271 Best Middle Names For Kai

Short and cute, Kai is a versatile and multicultural baby boy name.

Kai has different meanings in several languages.

In Hawaiian, Kai means of the sea. In Chinese, it means triumph, victory. Kai is the short form of Kaia in Estonia. Kai can also be shortened form of Malachi.

It’s very popular in Hawaii and many European countries such as England, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Netherlands.

Even though Kai is typically a boy name, it’s not uncommon to find girls bearing this name. 

A famous example is Donald Trump’s granddaughter who’s named Kai Madison Trump.

Kai is so versatile that it has many middle names options. If you’re looking for a good middle name for Kai, you’re in luck.

You’ll find both middle names for Kai boy and middle names for Kai girl in the lists below.

Check out over 200 middle names for Kai girl and boy below.

Middle names that go with Kai

206 Middle Names For Kai (boy)

  1. Kai Aaron
  2. Kai Adam
  3. Kai Adrian
  4. Kai Aidan
  5. Kai Aiden
  6. Kai Alan
  7. Kai Alejandro
  8. Kai Alexander
  9. Kai Alexis
  10. Kai Andres
  11. Kai Andrew
  12. Kai Angel
  13. Kai Anthony
  14. Kai Asher
  15. Kai Ashton
  16. Kai Atticus
  17. Kai Austin
  18. Kai Avery
  19. Kai Ayden
  20. Kai Benjamin
  21. Kai Bennett
  22. Kai Blake
  23. Kai Braden
  24. Kai Brady
  25. Kai Brandon
  26. Kai Brendan
  27. Kai Brian
  28. Kai Brody
  29. Kai Brook
  30. Kai Bryan
  31. Kai Bryce
  32. Kai Caden
  33. Kai Caleb
  34. Kai Cameron
  35. Kai Carlos
  36. Kai Carson
  37. Kai Carter
  38. Kai Caspian
  39. Kai Central
  40. Kai Cesar
  41. Kai Charles
  42. Kai Chase
  43. Kai Christian
  44. Kai Christopher
  45. Kai Cody
  46. Kai Cohen
  47. Kai Cole
  48. Kai Colin
  49. Kai Colton
  50. Kai Connor
  51. Kai Cooper
  52. Kai Dalton
  53. Kai Damian
  54. Kai Daniel
  55. Kai Darwin
  56. Kai David
  57. Kai Declan
  58. Kai Desmond
  59. Kai Devin
  60. Kai Diego
  61. Kai Dominic
  62. Kai Donovan
  63. Kai Dylan
  64. Kai Edgar
  65. Kai Eduardo
  66. Kai Edward
  67. Kai Elijah
  68. Kai Elton
  69. Kai Emile
  70. Kai Eric
  71. Kai Ethan
  72. Kai Etienne
  73. Kai Evan
  74. Kai Felix
  75. Kai Fernando
  76. Kai Flynn
  77. Kai Forest
  78. Kai Francisco
  79. Kai Gabriel
  80. Kai Gage
  81. Kai Gavin
  82. Kai George
  83. Kai Giovanni
  84. Kai Grant
  85. Kai Guillaume
  86. Kai Hawaii
  87. Kai Hayden
  88. Kai Hector
  89. Kai Henry
  90. Kai Horace
  91. Kai Humphrey
  92. Kai Hunter
  93. Kai Ian
  94. Kai Isaac
  95. Kai Isaiah
  96. Kai Ivan
  97. Kai Jace
  98. Kai Jack
  99. Kai Jackson
  100. Kai Jacob
  101. Kai Jaden
  102. Kai Jake
  103. Kai James
  104. Kai Jason
  105. Kai Javier
  106. Kai Jaxon
  107. Kai Jayden
  108. Kai Jeremiah
  109. Kai Jeremy
  110. Kai Jesse
  111. Kai Joel
  112. Kai John
  113. Kai Jonah
  114. Kai Jonathan
  115. Kai Jordan
  116. Kai Jorge
  117. Kai Jose
  118. Kai Joseph
  119. Kai Joshua
  120. Kai Josiah
  121. Kai Juan
  122. Kai Jude
  123. Kai Julian
  124. Kai Julien
  125. Kai Justin
  126. Kai Kaden
  127. Kai Kenneth
  128. Kai Kevin
  129. Kai Kyle
  130. Kai Landon
  131. Kai Layton
  132. Kai Levi
  133. Kai Liam
  134. Kai Lincoln
  135. Kai Logan
  136. Kai Loic
  137. Kai Lucas
  138. Kai Luis
  139. Kai Luke
  140. Kai Manuel
  141. Kai Marcus
  142. Kai Mark
  143. Kai Mason
  144. Kai Matteo
  145. Kai Matthew
  146. Kai Max
  147. Kai Maxime
  148. Kai Maxwell
  149. Kai Michael
  150. Kai Miguel
  151. Kai Milo
  152. Kai Mitchell
  153. Kai Morgan
  154. Kai Nathan
  155. Kai Nathaniel
  156. Kai Nicholas
  157. Kai Nicolas
  158. Kai Noah
  159. Kai Nolan
  160. Kai Oliver
  161. Kai Olivier
  162. Kai Omar
  163. Kai Oscar
  164. Kai Owen
  165. Kai Parker
  166. Kai Patrick
  167. Kai Paul
  168. Kai Peter
  169. Kai Philippe
  170. Kai Phoenix
  171. Kai Preston
  172. Kai Quincy
  173. Kai Raphael
  174. Kai Ricardo
  175. Kai Richard
  176. Kai Riley
  177. Kai River
  178. Kai Robert
  179. Kai Ryan
  180. Kai Ryder
  181. Kai Rylan
  182. Kai Samuel
  183. Kai Sean
  184. Kai Sebastian
  185. Kai Seth
  186. Kai Shane
  187. Kai Shepherd
  188. Kai Simon
  189. Kai Smith
  190. Kai Spencer
  191. Kai Steven
  192. Kai Tanner
  193. Kai Thomas
  194. Kai Timothy
  195. Kai Tommy
  196. Kai Trevor
  197. Kai Tristan
  198. Kai Tyler
  199. Kai Tyson
  200. Kai Victor
  201. Kai Vincent
  202. Kai Weston
  203. Kai William
  204. Kai Wyatt
  205. Kai Xavier
  206. Kai Zachary
a Hawaiian baby girl - Kai

