnel. And, as it turns out, there are a lot of baby names that mean hope.

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This blog post will explore some of the best hope-related names for baby girls and boys.

We included names from different cultures and origins including Japanese names that mean hope.

From traditional to unique, there’s sure to be a name on this list that speaks to you.

Girl Names That Mean Hope 

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  1. Amali 

Amali is an adorable name that comes from Arabic origins. It means “my hope.”

  1. Asha

Asha is a feminine name of Indian origin. It means “hope” or “desire.”

  1. Ashia 

Another name that comes from Arabic that expresses the feeling of “hope” and “life” is Ashia. 

  1. Aisling (pronounced ASH-leen)

Aisling symbolizes hope in Irish folklore. It is derived from the Gaelic word “aisling” meaning “dream” or “vision” often used as a metaphor for hope or better times. 

Potential nicknames are Ash, Lenny, Ashlie.

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  1. Elpis 

Named after the Greek goddess of Hope in Greek mythology, Elpis is a name that means “hope.”

  1. Esperanza 

This Spanish name is sure to give your daughter a classic vibe. 

It is a form of the lesser-known Latin name Sperantia, derived from the word sperare, which means “to hope.” 

  1. Hope 

The English word hope can double as a stunning name for your daughter. 

This choice stands out when it comes to names that make you feel hopeful. 

  1. Imeda 

Imeda is a Georgian name that means “hope.” Not to be confused with the more popular, Imelda, which means “woman warrior.”

  1. Edna

This old-fashioned name means “renewal” which can symbolize a new beginning or a resurgence of hope.

Additionally, the character Edna in Kate Chopin’s novel, The Awakening, represents a break from societal constraints and pursuit of happiness, both symbolizing hope.

Cute nicknames are Eddie or Edy.

  1. Hopelyn (or Hopelynn)

A modern spin on the classic name, Hope. Nicknames include Hopie and Lyn.

  1. Nada

This is a short and sweet name that has roots in Slavic culture. It means “hope” in South Slavic.

  1. Eileen 

The name Eileen is derived from the Irish name Eibhlin, meaning “bright, shining one.”

Eileen has a positive connotation and can evoke feelings of brightness, radiance, and joy, which are all associated with hope.

Ellie, Lena or Leen will make adorable nicknames for your baby girl.

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  1. Nadine

Meaning “hope,” Nadine is a lovely French name. 

  1. Natia 

Naming your daughter the Polish name Natia will show her that she is your “hope.” 

  1. Natsuki 

Natsuki is a cute Japanese name for a girl. One of its meanings is “summer” from the word Natsu and “hope” from the word ki. 

In essence, it means “summer hope,” which would be perfect for a little girl born in the warmer months. 

  1. Nozomi 

When giving your daughter a Japanese name that means “hope,” Nozomi is a great choice with Zomi a cute nickname option.

  1. Raja 

Raja is a fairly popular Arabic name that has a regal aura. It expresses the sentiment of “hope.” 

  1. Saki (pronounced Sah-Kee)

This Japanese name brings flowers to mind. One among the many meanings of this name is “blossom” from Sa and “hope” from Ki. 

A beautiful girl name that essentially means “hopeful blossom.”

A nickname like Kiki will sound great on your daughter.

  1. Orianna 

Orianna originates from Italy. It is often associated with the dawn and the rising sun, which symbolize new beginnings, hope, and renewal.

In my opinion, It’s a cuter derivative of the more established Oriana or Oriane.

Oreo will make a very cool nickname for this kid. Other options are Annie or Ria.

  1. Soleil 

Soleil, the French word for sun is a very pretty girl name.

Soleil embodies hope because it represents a new beginning and a fresh start, as the sun rises every day and illuminates the world with its light.

  1. Suyana 

Suyana is an elegant name that has ties to Quechua. The meaning of this name is “hope.”

This name is appropriate in several cultures, including Indian and Spanish.

  1. Tariro

Tariro is a Shona name that means “hope.” 

  1. Tikvah (pronounced teek-vah)

This beautiful rare name is one that comes from the Israel.

The word “tikva” is Hebrew for “hope”and is often associated with the Israeli national anthem, “Hatikva,” which means “The Hope.”

The name is a symbol of the Jewish people’s perseverance and resilience in the face of adversity, as well as their enduring hope for a better future.

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  1. Idalia 

Idalia is a sweet name derived from Greek which means “behold the sun”. This name is associated with positive emotions and a sense of happiness.

Ida and Lia are possible nickname options.

  1. Orli (pronounced ohr-lee)

Orli is a girl’s name of Hebrew origin that means “light for me.” This lovely name will make a great middle name.

  1. Wilona

This Old English name means “hoped for” or “longed for.” It’s a great name for a long-awaited female child.

  1. Yuzuki 

This Japanese name has a refreshing feel to it. One of its meanings is “citrus fruit” for yuzu and “hope” for ki. 

Zuki and Suzu are potential nicknames.

  1. Zaya

Zaya is a beautiful name for a baby girl of Arabic origin. It means “hope.” 

Boy Names That Mean Hope 

A boy surrounding a sprouting plant with his hands
  1. Amil 

Amil is a handsome name that has Sanskrit origins. It means “one who hopes.” 

