240 Idyllic Cottagecore Names With Rustic Charm (Girls & Boys)

Hello, fellow cottage-core enthusiasts and lovers of all things cozy and charming!

Are you on the hunt for a name that perfectly captures the essence of a quaint and idyllic life in the countryside?

Look no further because we’ve got a list of the most enchanting cottagecore names that will transport you to a world of rustic beauty and serenity.

cottagecore names and nicknames

From floral-inspired monikers to names that sound like they were plucked straight out of a Jane Austen novel, we guarantee that you’ll fall in love with these names.

We’ve even included the current popularity beside each name, and any name without a popularity rating is out of the top 1000 baby names, according to the US SSA website.

So, grab a cup of tea, put on your favorite floral dress, and get ready to be swept away by the magic of these delightful names.

Let’s explore the world of cottage core together!

For Girls 

Nature-inspired Cottagecore Names

girl standing in the sunflower field wearing a hat

Nature-inspired female names are perfect for cottagecore vibes, as they capture the beauty of the outdoors.

These girl names range from floral to earthy and bring a peaceful and calming feel to any name list. 

  • Acacia 

Meaning: Thorny 

Nickname(s): Cassie, Cacia. 

  • Amaranth 

Meaning: Unfading

Nickname(s): Amy, Mara. 

  • Anise 

Meaning: Spice

Nickname(s): Anisa, Nisa, Annie 

  • Aspen – #201

Meaning: Quaking tree 

Nickname(s): Penny, Pen

  • Autumn – #66

Meaning: Fall, the Season of harvest 

Nickname(s): Audie 

  • Azalea – #423

Meaning: Dry flower 

Nickname(s): Lea, Azzy.

  • Blossom

Meaning: Flower-like

Nickname(s): Bee, Bloss, Blossy 

  • Briar – #515

Meaning: Thorny bush of wild roses. 

Nickname(s): Bree, Bry. 

Nature-inspired Cottagecore Names with meanings
  • Dahlia – #309 

Meaning: Valley flower 

Nickname(s): Dally, Dolly, Lia. 

  • Fawn

Meaning: Young deer 

  • Fern 

Meaning: Someone who lives among ferns

Nickname(s): Ferny, Fer

  • Hazel – #28

Meaning: The hazel tree 

Nickname(s): Haz, Zella 

  • Honey 

Meaning: Nectar 

Nickname(s): Hon, Hun. 

  • Iris – #107 

Meaning: Rainbow 

  • Ivy – #49

Meaning: Climbing evergreen plant 

  • Laurel – #636

Meaning: The laurel tree. 

Nickname(s): Laurie, Laura, Laur. 

Nature-inspired Cottagecore Names with nicknames
  • Maple 

Meaning: One who lives near maple trees 

Nickname(s): Map.

  • Olive – #182

Meaning: The Olive tree 

Nickname(s): Livie. 

  • Sunny – #650

Meaning: Sunshine 

Nickname(s): Sun. 

  • Terra 

Meaning: Earth

Nickname(s): Terri, Ter. 

  • Willow – #39 

Meaning: Freedom

Nickname(s): Will, Willa.

  • Winter – #324

Meaning: Winter season 

Nickname(s): Winnie, Win. 

  • Wisteria 

Meaning: Wister’s flower. 

Nickname(s): Wisty, Wisty, Ria. 

Old-Fashioned Names

A girl wearing straw hat wearing a white dress sitting under tree

Vintage cottage core names for girls have a timeless charm that never goes out of style.

These names evoke a sense of simplicity and nostalgia, bringing a touch of the past to your name list.

  • Agnes 

Meaning: Pure

Nickname(s): Aggy, Nessa.

  • Alma – #511

Meaning: Nourishing

Nickname(s): Al.

  • Beatrix 

Meaning: Voyager 

Nickname(s): Bee, Bea, Trixie 

  • Bryony

Meaning: Climbing plant 

Nickname(s): Bry, Bree.

  • Dorothea 

Meaning: God’s gift 

Nickname(s): Dora, Thea.

