225 Girly Girl Names That Are Feminine And Fabulous

Welcome, all you girly girls and lovers of everything pink and frilly! Are you on the hunt for a name that will make you feel like the ultimate princess? 

Well, look no further because we’ve got a list of the most fabulous, feminine, and downright girly-girl names that will make you want to twirl in a tutu.

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Girly Girl Names

We’ve also included the current popularity beside each name, so you can get an idea of how popular or unique each name is.

Any name without a popularity rating is out of the top 1000 baby names, according to the US SSA website.

Whether you’re expecting a little princess, looking for a name for your fur baby, or just love the sound of pretty names, this post is for you.

Get ready to swoon over these feminine names that sound like they belong in a tea party or a ballroom, and prepare to embrace your inner princess with these delightful girly names.

So, grab your tiara, and let’s get started!

Names That End In -ie; -a; -ette; -elle; and -line 

young beautiful woman wearing red beret

Female names that end in -ie, -a, -ette, -elle, and -line are usually considered girly because they sound soft and delicate, which are often associated with femininity.

These endings are also commonly used in romantic languages like French and Italian, which further adds to their feminine connotations.

  • Adeline – #94

Meaning: Noble 

Nickname(s): Addy, Ad, Adele. 

  • Alexa – #442

Meaning: Defender of man.

Nickname(s): Alex, Lexie, Lexa, Al. 

  • Angeline 

Meaning: Messenger of God 

Nickname(s): Angie, Angel. 

  • Aveline 

Meaning: Hazelnut 

Nickname(s): Avie, Lina

  • Brielle – #118 

Meaning: Heroine of God 

Nickname(s): Bree, Ella, Elle 

  • Caroline – #81 

Meaning: Free woman 

Nickname(s): Coral, Care, Carrie 

  • Chantelle 

Meaning: Stone 

Nickname(s): Chan, Telle, Tella. 

  • Elodie – #737

Meaning: Foreign riches 

Nickname(s): Ellie, Ella, Elle. 

  • Emma – #2

Meaning: Whole 

Nickname(s): Em, Emmy

  • Emmeline – #885 

Meaning: Hardworking, industrious 

Nickname(s): Em, Emmy, Emma. 

  • Evie – #294 

Meaning: Life 

Nickname(s): Eve, Eva.

  • Fiona – #296 

Meaning: Fair 

Nickname(s): Fi, Fee, Nana. 

  • Gabrielle – #448 

Meaning: God is my strength 

Nickname(s): Gab, Gabby, Brielle. 

  • Hallie – #317 

Meaning: Dweller at the meadow 

Nickname(s): Halle, Hal 

  • Jeanette 

Meaning: God is gracious 

Nickname(s): Jean, Jeanie, Netta. 

  • Josette 

Meaning: Jehovah increases 

Nickname(s): Josie, Jo, Joey, Jojo. 

  • Juliette – #178 

Meaning: Youthful 

Nickname(s): Jules, Jul, Julie. 

  • Kylie – #157 

Meaning: Boomerang 

Nickname(s): Ky, Lee, Kyle 

  • Lina – #669 

Meaning: Sunlight 

Nickname(s): Leen

  • Marceline – #779 

Meaning: Little warrior 

Nickname(s): Marcel, Mar, Celine, Lina. 

  • Melanie – #129 

Meaning: Dark-skinned 

Nickname(s): Mel, Mellie 

  • Noelle – #202 

Meaning: Christmas day 

Nickname(s): Noe, Elle, Ella. 

  • Ophelie 

Meaning: Help 

Nickname(s): Ophie, Opie, Phelia. 

  • Pauline 

Meaning: Small 

Nickname(s): Paul, Pau, Paulie.

  • Reverie  

Meaning: daydream

Nickname(s): Riv, Reve or Revi, Eve, Rie, and Evie. 

  • Scarlette – #930 

Meaning: Red 

Nickname(s): Scarly, Lette. 

  • Selena – #203 

Meaning: The moon

Nickname(s): Sel, Lena. 

  • Yvette 

Meaning: Yew 

Nickname(s): Yve, Eve, Yvey 

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Names With Soft And Delicate Sounds 

Woman in White Knitted Clothing with Bulk of Fluffy Clews

Names with soft and delicate sounds are usually considered girly because they evoke a sense of gentleness and femininity.

