70 Cute Nicknames For Imogen

Imogen is a posh baby girl name, popular in England.

Imogen (sometimes spelt Imogene) is more popularly used in Britain and Australia. So, it’s quite an uncommon name in America.

You may want to shorten Imogen as it’s a 3- syllable name which could be a mouthful.

Thankfully, Imogen can be shortened to form several adorable pet names. 

Check out these cute Imogen nicknames to find one you can call your beautiful baby girl. They’ll also work well as Imogene nicknames.

70 Cute Imogen Nicknames

  1. Em
  2. Emmy
  3. Emzy
  4. Gem
  5. Gen
  6. Gena
  7. Gene
  8. Genie
  9. Genna
  10. Gennie
  11. Genny
  12. Gigi
  13. Gimmy
  14. Gin
  15. Gin-Gin
  16. Gina
  17. Ginny
  18. Idge
  19. Idgie
  20. Iggie
  21. Im
  22. Imee
  23. Imi
  24. Imio
  25. Im-Jim
  26. Imm
  27. Imma
  28. Immi
  29. Immie
  30. Immo
  31. Immy
  32. Immy-Jimmy
  33. Imo
  34. Imodium
  35. Imsky
  36. Imz
  37. Imza
  38. Imzi
  39. Jeanie
  40. Jeannie
  41. Jeena
  42. Jen
  43. Jenna
  44. Jenny
  45. Jim
  46. Jimma
  47. Jimmy
  48. Meg
  49. Meme
  50. Midge
  51. Mim
  52. Mimi
  53. Mims
  54. Minnie
  55. Mitzi
  56. Mo
  57. Moo
  58. Moe
  59. Mog
  60. Mogen
  61. Moggie
  62. Moggy
  63. Mogs
  64. Mojo
  65. Momo
  66. Monnie
  67. Moo
  68. MooMoo
  69. Smidge
  70. Smidgen

How To Create A Nickname For Imogen

You can get creative and come up with your own nickname for Imogen.

It’s pretty easy. Here’s how to form your unique nickname for Imogen.

#1. Use initials

Using your baby’s initials for a nickname is super cool. 

Here are some nice examples for you: Imogen Joy (IJ pronounced Ai- Jay) or Imogen Morven (IM).

#2. Create a nickname from the middle name

Some middle names have more obvious nicknames. 

You can use her middle name’s short form as Imogen’s nickname.

For instance, famous actress, Tiny Fey actual real name is Elizabeth Stamatina Fey.

However, she goes by a nickname of her middle name.

Other examples are: 

Imogen Anastasia nicknamed Stacy

Imogen Elizabeth nicknamed Libby

Imogen Sabrina nicknamed Bree

#3. Create a nickname from your baby’s personality and appearance

Other times, you can wait till your daughter is born before picking a nickname for her.

This will allow you to discover her personality and name her accordingly. E.g Feisty Imogen

Similarly, you can pick a nickname for Imogen based on her looks. Does she have red hair? Red, Ginger. 

Famous People Named Imogen

Imogen BaileyAn Australian actress and singer. She portrayed Nicola West on Neighbours, a popular Australian TV soap opera.
She also featured as a singer on Michael Woods’ 2003 single “If U Want Me”.
Imogen CairnsA British gymnast who competed at the 2008 and 2012 Summer Olympics.
Imogene CocaAn American comic actress who was famous for her role opposite Sid Caesar on Your Show of Shows. A show for which she was nominated for five Emmy Awards, finally winning Best Actress in 1951. 
Imogene was born Emogeane Coca.
Imogen HeapA Grammy-award winning British pop and electropop singer and songwriter.
Her music has been featured in the movie, The Holiday, the television series, The O.C
She composed the music for the West End/Broadway play Harry Potter and the Cursed Child
She also wrote a song for The Chronicle Of Narnia, The Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe.
Imogen PootsBritish actress who acted in 28 Weeks Later and the 2020 movie, The Father, alongside Anthony Hopkins and Olivia Colman.
Imogen StuartA renowned German-Irish sculptor. 
She is one of Ireland’s best-known sculptors whose work is featured in public and private collections all over the world.
Imogen ThomasA Welsh model and reality star. She was Miss Wales 2003 and appeared on the 7th series of Big Brother in 2006.

Middle Names For Imogen

Imogen is a pretty name that flows easily with many names. Here are several middle name ideas for Imogen.

  • Imogen Grace
  • Imogen Rose
  • Imogen Lee
  • Imogen Rae
  • Imogen Tabitha
  • Imogen Skye
  • Imogen Faith
  • Imogen Claire
  • Imogen Brooke
  • Imogen Alexandra
  • Imogen Mae
  • Imogen Bree
  • Imogen Jada
  • Imogen Kate
  • Imogen Lorelei
  • Imogen Lily
  • Imogen Shae
  • Imogen Maeve
  • Imogen Lilah
  • Imogen Cate
  • Imogen Maree
  • Imogen Dawn
  • Imogen Elizabeth

Check out this bigger list of over 200 middle names for Imogen for more name inspiration.


Imogen is a nickname-rich baby name that can be shortened to many cute pet names for your baby. 

Many of these nicknames for Imogen are cute and will make adorable pet names for your baby girl. 

While some are funny, the type that a sibling will probably call her. So, your options are many!

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Congratulations to your baby girl!

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