  1. Arman 

This charming name comes from Persian origins. It shows the feeling of “hope” and “wish”.

There is a classic movie star feel to this name.  

  1. Deene 

A name that sounds similar to Dean, Deene has roots in French. It means “hope.”

  1. Elpidio 

You can’t go wrong with this rare name if you’re looking for a name with the meaning of Hope. Elpidio is of Spanish origin and means “hope.”

  1. Callahan

Callahan is an Irish surname that’s becoming increasingly popular as a “last name for first name.” It means “bright-headed” which can symbolize optimism, positivity, and a bright future.  

  1. Kazuki 

This is an exotic name that is of Japanese heritage. It represents peaceful hope.

  1. Matthan

Matthan is a Hebrew name that means “hope or gift of the lord”.

A handsome nickname for this name can be Matt or Matty.  

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  1. Asher 

Asher is Hebrew for “happy” or “blessed.” This name represents positivity and good fortune.

  1. Spero 

This unique Italian name simply shows the sentiment of “I hope.” 

  1. Eli 

Eli is Hebrew for “ascended” or “elevated.” Eli can symbolise the idea of rising above difficult circumstances. 

  1. Toivo 

This name comes from Finnish heritage and means “hope.” 

  1. Orion 

Orion is Greek for “son of fire” which can be interpreted as the idea of light and hope in the darkness. 

  1. Xavier

Xavier is derived from the Spanish Basque name Xabier, which means “new house.”

In the Catholic tradition, St. Francis Xavier was a missionary who brought the message of hope and salvation to new territories and people.

In this context, the name Xavier can symbolize hope because it represents a new beginning, a fresh start, and the possibility of positive change.

  1. Von  

Von is a name that is short and sweet. It comes from Old Norse, and it means “hope.” Von will make a good middle name for a boy.

15. Omid

Omid is a cute boy name that comes from Persian heritage. It simply means “hope.”

Names That Symbolize Hope

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  1. Amal 

Amal is an Arabic name that is perfect for both boys and girls. 

It means “hope” or “inspiration.” Amal Clooney is a famous Human Rights attorney married to actor, George Clooney.

  1. Aurora

Aurora, the Latin word for dawn, symbolizes hope as it represents the start of a new day, a new beginning and the end of darkness.

Just as the arrival of dawn brings light and signals the end of night, hope is a symbol of positivity and a new beginning.

  1. Jonah

Jonah symbolizes hope through themes of repentance, forgiveness and deliverance. The Biblical story shows it’s never too late to change and find a new beginning.

  1. Chalissa

Chalissa is an uncommon American girl name that means “one who is optimistic.”

This name embodies the qualities of optimism and a positive outlook on life, reminding individuals to have faith in a better future.

  1. Yanisha 

Yanisha means “one with high hopes” which suggests a person who is optimistic also views life enthusiastically.

5. Daijon 

Daijon is an African-American male name with a powerful meaning “God’s gift of hope”. Any child named Daijon is a gift from God, and they bring hope to those around them.

Alternative spellings are Daejon, Dayjon or Dajon.

6. Tumaini 

Tumaini is a gender-neutral name that comes from Swahili origins. It means “hope” or “wish.” 

7. Kibou (pronounced KEE-BO)

In Japanese, “Kibou” means “hope” and can refer to a feeling of expectation for a positive outcome or desire for a better future. It’s a unisex name.

8. Yuki 

If you’re looking for a Japanese name Yuki is a good name for both boys and girls.  

One of its meanings is “gentleness” from yu and “hope” from ki. Overall, it means “gentle hope.”  

9. Evangeline

The name “Evangeline” can symbolize hope. It is derived from the Greek word “evangelion” which means “good news” or “gospel.”

The character “Evangeline” in Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s poem “Evangeline: A Tale of Acadie” represents perseverance and hope in the face of adversity, making it a symbol of hope for many readers.

10. Phoenix

The name, Phoenix, is a powerful symbol of hope because it represents a new beginning and resilience.

The mythical bird’s death and rebirth story show that even in the face of adversity, one can find the courage to rise again and start anew.

This represents hope, optimism, and a bright future, reminding us of our ability to recover and soar to new heights.

Names Related To Hope

The following names have a strong connection to light, brightness, and clarity.

They represent the idea of hope shining through the darkness and being the light at the end of the tunnel.

Below, I’ve included some of the loveliness names that symbolize light, bright, sun or similar meanings as well as their nicknames (nn.)

  • Solaris nn. Sol or Solly
  • Lucy nn. Lulu, Lou
  • Elena nn. Ella, Lena, Ellie, Nellie
  • Clarinda nn. Clara, Claire
  • Lucia nn. Lou, Lucy, Luce
  • Kalinda nn. Kala, Lina
  • Elaine or Elaina nn. Laney, Lainey
  • Stella nn. Elle, Star
  • Star or Starleee
  • Helia nn Lia
  • Elidi nn Lili
  • Eleanor nn. Lena, Ella, Nora
  • Surya nn Suri

Wrapping up Hope Names

These hopeful baby names are the perfect way to celebrate new life and all the possibilities that come with it.

Each name has a powerful meaning that shows how much your child is a miracle and blessing.

So what are you waiting for? Start planning your baby’s bright future today!

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