These names often feature vowel sounds, especially “ah” and “ee,” which create a lyrical and graceful quality that is often associated with girls.

  • Arwen 

Meaning: Noble maiden 

Nickname(s): Are, Ar. 

  • Daisy – #134

Meaning: Day’s eye 

Nickname(s): Daise, Day 

  • Dove 

Meaning: A bird that symbolizes peace 

Nickname(s): Dovey, Dee, Vee, Lovey. 

  • Elora – #553 

Meaning: My God is my light. 

Nickname(s): Ellie, El, Lora, Lorie. 

  • Elowen 

Meaning: Elm 

Nickname(s): Wen, Ella, Low, Ellie. 

  • Esme – #379 

Meaning: Esteemed 

Nickname(s): Ez, May. 

  • Everly – #50 

Meaning: Woodland clearing 

Nickname(s): Ever, Evie, Ev, Lee. 

  • Felicity – #441

Meaning: Happiness 

Nickname(s): Flick, Fliss, Cece, Fee 

  • Flora – #647 

Meaning: Flower 

Nickname(s): Flo, Lora.

  • Isla – #33

Meaning: Island

Nickname(s): Isles, Issie. 

Beautiful sexy woman in field
  • June – #175 

Meaning: Young 

Nickname(s): Ju, Junie. 

  • Maeve – #124

Meaning: She who rules 

Nickname(s): Mae, Eve, Evie. 

  • Nora – #27 

Meaning: Shining light 

Nickname(s): Nore, Nellie. 

  • Olive – #182 

Meaning: Olive tree. 

Nickname(s): Ollie, Livie. 

  • Paige – #300 

Meaning: Mate of young nobles 

Nickname(s): Pay, Pagey. 

  • Penny – #705 

Meaning: Weaver 

Nickname(s): Pen, Penpen. 

  • Rose – #116 

Meaning: Rose flower 

Nickname(s): Rosa, Rosie. 

  • Sienna – #149 

Meaning: Orange-red. 

Nickname(s): Sea, Enna, Anna. 

  • Simone – #873

Meaning: Listen, hear. 

Nickname(s): Simmy, Mona. 

  • Sylvie – #586 

Meaning: From the forest. 

Nickname(s): Syl, Sylv, Vee, Sylla. 

  • Willa – #353

Meaning: River 

Nickname(s): Will, Willow. 

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Names That Are Associated With Flowers Or Nature  

Pretty girl looking at camera near blooming chrysanthemum flowers

Names that are associated with flowers or nature are usually considered more feminine because they evoke images of delicacy, beauty, and softness.

Additionally, these names often have a long history of being used for girls, contributing to their association with femininity.

  • Acacia 

Meaning: Thorny 

Nickname(s): Ace, Cassia, Cassie 

  • Aster 

Meaning: Star, flower 

Nickname(s): Attie, Terrie, Star. 

  • Autumn – #66 

Meaning: Fall, the Season of harvest 

Nickname(s): Auttie, Audie, Auts 

  • Azalea – #423

Meaning: Dry flower 

Nickname(s): Azzy, Lea, Zalea. 

  • Blossom 

Meaning: Flower-like 

Nickname(s): Bloss, Blossy.

  • Clementine – #549 

Meaning: Merciful 

Nickname(s): Clem, Clemmy, Tina. 

  • Clover – #866 

Meaning: Meadow flower 

Nickname(s): Clove, Clo, Love, Lovie. 

  • Dahlia – #309 

Meaning: Valley flower 

Nickname(s): Dee, Lia, Dolly, Doll. 

  • Fawn 

Meaning: Young deer 

Nickname(s): Fawny, Fay. 

  • Fern 

Meaning: Someone who lives among ferns. 

Nickname(s): Ferny, Fen. 

Girl on the field with poppies
  • Hazel – #28 

Meaning: Hazel tree 

Nickname(s): Hazz, Haze, El, Ellie. 

  • Iris – #107

Meaning: Rainbow 

Nickname(s): Irie, Rissy, Rissa, Riri. 

  • Ivy – #49 

Meaning: Climbing evergreen plant. 

