200+ Unique And Unusual Boy Names That No One Has!

Unusual Boy Names No One Has!

Choosing a name for your baby is one of the most important decisions you’ll make.

And what a tough decision that is!

Before I had my boys, I knew one thing, I wanted unique boy names for them. And I naively thought the process would be easy.

I didn’t count on my husband disagreeing with every single name I liked!

This is one of the reasons naming our babies can be such a tedious process.

One person loves “Abel”, the other does not. The other partner loves “Joe” and the other doesn’t.

What’s a girl to do?

I’m here to the rescue!

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unique and unusual boy names with meanings

In such instances, it helps when you have a lot of names to browse through.

That way, the probability is higher that you both will find THAT charming NAME you’ll absolutely fall in love with. And, more importantly, agree over.

This is my hope for you as you go through these boy names that are uncommon.

I’m quite certain you have not seen many of these rare boy names anywhere. Most of them are as rare as they come!







Some of the names listed below are alternative spellings of more common names. While others are rare boy names all on their own- names not commonly used.

Still, others are last names that are now being used as first names!

If you are struggling with how to pick the perfect name for your baby, I found a great article for you.

It is short, fun, and filled with realistic steps to help you pick your baby’s name.

I have a similar post on unique baby girls names if you need unusual girl names too.

Here are 200+ unique boy names that no one has in alphabetical order.


Unique Boy Names That Start With “A”

baby boy with an uncommon name- Albie


Adair is a rare boy name of English origin. Pronounced “ad-Dare’, It means rich owner of spears and symbolises wealth and fortune.

It has been used as a girl’s name on occasion. Adair will make the perfect name for your strong and masculine son.


Albie is an English masculine name that’s a shortened form of Albert. Albert means noble and bright.

Alternatively, Albie is the short form of the Latin name, Alby, which signifies something from Alba.

Whatever origin you go with, Albie remains a cute and unusual name for a boy.


An uncommon boy name that probably means old and wise. Aldous has English roots. Al, Aldis, Aldo, Aldus are great potential nicknames.

The great British writer, Aldous Huxley was a famous bearer of the name. He died on the same day as the assassination of J.F Kennedy, thus his death was completely overshadowed.


Aldrian is a rare name of German and English origins. It means landing place by the alders.


This English name means old and wise ruler. It’s also used as a surname.

Aldrin is the last name of Buzz Aldrin, the famous astronaut who landed on the moon alongside Neil Armstrong.


Aled means defender of man, child, river. It’s a Welsh boy name. Aled is a short boy name that is quite uncommon these days.


Another English name, Algar means elf spear. It is a forgotten baby boy name with a strong sound.


A rare form of Alfonso. It means noble and ready. Alphonzo is definitely a weird-spelt boy name that you’re sure not to find anywhere!


Alvey is derived from a surname. It means elf, war, battle. Though an unusual name for a boy, Alvey sounds cute and cool.


This Old German name has a great meaning. It means indutrious ruler. It is a variant of the name, Emery. Some spell it Amory. And it’s a gender-neutral name.


Amias is a beautiful and uncommon baby boy name that means friend. Pronounced AM-ee-us, it’s of English origin. Amyas is a variation of this name.


Ansel is a handsome boy name of Old French roots. It means follower of a nobleman. It’s a different boy name.

Ansel Adams, the famous photographer was a known bearer of this name. Alternate spellings are Ancell, Ansell.


A German name that means divine protection. It is pronounced AHN-selm. Many Saints were named Anselm including a Pope.

So, if you are looking for a godly name for your son that isn’t too common, Anselm may be the name for you!


This unique name seems to be derived either from Erin (which means peace) or Aaron (meaning exalted).

It is a unisex name that lends itself well as a middle name.


Asrar is an Arabic name that means secrets or mysteries.


This unique English name means ash tree settlement. It is a cool non-binary name that might have become popular due to the sports car, Aston Martin.


Astor is a beautiful Scandinavian name that means thunder god. If you love Norse Mythology but aren’t too keen on the name, Thor, Astor is an uncommon great alternative.


