60 Unique Names For Boys and Girls (in 2023)

Unique baby names are all the rage right now!

From Pinterest to TikTok, moms-to-be and dads-to-be are constantly looking for a name that not every other kid in class will have.

If you want your child to stand out and be remembered, perhaps you would like to choose a unique name.  

A unique baby name is either newly created, just entered the top 1000 name chats or is a forgotten name you don’t hear of anymore.

Remember that time Gwyneth and Chris named their first daughter, Apple? Yep! The name, Apple, was unique that year!

Can’t think of any great unusual names?  

No worries! Here is a list of uncommon off-the-block names that you should consider grabbing before anyone else does!

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Think about what stands out to you, and what kind of statement you want to make with your child’s name.

Then have a look at the modern names below for the perfect fit for your prince or princess!

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Unique Girl Names Fit For a Princess!

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  1. Abilene

Abilene is a rare name of Hebrew origin, and when mentioned in the New Testament possibly means grass.  

  1. Andromeda 

Andromeda is of Greek origin and means ruler or leader of men.  In Greek mythology, she is a  goddess married to Perseus. 

A constellation in the northern sky also carries the name.

  1. Azrielle

Azrielle is a rare, but divine Hebrew name, and in the Bible is said to mean God is my help or with God’s help.  It’s also spelled Azriel.

  1. Bliss

Bliss is of English origin.  It represents joy, cheer, or intense happiness.  It is given to girls who are thought to be sweet, uplifting, and happy.

  1. Caoilfhionn

Caoilfhionn is a one-of-a-kind name derived from Old Irish.  It means pure, fair or white, and also slender

Several Irish saints have the name Caolfhionn.  It usually describes an intellectual and determined woman.

  1. Charlize

Charlize has its roots in Old German and means free man.  In French, it is the female form of Charles. 

The name has been brought to popularity because of South American and American actress Charlize Theron, who was named after her father, Charles.

  1. Charmaine

The English origin of Charmaine means charm.  It’s also said to be a female form of Charles. 

Charmaine is the name of a song that was made famous when sung by American singer Frank Sinatra.

Even though this is a pretty old fashioned name, I believe it’s lovely and has a nice ring to it.

  1. Chriselle

Chriselle is a holy name meaning follower of Christ.  The name is of unknown origins but is heard mainly in the United States and the Philippines.

  1. Cyra

Cyra is a brilliant and royal name of Persian origin.  In Persian, it carries the meaning sun, throne or lord.  It is the feminine form of Cyrus.

  1. Elara

A name with its origins in Greek mythology.  It is said that Elara was a mortal lover of Zeus who gave birth to his son, Tityos, who was a giant. 

The name means moon of Jupiter.  In Italian, Elara means cheerful and happy.

  1. Famke

Famke is a unique Dutch or German name meaning little girl.  Famke Janssen is a renowned actress from the Netherlands. 

  1. Fenna 

Fenna is an uncommon name that means peace and protection in Dutch.  For many, it is a Christian name, but it is also used in Hindi to mean peace.

  1. Gita

In Sanskrit, Gita means song, sacred song or poem, or good.  This poetic name was also used by the Celtic and Old Greek peoples. 

  1. Griselda 

Has its roots in Old German, where it means grey, grey battle or Christian Battle

It is a noble name that was often used for a folklore figure who was patient and obedient.

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  1. Jovie

Jovie is a male or female name that means jovial, good-humoured, happy,  or joyous in American English. 

It is also said to have origins in Latin and Hebrew where it means God is gracious or father.

  1. Luana

This beautiful name has Hawaiian roots.  It means enjoyment, contentment, or happiness.  Can also be considered the male form of the Albanian name, Luan.

  1. Lyric

The English origin of the name Lyric means words of a song.  In Greek, it means sung with a lyre or lyre, which is a musical instrument similar to the harp.