Nickname(s): Vee, Ive. 

  • Laurel – #636 

Meaning: The laurel tree 

Nickname(s): Laur, El, Ella, Laurie. 

  • Meadow – #499 

Meaning: Grass, field. 

Nickname(s): Med, Mae, Maddie. 

  • Sage – #179 

Meaning: Spice, wise 

Nickname(s): Say, Sagie, Gigi. 

  • Sky – #717 

Meaning: Sky

  • Snow

Meaning: Snow, frost 

Nickname(s): Snowy. 

  • Stormie 

Meaning: Tempest 

Nickname(s): Stormy. 

  • Terra 

Meaning: Earth 

Nickname(s): Terry, Ter

  • Violet – #35 

Meaning: Purple

Nickname(s): Vi, Viola, Letty. 

  • Willow – #39 

Meaning: Freedom 

Nickname(s): Will, Willa. 

  • Winter – #324 

Meaning: Winter season 

Nickname(s): Win, Winnie, Terra. 

Names With A French Or European Influence 

Beautiful young brunette woman wearing pink straw hat

Names with a French or European influence are usually associated with elegance, sophistication, and femininity, which is why they often come across as girly.

The use of romantic and flowery language in these names adds to their charm and feminine appeal.

  • Antoinette 

Meaning: Highly praiseworthy. 

Nickname(s): Toni, Tonia, Netta, Netty. 

  • Blanche 

Meaning: White 

Nickname(s): Bea, Bee. 

  • Camille – #281

Meaning: Helper to the priest 

Nickname(s): Cam, Cammie, Mila 

  • Celine – #390 

Meaning: Heavenly 

Nickname(s): Cel, Cece, Lina. 

  • Chloe – #24

Meaning: Blooming 

Nickname(s): Chlo, Low, Coco. 

  • Clara – #102 

Meaning: Clear, bright 

Nickname(s): Clare, Lars, Lara. 

  • Colette – #454 

Meaning: People of victory 

Nickname(s): Coco, Letta, Lettie, Cole. 

  • Delphine 

Meaning: Dolphin 

Nickname(s): Daffy, Delphi. Fy. 

  • Eloise – #109

Meaning: famous warrior or healthy, wide 

Nickname(s): Elle, Ellie Lulu, Lola, Lois.

  • Fleur 

Meaning: Flower 

Nickname(s): Flo, Flora. 

  • Gigi 

Meaning: Earth worker 

Nickname(s): Geeg. 

  • Laurie 

Meaning: Symbol of victory. 

Nickname(s): Laur, Ree. Auri. 

  • Louise – #643 

Meaning: Renowned warrior 

Nickname(s): Lou, Lulu. 

Attractive elegant girl in beige suit and beret with coffee
  • Lucille – #276 

Meaning: Light 

Nickname(s): Lu, Silla, Lulu. 

  • Margot – #194 

Meaning: Pearl 

Nickname(s): Marge, Gogo, Mar, Maggie. 

  • Marguerite 

Meaning: Pearl 

Nickname(s): Marge, Margie, Rita. 

  • Marinette 

Meaning: Of the sea.

Nickname(s): Mari, Netta, Rina. 

  • Odette 

Meaning: Wealthy 

Nickname(s): Odie, Etta. 

  • Paris – #445 

Meaning: Defender 

Nickname(s): Pare, Risa. Reece. 

  • Sabine 

Meaning: Woman of the Sabine people. 

Nickname(s): Sab, Sabby. 

  • Sophie – #76 

Meaning: Wisdom 

Nickname(s): Soph, Sophia, Fee. 

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Names That Have A Vintage Or Classic Feel  

Black and white portrait of elegant woman
  • Audrey- #60 

Meaning: Noble, strength 

Nickname(s): Audie, Rey, Addie, Drey. 

  • Beatrice – #565

Meaning: Blessed one 

Nickname(s): Bea, Trish, Beats. 

  • Cassandra – #602 

Meaning: The one who shines and excels over men. 

Nickname(s): Cassie, Cass, Sandra, Ann, Andi. 

  • Coraline – #720

Meaning: Free man 

Nickname(s): Coral, Cora, Lina, 

  • Daphne – #288 

Meaning: Laurel 

Nickname(s): Daph, Daffy. 