Auberon is the Old French for Aubrey. It means blond ruler or elf ruler. Auberon is a strong and beautiful name that can be shortened to Aube or spelt Oberon.


Similar to August but missing the ‘t’, Augus means dignified or imposing. It’s an unusual boy name that can be nicknamed Auggie.


This cute boy name is a play on the spelling of the more popular Axle. Axle means father of peace. It is Hebrew in origin.

Axle Whitehead, the Australian Tv host and singer is a famous bearer of this name. Axsel, Aksel, Ax, Axe are some other variants of the name, Axle.

Unique Boy Names That Start WithB


Barnaby is a cute and unique spin on the name, Barnabas (which means son of prophecy).

If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind name, Barnaby is definitely it!


You’re probably used to the name, Beau. Well, Beaumont is an aristocratic name from a French surname. It means beautiful mountain.

Potential nicknames are Beau, Bo or Monty.


Besson is derived from a surname. It’s of Southern French origin and means twice. It’s often used as a nickname for a twin.


Biff is a rare English name. It came about from a nickname that signifies to punch, hit or strike.


This Old English name is gotten from a surname. It means cheerful. It is a unisex name. Other ways it’s spelt are Blithe, Blyth.


This biblical boy name means swiftness in Hebrew. He married Ruth and became the great grandfather to King David in the Old Testament.


Derived from a surname, Bos means woods or forest. Its origin is in the Netherlands.


Brix is a short and unusual baby boy’s name. It means stone of Brixi. It’s derived from a place in London called, Brixton.


Brox is a cool and handsome boy name. It’s derived from a surname that is popularly used in Germany, Norway and the United States.

Unique Boy Names That Start WithC

baby boy sleeping with pacifier - Cree


Caelan means slender. It’s a Gaelic name. Though uncommon in England, it’s quite popular in Ireland.

Other ways to spell Caelan are Caolan, Cayla, Kaelan, Kaolan, Kaylan.


Carver is a strong boy name that means woodcarver. It is originally a surname. It is a boy’s name that isn’t over-used.

George Washington Carver, an American agricultural scientist and inventor bore this name.


This beautiful 3-lettered name is of Dutch origin. It’s the short form of Casper – one of Santa’s Reindeers.


Caspian is a handsome boy name that means sea. English n origin. Prince Caspian is one of the characters in the famous C.S Lewis book, The Chronicles of Narnia.


Cedar is a seriously cool, very unique male name. The name is derived from the cedar tree. It has also been used for girls, making it a unisex name.


Cherokee is a non-binary name that’s from the name of a Native American tribe. It’s also the name of a brand of jeep SUVs.


Short and cute, Cian is Irish for ancient. It’s a very popular name in Irish legends. Alternate spellings include Kean, Keane, and Kian.


Cillian is another Irish name on this list. It means monastery, church. Other ways to spell Cillian are Cillyan, and Killian.


Cobie means supplanter. It’s a diminutive of Jacob. Kobe, Cobee, Coby are other cute ways to spell this name.


A rare English name that is derived from the name, Colin. It’s pronounced Kah-LEEN or KAHL-in and means young creature.


This rare Latin name means spear. It’s been used as a character in Shakespeare’s As You Like It. As well as C.S Lewis, The Horse and His Boy.


It’s from an English surname that means small coastal inlet.


Cree is the name of a native tribe in Canada. Cree is a sweet boy name that can also be used for females.


Creighton is the name of a place and also a surname.


Crispin is a somewhat weird boy name. It means curly-haired. It was the name of a Roman Saint who was martyred in the 3rd century.


This posh boy name has hardly been used since the 19th century. It means brightly famous and is the name of a character in the adventures of Tin Tin.


Cyan is a cool but unusual name. It means greenish blue like the colour.


Cyprian is an uncommon name that means from Cyprus. It’s of Greek origin. Other spellings are Ciprian, Siprian.


An Old Russian name, derived from Caesar.

Unique Boy Names That Start With “D”


Daedric is a unique fantasy boy name that means, people’s ruler. It’s a cool alternate form of the Danish name, Diedrick.


