190 Earthy Boy Names (with Meanings & Nicknames)

Are you searching for a boy name as grounded and authentic as the earth?

You’re in luck!

We’ve got a bunch of boy names that are inspired by the earth and are so awesome they might make your heart skip a beat!

From River to Jasper to Cedar, these unique boy names capture the spirit of nature and the outdoors.

So whether you’re outdoorsy or simply looking for a name that speaks to your love of nature, we’ve got you covered.

nature inspired earthy boy names

We’ve given you the background and meaning of each name and some ideas for cute nicknames in brackets.

To help you even more, we’ve included how popular each name is based on the US SSA website. If a name doesn’t have a ranking, it’s a rare and special choice that’s not used often.

Let’s dive into our top picks for earthy boy names!

Nature-Inspired Boy Names

Newborn boy in beanie and green blanket sleeping in a basket surrounded by leaves - Nature-Inspired Boy Names
  • Alder

German Alder tree (Al, Aldey, Aldo)  

  • Arthur – #155

English Bear (Art, Artie, Archie) 

  • Aspen 

English Quaking tree (Azzy, Pen) 

  • Barkley 

English Birch tree meadow (Bark, Barks, Lee) 

  • Basil 

Greek Brave, fearless (Baz, Bazzy, Base) 

  • Beckett – #198

Old English Beehive (Beck, Bee, Kit) 

  • Blaze – #775 

Latin Fire, flame (Blay, Blazey) 

  • Cedar 

Latin Cedar tree (Seed, Dare) 

  • Cinna 

Greek Cinnamon (Ceen, Cinny) 

  • Clay – #614

English Clay worker (Clays) 

  • Colt – #220 

English Young male horse (Col, Colty)

  • Cypress 

Greek Cypress tree (Cy, Cyp) 

  • Everett – #82 

Old English Strong boar, bear (Ever, Rhett, Ev)

  • Flint 

Old English Born near an outcrop of flint (Flea, Flin) 

  • Fox – #939

English Bushy tailed wild animal (Fo, Foxie) 

  • Garland 

Old English Land of the spear, wreath (Gar, Lando, Garl, Garly) 

  • Hawk 

English Falcon, bird of prey (Hawks, Hawkey)

  • Hawthorne 

English Where the hawthorn trees grow (Haw, Thorne, Thorney) 

  • Heath – #958 

Old English Someone who lived at a moor or heath (Hea, Heth) 

  • Henley 

English High meadow (Hen, Lee, Henny) 

  • Holden – #236 

English From the hollow in the valley (Hol, Hold, Holdy, Denny) 

  • Hollis 

English Holly tree (Holl, Holly, Liss) 

  • Jasper – #128 

English Bearer of treasure (Jas, Jazz, Jazzy) 

  • Jay – #377 

Latin The name of a bird (J) 

A graphic list of nature-inspired earthy boy names
  • Lachlan – #724

Irish From the land of lakes (Lach, Lan, Lachy) 

  • Lake 

English Body of water (Lakely, Lakey, Lay) 

  • Leif – #992 

Old Norse Heir, descendant (Lee, Leify) 

  • Leo – #31 

Latin Lion (Lee) 

  • Linden 

German Made from linwood, Lime tree (Lin, Denny, Linny) 

  • Lionel – #663 

Latin Little lion (Leo, Leon, Lion, Nelly) 

  • Lowell 

French Young wolf (Lowe, Lowey) 

  • Moss 

English Descendant of Moses (Mossy, Mo)

  • Oakley – #403 

English Meadow of oak trees (Oak, Lee, Oakey) 

  • Oliver – #3

French Olive tree (Oli, Ollie) 

  • Orion – #314

Greek Rising in the sky (Ore, Rion, Ryan) 

  • Phillip – #523 

Greek Lover of horses (Phil, Philly) 

  • Phoenix – #248

Greek Renewal, regeneration, immortality (Phoe, Nyx, Nixy) 

  • Reed – #416

Old Norse Heir, descendant (Ree, Reddy) 

  • Ren 

Japanese Lotus (Renny) 

  • Ridge – #558 

English Continuous elevated mountain crest (Rid, Riddy) 

  • River – #110 

English A flowing body of water (Riv, Riva, Iver) 

  • Robin – #896 

German Bright, shining, famous (Rob, Robby) 

  • Roscoe 

Norse Deer wood (Ross, Rossy) 

