48 Non-Girly Girl Names That Are Seriously Cool

Non-girly names are trendy right now. They are usually strong, tough names that reflect a strength of character.

If you’re looking for a girl name that isn’t too girly, I’ve collated this list of 48 girl names that are not overly feminine.

Non-girly names are names that are non-frilly, not cutesy and non-fancy. They tend to be shorter names and don’t usually end in ia, ana, ette, ella or y.

Many flowery or nature-inspired names are usually super feminine. So, you won’t find these names in this list of non-girly girl names.

Here Are 48 Not So Girly Girl Names 

1- Abigail

Abigail is a strong biblical girl name of Hebrew origin. 

Abigail is a pretty, classic but non-girly name. It’s a name that exudes strength and reliability partly based on the famous biblical Abigail.

In the Bible, Abigail was the third wife of David and a very wise woman.

The name means my father is joy and it’s extremely popular having been in the US top 20 girl names for over 20 years.

Nice nicknames are Abbey, Abi, Gayle, Gail.

2- Claire

This is the French form of Clara which means clear, bright.

It’s become a popular name in the United States and regularly gets a spot in the top 100 girl names there.

Claire used to be a gender-neutral name but it’s now most commonly used for girls.

3- Adelaide

This sophisticated name was the name of the German wife of King William IV of England. 

Adelaide means noble type. And if you are looking for a feminine name that isn’t too cute or frilly, Adelaide is a perfect choice.

Fun Fact: in 1836, the Australian city of Adelaide was named after Queen Adelaide, making it a popular name at the time.

Ada, Della, Lady, Leidey, Heidi are great pet names options for Adelaide.

4- Teagan

Teagan is a cool unisex name that means poet. It has Irish roots and like many unisex names stems from a surname.

Tegan, Teagen, Teighan, Teegan are different spellings of this beautiful name.

Teagan is beautiful, feminine but definitely not girly.

Check out some good middle names for Teagan, if you are interested in one.

5- Lauren

Lauren is an English variant of Laura, which means laurel. It’s also thought to be a feminine form of Lawrence.

The 1940s actress, Lauren Bacall popularized this name.

Lauren used to be a non-binary name but it’s hardly ever used for boys anymore.

6- Alice

Lewis Caroll made this name unforgettable when he used it as his titular character in Alice in Wonderland.

An old fashioned girls name, Alice means noble one

It’s easy to spell, easy to pronounce and also ages well. What’s not to like?

Cute nicknames are Al, Ali and Allison.

7- Nicole

Once, extremely popular, Nicole has declined in popularity over the years. Nicole is of Greek origin.

It’s the female form of Nicholas, which means victory of the people.

Nicole is sweet and is commonly used as a middle name. Nicola, Nicki, Nikky, Nicky are all cute nicknames.

8- Justine

Sophisticated, elegant and strong are a few words to describe this name. Justine is the French form of Justina.

Justine is a very uncommon girl name that hasn’t made it to the top 1000 girl names in years!

9- Avalon

Avalon is an absolutely beautiful name. It’s a name you’re unlikely to hear very often. 

According to Legend, Avalon is the name of the Island, King Arthur’s body was taken to after his death.

Avalon is Latin for Island and Old Welsh for apple. Potential nicknames are Avie, Avvie, Lonnie.

10- Gretchen

A derivative of Margaret, Gretchen means pearl or daisy. 

Gretchen has a hard, strong sound that makes it not overly feminine.

Grettie, Gita are potential nicknames.

11- Beatrice

Elegant and classy, Beatrice means one who brings joy.

Beatrice was the subject of Dante’s (the Italian poet) affection; a heroine in Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing; a beloved children’s book illustrator, Beatrix Potter (Peter Rabbit, anyone?) and the name of several royals.

Bree, Brea, Trixie, Trish, Betty, Bess are potential nicknames for Beatrice.

A classic name that stands the test of time, Beatrice is a girl name that isn’t too girly.

12- Diane

This French form of Diana is also the not-so-girly alternative.

Of Latin origin, Diane means divine, god-like. In Roman mythology, it means goddess of the hunt, the moon and fertility.

It’s rare to see babies named Diane these days. It’s an old lady name that sounds mature and dated.

Still, if you love old fashioned, vintage names you don’t hear anymore, Diane is the right name for you!

13- Bronwyn

This Welsh girl name means white breast. Bronwyn is a unique non-girly girl name. 

If you’re looking for an unusual name that’s not girly, Bronwyn might be just the name for you. 

Bear in mind though, that this name gets mispronounced and misspelt fairly often.

14- Elaine

Elaine is a pretty French name. A variation of Helen, which means the shining light. 

It’s hard to think of Elaine without remembering the American Tv Show, Seinfield.

Cute nicknames are Lainey, Ella, Laney, Lena  Ellie, Laila. 

15- Brynn

Brynn means hill in Welsh. It’s the female version of Bryn. 

This one-syllable girl name has begun to get more popular in the last few years.

If you love easy to pronounce, short girl names that are not girly, Brynn might just be the name for you!