  • Dove 

Meaning: A bird symbolizing peace 

Nickname(s): Dovey. 

  • Elsie – #221 

Meaning: Pledged to God 

Nickname(s): Ella, Ellie, El

  • Florence – #713

Meaning: Blossoming 

Nickname(s): Flo. 

Old-Fashioned Names with nicknames
  • Greta – #827 

Meaning: Pearl 

Nickname(s): Gret.

  • Gwendolyn – #399

Meaning: Fair bow

Nickname(s):  Gwen, Lyn.

  • Harriet 

Meaning: Home ruler

Nickname(s): Hattie, Harry.

  • Ida 

Meaning: Industrious.  

  • Mabel – #375 

Meaning: Lovable 

Nickname(s): Belly, Mabe.

  • Madge 

Meaning: Child of light. 

  • Maisie – #405 

Meaning: Pearl 

Nickname(s): Mai. 

  • Marjorie 

Meaning: Pearl 

Nickname(s): Marge. 

Old-Fashioned Names with meanings
  • Myrtle 

Meaning: Evergreen shrub. 

  • Ophelia – #321

Meaning: Aid, help 

Nickname(s): Ophie, Lia. 

  • Pearl – #751 

Meaning: Precious 

  • Phoebe – #247 

Meaning: Bright 

Nickname(s): Pheebs, Pheeb. 

  • Posie 

Meaning: He will increase. 

Nickname(s): Po. 

  • Ruby – #62

Meaning: Precious red stone. 

Nickname(s): Rube, Rubes. 

  • Seraphine 

Meaning: Burning ones 

Nickname(s): Sera.

  • Virginia – #544

Meaning: Maiden 

Nickname(s): Ginny, Nia. 

  • Wren – #251

Meaning: Small songbird

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Rustic Names

Girl sitting on a grass, wearing a straw hat and sitting on the grass reading a book.

Rustic cottage-core girl names are perfect for those who love simple life and nature.

These names evoke a sense of peace and tranquility that will make girls feel at home in the great outdoors.

  • Arden 

Meaning: Great forest 

Nickname(s): Ari, Ardie.

  • Beryl 

Meaning: Light green semiprecious gemstone

Nickname(s): Bear.

  • Faye – #607 

Meaning: Fairy

  • Gwyneth 

Meaning: Happiness 

Nickname(s): Gwen.

  • June – #175

Meaning: Young 

Nickname(s): Junie 

  • Marion 

Meaning: Star of the sea 

Nickname(s): Mary.

Rustic Names with meanings
  • Matilda – #466 

Meaning: Battle mighty 

Nickname(s): Mattie, Tilda 

  • Paige – #300 

Meaning: Mate of young nobles.

  • Piper – #96 

Meaning: Someone who plays the musical pipes 

Nickname(s): Pip, Pippy. 

  • Pippa 

Meaning: Lover of horses. 

Nickname(s): Pip.

  • Rosalie – #185

Meaning: Rose garden 

Nickname(s): Rose, Rosie, Rosa.

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Traditional English Names

A beautiful reading a book wearing a purple old fashioned dress and a straw hat

Traditional English cottage-core girl names are perfect for those who love vintage charm and old-fashioned elegance.

These names bring a sense of classic beauty to your collection of potential baby names, creating images of blooming gardens, cozy fireplaces, and tea parties. 

  • Alice – #64

Meaning: Noble 

Nickname(s): Ali, Lisa 

  • Annabelle 

Meaning: Favored grace. 

Nickname(s): Anna, Belle, Bella. 

  • Annabeth 

Meaning: Full of grace 

Nickname(s): Anna, Beth.

  • Anne – #588 

Meaning: Grace 

  • Annie – #230

Meaning: Grace

Nickname(s): Anne.

  • Audrey – #60

Meaning: Strength 

Nickname(s): Audie, Audra 

  • Betty 

Meaning: Oath of God. 

Nickname(s): Bets.

