221 Fairycore Names For Girls And Boys

Are you tired of the same old boring names like John and Sarah? Want to add a touch of magic to your child’s name?

Well, it’s time to embrace your inner fairy and dive into the whimsical world of Fairycore names!

the prettiest fairycore names

From ethereal names to mystical monikers, these names are sure to make your little one feel like they’re living in a fairy tale. 

So grab a cup of fairy dust (I mean, coffee), and let’s explore some enchanting names together!

Fairycore Names For Girls 

beautiful girl dressed as a fairy


  • Acadia (French, Place of Plenty) 
  • Adalynn (German, Noble kind) 
  • Aerin (Gaelic, Ireland) 
  • Alice (German, Noble) 
  • Althea (Greek, Healer or Wholesome) 
  • Amara (Igbo, Grace) 
  • Amari (Hebrew, Promised by God) 
  • Amaryllis (Greek, Sparkle, or Shine) 
  • Angelica (Latin, Angel) 
  • Aria (Italian, Song) 
  • Ariadne (Greek, Most holy) 
  • Arieta (Italian, Little aria) 
  • Arwen (Welsh, Muse) 
  • Astrid (Scandanavian, Divinely beautiful) 
  • Audra (British, Noble strength) 
  • Aurora (Latin, Dawn) 
  • Ava (Persian, Voice) 

B – E

forest fairy girl wearing a green dress
  • Birdie (German, Bright, famous bird) 
  • Brielle (Hebrew, Heroine of God) 
  • Brook (English, Stream) 
  • Carina (Italian, Beloved) 
  • Catalina (Greek, Pure) 
  • Celeste (Latin, Heavenly)
  • Coralie (French, Coral) 
  • Cressida (Greek, Gold) 
  • Crystal (Greek, Clear, or Precious) 
  • Dara (Irish, Oak, or Wise) 
  • Dawn (English, The first appearance of light in a day) 
  • Desirae (French, Desired) 
  • Destinee (French, One’s certain fortune) 
  • Dew (Gaelic, Morning mist) 
  • Dorothea (Greek, God’s gift) 
  • Ebony (Latin, Deep black wood) 
Fairycore Girl Names with nicknames
  • Eleanora (Greek, Shining light) 
  • Elina (Greek, Bright light or Torch of Helen)  
  • Ella (Hebrew, Beautiful)
  • Elm (English, Red, or Brown) 
  • Elora (Greek, My God is my light)
  • Elowen (Cornish, Elm) 
  • Elva (Irish, White, or Bright) 
  • Ember (English, Spark) 
  • Emery (English, Industrious) 
  • Enya (Irish, Little seed, or Kernal) 
  • Eudora (Greek, Good gift)
  • Evangeline (Latin, Gospel) 
  • Eve (Latin, Full of life) 
  • Evie (Latin, Full of life) 
  • Evelina (Latin, Desired or Water, Island)
  • Evren (Turkish, Universe) 
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F – L

Girl dressed as fairy
  • Fable (English, Story with a moral or lesson) 
  • Faith (English, Belief or trust) 
  • Fauna (Latin, Young deer) 
  • Fawn (French, Young deer) 
  • Fern (English, Someone who lives among ferns) 
  • Freya (Scandanavian, Noble lady) 
  • Frida (German, Peace) 
  • Gem (Italian, Jewel) 
  • Goldie (English, Made of gold) 
  • Grace (Latin, Goodness)
  • Harlow (English, Army hill) 
  • Harmony (Greek, Unity) 
  • Hazel (English, Hazel) 
  • Hope (English, Hope) 
  • Imogen (Celtic, Maiden) 
Fairycore Girl Names with meanings
  • Indigo (Greek, A deep blue dye) 
  • Ines (Spanish, Holy) 
  • Iridessa (Latin, Light, or Illuminated) 
  • Iris (Greek, Rainbow) 
  • Ismelda (German, She who battles with a sword)
  • Ivy (Latin, Vine) 
  • Jana (Hebrew, God is gracious) 
  • Juniper (Latin, Young, or Evergreen) 
  • Lenora (Greek, Light) 
  • Lillie (English, Innocence, and Purity) 
  • Libby (English, God is my oath) 
  • Livie (Latin, Peace or Olive tree) 
  • Lorelei (German, Rocky cliff on the rhine river)
  • Lucinda (Latin, Light) 
  • Luna (Latin, Moon) 
  • Lydia (Greek, Beautiful one) 
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M – Z