16- Caitlín

Caitlín is the Irish form of Catherine, which means pure. It’s pronounced Kat-leen

Many alternative spellings are not too girly. Kathleen, Caitlin, without the accent and pronounced Kate-lin.

Caitlyn Jenner, the reality Tv star and Olympic medalist has probably made this name more popular in recent years.

17- Anne

Short and sweet, Anne is the French and English form of the Hebrew name, Hannah.

It means grace, favour. A lot of European royals have borne this name over time so it can be regarded as a regal name. 

Princess Royal, Princess Anne, daughter to Queen Elizabeth II is one such royal. 

Anne Frank, the brave young Jewish writer is also one of its most famous bearers. 

Anne is often used as a middle name given that it’s short and simple.

18- Celeste

Celeste is a cool girl’s name that leaves you thinking of the sun, moon and stars. 

Even though it’s soft-sounding, it’s not too girly. In France, it’s a gender-neutral name.

Celeste means heavenly, of the sky. Other spellings include Celesse, Celesta, Celise.

19- Paige

Paige is an English surname that means servant, page. In medieval times, a page was a young boy who attended a knight.

Paige is a non-feminine sounding name that also makes a great middle name.

20- Charmaine

Charmaine is a very rare girl name. It’s an English name that means charming and delightful woman. 

It seems to be associated with black culture. A girl named Charmaine can be given the pet name, Charm.

21- Gillian

Gillian is a pretty unusual name. It is Latin for one who is youthful, soft-haired, fair-complexioned.

Gillian is the English, feminine version of Julian.

Gill, Gillie, Gilly, Gillian are possible nicknames.

22- Charlotte

Charlotte is the French form of Charles. It’s a very popular name in the US and England.

Charlotte is a strong name that has no frills. 

It’s also a royal name. The latest bearer is Princess Charlotte, the daughter of Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge.

23- Daryl

This strong unusual unisex name means one who is greatly loved. It’s of English roots.

Daryl is more commonly given to boys but girls bear this name also. 

As you can see in the case of actress Daryl Hannah, who is a famous bearer.

24- Meredith

Meredith is a Welsh name that means great lord or guardian of the sea

Meredith is a cool masculine girl name that is still being used for boys in Wales, even though in other places, it’s mostly a girl name.

The main character in the TV series, Grey’s Anatomy is called Meredith Grey. She has helped to shape the name Meredith into a strong, powerful name.

25- Dawn

Dawn is a beautiful English female name. It means born at daybreak.

It has the same meaning as Aurora but is much less girly.

Beautiful middle name options are Dawn Summer, Dawn Eve, Dawn Renee, Dawn Michelle. 

Because Dawn is short and cute, it will make a great middle name.

26- Bridget

Bridget is a strong girl name that doesn’t sound feminine. It has Irish roots, has links to Irish mythology and means resolute strength.

Bridget Jones, the fictional protagonist of the book and Tv series, Bridget Jones Diary, is a famous bearer.

Despite the popularity of the movie, Bridget has remained a very rare girl name.

Nickname options include Birdie, Bridie, Gidget, Gita.

27- Deborah

The name Deborah exudes strength and power. 

Deborah was a biblical character who was a judge and prophetess. She helped Israel defeat Canaan.

The name comes from the Hebrew word for bee. It’s thought to have been popular with puritans because the bee is a symbol of hard work.

Deborah has declined in popularity in recent years.

Deborah lends itself to many nicknames: Deb, Debbie, Debra are a few.

Fun fact: Deborah was also the name of Rebekah’ nurse in the bible.

28- Brooke

This feminine form of Brook means from the brook

Brooke is an uncommon girl name that works really well as a middle name. 

Brooke Shields, the American actress helped popularised this beautiful name

29- Denise

Denise is the French feminine version of Denis. Saint-Denis is the patron saint of France. 

It’s a tough girl name that means follower of Dionysus, the Greek God of wine. 

Denise was a very popular name in the 1950s and 1960s, these days it barely gets a spot in the SSA’s top 1000 name for girls.

Nicknames are Deni, Denny, Denese.

30- Adrienne

This French name is the non-girly variant of Adrianna. It means from Hadria (now the Adriatic region).

It is a very gorgeous, unusual girl name that has not made the top 1000 girl names in the last few years.

Adrienne Bailon, the American singer, actress and Tv host is a famous bearer of the name.

31- Eleanor

It’s hard to think of the name Eleanor and not think of power, strength, and leadership.

In Greek, Eleanor means light and it’s a form of Helen 

Eleanor is classy but not too frilly. A vintage name with a fresh appeal. 

Famous bearers named Eleanor include Eleanor of Aquitaine – Queen of France and England, Eleanor Roosevelt, the former First Lady of the United States.

Eleanor has several nickname potentials.  

Ellie, Elly, Ella, Elea, Ellen, El, Elle, Nora, Norah, Nory, Norie, Nell, Nellie, Nelly, Leonore, Leonora, Lea, Lenore, Lenny, Lennie, Lena are some.

32- Erin

Erin is a simple name that means Ireland. In Gaelic, it means peace. 

Short and easy to pronounce, Erin is not very common and not too girly.