Dashiell is a beautiful rare unisex name. It most likely originated from an English surname.

Celebrities, Milla Jovovich and Paul Anderson named their daughter Dashiel Edan Anderson.

Dash is a cool nickname for Dashiel.


Dass is a cute Hindu boy name that means servant or loving.


Deakon is a different way of spelling the more popular, Deacon. Deacon is a word name that means servant.


Delan is the masculine form of Delaney which is English for from the alder grove.


This rare English name has a majestic undertone. It means the king.


This gender-neutral name is a variant of the more common Dean which means valley.


A variant of Darren, which was made popular by the American actor Darren McGavin.


Dex is a cute short form of Dexter which means one who dyes.


Diggory is a very unusual name that is probably an Anglicized form of Degaré.


Domenico is the Italian form of Dominic which means of the Lord.


Dunstan is an Old English name that means dark stone. It was the name of the archbishop of Canterbury, a 10th-century saint.

Unique Boy Names That Start WithE


Edric is an Old English name that means wealthy ruler.


An alternative spelling of Idris, which means interpreter in Arabic. The actor, Idris Elba has popularised the name in recent times.


A variant form of Edwin which means rich friend in Old English.


Rare in the United States, but popular in France, Eliott is a variation of the more popular surname, Elliott.


This non-binary name is derived from a surname that means son of Emery.


Emrys is the Welsh form of Ambrose. It means immortal.


This unusual boy name is of German origin and means always ruler.


Eriq is a cute variant of Eric. It means ever ruler.


Short and beautiful name of Norse origin, that means eternal ruler.


From Greek mythology, Eryx means boxer. Eryx was the son of Poseidon and Aphrodite.


A rare old English name that means grace and protection.


This strong masculine name means brave boar. It’s also commonly used as a surname.


Everitt is an alternative spelling of Everett.

Unique Boy Names That Start WithF


An old English name that means a fern-covered clearing. Made more popular by actor Farley Granger who worked with Alfred Hitchcock.


A Scandinavian name.  Comes from a myth about a large and powerful wolf.


Fenry is a rare name possibly thought to be a variation on the name Henry.  To some, it means cautious and determined, yet approachable.


A name that originates from a very distinguished family in ancient France.  Thought to mean peace and protection.


Fitz was originally used to mean descendant or son.  Can be used as a nickname for Fitzwilliam, Fitzgerald, or Fitzpatrick.


Is of German origin.  It means bright, happy, and energetic.  It has also gained some popularity as a girl’s name.


A name from Norse culture. Means hero Viking.

Unique Boy Names That Start WithG


Gervase is a name with meanings ranging from spear, servant, and with honor. St. Gervase is thought to be one of the first martyrs of Milan and is, therefore, the patron saint of Milan.


A name of Old English origin, which means triangular or wedge-shaped piece of land.


Made popular by the famous Gulliver’s Travels, a story by Jonathan Swift about the travels of a ship’s surgeon.  It is used to indicate a greedy or gluttonous person.

Unique Boy Names That Start WithH

Haydn (also spelled Hayden)

In its English origin Haydn means fire, hay, valley or some combination of the hay and valley.  The German interpretation of the name is heathen.  Hayden Christensen is a popular Canadian actor best known for his work in Star Wars.

Hendric (also spelled Hendrick)

Hendric comes from German or Dutch culture.  It means home leader or home ruler.


Hewie has a range of interpretations from intellect and mind to heart and spirit.  Can be spelled Huey, or Hughie, and is a nickname for Hewett or Hugh.


A proud Irish name.  It is considered to mean warlike.  Variations of the name include Haren and O’Horan


The name Howitt often dates back to the prominent English family carrying the name.  It originates from the Old English word, “hiewett,” which refers to someone who stands in a clearing.


Huxley comes from an English surname meaning Hugh’s meadow.

Unique Boy Names That Start WithI


Irie has vastly different origins in Jamaica and Japan.  In Jamaican culture, it refers to a girl or boy who is happy, carefree, positive or powerful.  In Japanese, it means, favor or kindness


This name most likely originates from Celtic origins.  It is thought that it also refers to the Old German words ice and rule. The name also refers to the main character in the legend of Tristan and Iseult (or Isolde).