  • Bridgette 

Meaning: Exalted one 

Nickname(s): Bridge 

  • Daisy – #134

Meaning: Day’s eye. 

Nickname(s): Day

  • Daphne – #288

Meaning: Laurel 

Nickname(s): Daph 

Traditional English Names with nicknames
  • Diana – #225

Meaning: Divine 

Nickname(s): Di, Ana 

  • Esme – #379

Meaning: Esteemed 

Nickname(s): Emmy. 

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  • Flora – #647 

Meaning: Flower 

Nickname(s): Flo

  • Georgie – #165 

Meaning: Agriculture 

Nickname(s): George

  • Imogen 

Meaning: Maiden 

Nickname(s): Immy, Em 

  • Kate – #413

Meaning: Pure 

Nickname(s): Kat.

  • Meredith – #570 

Meaning: Great ruler 

Nickname(s): Mer, Edith.

Traditional English Names with nicknames
  • Norma 

Meaning: The standard 

  • Rose – #116 

Meaning: Rose flower 

Nickname(s): Rosa, Rosie.

  • Rosemary – #368

Meaning: Dew of the sea 

Nickname(s): Rose, Rosie, Mary 

  • Sadie – #78 

Meaning: Princess 

  • Sally 

Meaning: Princess 

Nickname(s): Sal

  • Sara – #296

Meaning: Princess 

Nickname(s): Sar.

  • Suzanne 

Meaning: Graceful lily

Nickname(s): Sue, Anne

Country-Style Names

A beautiful girl wearing a straw hat standing with her bicycle

Country-style cottage-core girl names are perfect for those who love the charm and warmth of rural life.

These names evoke images of wide-open fields, wildflowers, and sunny days, bringing a sense of down-to-earth simplicity to any name list.

  • Blythe 

Meaning: Joy 

Nickname(s): Bee, Bly

  • Bonnie – #513

Meaning: Pretty, beautiful 

Nickname(s): Bon, Bonbon

  • Cecily 

Meaning: Heaven 

Nickname(s): Cece, Cess, Ceci.

  • Charlotte – #3

Meaning: Free man 

Nickname(s): Char, Charl, Lola, Lottie.

  • Gretel 

Meaning: Pearl 

Nickname(s): Greta. 

  • Hattie – #459

Meaning: Home ruler 

Nickname(s): Hat. 

Country-style Names with meanings
  • Linette 

Meaning: Lake 

Nickname(s): Lin, Lynn, Etta.

  • Lottie 

Meaning: Little, womanly 

Nickname(s): Lotte 

  • Paisley – #52

Meaning: New 

Nickname(s): Paise, Lee.

  • Rue 

Meaning: Regret 

  • Saffron 

Meaning: Yellow flower 

Nickname(s): Saffy, Ronnie.

  • Tessa – #287

Meaning: To gather 

Nickname(s): Tessie, Tess.

  • Vera – #228 

Meaning: Faith 

Nickname(s): Ver.

Folk-Inspired Names

A girl standing in the field of lavenders

Folk-inspired cottage-core names are a great way to add a touch of whimsy and traditional charm to your name list.

These names draw inspiration from folklore and bring a sense of history and cultural significance to any moniker collection.

  • Amara – #144

Meaning: Everlasting, grace

Nickname(s): Amy, Mara, Am. 

  • Belle 

Meaning: Beautiful 

Nickname(s): Bella, Belly

  • Carmine 

Meaning: Song 

Nickname(s): Car, Carrie, Carmy 

  • Clover – #866 

Meaning: Meadow flower 

Nickname(s): Clo, Vera, Clove 

  • Heidi – #395

Meaning: Noble, kind 

Nickname(s): Hide, Hides. 

  • Lilly – #218

Meaning: Lily flower 

Nickname(s): Lill, Lola.

Folk-Inspired Names with meanings
  • Marigold 

Meaning: Golden flower 

Nickname(s): Mary, Goldie, Maria. 

  • Mielle 

Meaning: Honey 

Nickname(s): Mellie, Mie, Ella, Elle. 