blonde girl wearing fantasy fairy costume
  • Magdalene (Hebrew, Woman from Magdala) 
  • Mariposa (Spanish, Butterfly) 
  • Maude (Old German, Powerful Battler) 
  • Mia (Egyptian, Mine) 
  • Misty (English, Light fog, or Haze) 
  • Musa (Arabic, Drawn out of the water)
  • Nessa (Greek, Butterfly) 
  • Nori (Japanese, Doctrine or Seaweed) 
  • Nova (Latin, New) 
  • Octavia (Latin, Born eighth)  
  • Odessa (Greek, Wrathful or One who receives pain) 
  • Olive (English, Olive tree) 
  • Prilla (Latin, Servant) 
  • Quinn (Irish, Wise, sense or reason) 
  • Raven (Old English, Dark-haired) 
  • Rayla (German, Wise guardian) 
  • Sage (Latin, Wise) 
  • Sarea (Hebrew, Name of an angel) 
Fairycore Girl Names with nicknames
  • Shira (Hebrew, Poetry or Singing)
  • Serenity (French, Peaceful, or Calm) 
  • Silver (English, Metal) 
  • Skye (Scottish, Island of Clouds)
  • Sylvie (French, Spirit of the wood)  
  • Tansy (Greek, Eternal life) 
  • Taryn (Welsh, Thunder, or From a high rocky cliff)
  • Terra (Latin, Earth) 
  • Theodora (Greek, Gift of God) 
  • Tinkerbell (Literary, Fairy who mends pots and kettles) 
  • Trinity (Latin, Triad) 
  • Tulip (Turkish, Turban) 
  • Vanessa (English, Butterfly) 
  • Venus (Latin, Roman Goddess of love and beauty) 
  • Willow (Old English, Willow tree) 
  • Winnie (Welsh, Fair one) 
  • Xena (Greek, Hospitable) 

Fairycore Names For Boys 

Fantasy male elf sitting on a rock next to a tree stump and mushrooms

A – F

  • Adrian (Latin, Son of Adria) 
  • Alston (Old English, Old stone) 
  • Arthur (Celtic, Bear) 
  • Ash (Hebrew, Happy, or Ash tree) 
  • Aslan (Turkish, Lion)
  • Atlas (Greek, To carry) 
  • August (Latin, To increase) 
  • Basil (Greek, Royal, and Kingly) 
  • Bren (Irish, Prince) 
  • Callum (Gaelic, Dove) 
Fairycore Boy Names With Nicknames
  • Caspian (English, White) 
  • Cassian (Latin, Son of Cassius) 
  • Dain (English, Brook) 
  • Dewin (Irish, Magician, diviner, or wizard)
  • Elijah (Hebrew, My God is Yahweh) 
  • Elros (Literary, Elf of the spray) 
  • Evander (Greek, Good man) 
  • Ezran (Hebrew, Blessing from God) 
  • Felix (Latin, Happy or Lucky) 
  • Finch (English, To swindle or One catches finches) 
  • Fletcher (British, Arrow maker) 
  • Flint (Old English, Born near an outcrop of flint)
  • Flynn (Irish, Descendant of Flann) 
  • Francis (French, Free man) 
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G – Z