Unique Boy Names That Start With “J”


A more updated spelling of the name Jackson, which means son of Jack.


Mainly used as a nickname for Jebediah, James, or Joseph.  In Hebrew, the meaning is a beloved friend.


This is a powerful Hebrew name that indicates that the child is Beloved of the Lord


A name of Scandinavian origin.  It means son of Jens or Jan, and can also be a variation on the name John.


Jepson means son of Geoffrey. Jep is an acceptable nickname.


Is of Hebrew origin meaning overflow or excellence.  Leroy Jethro Gibbs is also the name of the main character on the popular crime show, NCIS.


The heavy meaning of Joby is persecuted.  It is Hebrew in its origin.


The name means goth or happy, which refers to belonging to the German tribe.


Jordi is thought to have Hebrew, Catalan, and Greek origins.  In Hebrew it means down-flowing, and in Greek, farmer.  It can also possibly be a nickname for Jordan.


This is commonly an English name today, although it has Greek and Latin roots.  The meaning of the name ranges from youthful, son of Jove, to down-bearded youth.

Unique Boy Names That Start WithK

Baby boy with a unique name - Kaizar


A meek Gaelic name meaning slender, narrow, or fair.


Kairo is a proud Arabic name meaning victorious.  It is also said to be a variation of Cairo, the capital city of Egypt.


Kaizar is a name that appears in many cultures.  In Indonesia, it means king or emperor. When spelled Kaiser it also names Arabic, Bangla, and Urdu boys.


This multicultural name is found throughout the world.  In Celtic, it means son of Cadon or battle.  It is thought that the meaning is swamp in Old German, and companion in Arabic.  


Kaziah is most likely an African name, although a slight variation of the name (Keziah) was the daughter of Job in the Hebrew bible.


An Irish name that some believe demonstrates intuition, romance and generosity.


Keir is a Gaelic name meaning dark, black, or dusky.  Actor Keir Dullea starred in 2001: A Space Odyssey. 


A similar Gaelic name to Keir.  It means dark prince, little dark one, or black.


This is an Old English word meaning victorious ship or brave.


The name Kemp represents fighter or soldier.  It is an English/Scottish surname.


Is a strong name of Old English origin. It means brave and helmet. Kenelm is considered to protect his family.


Kester is a rare holy Greek or Scottish name meaning carrier of Christ.


Kevyn is an old Celtic name that represents a boy who is handsome, kind, loved, and beautiful.


A German-surname that means voter or chooser. It is sometimes associated with the occupation of inspecting food and beverages.


Known to be a German name that exemplifies not only victory but victory for the people.


Knoxley is probably of Latin origin.  To some, it means peaceful and a good teammate.


Koby is thought to be a Biblical name used as a nickname for Jacob.  In German or Polish it is said to mean dark-haired.


An English or Gaelic name that means helper or helpful. It also is a variant of Kody.


Kofi has its roots in Ghana and means born on a Friday. Kofi Anan served as secretary-general of the United Nations and received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2001.


Kol is an uncommon name that comes from the old Norse meaning dark.  


A name that is Japanese in origin meaning happiness and good fortune. Its lesser-known culture is Native American where it means ally, friend, and supporter.


The origin of Krew is thought to be English, where it means group. It probably comes from the English word “crew” or the family name Crewe.


Kru is thought to be a Liberian name originally.  It comes from the indigenous people who were skilled as boatmen.


The name Kylo has become increasingly popular due to the Star Wars character Kylo Ren.  It is considered to be American in origin and means sky or heavenly.

Unique Boy Names That Start WithL


This name of Scottish origin means from the land of the lakes or land of the fjords. The spelling can be changed to Locklan or Lochlann.


Lake is derived from the Old English, and clearly enough it was often given to a child who lived near a body of water.

Larc or Lark

This name is used to represent someone who is cheerful, playful, and lighthearted like the type of songbird called a lark.  It is probably of Middle English origin.


