68 Names That Mean Second, Second Chance

The word, “second” has multiple meanings. 

It can be used to signify something next in line or chronological order, such as second place.

It can also mean to come after or support. 

Perhaps more commonly, it refers to a unit of time or measurement. 

Names meaning second can be found in cultures around the world. 

They can be used to symbolize a person’s importance within their family, society, or culture. Or their time of arrival into a family.

In some cases, they may be chosen to honor a deceased family member or friend. 

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Here are names that mean second from various languages and cultures around the world.

You’ll find the NAMES THAT MEAN SECOND CHANCES right after second baby names.

Boy Names That Mean Second

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1. Abel: A male Hebrew name from the Old Testament of the Bible, It means breath. He was the second son of Adam and Eve.

2. Altan: is mainly a male name of Turkish origin that means “Red Dawn” which connotes “a second chance”. Altan is also a Mongolian given name.

3. Anarr: Anarr is an Old Norse name that means the “Other One, the Second.”

4. Angad: Angad is a Punjabi baby boy name. The meaning of the name Angad in Punjabi is “one who is embraced by God, the second Sikh Guru.”

5. Adibuah: Adibuah is an Igbo baby name that means “two of us, or second child.” It is usually a name given to baby boys.

6. Broden: Broden is a Scottish male name that’s a variant of Brody or Brodie, which means the second son.

7. Deuce means “two” or “second”. Deuce is a unique and handsome baby boy name of American origin.

It’s the name of the two on dice or playing cards. Deuce is also a terminology for depicting 2 points in Tennis making it perfect for a sporty family.

8. Daijiro: Daijiro is generally a Japanese male name that implies “Great second son.”

9. Jiro: A Japanese male child name having a variant spelling, Jirou, meaning “the second son.”

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10. Joji: The name Joji is predominantly a Japanese male name that means “Second Son.”  

11. Keiji: Another very popular Japanese name that means respectful second (son). It is a boy’s name.

12. Kenji: Kenji is a Japanese name that means clever second son; robust and energetic. The name can be used for both sexes.

13. Koji: Koji derives from the Japanese language. Koji translates as “fortunate second son.” Koji is generally considered a boy’s name.

14. Kanji: The name Kanji is usually a Japanese male name that signifies generosity, second, samurai

It often refers to the second-born son.

15. Malachy: The name Malachy is a boy’s name of Irish origin meaning “second”.

16. Sani: An Hauwa male name, in West Africa. Sani means ‘Second, Peer, Equal, Match’.  

17. Seachlainn is of Irish origin and a boy name. It means second.

18. Segundo: Segundo is a Spanish name for a boy that means “second-born.” 

It is from a variant of secundo ‘second’, It is usually used for the second son in a family.

19. Secundino: The meaning of Secundino is ‘second’. The name is primarily used in the Italian culture for boys.

20. Shinjiro: The name Shinjiro is a Japanese name which means One who is a pure second son and true second child. It is a male child’s name.

21. Tanjiro is a Japanese boy’s name that means “highly prized second son.”

22. Veasna: A baby boy’s name whose origin is Cambodian. Veasna means ‘lucky’ or ‘second chance’.

23. Yasujiro has Japanese roots. The name is predominantly for a male child meaning that this is the “second” son.

24. Yuji is predominantly a Japanese male name that signifies abundance, healing, and peace. It is used for a second son.

25. Zenjiro: The name Zenjiro is predominantly a Japanese male name that means second-born son.

26. Zynan: is a handsome Japanese name for boys that means “second-born son.”

Girl Names That Mean Second

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1. Abam: A Twi name for a girl meaning the second of a twin.

2. Afafa: Afafa is a Ewe girl’s name that means first kid of the second spouse.

3. Aki: Aki is a short girl’s name that has many meanings. It is of Japanese origin, and Aki means autumn; dazzling; gleaming; second.

4.. Ami: Ami is a feminine French name that means second, Asia; beautiful.

5.. Antra is a baby girl’s name of Hindi origin. The word Antra refers to the second note.

6. Ayumi: Ayumi is a Japanese word that signifies “pace,” “second,” “stride,” or “walk.” 

In Japanese, the name Ayumi is most often used for a female. 

7. Beta: The name Beta means “second”. The name Beta is a girl’s name of Greek origin. 

It’s the second letter of the Greek alphabet.

8. Morenikeji: is a Nigerian female name that means “I have found my second half or my companion”. More or Keji are popular nicknames for this name.

9. Nakato: Nakato is a girl’s name that means “second of twins.” It’s commonly used amongst the Luganda-speaking people.

9. Nessa: The name Nessa is a Cornish baby name that means  “second.”

10. Nyeki is an African woman’s name that translates to “second wife.”

Unisex Names That Mean Second 

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1. Adika: Adika is an African name that means “First Child from a Second Husband” and is given to both sexes. It is often used in Marathi, Gujarati, Malayalam, Tamil, African, Bengali, Telugu, Oriya, Kannada, and Hindi.