Middle Names For Kai (Girl)

  1. Kai Angelina
  2. Kai Arden
  3. Kai Ariana
  4. Kai Ashlyn
  5. Kai Athena
  6. Kai Aubry
  7. Kai Audrey
  8. Kai Aurora
  9. Kai Bella
  10. Kai Bernice
  11. Kai Beth
  12. Kai Blythe
  13. Kai Briana
  14. Kai Caitlyn
  15. Kai Carmen
  16. Kai Celeste
  17. Kai Daniela
  18. Kai Delilah
  19. Kai Diana
  20. Kai Edith
  21. Kai Eleanor
  22. Kai Eliana
  23. Kai Eliza
  24. Kai Elizabeth
  25. Kai Elle
  26. Kai Faye
  27. Kai Giselle
  28. Kai Gracie
  29. Kai Hayley
  30. Kai Isabel
  31. Kai Isabelle
  32. Kai Jane
  33. Kai Jasmin
  34. Kai Josephine
  35. Kai Joyce
  36. Kai Juno
  37. Kai Katherine
  38. Kai Kennedy
  39. Kai Leonie
  40. Kai Leota
  41. Kai Luna
  42. Kai Madelyn
  43. Kai Makayla
  44. Kai Mary
  45. Kai Matilda
  46. Kai Maya
  47. Kai Morgan
  48. Kai Olivia
  49. Kai Payton
  50. Kai Reese
  51. Kai Renee
  52. Kai Robin
  53. Kai Robyn
  54. Kai Sally
  55. Kai Saoirse
  56. Kai Sara
  57. Kai Shelby
  58. Kai Sloane
  59. Kai Sonia
  60. Kai Tabitha
  61. Kai Tovah
  62. Kai Trinity
  63. Kai Vanessa
  64. Kai Veronica
  65. Kai Victoria


Here are some factors to consider when choosing a middle name to go with Kai.

Does the middle name flow with the first and last names? 

Some find pairing a short first name like Kai with a longer, more syllabic name like Sebastian gives a better flow.

Say the names aloud

Do you like the sound of the names, not just how good they look on paper?

Pick a middle name of meaning 

Is there a name that has a special meaning to you and your spouse? 

Perhaps a place or location you’re fond of, a favourite band or singer. You can use that as a middle name for your son.

What do the initials spell? 

Some initials can be prone to bullying.

Check out the initials of the names you are considering to make sure that there’s no such problem.

On the other hand, this study shows that positive name initials lead to a longer life.

Don’t be in a rush 

The perfect middle name for your baby will come to you even if it takes a while. Don’t give up!


Kai is a short and handsome boy name that makes for a great middle name as well.

Here are some name suggestions for you if you’d love first names that go with Kai as a middle name.

  • Adrian Kai
  • Benjamin Kai
  • Christopher Kai
  • Daniel Kai
  • Elijah Kai
  • Elliot Kai
  • Jonathan Kai
  • Joshua Kai
  • Julian Kai
  • Nicholas Kai
  • Theodore Kai
  • Tobias Kai
  • William Kai
  • Zachary Kai


Here are 3 great reasons why it’s a good idea to give Kai a middle name.

#1. The Power of the full name

You may be familiar with the full name power play. You know, the full names your parents called you when you were being naughty. 

You remember, right?

It’s not just a parent hack, you know. Recent research proves that calling your child by their full names encourages good behaviour.

#2. A way to honour family members

Giving your baby a middle name can be a sweet way to honour family members, especially the extended family that you are fond of or those who passed recently.

#3. You’re giving your child options for the future

We all want our kids to love the names we give them. 

Realistically, this won’t always be the case. And that’s okay.

By giving your child a middle name, you are giving them options for the future.

Whatever the case, your child has the option of using their middle name as their first name (if they so desire).

Ever heard of Thomas Sean Connery? The famous bond star went by his middle name, Sean.


I hope this post has helped you in picking a great middle name that go with Kai.

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Congratulations on your baby boy!

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