  • Rowan – #106 

Irish Little red head (Ro, Owen) 

  • Sage – #427

Latin Wise, healthy (Sagey) 

  • Skyler – #691

English Scholar, sky (Sky, Kyle) 

  • Stone 

English Dweller by the rocks (Stu, Tone, Tones) 

  • Wilder – #368 

German Untamed (Wild, Wilde) 

  • Wolf 

German Wolf (Wolfie) 

  • Wren

English Small brown songbird (ReeRee, Wrennie)

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Earth-Related Boy Names

Toddler boy standing on rocks with mountainous background - Earth-Related Boy Names
  • Ash 

Hebrew Happy 

  • Atlas – #149 

Greek To carry (At, Attie, Atley) 

  • Beacher 

English Near the beach trees (Bee)

  • Clay – #614

English Clay worker (Clays) 

  • Cosmo 

Italian Order, decency (Cos, Cozzy, Moe)

  • Douglas – #739

Scottish Dark river (Doug, Dougie, Las) 

  • Everest – #903

English Dweller on the Eure river (Ever) 

  • Forest – #715 

French Woods, woodsman (Fore, Fo, Forry) 

  • Parker – #93

Old English Park keeper (Park, Parkey) 

  • Rain 

English Abundant blessing from above (Rainer, Rainie)

  • Rio – #672

Spanish River (Ry)

  • Silas – #91

Greek Wood, forest (Sil, Sile, Las) 

  • Slater 

English Hewer of slates (Slate, Slates, Slay) 

  • Sylvan

Latin Of the forest (Syl, Sylv, Van)

  • West 

English Western stream (Wes, Westy) 

  • Zephyr

Greek West wind (Zeph, Zepp, Zephie)

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Boy Names With Earth-Related Meanings

A graphic list of boy names with earth-related meanings
  • Aaron – #65

Hebrew Mountain of strength (Aar, Ron, Ronny) 

  • Acker 

German Field (Ack, Ax)

  • Adam – #104

Hebrew Of the earth (Ad, Addy, Ace, Adder)

  • Ajax 

Greek Earth, land (Age, Axe, Jacks)

  • Bart 

Hebrew Son of the earth (Art, Artie, Bartie) 

  • Brock – #772

English Badger, rock (Rock, Bro) 

  • Craig 

Gaelic Rock (Cray, Craigy)

  • Geb 

Egyptian Mythical Earth God (Gebby)

  • Hammond

German Mountain home (Ham, Hammy, Mond)

  • Keanu – #532

Hawaiian Cool breeze over the mountains (Key, Keen) 

  • Knox – #221

Old English Round-top hill (Nox, Noxie)

  • Mason – #18 

English Worker in stone (Mace, Son, May) 

  • Peter – #215

Greek Stone (Pete, Petey, Petes) 

  • Pierce – #499

Greek Stone (Pea, Piercey, Pear, Pier)

  • Rochester 

English Stone camp, fortress (Roch, Chester) 

  • Sol 

French, Spanish Sun, soil (Solly)

  • Terran 

English Earth (Terry, Terr)

  • Thelonious

German One who plows the earth (Loney, Theo, Ted, Teddy)

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Environmentalist-Inspired Boy Names

A young boy happily walking in the Meadow - Environmentalist-Inspired Boy Names
  • Aldo – #983

German Noble, old, wise (Al, Aldie, Ald)

Aldo Leopold was an American environmentalist. 

  • Amory 

German Home ruler (Am, Morry, Ory, Ry)

Amory Lovins is an American writer and physicist. 

  • Ansel 

Old German With divine protection (An, Sel) 

Ansel Adams was an American photographer and environmentalist. 

  • Barry 

Irish Fair haired (Bear, Baz, Bazzy)

Barry Commoner was an American cellular biologist and professor.

  • David – #30

Hebrew Beloved (Dave, Davey, Day)

David Suzuki is a Canadian environmental activist.

  • Edward – #217

English Wealth, fortune (Ed, Eddie, Ned)

Edward Paul Abbey was an American author and environmental activist. 

  • George – #134

Greek Farmer, earthwork (Georgie, Geordie, Joe)

George Monbiot is a British writer known for his environmental works. 

  • Henry – #9 

French Home ruler (Hen, Henny, Ry)

Henry David Thoreau was an American naturalist and author. 