  • Dorothea 

Meaning: God’s gift 

Nickname(s): Dora, Thea, Dot, Dotty. 

  • Elizabeth – #14 

Meaning: My God is an oath. 

Nickname(s): Liz, Lizzie, Betty, Ellie. 

  • Geneva 

Meaning: Juniper tree 

Nickname(s): Gen, Genny, Eva. 

  • Gloria – #572

Meaning: Immortal glory 

Nickname(s): Glory, Ria, Glow. 

  • Grace – #34

Meaning: Generosity 

Nickname(s): Gray, Gracie, Ace. 

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Blonde woman in sunglasses wearing mink fur coat
  • Isadora 

Meaning: Gift of Isis. 

Nickname(s): Izzy, Issa, Dora, Dory. 

  • Katherine – #158 

Meaning: Pure 

Nickname(s): Kat, Kitty, Katie, Kate. 

  • Lucy – #47 

Meaning: As of light 

Nickname(s): Luce, Lu. 

  • Odelia 

Meaning: Praise God 

Nickname(s): Odie, Delia, Lia. 

  • Penelope – #23 

Meaning: Weaver 

Nickname(s): Penny, Pen. 

  • Posie 

Meaning: He will increase 

Nickname(s): Pose, Po.

  • Rebecca – #304 

Meaning: Captivating beauty 

Nickname(s): Becky, Becca, Reba, Becks. 

  • Rosaline 

Meaning: Beautiful rose 

Nickname(s): Rose, Rosa, Rosie. 

  • Samantha – #105 

Meaning: God has heard 

Nickname(s): Sam, Sammy. 

  • Seraphine 

Meaning: Burning ones 

Nickname(s): Feenie, Fee, Sera. 

  • Tabitha 

Meaning: A gazelle 

Nickname(s): Tab, Tabby, Tabs. 

  • Victoria – #43

Meaning: Victory 

Nickname(s): Vic, Vicky, Tori. 

  • Viola 

Meaning: Violet 

Nickname(s): Vi, Vee. 

  • Vivian- #101 

Meaning: Lively 

Nickname(s): Viv, Vivi, Anne. 

Modern Names That Have A Playful Or Cute Vibe 

Attractive skater girl with two buns in sunglasses smiling and holding a skate board
  • Airlie 

Meaning: Eaglewood 

Nickname(s): Air, Lee, Airy 

  • Bea 

Meaning: Bringer of happiness 

Nickname(s): Bee, Bean.

  • Birdie – #897 

Meaning: Bird 

Nickname(s): Bee. 

  • Briella – #328 

Meaning: God is my strength 

Nickname(s): Bree, Ella, Brielle

  • Coco 

Meaning: Chocolate bean 

Nickname(s): Co. 

  • Dotty 

Meaning: Gift of God 

Nickname(s): Dot. 

  • Harper – #10 

Meaning: Someone who plays the harp 

Nickname(s): Harp. 

  • Layla – #25

Meaning: Night 

Nickname(s): Lay, Lala 

  • Mazie 

Meaning: Child of light 

Nickname(s): Maze, May. 

  • Piper – #96 

Meaning: Pipe player 

Nickname(s): Pip, Pippa. 

  • Pixie 

Meaning: Fairy 

Nickname(s): Pix, See. 

joyful girl holding toy glasses and showing peace sign
  • Roxie

Meaning: Dawn 

Nickname(s): Rox, See 

  • Sonnet 

Meaning: Little song 

Nickname(s): Son, Sunny, Netta 

  • Tilly 

Meaning: Mighty in battle 

Nickname(s): Tilla, Till, Tee. 

  • Winnie – #690 

Meaning: Gentle friend

Nickname(s): Win, Nee. 

Princessy Names

Fashionable little princess girl

Princessy names are usually associated with femininity because they evoke images of elegance, grace, and beauty, which are often associated with traditional feminine traits.

These girly girl names often have a delicate and pretty sound that reflects the idea of a dainty and lovely princess.

  • Anna – #84

Meaning: Grace 

Nickname(s): Ann, Annie.

  • Ariel – #222

Meaning: Lion of God 

Nickname(s): Ari, Aria, Ar, Elle.