  1. Maleigha

From English origins, Maleigha, an uncommon name, has the unfortunate meaning of she who is bitter or full of bitterness

This may be the perfect name for a book villain. However, in other cultures, it is a variation of the name Mary.

  1. Maisha 

Maisha is both Swahili and Arabic in its origin. It means alive and well or life

In Arabic, it is a variation of the name Aisha, who was the third wife of the prophet, Muhammed.

  1. Mera

In Arabic, Mera can mean anything from princess, proverb, treetop, or sheath of corn.

In Hebrew, it means beaming light or radiant sunrise.  Also thought to be variations of Almera, Amira, and Elmira.

  1. Nyx

Nyx is a dark, unique name that means night or of the night in Greek.  She was the Greek goddess of the night and was considered a shadowy figure. 

This name is appropriate for women who come alive at night!

  1. Prue

Prue is a Latin name that is a medieval form of the name Prudentia, meaning prudent, sensible, or cautious.

Prue Leith is a recent chef on the popular Netflix show, The Great British Bake Off.

  1. Reverie

Reverie is a rare, but also fanciful name that means daydream or to dream.  It is probably of French or English origins.

  1. Ruelle

Ruelle is a strong German name that means famous wolf.  It is said to be given to girls who finish what they start and are persevering and diligent workers.

  1. Seven

Thought to be American in origin, Seven means the number seven, which in American culture is good luck. 

It is a relatively uncommon name chosen as a middle name by Victoria and David Beckham.  In Turkish, it is said that Seven means loving one.

  1. Skylette

Skylette is a rare and mysterious name.  It is possibly Egyptian in origin and means lit the sky.  Another possibility is the gift of God, peace and harmony.

  1. Starlett

Starlett is a unique English name that means star, celestial body, to burn or shine.  It is often used in America to mean a form of a star.

  1. Zenovia

Zenovia can also be spelled Zenobia.  It is of Greek roots and means the life of Zeus.  It is possibly also a Russian name. 

Other interpretations of the meaning of the name are happy-go-lucky and spontaneous.

  1. Zorione

In Basque culture, Zorione means happiness.  It is the feminine form of Zorion, which is a popular name in Brazil and Portugal with Portuguese origins. 

English speakers may think of Zorion as Zorro or Orion.

Unique Boy Names For Your One-of-a-Kind Son

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  1. Alphard

Is a celestial name that has its roots in Arabic.  It means the solitary one.  Alphard is also the brightest star in the constellation Hydra. 

Also sometimes referred to as the backbone of the serpent to the Arabic people. 

  1. Azai

This powerful one-of-a-kind Hebrew name means strength.

  1. Azair

Azair is a divine Arabic name that means bright one or Gift from God.  To some, it also represents a noble guardian or protector.

  1. Basil

Has Greek, English, and Arabic roots.  In Greek, it means royal, kingly, brave, valiant,  or chivalrous, and comes from the Greek name Vassilios. 

In Arabic, Basil means brave, fearless, and intrepid.  St. Basil the Great was a Bishop during the 4th century.

  1. Bevan

Bevan is of Welsh origin.  Its literal meaning is the son of Evan.  The proud Celtic meaning of Bevan is a young soldier.

  1. Bridger

This unique name has its origins in Old English.  It has always meant lives near the bridge or being referred to as someone who is a bridge worker.

  1. Chet

Chet is a secure name of English origin.  It is an uncommon name that carries the meaning of fortress, camp, or walled town. 

It is derived from the surname of Chester.

  1. Ender

This unusual boy name has its roots in Turkey and means extremely rare.  Ender is a character in the science fiction novel, Ender’s Game

It is also the name given to popular American singer Halsey’s first son.

  1. Eleven

Of English origins, Eleven means one left.  The name became recognized when the show Stranger Things debuted featuring the main character named Eleven.

  1. Euriel

Can also be spelled Uriel, and means flame of god or angel of light.  This bright name is of Hebrew origins.