  • Nellie – #742

Meaning: Sunray 

Nickname(s): Nell, Nella, Nells.

  • Poppy – #401

Meaning: Red flower 

Nickname(s): Pop, Pops. Check here for stunning Poppy middle names.

  • Primrose 

Meaning: First rose. 

Nickname(s): Prim, Rose, Rosie. 

  • Summer – #141

Meaning: The season of summer.

Nickname(s): Sum, Summy, Sunny. 

  • Violet – #35 

Meaning: Purple flower 

Nickname(s): Vi, Lettie, Letta, Viola.

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Whimsical Names

Cute girl sitting infont of a fan in grass field taking a picture with old camera

Whimsical cottage-core girl names capture the charm and enchantment of the countryside.

These names add a touch of magic to your list of potential baby girl names, with options ranging from fairytale-inspired monikers to names that evoke a sense of wonder and imagination.

  • Aurora – #36

Meaning: Dawn 

Nickname(s): Auri, Aura, Rory.

  • Celeste – #322

Meaning: Heavenly 

Nickname(s): Cece, Cellie.

  • Clementine – #549

Meaning: Merciful 

Nickname(s): Clem, Clemmy, Tina.

  • Coraline – #720

Meaning: Heart, maiden 

Nickname(s): Cora, Lina, Coral. 

  • Ginger 

Meaning: Pure, chaste 

Nickname(s): Ginge, Ginny, Gingey.

Whimsical Names with nicknames
  • Luna – #11

Meaning: Moon 

Nickname(s): Lu, Loony.

  • Melody – #113

Meaning: Song 

Nickname(s): Mel, Mellie, Odie, Dee. 

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  • Peach 

Meaning: Persian apple 

Nickname(s): Peachy .

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  • Prairie 

Meaning: Meadow, grassland. 

Nickname(s): Pree, Rie, Prair.

  • Reverie 

Meaning: Daydream 

Nickname(s): Rev, Rie, Evie, Ever. 

  • Sylvie – #586

Meaning: Spirit of the wood 

Nickname(s): Syl, Sylv, Sylla. 

For Boys

Nature-Inspired Names

A boy wearing traditional english dress sitting on a log in a park

Boy names inspired by nature and the cottage-core aesthetic are often down-to-earth and give off a peaceful vibe.

Names like Forest and Lark remind us of the beauty of the outdoors and the simplicity of country living.

  • Cliff 

Meaning: Cliff-side slope 

  • Cove 

Meaning: Small bay 

Nickname(s): Covey 

  • Elwood 

Meaning: Elder tree 

Nickname(s): El, Ellie, Woody. 

  • Forest – #715 

Meaning: Woods 

Nickname(s): For, Rory, Est. 

  • Garland 

Meaning: Wreath 

Nickname(s): Lando, Gary. 

  • Hawke

Meaning: Wild 

Nickname(s): Hawk

Nature-Inspired Names with nicknames
  • Holland – #638 

Meaning: Wooded land 

Nickname(s): Holly, Holl. 

  • Lark 

Meaning: A playful, lighthearted songbird 

  • Leif – #992 

Meaning: Heir 

  • Oak 

Meaning: Meadow of oak trees. 

Nickname(s): Oakley, Oaky.

  • Parker – #93 

Meaning: Park keeper 

Nickname(s): Park, Parkey. 

  • Slade 

Meaning: Valley

  • Wilder – #368

Meaning: Wild 

Nickname(s): Wild, Wildy 

Old-Fashioned Names

Beautiful young boy standing in the field of barley holding barley

Classic cottage-core boy names are a great way to add a vintage charm to your name list.

From classic monikers to rustic names, they capture the timeless essence of the countryside and bring a sense of nostalgia to any parent’s search for the perfect name.

  • Crispin 

Meaning: Curly-haired 

Nickname(s): Chris.

  • Franklin – #395

Meaning: Free man 

Nickname(s): Frank, Frankie. 

