150+ Unique Baby Girl Names You’ll Actually Love

Unique baby girl names are special but hard to come by. Sometimes you can find a rare female name but then it may be so weird or too out there.

So, I get it, finding a unique girl name that you like is tough! 

That’s why I’ve taken the trouble to collate this list of beautiful rare girl names you’ll not find on other lists. 

These are names you haven’t thought of but are lovely and stunning just like your baby girl.

From adorable feminine names like Liora to space aesthetic names like Starlie, you are bound to find a unique name perfect for your baby girl.

This list includes only unique girl names. I have a similar post for unique baby boy names.

Also, if you need more inspiration for middle names, have a look at this post with 575 cute middle names for girls.

Check out the names below for pretty uncommon girl name ideas you’ll fall in love with.

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Unique Girl Names With Meanings

  1. Zera (new beginnings)
  2. Liora (my light)
  3. Aviva (spring)
  4. Ciella (heavenly)
  5. Starlie (like a star)
  6. Viella (artful)
  7. Norali (honored)
  8. Florabel (beautiful flower)
  9. Essia  (she cares and comforts)
  10. Aelia  (sunshine)
  11. Fiora (little flower)
  12. Annia (priceless one)
  13. Cozy (sweet-hearted)
  14. Aravie (royal life)
  15. Irie (positive and powerful)
  16. Elayna (bright shining light)
  17. Zozie (little lilly full of grace and life)
  18. Sunlee (sunny meadow)
  19. Airlie (eagle wood)
  20. Rivi (shore or riverbank)
  21. Soley (buttercup, sun island)
  22. Cliona (shapely)
  23. Daria (possessing goodness)
  24. Mardelle (from the valley)
  25. Ariane (very holy)
  26. Minerva (intellect, Roman goddess of wisdom)
  27. Vienna (Austrian City)
  28. Kylea (the feminine form of Kyle)
  29. Ursa (​​little female bear)
  30. Yvaine (combo of Yvonne and Elaine – used in Stardust movie)
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Unique and Creative Baby Girl Names

  1. Mable (lovable’ or ‘lovely)
  2. Missie (bee; honey; brave strength)
  3. Oriana (golden, sunrise)
  4. Azalea (flower name means dry)
  5. Evalie (rival)
  6. Acelynn (the beautiful one)
  7. Sundra (like the sun)
  8. Zia (light or splendor)
  9. Rainah (queen)
  10. Galaxy (large system of stars, magic of the night sky)
  11. Zaida (to increase)
  12. Solena (religious)
  13. Xayla (to rejoice)
  14. Wonder (amazement or awe)
  15. Acacia (thorn)
  16. Verlie (beaver stream or meadow; faith)
  17. Twily (just like twilight)
  18. Swannie (like a swan)
  19. Athlea (healing)
  20. Tayce (to be silent)
  21. Levana (moon or white)
  22. Enfys (rainbow)
  23. Ohana (family)
  24. Elyssia (home of the blessed)
  25. Catriona (pure, clear)
  26. Dexie (skillful, right-handed)
  27. Cassia (cinnamon)
  28. Arella (angel)
  29. Breezy (windy)
  30. Cleva (hill-dweller)
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Beautiful Uncommon Names For Girls

  1. Tamren
  2. Asia
  3. Romilly
  4. Lealie
  5. Spectra
  6. Zarlee
  7. Zya
  8. Vina
  9. Journey
  10. Zealia
  11. Romilia
  12. Hera
  13. Scotlyn
  14. Ocie 
  15. Leda
  16. Ketra
  17. Arianda
  18. Beaux
  19. Meadow
  20. Soul
  21. Ezria
  22. Zavannah


Pretty Rare Girl Names For Your One-Of-A-Kind Baby

  1. Diamond
  2. Misty
  3. Saxony
  4. Milani
  5. Rimini
  6. Rouge
  7. Ocean
  8. Renesmee
  9. Saylor
  10. Jayanna
  11. Oraya
  12. Knightley
  13. Adena
  14. Ferne
  15. Nerea
  16. Ezrie
  17. Jorja
  18. Tonisha
  19. Eowyn

Unique Female Names

  1. Akaiah
  2. Aris
  3. Avelle
  4. Azana
  5. Bijou
  6. Brinleigh
  7. Cantrice
  8. Elia
  9. Elowen
  10. Emella
  11. Esmeray
  12. Evanora
  13. Giada
  14. Graylee
  15. Joliette
  16. Loxley
  17. McKynlee
  18. Muriel
  19. Sada
  20. Scout
  21. Tealia
  22. Thistle
  23. Tillienne
  24. Twyla
  25. Veryn
  26. Wrenley
  27. Zandria
  28. Zienna
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Creative Female Names

  1. Alleah
  2. Amoret / Amorette
  3. Analyn
  4. Avonlea
  5. Blakelyn
  6. Brydee
  7. Cambrya
  8. Dittany
  9. Dovelyn
  10. Echo
  11. Elva
  12. Hera
  13. Hestia 
  14. Iridessa
  15. Kopelyn
  16. Linnea
  17. Maraya
  18. Maycen
  19. Olivine
  20. Prairie
  21. Shaylee
  22. Skylette
  23. Suella
  24. Swae
  25. Theadosia
  26. Tiggy
  27. Villa
  28. Waverleigh
  29. Zadie
  30. Zella

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Final Thoughts On These Unique Baby Girl Names

I do hope the list of unique girl names above have given you some inspiration and ideas on what to name your baby.

You can get creative in your naming process. An easy way to do this is to put your own spin on any name to give a unique aesthetic. E.g adding suffixes like -Lynn or using ‘K’ instead of ‘C’.

Most importantly, don’t get overwhelmed and stressed during your baby’s naming process. I trust you to find the perfect name for your daughter in the end.

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Congratulations on your baby!

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