Strong Baby Boy Names That Are Not Common

Looking for strong baby boy names that are uncommon? You’ve come to the right post.

These baby boy names are names from different languages and origins that mean Strong, Strength, Powerful, Warrior, Determined, Fighter and so on.

If you are not a big fan of popular baby names, you are reading the right article!

Most of these boy names are quite uncommon. So, you have the added benefit of having a unique strong name for your boy. If unusual names are your thing!


I remember when I had my first son. We were very particular about the meaning of the name and wanted to choose a strong name for him that will carry throughout his life.

I won’t lie, it was a longer process than I anticipated. Who knew finding the “perfect” name wasn’t so easy?

In my opinion and most likely yours as well, names for boys are harder to decide.

I scoured through so many posts just like this one and eventually, we did find the strong baby name that we love and was perfect for our boy.

Hopefully, you’ll find the baby name you are looking for within these lines.

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Here are 85 Strong Baby Boy Names that are also Uncommon

Uncommon strong boy names


ABIR: Hebrew meaning Strong

ADIR: Hebrew meaning Strong, Mighty

ALCAEUS: Ancient Greek meaning Strength

ALCANDER: Greek meaning Strong

ALMAR: German Strong

ALMOLDO: German/Teutonic meaning Strong as an eagle

ALVAR: Swedish meaning Warrior

APOLLO: Greek Mythology meaning Strength

ARMSTRONG: English meaning A Strong-armed Warrior

ARNDT: German meaning Strong

AZAZIAH: Hebrew meaning Yahweh is Strong

AZIZ: Arabic/Persian meaning Powerful, Respected, Beloved

AZUBUIKE: Nigerian, Igbo meaning Your back is your Strength

AZZAN: Hebrew meaning Very Strong


BAHADUR: Persian/Arabic meaning Hero. Warrior

BALADEVA: Hindu meaning God of Strength

BALINT: Latin meaning Strong and Healthy

BALLARD: German/Teutonic meaning Strong, Bold

BATBAYAR: Mongolian meaning Strong Joy

BEREN: Turkish meaning Strong, Smart

BERK: Turkish meaning Solid, firm, Strong

BERTHRAND: German meaning Strong; Brave

BOAZ: Hebrew meaning Swift and Strong

BOGART: Old French meaning A Strong Bow

BOLLEY: American meaning Strong

BREEON: American meaning Strong


CHARLES: English/French meaning Army, Warrior

CHIBUIKE: Nigerian, Igbo meaning God is Strength

CHIDIKE: Nigerian, Igbo meaning God is Strong

CONALL: Celtic meaning As Strong as a wolf

CONNOR: Irish Gaelic meaning A Strong will


DECEBAL: Romanian meaning Powerful, Brave

DENZEL: Cornish meaning high Stronghold

DICKIE: German/Teutonic meaning Brave and Strong

DICKSON: Old English meaning The son of Richard; Brave and Strong

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EARL: English meaning Nobleman, Warrior

EITAN: Hebrew meaning Firm, Strong`

EYAL: Hebrew meaning Might, Strength

EZEKIEL: Hebrew meaning God will Strengthen


FRENCH: Welsh meaning Strong and Healthy


GABRIEL: Hebrew meaning God is my Strong man

GODDARD: Old English meaning Divinely brave or Strong

GUGLIEHNO: Italian meaning A Strong and resolute protector

GUGLIELMO: French meaning A Strong and resolute protector

GUNNAR: Swedish meaning Warrior


HAGAN: German/Teutonic meaning Strong Defense

HALSTEAD: Old English meaning The Stronghold

HAMZA: Arabic meaning Strong, Steadfast

HARTMAN: German/Teutonic meaning The Strong Man

HATIM: Arabic meaning Determined, Decisive

HUMBERT: French meaning Bright warrior

HUMPHREY: English meaning Peaceful Warrior


IKAIKA: Hawaiian meaning Strong

IVOR: Irish/Scottish meaning Warrior


JAREK: Polish/Czech meaning Fierce, Strong

JIAN: Chinese meaning Strong, Healthy


KAMAU: Eastern African meaning Quiet Warrior

KEKOA: Hawaiian meaning The Warrior

KEN: Hawaiian meaning The Warrior

Masculine boy names

KRATOS: Greek Mythology meaning Power, Strength


LIMBANI: South African meaning Be Strong


MANFREDO: Italian meaning Strong, peaceful

MATHER: Old English meaning Strong Army

MEDARD: Hungarian meaning Great, Strong


NERON: Spanish meaning Strong, Stern


OTHNIEL: Hebrew meaning Lion of God


PEGASUS: Greek Mythology meaning Strong

PLATO: Greek meaning Strong Shoulders


QUILHAM: Italian meaning A Strong and resolute Protector

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RHISIART: Welsh meaning Brave and Strong

RICHARD: German/Teutonic meaning Brave and Strong

RYDER: English meaning Mounted Warrior


SWITHIN: Old English meaning Strong


TIGER: American meaning Ambitious, Strong

TRAHAEARN: Welsh meaning Strong as Iron


UILLEAM: Scottish Gaelic meaning A Strong and resolute protector


VALENTE: Danish meaning Strong, healthy

VALENTIANE: Latin meaning Strong, healthy

VALENTINE: Latin meaning Strong, healthy

VIRGIHO: Latin meaning Strong

VIRGIL: Latin meaning Strong


WALENTY: Polish meaning Strong, Healthy

WILKES: Old English meaning A Strong and resolute protector

Boy names that mean strong fighter


ZHIRAYR: Armenian meaning Strong Active

ZUBERI: Swahili meaning Strong

All You Have To Do Is Choose Your Strong Baby Boy Name

Remember, the meaning of a name is as important as the way it sounds or flows with the middle or last names.

So, consider your baby’s names carefully.


Did any name resonate with you? Let me know in the comments below. What other strong baby boy names do you love? Do tell me so I can add to the list of names above.

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Strong unusual boy names

There you have it. 85 strong names for boys from A to Z. I hope you find a name here that will be perfect for your baby boy.

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