  • Hiram 

Meaning: Exalted brother

  • Ike 

Meaning: Laughter  

Old-fashioned Names with meanings
  • Louis – #251

Meaning: Famed warrior 

Nickname(s): Lou.

  • Lysander 

Meaning: Liberator 

Nickname(s): Lys, Lee.

  • Oswald 

Meaning: Divine power 

Nickname(s): Ozzy, Waldo.

  • Otto – #336

Meaning: Wealth 

Nicknames(s): Otis 

  • Shepherd – #528

Meaning: Sheepherder 

Nickname(s): Shep.

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Rustic Names

young caucasian boy on wheat field during daytime

Rustic cottage-core boy names are perfect for those who love the simple and natural way of life.

These names bring a sense of rugged charm to your list of potential baby names, evoking images of log cabins, campfires, and the great outdoors.

  • Alfred – #900 

Meaning: Wise counselor.

Nickname(s): Al, Fred, Freddy.

  • Ansel 

Meaning: With divine protection. 

Nickname(s): An. 

  • Ash 

Meaning: Happy 

  • August – #121

Meaning: Esteemed, venerable.

Nickname(s): Augie, Gus.

  • Barnaby 

Meaning: Son of consolation 

Nickname(s): Barney. 

  • Corvus 

Meaning: Raven 

Nickname(s): Corv.

  • Cyrus – #350

Meaning: Sun 

Nickname(s): Cy.

  • Dashiell 

Meaning: Page boy 

Nickname(s): Dash.

Rustic Names with meanings
  • Easton – #70 

Meaning: East town 

Nickname(s): East.

  • Ephraim – #978

Meaning: Fruitful 

Nickname(s): Effy.

  • Fallon – #725

Meaning: Descended from a ruler. 

Nickname(s): Lon, Lonnie.

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  • Grover 

Meaning: Grove of trees. 

Nickname(s): Grove.

  • Jasper – #128

Meaning: Treasurer 

Nickname(s): Jas.

  • Lupin 

Meaning: Pertaining to the wolf.

Nickname(s): Lu, Loopy. 

  • Ralph 

Meaning: Wolf counsel 

Nickname(s): Raff

  • Sawyer – #114

Meaning: Woodcutter 

Nickname(s): Saw 

  • Wade – #325 

Meaning: To go 

  • Weaver 

Meaning: One who weaves cloth.

Traditional English Names

Country boy feeding the animals

Traditional English cottage-core boy names are perfect for those who appreciate the charm of the English countryside.

These classic names bring to mind the history and sophistication of a bygone era and add a sense of nostalgia to the collection of names you’re considering.

  • Archie – #399

Meaning: Brave 

Nickname(s): Arch.

  • Arthur – #155

Meaning: Bear 

Nickname(s): Art, Artie. 

  • Atticus – #266

Meaning: Man of Attica 

Nickname(s): Attie, Atta 

  • Finch 

Meaning: to swindle 

Nickname(s): Finn

  • Frederick – #476

Meaning: Ruler 

Nickname(s): Fred, Ricky 

  • George – #134

Meaning: Farmer 

Nickname(s): Georgie, Joe.

  • Heath – #958

Meaning: Someone who lived by a hearth 

  • Henry – #9

Meaning: House ruler 

Nickname(s): Hen.

Traditional English Names with nicknames
  • Linden 

Meaning: Made from Linwood.

Nickname(s): Lin.

  • Oliver – #3

Meaning: Olive tree 

Nickname(s): Ollie, Oli. 

  • Otis – #647

Meaning: Wealthy 

Nickname(s): Otto 

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  • Peter – #215 

Meaning: Stone, rock 

Nickname(s): Pete, Petey 

  • Thomas – #46

Meaning: Twin 

Nickname(s): Tom, Tommy.

  • Timothy – #201

Meaning: One who honors God 

Nickname(s): Timmy, Tim.

  • Valerian 

Meaning: Strong, healthy.

Nickname(s): Val.