  1. Erwin

Erwin is a strong name that means either army or friend.  Its roots are German and are a variant of the name Irvin. 

Erwin Schrodinger was a renowned Austrian physicist known for his equation and his psychological experiment, Schrodinger’s cat.

  1. Hanroux

Hanroux is a rare name of unknown origins.  To some, it means optimism, approachability, and kindness.

  1. Jasir

This powerful name originates from Urdu or Arabic.  It means brave, courageous, and bold. Although rare in English, Jasir is given more often as a Muslim name.

  1. Leeland

This name is of English origin and has the meaning of one who lives by seeded land.  Other interpretations include meadowland and pasture ground.

  1. Lucus

Is a form of the Latin name Luke or Lucius, which means light-giving or illumination.  In Greek and Italian, it means man from Lucania, which is a region in southern Italy. 

In Greek culture, St. Lucas is the patron saint of doctors and artists.

  1. Martial

This combative name of Latin origin means warring.  It is said to be derived from the name Martialis, which is derived from the Roman god of war, Mars.

  1. Nolen

Nolen also spelled Nolan, is an Irish name.  It can represent champion, chariot-fighter, famous, and noble.

  1. Rubin

Rubin is a very masculine name that has both Hebrew and Spanish origins. 

In both cultures, Reuben or Reuven means to behold, a son.  It is also thought to mean ruby in some languages.  

  1. Romain

Romain comes from Latin and carries the meaning citizen of Rome.  It is the French form of Roman or Romanus.

  1. Radley

Radley is of Old English origin.  This uncommon name means red field or red meadow.  It also can mean a meadow of reeds.

Boo Radley is the nickname given to a protagonist in Harper Lee’s famous novel To Kill a Mockingbird.

  1. Sparrow

Sparrow references the small bird in the finch family.  It can mean a small chirpy person

Captain Jack Sparrow is the fictitious pirate in Pirates of the Caribbean.

  1. Zenon

Originated in Greece and means hospitable, host, guest, friendly, or gift of Zeus. Zenon is also considered a variant of Zeus or Zenas.

  1. Zibeon 

Ziebeon is an uncommon biblical name with the meaning iniquity that dwells.  It is also said to mean versi-coloured in Hebrew.

  1. Zorion

Zorion is a well-known Portuguese surname. The meaning of Zorion is happy, therefore it’s a joyful name.

It’s a Portuguese and Brazilian newborn boy’s name. Zorion is the masculine form of Zorione.

Gender- Neutral Unique Baby Names

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  1. Arlie

This one-of-a-kind name is thought to be of Old English origin.  It means eaglewood or hare meadow. It can be a male or female name, and can also be spelled, Arley.

  1. Arsema

Arsema may be of Armenian origins.  It represents the words powerful and complete.  The male version of the name is Arsam or Arsim.

  1. Bravery

Bravery is of English origin and means courageous or bold.  It is also considered to be a variation of the name Avery, which can be male or female.

  1. Jersey 

Jersey is a unisex name that means grassy island.  It originated in England, and it is also one of the channel islands off the coast of the UK. 

New Jersey is also a heavily populated state in the United States.

  1. Joa 

In Sweden and Denmark Joa is equally a male and female name.  However, in Finland, it is more often found as a male name.  In Hebrew, it means gracious God or God’s gift.

  1. Koa

Koa is a unique name that means warrior or brave one in Hawaiian or Polynesian culture.  It can also serve as a girl’s name.

  1. Waverly

Although popular as a girl’s name, Waverly is rare for a boy’s name.  Its Old English origin means meadow of quivering aspens.

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Wrapping Up

Whether you want your child to stand out, or you’re just interested in new or unique baby names, you can make a statement about your child’s life.  

This list of unique girl names and unique boy names supplies you with a myriad of options to choose from.  

Understanding the meanings and origins behind these unusual names makes them more attractive and interesting, and can serve as an excellent subject for conversation with your child when he or she is a bit older.

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