  • Belle 

Meaning: Beautiful 

Nickname(s): Bella, Bells. 

  • Cinderella 

Meaning: Little ashes.

Nickname(s): Cindy, Ella, Ellie. 

  • Elsa – #954

Meaning: Pledged to God 

Nickname(s): El, Sa, Ellie, Elsie. 

  • Giselle – #361 

Meaning: Pledge 

Nickname(s): Gigi, Geeg, Elle, Ella. 

  • Jasmine – #170 

Meaning: Gift from God 

Nickname(s): Jazz, Jas, Jazzy, Minnie. 

  • Merida 

Meaning: One who has achieved a high honor. 

Nickname(s): Merry, Ida. 

  • Tiana – #652

Meaning: Fairy Queen 

Nickname(s): Tee, Ana, Tia. 

Unique Girly Names With Unusual Spelling 

Sexy smiling beautiful young hippie woman
  • Aaliyah – #61

Meaning: Highborn, exalted 

Nickname(s): Aly, Lia 

  • Aimee 

Meaning: Beloved 

Nickname(s): Ames, Aim. 

  • Alanna – #559 

Meaning: Beautiful Offering 

Nickname(s): Aly, Anna, Alan. 

  • Averie – #487 

Meaning: Elf counsel 

Nickname(s): Ave, Aves, Avie. 

  • Bryleigh 

Meaning: Gracious and strong 

Nickname(s): Bry, Bree, Leigh, Lea. 

  • Carlie 

Meaning: Free man 

Nickname(s): Carls, Lee. 

  • Emmaleigh 

Meaning: Rival, eager 

Nickname(s): Emma, Emmy, Leigh. 

  • Jayde 

Meaning: Precious stone 

Nickname(s): Jay. 

  • Jazmyn 

Meaning: Jasmine flowers 

Nickname(s): Jaz, Jazzy.

  • Kaelyn 

Meaning: Pure 

Nickname(s): Kay, Lyn, Kalie. 

beautiful young hippie woman
  • Kamryn – #462

Meaning: Crooked nose 

Nickname(s): Kam, Kammy, Ryn. 

  • Khloe – #176

Meaning: Blooming 

Nickname(s): Khlo. 

  • Lauryn – #895 

Meaning: Laurel 

Nickname(s): Laur, Laurie, Ryn. 

  • Madisyn – #798

Meaning: Child of a mighty warrior 

Nickname(s): Maddie, Mad. 

  • Raelynn – #103

Meaning: Beam of light 

Nickname(s): Rae, Lynn. 

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  • Rylee – #97 

Meaning: Courageous, valiant 

Nickname(s): Ry, Lee, Ryl. 

Short Girly Names 

Attractive sweet funny girly girl sudden news reaction pout lips
  • Aria – #22

Meaning: Song, melody 

Nickname(s): Ari, Ria.

  • Ava – #5 

Meaning: Bird-like 

Nickname(s): Ave, Avie. 

  • Eden – #121

Meaning: Place of pleasure 

Nickname(s): Edes, Edie. 

  • Ella – #16 

Meaning: Fairy maiden 

Nickname(s): Ellie, Elle. 

  • Ellie – #30 

Meaning: Light 

Nickname(s): Elle, Ella.

  • Eve – #485 

Meaning: Full of life 

Nickname(s): Evie, Eva.

  • Faye – #607 

Meaning: Fairy 

Nickname(s): Fee, Fifi

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little blonde girl in crown
  • Lila – #223

Meaning: Night beauty 

Nickname(s): Lil, Lils, Lili 

  • Lilly – #218 

Meaning: Lily flower 

Nickname(s): Lil, Lils. 

  • Maia – #434

Meaning: Mother 

Nickname(s): May, Mai. 

  • May  

Meaning: The fifth month. 

  • Mia – #8 

Meaning: Mine 

Nickname(s): Me, My. 

  • Mila – #26 

Meaning: Miracles. 

Nickname(s): Mills, Millie. 

  • Nora – #27 

Meaning: Shining light 

Nickname(s): Nore. 

  • Nyx 

Meaning: Night 

Nickname(s): Nixie. 

  • Quinn – #80 

Meaning: Wise 

Nickname(s): Quinny, Queen. 