 2. Alaba:  Alaba is a Yoruba unisex name. Yoruba is a tribe in Nigeria, Western Africa.

Alaba means second child after twins.

3. Amo: Amo is a variant version of Ami that is often used in Swedish, Finnish, and Danish cultures. A name for both male and female that means “Nectar, Tears, and Second.”

4. Andra: is a gender-neutral name with ancient Greek origins. The name translates as “Protector, Manly, Second One.”

5. Banji: The name Banji is a gender-neutral African name that means “Second Born Of Twins.”

6. Brody: A Scottish baby name that means the second son. It is a unisex name.

7. Dwi: Dwi is a gender-neutral name of Indonesian origin that translates as “Second Child.”

8. Hai: Hai is a Vietnamese name for both boys and girls. The name represents two; second.

9. Kato: Kato is both a boy’s and a girl’s name of African origin that means second of twins.

10. Kehinde: The name Kehinde is generally a unisex name of African (Nigerian) origin that means “second born of twins.”

11. Oppilaa: The name Oppilaa is a boy’s name of Indian origin and it means “without a second thought.”

12. Pili: Pili is both a boy’s and a girl’s name of African origin that means “second-born.”

13. Secondus: is a name with ancient Roman origin meaning Second. The name is for both genders.

14. Teyemthohisa is generally a gender-neutral Native American – (Onondaga) name that means “two doors closed or second door closed”

15. Twain: The name Twain is largely a gender-neutral English name that means “the first and second items are of the same kind.”

Names That Mean Second Chance 

There are a lot of names that mean second chance or hope.

Second chances are an opportunity to start over, to make things right, or simply try again. They offer hope and a fresh start.

If you’re looking for a name for your baby that symbolizes second chances, hope, or new beginnings, here are some great options.

Girl Names That Mean Second Chance 

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  1. Alba

Alba is a Spanish and Italian name that means “dawn.” This name is famously the surname of American actress and businesswoman, Jessica Alba. 

  1. Amaryllis 

This beautiful Greek name was taken from the name of a flower. It means “fresh.”  

  1. Aurora

This is a gorgeous name for your little girl. It comes from Latin origins and translates to “dawn.” 

It is also the name of the light display in the sky, Aurora Borealis, which is also known as the northern lights. 

  1. Danica

If you’re looking for a simple but beautiful name that has roots in Slavic culture, Danica is the choice for you. 

This name means “morning star.” 

  1. Dawn

You can’t miss out on this name when it comes to names that mean second chance. Dawn is a lovely option for your daughter which means “daybreak.” 

  1. Nova 

When it comes to names that indicate a second chance, Nova is a Latin name that perfectly expresses the feeling of “new.” 

This name gives off a fantasy vibe.  

  1. Oriana

This is a unique name that is of Latin origins. It means “sunrise” or “dawn”, which can be tied to second chances. 

  1. Roxanne

Roxanne is a name that comes from Persian heritage. It means “dawn.” 

You might recognize this name from the 1978 song Roxanne by The Police. 

A cute nickname for this name would be Roxy. 

  1. Talia

If you’re looking for an absolutely stunning name that originates from the Hebrew language, Talia is an option that means “morning dew.” 

  1. Zora 

Zora is a short and sweet name that is of Slavic origins. It means “dawn” and is a good way to remember that the birth of your daughter is a fresh start in your life. 

Boy Names That Mean Second Chance 

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  1. Arata

The name Arata is of Japanese origin. Its meaning is “fresh, new.” Arata is generally used as a boy’s name.

  1. Fresco 

Fresco is a name that has Spanish origins. It means “fresh” and is a good indication of the fresh new era you’re entering into. 

  1. Neo

Fans of the movie series The Matrix will recognize this name as Keanu Reeve’s character, Neo. 

To pay tribute to this legendary movie, you can choose this name that means “new” as a name for your baby boy. 

  1. Neville

Neville is a handsome name that has roots in French heritage. This name translates to “new town.”  

It has a notable presence in pop culture as Neville Longbottom from the Harry Potter books and movies uses this name.  

  1. Newton

Another name that has a similar meaning is Newton, which means “new town.”  

If you want your son to grow up doing well in school, you can give him this name in honor of English physicist Isaac Newton. 

  1. Xavier 

Xavier is a charming name that has roots in Arabic heritage. This name simply means “new house.”  

Unisex Names That Mean Second Chance 

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  1. Robin

This name is associated with the bird of the same name. 

Robins are usually active during springtime which is generally a new beginning for the Earth. 

Final Thoughts On Names Meaning Second, Second Chance

These second names can be a great choice for a child who is not the firstborn in the family. 

They can also be a good choice for anyone who wants to honor a loved one who has passed away.

Also, If you’re looking for a name that represents second chances, consider some of the options in this post.

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