  • James – #5

Hebrew Supplanter (Jay, Jack, Jimmy, Jim)

James Lovelock was an English scientist and environmentalist. 

  • John – #27

Hebrew Yahweh has been gracious (Johnny, Joe)

John Muir was a Scottish-American environmental philosopher. 

  • Jonathan – #443

Hebrew Gift of God (Johnny, John, Nathan) 

Jonathan Poritt is a British environmentalist and writer. 

  • Lester 

English Fortified place (Lest, Lestie)

Lester R. Brown is an American environmental analyst. 

  • Nicolas – #188

Greek The victory of the people (Nick, Nicky, Nico) 

Nicolas Holut is a French environmental activist and journalist. 

  • Ralph 

Old English Wolf counsel (Raff, Ralphie) 

Ralph Nader is an American political activist. 

  • Thoreau

French Strength of a bull (Thor) 

Henry David Thoreau was an American naturalist and author.

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Strong Earthy Boy Names

A boy carrying a wooden log in the forest - Strong Earthy Boy Names
  • Aiden – #26

Gaelic Little fire (Aidy, Aid, Addy) 

  • August – #121

Latin Esteemed, venerable (Auggie, Gus, Augs)

  • Beck 

German Brook, stream (Becks)

  • Boden – #827 

Scandinavian Shelter, one who brings news (Bode, Bo)

  • Callum – #273

Scottish Dove (Cal) 

  • Chase – #125

Old French Hunter (Chay, Chaser, Chasey)

  • Clark – #396

English Scribe, secretary (Clarks, Clar, Lark)

  • Clyde – #733 

Scottish Warm, friendly (Cly, Cy, Ly) 

  • Cyrus – #350 

Persian One who bestows care, Sun (Cy, Cyro, Cyrie) 

  • Dean – #165

Old English Valley, church official (Dee, Deanie) 

  • Everett – #82

Old English Strong boar (Ever, Rhett) 

  • Floyd 

Welsh Gray-haired (Floy, Flow, Lloyd)

  • Ford – #439 

Old English River crossing (Fordy, For) 

  • Frank – #444 

German Free (Fran, Frankie, Franks) 

  • Gideon – #310

Hebrew Great destroyer (Gid, Deon, Giddy) 

  • Glenn 

Scottish Glen, Valley (Glenny)

  • Ira – #810

Hebrew Watchful (Ire, Eye, Ra)

  • Jonah – #140

Hebrew Dove (Jones, Jonie, Joe)

  • Josh 

Hebrew Jehovah is salvation (Joshy, Joe, Jojo)

  • Kai – #71

Hawaiian Sea (Ka)

  • Landon – #73 

English Long hill (Land, Landy, Lando) 

  • Leon – #177 

Greek Lion (Leo, Lion) 

  • Locke 

German Locksmith (Lock, Lockey)

  • Mark – #252

Latin Consecrated to the god Mars (Mar, Marky)

  • Mars 

Latin God of war (Mar)

  • Max – #159

Latin Greatest (Maxie) 

  • Miles – #54

Latin A soldier (Mile, Miley, Milo)

  • Nash – #233

Middle English By the ash tree (Nashy, Ash, Nas)

  • Nico – #259

Italian Victory of the people (Nick, Nicky) 

  • Olaf

Norse Relic, ancestral heritage (Ollie, Ola)

  • Oscar – #226

Irish Friend of deer (Ozzy, Os, Car) 

  • Otto – #336

German Wealth (Ottie, Ot, Otter)

  • Rainer 

German Deciding warrior (Raine, Rainey)

  • Rex – #696

Latin King (Rexy) 

  • Rubin 

Hebrew Behold, my son (Rube, Roo) 

  • Ryan – #66

Irish Little king (Ry, Ryguy)

  • Scott – #607

Latin The man with the shield (Scotty, Scoot, Scooter)

  • Shane – #493

Irish God is gracious (Shaney, Shan, Shay) 

  • Vaughn 

Welsh Little (Vaughny, Vinn, Vinny)

  • Victor – #209

Latin Winner, conqueror (Vicky, Vic)

  • Weston – #95

English From the western town (Wes, West, Westy)

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Unique Earthy Boy Names

Cute baby boy in a beige blanket and knitted hat sleeping in a basket - Unique Earthy Boy Names
  • Arledge 

English Dweller at the rabbit lake (Arl, Arlie, Ledgey)

