40 Cutest Nicknames For Melody

Cool Nicknames For Melody You’ll Adore!

Melody is a sweet and cute name that’s perfect for a music-loving family.

The name Melody is of Greek origin and means song.

Even though Melody feels like a rare name, it isn’t that unpopular. In fact, according to the Social Security Administration, Melody was #106 on the list of popular baby girl names born in the United States in 2020.

You may want to shorten Melody as it’s a 3- syllable name which could be a mouthful. 

Or you just might be looking for a cute pet name for your grandchild!

Thankfully, Melody can be shortened to form several adorable pet names. 

Check out these good Melody nicknames to find one you can call your beautiful baby girl.

Nicknames for Melody List

40 Cute Nicknames For Melody

These names will also work as Melody usernames for your social profiles.

  1. Dee-Dee
  2. Didi
  3. El
  4. Elle
  5. Ellie
  6. Ello
  7. Elodie
  8. Elody
  9. Em
  10. Em- Em
  11. Lelo
  12. Liddy
  13. Lo
  14. Lody
  15. Lola
  16. Lolo
  17. Loly
  18. M’ lady
  19. Marshmelo
  20. Mel
  21. Mel Mel
  22. Meliboo
  23. Melibooboo
  24. Mell
  25. Mella
  26. Mellie
  27. Mello
  28. Melly
  29. Melmie
  30. Melo
  31. Melodia
  32. Melon
  33. Melos
  34. Meloz
  35. Memel
  36. Meowmie
  37. Oddie
  38. Odie
  39. Yellow Mellow
  40. Yellow Melon

How To Create A Good Nickname For Melody

You can get creative and come up with your own nickname for Melody.

It’s pretty easy. Here’s how to form a unique nickname for Melody.

#1. Use initials

Using your baby’s initials for a nickname is super cool. 

A great example is Melody June (MJ).

#2. Create a nickname from the middle name

Some middle names have more obvious nicknames. 

You can use her middle name’s short form as Melody’s nickname.

For instance, famous actress, Tiny Fey actual real name is Elizabeth Stamatina Fey.

However, she goes by a nickname of her middle name.

Other examples are 

Melody Genevieve nicknamed Jenna

Melody Alexandra nicknamed Lexi

Melody Amelia nicknamed Mia

#3. Create a nickname from your baby’s personality and appearance

Other times, you can wait till your daughter is born before picking a nickname for her.

This will allow you to discover her personality and name her accordingly. E.g Sunshine for that ever happy baby!

Similarly, you can pick a nickname for Melody based on her looks. Does she have red hair? Cherry, Freckles.

Famous People Named Melody

Melody LacayangaFirst runner up in the first season of So You Think You Can Dance.
Melody Thomas Scott An American actress known for playing Nikki on The Young and the Restless.
Melody ThorntonA member of the girl band, Pussycat Dolls.

Middle Names For Melody

Melody is a pretty name that flows easily with many names. Here are some middle name ideas for Melody.

  • Melody Freya
  • Melody Laurel
  • Melody Bev
  • Melody Georgette
  • Melody Lynne
  • Melody Violet
  • Melody Gwyneth
  • Melody Esme
  • Melody Patrice
  • Melody Georgina
  • Melody Fleur
  • Melody Cathleen
  • Melody Beatrice
  • Melody Gwen
  • Melody Greer
  • Melody Frances
  • Melody Beatrix
  • Melody Roxanne
  • Melody Lyla
  • Melody Francine
  • Melody Belle
  • Melody Aurora
  • Melody Ava
  • Melody Ginevra
  • Melody Grace
  • Melody Brooke

Check out this bigger list of over 200 middle names for Melody for more name inspiration.

Final Thoughts On Melody Nicknames

Melody is a nickname-rich baby name that can be shortened to form many cute pet names for your baby. 

So, your options are many!

These good nicknames for the name, Melody, will make great usernames for Social Media.

Remember, you can always put on your creative hat to come up with unique and cute nicknames for the name Melody

Simply follow the three guidelines I shared above:

  • Shortened initials
  • Get inspiration from middle names
  • Consider your baby’s personality or traits

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Congratulations on your beautiful baby girl!

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