80+ Romantic Girl Names That Will Make You Swoon

When naming a new baby, there are many factors to consider. 

One thing that many parents find important is selecting a name that embodies a certain feeling, aesthetic, or emotion. 

If you’re looking for a name that exudes romance and femininity, consider one of the following romantic girl names.

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Swoon-worthy romantic girl names

From classic and timeless to unique and modern, these names will set the tone for a lifetime of love and affection. 

But First, What Makes A Girl’s Name Romantic?

Cute little girl sending romantic air kiss on color background.

Concepts of love, beauty, and romance inspire romantic girl names. 

They can be inspired by literature, poetry, art, or other sources, and they often have a dreamy, poetic quality that reflects their associations with love and beauty. 

Romantic baby girl names are often chosen because they have a soft, feminine sound or are associated with positive, uplifting concepts. 

Romantic girl names often have a dreamy and whimsical quality, evoking feelings of love and romance.

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Breathtaking Girl Names Inspired By Love Stories

French names and names ending in -ia or -a often have a romantic sound. As such, you’ll find many names of French origins in this list.

One other characteristic of romantic names is that they tend to be long and flowy, which can conjure up images of romance and affection.

They can be a great choice if you want to give your baby a name that reflects your romantic values and ideals.

So, without further ado, here are some of the most romantic girl names.

Classic, Vintage Romantic Names For Girls

Cute little caucasian girl wearing retro clothes. Nice female child in beautiful vintage outfit

1 – Adeline is a classic French name that means “noble” or “nobility.” 

2 – Audrey is a timeless classy that means “noble strength.” Believe it or not, this famous name used to be unisex but is now mostly associated with females.  

3 – Charlotte is a vintage name for your little girl with French origins. It means “free man.”  Charlie and Lottie are great nicknames.

4 – Fiona has roots in Gaelic and means “fair.” It was perhaps made popular in recent times by Princess Fiona in the animated cartoon Shrek.

5 – Florence is a “blossoming” name that comes from French culture. 

6 – Grace is a Latin name that means “goodness” and “generosity.” 

7 – Isla is a beautiful Spanish name that means “island.”

8 – Loretta is an Italian name that has an old-fashioned vibe. It is derived from the “Laurel tree,” which is a symbol of victory. 

9 – Lydia is an old lady’s name that comes from Greek and means “the beautiful one.” Here are some ideas for middle names that pair well with Lydia.

10 – Pearl is an English name with the straightforward meaning of “pearl.” 

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Long Romantic Female Names 

Girl holding heart shaped cookie

1 – Ariana is a Greek name that means “most holy.” A cute nickname for this name is Ari. A famous namesake is American pop singer Ariana Grande. 

2 – Caroline is a long German name that means “free man.” It’s hard to say this name without bursting into the popular refrain, “Sweet Caroline, oh.. oh.. oh….” Some pretty nicknames for this name are Carol and Carrie. 

3 – Cecelia is a beautiful name that means “blind.” Some nicknames include Cece and Celia. A Simon and Garfunkel song in the 1960s popularised this name. 

4 – Elizabeth is a Hebrew name that means “my God is my oath.” A few nicknames for this name are Lizzie, Ellie, or Beth. 

5 – Evangeline is a sweet Latin name that means “gospel.” You could also call your little girl Evie or Eva.

Long Romantic Female Names with meanings

6 – Gabriella has roots in Hebrew and means “God is my strength.” A common nickname is Gabby. 

7 – Genevieve is a regal name that comes from the French language and means “of the race of women.” Some nicknames include Gen or Gina.  

8 – Josephine is a Hebrew name that means “Yahweh shall grow.” Jo or Josie are nicknames for this name. 

9 – Katarina is a long Greek name that means “pure.” A simple nickname is Kat. 

10 – Liliana is an interesting Latin name that means “pure.” A good nickname is Lily. 

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Floral Names For Girls

Summer portrait of pretty little girl wearing white dress and hat, posing in rose

1 – Acacia is a Greek name that means “thorny.” 

2 – Azalea is a beautiful name that has Greek origins. It is derived from the name of a flowering shrub. 

3 – Blossom is a sweet English name that means “flower-like.” 

4 – Camellia has roots in Latin and means “helper to the priest.” 

5 – Clover is an English name that means “meadow flower.” It is known as a symbol of good fortune. 

Romantic Floral Girl Names with nicknames

6 – Dahlia is a gorgeous name with Swedish origins and means “valley flower.” 

7 – Daisy is an Old English name that means “day’s eye.” 

8 – Flora translates to “flower” in Latin. 

9 – Heather is an English name that means “evergreen flowering plant.” 

10 – Jasmine is a Persian name that means “gift from God.” 

11 – Lavender is the name of a “purple flower” in English 

12 – Peony is a Greek name that means “praise-giving.” 

13 – Petunia is an old-fashioned name that is also a flower with white or pink blossoms. 

14 – Primrose is a sweet English name that means “first rose.” 

15 – Violet is a Latin name that means “purple.” 

Dreamy Romantic Names

Curly toddler girl in fairy costume playing in flower garden

1 – Adora is a Latin name that means “beloved one.” 

2 – Celeste is a “heavenly” name that has Latin origins. See our list of 96 Heaven-inspired girl names.

3 – Estella is a Latin name that means “star.” 

4 – Fleur is a pretty French name that means “flower.” 

5 – Lucinda is a Latin name that means “light.” 