Country-Style Names

Adorable little kid boy having fun with hay bales

Country-style names for cottage-core boys are a great way to capture the essence of a rural lifestyle.

These monikers bring to mind images of farmland, cowboy boots, and southern charm and can add a touch of rustic appeal to the list of names you’re considering for your little one.

  • Arbor 

Meaning: A grove of trees 

Nickname(s): Arby, Ar.  

  • Clayton – #278

Meaning: Clay settlement. 

Nickname(s): Clay.

  • Dale 

Meaning: Valley 

  • Ewan 

Meaning: Born of Yew 

Nickname(s): Ewe, Wan. 

  • Finn – #184

Meaning: Fair

Nickname(s): Fin, Finny.

  • Fletcher – #655 

Meaning: Arrow maker 

Nickname(s): Fletch, Fletchie 

  • Hansel 

Meaning: God is gracious 

Nickname(s): Han, Hanny.

  • Hawthorne 

Meaning: Where the Hawthorn trees grow 

Nickname(s): Thorne, Hal, Hath.

Country-Style Names with nicknames
  • Hudson – #34

Meaning: Son of Hudd 

Nickname(s): Hud, Sonny. 

  • Jonah – #140

Meaning: Dove 

Nickname(s): Jon, Joney, Jones. 

  • Nash – #233

Meaning: By the ash tree 

Nickname(s): Ash. 

  • Reed – #416 

Meaning: Person with red hair 

Nickname(s): Reedy, Red. 

  • Rhett – #148

Meaning: To speak, advisor 

Nickname(s): Rhetty, Rev. 

  • Roman – #75

Meaning: Strong, powerful. 

Nickname(s): Romy, Roro, Ronny. 

  • Thatcher – #813

Meaning: One who thatches roofs.

Nickname(s): Thatch, Thad.

  • Quill

Meaning: Plume, feather 

Nickname(s): Q.

  • Wyatt – #29

Meaning: Brave warrior 

Nickname(s): Wy, Wyles.

Folk-Inspired Names 

A boy in traditional Bavarian clothes stands in the field of wheat holding wheat

Folk-inspired names are perfect for those who love the whimsical and rustic charm of cottage-core.

These names capture the essence of traditional folk tales and bring a touch of magic and enchantment to any name list.

  • Evander – #767

Meaning: Good man 

Nickname(s): Evan, Anders. 

  • Everett – #82

Meaning: Strong boar 

Nickname(s): Ever, Rhett, Rhetty, Evan.

  • Julius – #319

Meaning: Downy-bearded 

Nickname(s): Jules, Jul.

  • Orrick 

Meaning: Old oak tree. 

Nickname(s): Or, Rick, Ricky. 

  • Rune 

Meaning: Secret 

Nickname(s): Roo, Rooney.

  • Silas – #91

Meaning: Forest 

Nickname(s): Sile, Sy. 

  • Soren – #537

Meaning: Strict, stern

Nickname(s): Sore, Ore, Ren. 

Whimsical Names

boy standing in the wheat field holding a piece of bread and wearing a straw hat

Whimsical cottage-core boy names are full of charm and magic, perfect for those who love the fanciful and imaginative.

These names bring a sense of playfulness and wonder to any name list, evoking images of woodland creatures, fairytales, and adventure.

  • Airy

Meaning: Air  

Nickname(s): Air 

  • Ambrose 

Meaning: Immortal 

Nickname(s): Amby, Am, Bro.

  • Archer – #138

Meaning: Bowman

Nickname(s): Arch, Archie. 

  • Basil 

Meaning: Royal, kingly 

Nickname(s): Baz, Bazzy.

  • Citron 

Meaning: Lemon 

Nickname(s): Cit, City, Ron, Ronny. 

  • Corbin – #366 

Meaning: Crow 

Nickname(s): Corb, Corby, Cor. 

  • Corin 

Meaning: Spear 

Nickname(s): Core, Cor, Rin.

  • Egbert 

Meaning: Bright edge 

Nickname(s): Egg, Bertie, Berto, Bert. 