fairy boy standing
  • Gael (English, Joyful) 
  • Gren (Old Norse, Branch) 
  • Grove (English, Someone who lives by a grove or thicket)
  • Hale (Old English, Hero)
  • Henry (French, House Ruler) 
  • Hollis (English, Holly tree) 
  • Isaiah (Hebrew, Yahweh is salvation) 
  • Ivan (Slavic, God is gracious) 
  • Kaden (Arabic, Companion or Fighter) 
  • Kai (Greek, Earth) 
  • Lowell (French, Young wolf) 
  • Milo (Slavic, Soldier) 
  • Neville (French, New town) 
  • Newt (English, A small salamander) 
  • Nico (Italian, Victory of the people) 
  • Oakley (English, Meadow of oak trees) 
  • Oberon (Greek, Noble) 
  • Oliver (French, Olive tree) 
  • Orion (Greek, Rising in the sky) 
  • Oscar (Irish, Deer loving one) 
  • Percival (French, Pierce the veil) 
  • Peter (Greek, Stone) 
  • Reed (English, Red-haired) 
  • Ronan (Irish, Little seal)
  • Silas (Greek, Forest or Wood) 
  • Soren (Danish, Stern, or Severe) 
  • Theodore (Greek, Gift of God) 
  • Zander (Greek, Defender of man) 

Unisex Fairycore Names 

Beautiful, young elf, walking with a unicorn
  • Avery (English, Ruler of the elves) 
  • Azure (French, Sky blue) 
  • Beau (French, Beautiful) 
  • Berry (English, Small fruit) 
  • Brucie (French, Thick brush) 
  • Eden (Hebrew, A place of pleasure or Paradise) 
  • Finley (Irish, Fair haired courageous one)
  • Holland (Dutch, Wooded land) 
  • Lark (British, A playful, lighthearted songbird) 
  • Mars (Latin, God of War) 
  • Meadow (English, Grass or vegetation) 
Fairycore Unisex Names
  • Noa (Hebrew, Motion) 
  • Nyx (Greek, Night) 
  • Onyx (Greek, A fingernail or claw) 
  • Oriole (Latin, The golden one)
  • Pixie (English, Fairy) 
  • Pheonix (Greek, Dark red or Crimson)
  • Rain (English, Rain) 
  • River (English, A flowing body of water) 
  • Ren (Japanese, Lotus) 
  • Robin (English, Bright, shining, or famous) 
  • Rowan (Irish and Scottish, Little red head)
  • Rue (Greek, Herb or regret) 
  • Teddy (French, Wealthy protector) 
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Names That Mean Fairy 

little fairy princess
  • Dela (Latin, Small winged one) 
  • Faye (Middle English, Fairy) 
  • Fayetta (French, Little fairy) 
  • Naia (Greek, Water nymph) 
  • Rusalka (Slavic, Wood sprite) 
  • Faerydae (Gaelic, Gift of the fairies)
  • Parisa (Persian, Like a Fairy)

Flower Names / Nature Fairycore Names

Flower nature fairy
  • Acorn (English, Fruit of the unenclosed land
  • Aster (Greek, Star or Flower) 
  • Bloom (Hebrew, Blooming flower) 
  • Blossom (British, Flower-like) 
  • Briar (English, Thorny bush of wild roses) 
  • Clover (English, Meadow flower) 
  • Daffodil (English, Yellow flower) 
  • Dahlia (Scandanavian, Valley flower) 
  • Daisy (English, Day’s eye) 
  • Dianthe (Greek, Flower of the Gods) 
  • Eolande (English, Purple flower) 
  • Fleur (French, Flower) 
  • Flora (Latin, Flower) 
  • Gardenia (English, Garden’s flower) 
  • Jasmine (Persian, Fragrant flower) 
  • Marigold (English, Golden flower) 
  • Orchid (Greek, Orchid flower) 
  • Periwinkle (English, Periwinkle plant) 
  • Petal (Greek, Leaf) 
  • Poppy (Latin, Red flower) 
  • Posy (English, A bunch of flowers) 
  • Primrose (British, First rose) 
  • Rose (Latin, Flower)
Fairycore names list

Wrapping Up Fairycore Names

Well, folks, that’s a wrap on our exploration of fairycore names!

I hope you’ve found this post both informative and whimsical and maybe even got some inspiration for your own fairy-inspired moniker.

Remember, whether you opt for a name that nods to the natural world, a more fantastical option, or something that’s simply enchanting, your name should make you feel magical every time you hear it.

So go forth, embrace your fairycore identity, and let your imagination run wild!

Until next time, keep spreading that fairy dust wherever you go.

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