Other alternative spellings of Erin are : Erinn, Erinna, Aryn, Eryn.

33- Imogen

This name is popular in England. Imogen origin is unclear. Some say it’s Latin for image, or that it means innocent.

Whichever meaning you choose to go with, Imogen is a very pretty name.

Several names pair well with Imogen. You can see this list of over 200 middle names for Imogen.

Some cute nicknames for Imogen are Immy and Idgy.

Famous Imogens are Imogen Poots and Imogen Heap. 

34- Evelyn

Evelyn is German for a bird-like woman

Evelyn was more commonly used for boys but it’s now seen as a girl’s name.

Evelyn is a classical example of the quote, “everything old is new again”. 

This old lady’s name has come back in style with a vengeance!

Middle name suggestions for Eve are Evelyn Ellis, Evelyn Vera, Evelyn Elaine, Evelyn Lisa, Evelyn Yasmine, Evelyn Rose.

Evelyn lends itself to several nicknames such as Eve, Evie, Eva.

35- Faye

Faye has a mystical and dreamy meaning. It’s Latin for fairy.

Faye works well as a middle name because it flows well with a lot of first names. 

Think Isabelle Faye, Evelyn Faye, Teagan Faye.

According to Legend, Faye was the name of King Arthur’s half-sister, Morgan Le Fay.

36- Carmen

Carmen is a popular Spanish name. This pretty name means song in Latin and garden in Hebrew.

Carmen is sometimes used for boys as well. It’s also the name of a famous opera.

37- Frances

A non-frilly alternative to Francesca, Frances is the Latin word for a free man. 

Frances is a non-feminine name. Some people even give it to male children although the masculine version is Francis.

Frannie, Franny, Frankie, Annie, Fran are good nicknames ideas.

38- Margo

Margo is the French form of Margeret, which means resembling a pearl or the child of light. 

Alternative spellings are Margeaux, Margaux, Margot.

39- Ingrid

Ingrid is a name associated with the god of peace, fertility and plenty.

It’s a Scandinavian name that means having the beauty of the god, Ing.

This lovely name sounds serious, mature, tough and strong.

Ingrid Bergman, the Swedish actress was a famous bearer of the name.

40- Blair

Short and sweet, Blair is a Scottish surname that means plain, field, battlefield.

A non-binary name, Blair sounds nice on both boys and girls. 

Blair Waldorf, a protagonist in the book and Tv series, Gossip Girl, made this name cool for girls!

41- Judith

This feminine name is of Hebrew origin and means a Jewish woman.

In the Bible, Judith was one of the wives of Esau.

Jodi, Jodie, Jody, Judi and Judi are good nicknames.

42- Kirsten

A modern, feminine and strong girl name, Kirsten is Danish for Christina which means follower of Christ.

Cursten is the American form, while Kurrsten is Scandinavian.

Kirsten is such a lovely and unique name but it can be so easily confused with Kristen.

The American actress, Kirsten Dunst is a famous bearer of this name.

43- Meryl

A very rare name despite being the name of the popular and talented actress, Meryl Streep. 

Meryl as a form of Muriel means bright shining sea; as a variant of Merle, it means blackbird.

Other variations of Meryl are Maryl, Meral, Merla, Merryl and Meryll. A cute nickname is Merry.  

44- Amber

The historical romance novel, Forever Amber made this name popular in the 1940s.

However, it has since been on the decline.

Notwithstanding, Amber is a cute feminine name without all the frills. 

Amber is a gemstone and sometimes means the orange-yellow colour.

45- Morgan

Originally, a boy name, Morgan has become a name used mostly by girls in the United States. In England, it’s frequently seen as a surname.

Morgan is a Welsh name meaning the edge of the sea

According to legend, Morgan Le Fay was the half-sister of King Arthur.

Morgana is the more feminine version of this name.

46- Olive

Are you looking for a less popular, non-girly version of Olivia? Then, Olive is a great choice to go with.

Olive is an English word that represents the Olive tree and it’s also a symbol of peace.

Liv, Livi, and Olla are possible nicknames.

47- Edith

Pretty and elegant, Edith is Old English for the spoils of war, one who is joyous, a treasure, rich gift.

Edith is a variation on Edgar. It’s beginning to gain popularity in the United Kingdom.  

This old-fashioned name was the name of a character in Downton Abbey.

Pretty Nicknames are Edie, Eda, Eddie, Dita, Ditta.

48- Taylor

Taylor is a cool masculine- sounding girl name derived from a surname. It originates from the Anglo Saxon word Taillier which means to cut.

Taylor was originally given to a person who was a tailor by profession. 

In recent times, Taylor is used as a cute gender-neutral name, although it’s become more popularly used as a female name.

The American singer and songwriter, Taylor Swift carry this name well. 

The Takeaway

If you love boyish girl names there are many options for you to choose from. 

Many of these non-girly names tend to be shorter, classic and really elegant like Justine.

Some were originally surnames that have become given names e.g Morgan and Blair.

While others are cute gender-neutral names like Taylor.

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Hopefully, you found a non-feminine sounding girl name in the list above.

Congrats on your baby!

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