Originating from a Scottish town near the river Leith.  Its meaning is wet, damp, or a little more kindly, flowing water.


A French noble surname, which was also religious.  Lemoine literally means monk referring to a man who works in a monastery.

Leroi (Leroy)

An imperial name meaning the king.  It is of French origin.


Leyton means meadow settlement. It originates in England and is most popular in Christian religions.


Is also a variation of the Scottish name Lachlan, meaning land of the lakes.  It also means land of the Vikings.


An honored name of Irish origin meaning little fierce one. The ancient King of Thomand in Ireland went by the name Lorcan Mac Lachtna.


Lyndon is an Old English name meaning linden tree hill. The name is more familiar because of Lyndon B. Johnson, a former American president.

Unique Boy Names That Start WithM


Malone is an Irish name used to indicate one devoted to St. John.  It has become more widely known due to the modern American rapper, Post Malone.


This is a name of Old Welsh origin that referred to someone who lived by the sea or was a sea friend.  Other variations of the name include Marvin or Mervin.


Is of Middle English derivation.  The most agreed-upon meaning of the name is meadow.


Mylo has its origins in Latin and English names.  It is believed to mean soldier or possibly saviour and grace. Other similar names include Miles and Milo.

Unique Boy Names That Start WithN


Natti has Hebrew and Latin roots, but most agree the meaning of the name is birthday of the Lord. It was often given to children born on Christmas Day.


A dignified Gaelic name thought to mean cloud or possibly champion.  Niall Horan, Irish singer/songwriter of the band One Direction brought the name to center stage in 2010.

Unique Boy Names That Start WithO


The name Ocean is derived from English, French, and Greek.  All have the understood meaning of ocean or large body of water.


The Celtic origin of Oran is light or pale, while the Hebrew origin refers to a pine or ash tree.


Orson has Latin roots meaning bear cub.  It is most famously known in Orson Welles, who is thought to be one the most influential filmmakers of all time.


This Middle English distinguished name is associated with bright god, and divinely brilliant.


With its roots in Celtic history, Osian means little deer.


Osmond is an exalted name with Scandinavian and English roots.  It refers to one with divine protection.


Oswin has its origins in Old English and means God’s friend.


This is a Hindi name originating in India. It is very honorable, and means holy message of Marathi Saint.

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Unique Boy Names That Start WithP


Has its origins in Hebrew and Middle English. The Hebrew interpretation of the name is Passover, while in English it is peace.


Pacey is derived from the Latin word for Easter.  Pacey was also the name of a main character on the late 90s American hit tv show Dawson’s Creek.


In Old English Paden means fighter’s estate. In Scottish, it is considered a royal name.


An English or Greek name that referred to someone from Paris, France.


The Old English meaning of Patton is fighter’s town.  It is also an English-Scottish surname that means son of Patrick.


Pearce is a solid name derived from Peter meaning rock.  Traced back to England, it is a variation of Pierce and traced back to Greece, the name Piers.


Percival is of Old French origin.  It means to pierce the valley.  It is a version of Perceval, who is known as one of King Arthur’s knights at the Round Table.


Peregrine is a Latin name that means wanderer, traveler, or pilgrim.


This affectionate name means loving or kiss in Greece, which is the location of the name’s derivation.


Philo is Greek in its origin and means friend or loving. Phyllo, the same pronunciation, is a type of pastry dough used in many Greek dishes.


Pierce or Piers comes from the name Peter, which means rock.  Pierce Brosnan is a famous Irish actor known for his starring role in the James Bond film series.


The name Piers is derived from Peter meaning rock or stone.

Unique Boy Names That Start WithQ


This wise Gaelic name means counsel.  It also refers to a descendant of Conn, Ireland.


Quincy is of Old French origin, and its meaning is estate of the fifth son.  John Quincy Adams was the fifth president of the United States.

Unique Boy Names That Start WithR

Baby boy staring at the Camera - Rege


The Sanskrit meaning of this name is little prince or flowing, while in Arabic the significance is gates of heaven.