  • Arrow 

English A projectile fired from a bow (Air, Row)

  • Aurelius 

Latin The golden one (Auri, Elius) 

  • Bastian 

Greek Man of Sebastia (Bas, Baz, Bazzy) 

  • Beaumont 

Old French Beautiful mountain (Beau, Mont, Monty)

  • Birch 

Old English The birch tree (Burr, Birchy) 

  • Bryn 

Welsh Hill, mount (Bree, Bry, Bee)

  • Cecil 

Welsh Sixth (Ceece, Cy, Sully, CC)

  • Cedric 

Old English Kindly, loved (Ced, Ricky, Rick) 

  • Cove 

English Small bay (Covey, Co, Coco) 

  • Dale 

Old English Valley (Day, Daley) 

  • Dusk 

English Between day and night (Dus, Dusky, Dee) 

  • Eames 

Irish Wealthy protector (Ames, Ame) 

  • Ellery 

English Lives by the alder tree (Elle, Ellie, Larry, Lery) 

  • Finnick 

English Marshland farm (Finn, Finny, Nick, Nicky)

  • Fjord 

Old Norse A passage in the sea (Ford, Fordy, Fyo)

  • Garnet 

English A red semi precious gem (Gary, Garn, Garner, Net)

  • Garth 

Middle English An enclosed yard surrounded by a cloister (Gar, Gary, Garthy, Art) 

  • Grover

Old English Grove of trees (Grow, Grove, Rover)  

  • Harbor 

English Boat dock on the shore (Harb, Har, Arbor) 

  • Harper 

English Someone who plays the harp (Har, Harp, Harps, Happy) 

  • Indigo 

English A deep blue dye (Indie, Indi, Gogo) 

  • Jules 

French Youthful (Ju, Jule) 

  • Kester 

Greek Carrier of Christ (Kes, Kezzy, Kest, Key) 

  • Leander 

Greek Brave man (Lee, Ander, Anders, Leon)

A graphic list of unique earthy boy names
  • Linus 

Greek Flax colored (Line, Lin, Lye) 

  • Lowen 

Cornish Joy (Lowe, Lowey, Owen) 

  • Lowry 

Gaelic Descendants of labhradha (Low, Lowe, Ry) 

  • Marius 

Latin Manly, dedicated to Mars (Mar, Mari, Ari) 

  • Marlon 

English Little warlike one (Mar, Marl, Lon, Lonnie)

  • Marlow 

English Driftwood (Mar, Marl, Lowe, Lowey) 

  • Meridian 

English Middle, center (Ridian, Mezzy, Midi, Rian, Marty) 

  • Mika 

Hebrew Who resembles God? (My, Mike) 

  • Octavian 

Latin The eighth (Octo, Otto, Tavy, Avi)

  • Oren 

Hebrew Pine tree, ash tree (Ore, Ren, Renny) 

  • Pascal

French Easter child (Paz, Pat, Pax, Cal)

  • Quill 

English Plume, feather (Q, Will, Quilly) 

  • Ripley 

English Strip of clearing in the woods (Rip, Lee, Ripple) 

  • Ross 

Scottish Headland, cape (Rossy. Ro) 

  • Rune 

Old Norse Secret (Roo, Rooney) 

  • Stellan

German Peaceful one (Stell, Stelly) 

  • Storm 

English Tempest (Sto, Stor, Tor) 

  • Teddy 

French Wealthy protector (Ted, Ed, Eddy) 

  • Tilden 

Old English Fertile valley (Til, Tilly, Den, Denny) 

  • Torin 

Irish Chief (Thor, Tor, Orin) 

  • Viggo 

Old Norse Battle, fight (Vig, Wig, Viggy) 

  • Walden 

English Wooded valley (Walt, Wal) 

  • Waylen 

Old English Land by the road (Way, Whale) 

  • Willis 

English Resolute protector (Will, Willy) 

  • Wylie

English Well-watered meadow (Wy, Wyle, Lee)

earthy boy names list

Wrapping Up Earthy Boy Names

There’s just something so special about earthy boy names.

They make you think of things that are strong and tough, like rocks or mountains. They also remind you of nature and the great outdoors.

Choosing a name from our list will give your little one a deeper appreciation for the beauty and wonder of the planet we call home.

So go ahead and pick a name that speaks to you and your family’s love for the outdoors, and watch your little earthling grow and thrive!

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unique earthy boy names

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