  • Ruth – #189 

Meaning: Compassionate friend 

Nickname(s): Ruthie, Roo. 

  • Sadie – #78 

Meaning: Princess 

Nickname(s): Sade, Sades, Saysay. 

  • Stella – #41

Meaning: Star 

Nickname(s): Stell, Ella, Ellie

  • Tess 

Meaning: Late summer 

Nickname(s): Tessie, Tessa. 

  • Zoey – #38 

Meaning: Life 

Nickname(s): Zo, Zee, Zozo.

Long, Flowing, Overly Girly Names 

Girl in Long Flowy Pink Dress
  • Alexandra 

Meaning: Defender of man 

Nickname(s): Alex, Lexie 

  • Anastasia – #181 

Meaning: Resurrection 

Nickname(s): Annie, Ana, Stacy. 

  • Annabelle – #274

Meaning: Favored grace

Nickname(s): Anna, Ann. 

  • Cecelia – #562

Meaning: Blind 

Nickname(s): Cece, Celia. 

  • Charlotte – #3

Meaning: Free man 

Nickname(s): Charl, Lottie. 

  • Cordelia 

Meaning: Daughter of the sea. 

Nickname(s): Delia. 

  • Eleanora – #997 

Meaning: Shining light. 

Nickname(s): Eleanor, Nora. 

  • Evangeline – #237 

Meaning: Bearer of good news 

Nickname(s): Evie, Eva. 

  • Francesca – #424

Meaning: Free 

Nickname(s): Frankie. 

  • Genevieve – #155

Meaning: Of the race of women 

Nickname(s): Gen, Vivi. 

  • Henrietta 

Meaning: Home ruler 

Nickname(s): Hattie.

Woman in a long dress standing on the stairs
  • Isabella – #7 

Meaning: God is my oath 

Nickname(s): Izzy, Bella. 

  • Jacquelyn 

Meaning: He who supplants 

Nickname(s): Jackie. 

  • Josephine – #72

Meaning: Yahweh shall grow 

Nickname(s): Jo, Joey. 

  • Juliana – #210 

Meaning: Youthful 

Nickname(s): Julia, Jules.

  • Nicolette 

Meaning: Victory of the people 

Nickname(s): Nicole, Nicky. 

  • Primrose

Meaning: First rose 

Nickname(s): Prim, Rose. 

  • Susannah 

Meaning: Lily 

Nickname(s): Susan, Susie. 

  • Tatiana – #994 

Meaning: Fairy Queen 

Nickname(s): Tati. 

Names That Have A Romantic Or Whimsical Feel 

young beautiful girl standing in the field wearing a beautiful sun dress

Names that have a romantic or whimsical feel are usually associated with femininity and girlish charm.

These names often evoke images of flowers, fairies, and magical creatures, which are traditionally associated with girls and women.

  • Aurora – #36

Meaning: Dawn 

Nickname(s): Auri. 

  • Avonlea 

Meaning: River by a field 

Nickname(s): Lea. 

  • Bliss 

Meaning: Intense happiness 

  • Celeste – #322

Meaning: Heavenly 

Nickname(s): Cel. 

  • Darling 

Meaning: Beloved one 

Nickname(s): Darl. 

  • Desiree 

Meaning: Desired 

Nickname(s): Des, Rae. 

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  • Joy – #407

Meaning: Great pleasure 

Nickname(s): Jo. 

  • Melody – #113

Meaning: Song 

Nickname(s): Mel, Mellie. 

  • Reverie 

Meaning: Daydream 

Nickname(s): Ever. 

  • Venus 

Meaning: Goddess of love 

Nickname(s): Vee. 

Girl Girly Names List

Wrapping Up Girly Girl Names

These girly girl names embody everything that’s sweet, pretty, and oh-so-girly.

We hope they’ve inspired you to embrace your inner princess and strut your stuff with confidence.

Whether you’re naming a little bundle of joy, or a furry friend or just looking to add a touch of femininity to your own name.

These monikers are guaranteed to make you feel like the ultimate girly-girl.

Check out tips on how to dress more feminine to match those super girly girl names you love so much.

So go ahead, put on your favorite sparkly dress, and let these names take you to a world of all things pretty and pink.

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