Rafe is a powerful name that has its roots in Scandinavia and means counsel of the wolf


Originated in Japan.  It means thunder and lightning or God’s spirit.  He is also a character in the popular video game, Mortal Kombat.


A sweet Arabic name meaning kind, compassionate, and forgiving.


A name of English origin that refers to the weather, and also abundant blessings from above.


The impressive German significance of the name Raine is mighty army.


Rainier means strong counselor, wise army, or warrior according to its German roots.  It is also the name of a large mountain near Seattle, Washington.


This name of German origin means deciding warrior.


Rastus has English roots and means loved, beloved, or desired.  It is considered a Christian name.


Rauri is a Goidelic name that is used to mean red-haired king.  A variation on the spelling reveals an ancient king of Ireland.


A popular name in India that means sun.  Ravi Shankar was a famous Indian composer of classical music.


Rayne is a variation of Raina and Rayna.  Rayne is of Old French origin meaning mighty counsel.


Refers to a person with red hair.  Read means red so it is clear to see where the red-haired meaning took hold.


Redd originated with the Old English word for red.  It can also mean near the reeds.


This rare name today was common in the Middle Ages.  The Latin name means king or regent. The star of the very popular Netflix series, Bridgeton, has this name.


Reign means to rule or Lord over.  Its origin extends back to England.


Rem is an Old English name short for Remington.  It is said to mean place on a riverbank.


Renz is of Italian origin and it means laurel, which refers to the type of tree.


In Old German, Reynard means powerful advice.  In Old French, it is another word for fox.


Rhyley is an English name that refers to a meadow or clearing.  A Gaelic interpretation of the name means valiant.


The name Rolo is a German word that means famed wolf.  It is also known as a popular type of candy.


Rolph is a German name meaning wolf counsel.  Rolfe is also the villain everyone loves to hate in the famous musical The Sound of Music.


Romilly was originally a surname from the twin Romulus, the Roman twin.  It means man of Rome.


Royale is an English name meaning regal.  It can be used for a baby boy or girl.


This name refers to a rye hill and traces its roots back to Old England.


This German nickname for Rudolf means famous wolf.


Rudolf, also Rudolph, is a German name meaning wolf.  Rudolph is also the name of the red-nosed reindeer whose prominence is only outshined by Santa Claus himself.


Rudyard is of English origin and has the meaning of red yard or red lawn.  The name was made famous by the author of The Jungle Book, Rudyard Kipling.


Rupert is the German version of Robert, which means bright fame.  The name became more popular when the Harry Potter movies came out because of the actor Rupert Grint, who played Ron Weasley.


This modern English name is a bit mysterious.  It is possible that the name was born when parents were combining the names Ryan and Tyler.

245 boy names you've never heard before

Unique Boy Names That Start WithS


This name of German origin specifies people from Saxony, who constantly invaded Britain back in the 5th century.  It is also thought to mean dagger or short sword.


Seavey is an English surname of a family who possibly lived near the River Severn.  It is also thought to mean the boy resided near some topographical feature such as a stream, hill, or tree.


This Old English surname means manor friend.  It is derived from sele meaning manor and wine (in an alternate spelling) meaning friend.


The surname Shaw indicates people who lived by a thicket or wood clearing.  It is Middle English in its origin.


Shaye or Shea is a Gaelic name that means admirable. It can be a male or female name.


Sheard comes from an Old English surname that means gap between hills.


A name that is thought to be of English origin.  It means a metal element, which is logical since the element silver is classified as a metal.


The English translation of Sinjin is St. John, while the Hebrew interpretation is God is Gracious.


All versions of the name Skipper refer to the leader of a ship.  In English it means shipmaster and in Dutch and American it means Captain.  Skip is a suitable nickname.


Sonnie is thought to mean son or young boy, or possibly wisdom.  It is of English and Greek origins.  Sonny (different spelling) Bono was a popular American singer from the duo Sonny and Cher.


This steely name has its origins in Scandinavia where it means stern or severe


Sparrow references the small bird in the finch family.  It can mean a small chirpy person.  Captain Jack Sparrow is the fictitious pirate in Pirates of the Caribbean.