Whimsical Names with meanings
  • Felix – #193 

Meaning: Happy 

Nickname(s): Fel, Flick, Fee, Fox 

  • Kurt 

Meaning: Courteous, polite 

Nickname(s): Kay

  • Lennox – #254

Meaning: Grove of Elms. 

Nickname(s): Len, Lenny, Knox. 

  • Miles – #54

Meaning: A soldier 

Nickname(s): Mile, Mi, Milo. 

  • Oakley – #403

Meaning: Meadow of Oak trees. 

Nickname(s): Oak, Oaky, Lee. 

  • Orson 

Meaning: Bear cub. 

Nickname(s): Ors, Son, Sonny. 

  • Pippin 

Meaning: Awe-inspiring 

Nickname(s): Pip, Pippy. 

  • Sylvan 

Meaning: Of the forest 

Nickname(s): Syl, Sylla, Sylv.

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Unisex Names

Nature-inspired Names

cute little toddler sitting in a wheat field wearing a straw hat
  • Aster

Meaning: Star, flower 

Nickname(s): Star.

  • Brooke – #259

Meaning: Water, stream 

Nickname(s): Brooks.

  • Cedar 

Meaning: Cedar tree 

Nickname(s): Seed, Dar, Dara.

  • Clove 

Meaning: Nail 

Nickname(s): Clo, Clover. 

  • Hollis 

Meaning: Holly tree 

Nickname(s): Holly, Holl. Lee.

Nature-Inspired Names with meanings
  • Meadow – #499

Meaning: Grass, field

Nickname(s): Mae, Maddie 

  • Rain 

Meaning: Drops of water from the sky 

Nickname(s): Raina, Rainie 

  • River – #110

Meaning: A flowing body of water 

Nickname(s): Rive, Riva 

  • Sage – #179

Meaning: Spice, Wise 

  • Sky- #717

Meaning: Sky

  • Snow 

Meaning: Snow, Frost 

Nickname(s): Snowy 

  • Storm 

Meaning: Tempest 

Nickname(s): Stormy

Old-Fashioned Names

boy wearing a hat holding a corn
  • Eden- #121

Meaning: Place of pleasure 

Nickname(s): Edie.

Rustic Names 

Girl holding a chicken
  • Adair 

Meaning: Wealthy spear

Nickname(s): Addie, Ada.

  • Jay – #377

Meaning: To rejoice 

  • Rowan – #106

Meaning: Little red head.

Nickname(s): Row, Ro.

Other Unisex Cottagecore Name

A child in a wheat field
  • Angel – #67 

Meaning: Messenger 

Nickname(s): Ange, Angie, Gelly, Gilly.

  •  Fable

Meaning: Story with a moral or lesson.

Nickname(s): Fab, Fabby. 

  • Garnet 

Meaning: Pomegranate 

Nickname(s): Gary, Garn, Netta, Natty

  • Lake 

Meaning: Body of water 

Nickname(s): Lakey.

  • Lyric

Meaning: Songlike

Nickname(s): Lys, Ly, Ricky.

  • Mauve 

Meaning: Violet coloured 

Nickname(s): Mau. 

  • Nell 

Meaning: Shining light. 

Nickname(s): Nellie, Nella. 

  • Ochre 

Meaning: Pale yellow 

Nickname(s): Och. 

  • Topaz 

Meaning: Golden gem

Nickname(s): Top, Paz.

Cottagecore names list

Wrapping Up Cottagecore Names

And there you have it!

Our list of enchanting cottagecore names that perfectly captures the essence of a quaint and idyllic life in the countryside.

These names embody everything that’s rustic, charming, and oh-so-cottage-core, and we hope they’ve inspired you to embrace the simple joys of country living.

Whether you’re naming a newborn, or a furry friend, or just looking to add a touch of countryside charm to your own name, these monikers will transport you to a world of rustic beauty and serenity.

So go ahead, take a stroll through a meadow, pick some wildflowers, and let these names transport you to a world of all things cozy and quaint. 

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