6 – Mariposa is a gorgeous Spanish name that means “butterfly.” 

7 – Odette is a French name that means “wealthy.” 

8 – Soliel is a dreamy French name that means “sun.” 

9 – Sylvie is an ethereal Latin name that means “spirit of the wood.” 

10 – Zelda is a German name that means “grey fighting maiden.” This name is popular due to the hit video game The Legend of Zelda.

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Romantic Unique Girl Names

Cupid with wings sleeping on bed with red hearts

1 – Alessia is a pretty and underused Italian girl name that means “helper or defender.” 

2 – Bedelia is a unique Irish name meaning “the high one.” 

3 – Cari is such a stunning name from Turkey that it means “flows like water.” Not to be confused with the English name Carrie – which is also a beautiful name.

4 – Colette originates from French and means “people of victory.” If you want a romantic name that will stand out, Colette or Collette, if you will, is the name for you!

Romantic Unique Girl Names with meanings

5 – Idonea is a sweet name from Medieval English with a deep meaning. It literally translates as “to love again,” which makes it perfect for a rainbow baby.

6 – Liliosa is of Latin origin, and it means “lily flower.” This is a perfect name for a spring baby or someone who loves flowers. It’s extremely rare. 

7 – Lucia is a Latin name that means “light.” 

8 – Nadine is a beautiful Russian name that means “showerer of blessings.” 

9 – Parisa is a Persian name that means “fairy-like,” which is perfect for your whimsical little girl. 

10 – Solana is a unique Spanish name that means “sunshine” or “eastern wind.” 

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Popular Romantic Female Names From Media

Cute adorable white Caucasian baby girl with blue eyes lying on bed among red white and pink paper hearts on a navy blue background

Many romantic movies, books, and Rom-Com characters have beautiful names. If you are looking for romantic girl names, consider finding ones inspired by these characters. 

1 – Bridget is an Irish name that means “exalted one.” It is also the name of the protagonist of the 2001 rom-com Bridget Jones’s Diary. 

2 – Camille is a very pretty romantic-sounding name of French origin. Ironically, in France, it is a common unisex name. 

Fans of the series Emily in Paris would recognize the name Camille as the name of one of Emily’s friends.

3 – Carrie is a sweet German name that means “free man.” Carrie Bradshaw is the main character of Sex and the City. 

4 – Elle is a lovely and short Hebrew name that means “sunray.” In Legally Blonde, Elle Woods is the name of the leading actress. 

5 – Holly is a classic English name that comes from the holly plant. In the 1961 film, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Audrey Hepburn plays Holly Golightly. 

Popular Romantic Female Names From Media

6 – Juliet is a Latin name that means “youthful.” This name is commonly recognized in Romeo and Juliet, arguably the most famous love story. 

7 – Lara is a Latin name meaning “protection.” This is the name of the female lead of the teen romcom To All The Boys I Loved Before. 

8 – Lorelai is a beautiful German name that means “alluring enchantress.” In the show, Lorelai is a single mother raising her daughter, Rory.

9 – Rachel means “female sheep” in Hebrew. In the rom-com Crazy Rich Asians, Rachel Chu is the protagonist’s name.

10 – Scarlett is a French name that means “red.” Scarlett O’Hara is the name of the female lead in Gone With The Wind. 

11 – Summer is an English name that simply means “summer.” It is also the name of the love interest in the romance movie 500 Days of Summer. 

Noble Romantic Names For Girls

Portrait of a cute little girl in pink dress holding paper heart and princess crown

These baby girl names are associated with the aristocracy in Britain and Europe.

You’ll find names of real-life and fictional Duchesses, Princesses, and Queens in the list below.

1 – Anastasia is a beautiful princess name associated with the Russian Tsar dynasty.

2 – Catherine is a French name that means “pure.” Many European royals, including Catherine the Great, bore a name.

3 – Cressida is a pretty Greek name that means “gold.” A popular name amongst England’s nobility.

4 – Daphne means “laurel” in Greek. Daphne is the name of the fictional Duchess of Hastings in the Bridgerton Series.

5 – Edwina is an English name with regal vibes. It means “rich friend” and is the feminine version of Edwin.  

6 – Eloise is a sweet French name that means “healthy.” It is a great name for your little girl. 

7 – Emma is a simple German name that means “whole.” This timeless name is rich in history and commonly used amongst the aristocrats. 

Noble Romantic Names For Girls with meanings

8 – Felicity is an English name that means “happiness.” 

9 – Francesca is a long Italian name that means “free.” 

10 – Hyacinth means “blue larkspur flower” in Greek. 

11 – Kate translates to “pure” in Greek. 

12 – Margaret has roots in French, Latin, and Greek language and means “pearl.” Queen Elizabeth II’s younger sister went by this name.

13 – Marianne is a French name that means “star of the sea” and “grace.” 

14 – Penelope is a Greek name that means “weaver.” 

15 – Philippa is a Greek name that means “lover of horses.” 

16 – Prudence is a noble Latin name that means “good judgment.” 

short list for Romantic names for girls

Final Thoughts on Romantic Names For Girls

These names are often associated with beauty, grace, and femininity and can bring a touch of whimsy and charm to any name. 

Whether you choose a classic name like Juliet or a unique option like Aurora, a romantic girl’s name is sure to be a beautiful choice for your little one.

You’ll love these romantic boy names as well!

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Dreamy Girl Names
Romantic Themed Names For Female Characters

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