Spike is from Middle English and means spike or long, heavy nail.  It can be used as a nickname for Michael or William.  Spike Lee is a prominent American film director.


A name that means dwelling of Melyn in its Scottish origin, and of high quality and pure in its German origin.  In English, it is related to Sterling meaning genuine.


Thought to have a Hebrew origin, Symon means to hear, listen, or be heard.  It is directly related to the name Simon.

Unique Boy Names That Start WithT


This strong name is probably of English origin.  It means commander of the valley or tall.


Is a surname from the township of Tatton.  It simply means Tate’s or Tata’s town.


Teagan means little poet in its Irish meaning but is possibly derived from the Welsh name Tegan meaning pretty, fair.


This sacred name means sanctuary when traced back to its English roots.


Teo is of Spanish origin meaning God or gift from God.  It is considered a holy name.


This mighty name means warrior or landholder in its English and Scottish origins.


Theobald is a strong Old German name meaning one is brave or bold.


Tiger is primarily an American name clearly referring to a powerful cat.  Tiger Woods popularized the name when he became an acclaimed pro golfer.


Can be a variation of the English name Tyler, which means a roof tiler or doorkeeper of an inn.


Derived from the English, Tyrrell often means stubborn or possibly also thunder ruler.  It has become a popular name for African American boys in the United States. 

The House Tyrell also played a prominent part in the hit show Game of Thrones.

Unique Boy Names That Start WithU


Ulric has Old English and Old German origins.  It means wolf ruler, power of the wolf, or power of the home.


Upton is an English surname meaning upper field, upper settlement, or upper enclosure.  Upton Sinclair was an American political activist in the 1930s whose book The Jungle was eye-opening in exposing the harsh conditions in which American immigrants worked.


This name of Welsh origin means terrible or abhorrent.  However, according to Old English legend, Uther Pendragon means chief dragon, and he was the father of King Arthur. 

Unique Boy Names That Start WithV


Valor means honor, bravery, courage, and worthiness.  It originates from the Latin word valere, which means to be strong.


Vere was originally a French name, which was an upper-class surname.  In Latin, Vere means truth.


This Latin name means evening star.  The name became well-known by the Vesper Martini, the famous drink ordered by James Bond.

Unique Boy Names That Start WithW

Baby boy with an unusual name - Wolfe


Wallis is of English and Scottish origins and means stranger or foreigner. It is also believed to mean from Wales.


This enduring name means protector, ruler, or one who defends.  It is said to be of Old English and Old German origins.


Is an Old English name, that was originally an English surname.  It means town by the weir.


The Old English meaning of Whitaker is white field or wheat field.  It first existed as an English family surname.


Can be a nickname for Wilfred meaning peace or will.  Wilf originates from Old English.  St. Wilfrid was a 7th-century bishop and monk.


Windsor’s roots are in Old English, and it is the surname of the British royal family.  There is a town and castle called Windsor.  The name carries the meaning riverbank with a windlass.


This habitational name comes from Old English, and it means friend’s hill or hill of victory.  Winslow Homer, an American landscape painter, is believed by many to be the greatest painter of the 19th century.


Wisdom is an Old English word meaning intelligent, wise, one with experience. The child bestowed with this name hopefully embodies these traits.


This Old German name clearly can mean wolf or wolf-like, but can also mean fierceness and tenacity.


Is a pure name of Welsh origin.  Wynne means fair, white, or blessed.


Wystan is a firm Old English name that means battle stone.  W.H. Auden is a British-American poet who was born Wystan Hugh Auden.

Unique Boy Names That Start WithX


A name that means new house or bright.  It is of Basque origin.  Can be short for Xavier.


Xavior has its roots in Basque culture.  Xavi can be an acceptable nickname.

Unique Boy Names That Start WithZ


Zaman is a mysterious Arabic name meaning age, era, time, or destiny.

Uncommon baby boy names

What’s your favorite unique baby boy name?

There you have it! 245 uncommon boy names.

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290 Dreamy middle names for Malachi

Above all, I hope you find the uncommon baby boy name you are looking for!

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