45+ Names That Mean Purple, Violet or Lavender

Purple, such an evocative color steeped in symbolism since the beginning of time. Purple represents spiritualism, imagination, mystery, and royalty.  

It’s a color that uplifts, inspires, and invokes wisdom and compassion, all wonderful traits to embed in your child’s life within their name. 

If purple is a color you have an affinity with, have a look through this list and see if there is a name that resonates with you that could be the perfect one to bless your child with. 

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Let’s have a look at these names that mean purple for girls and boys.

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a black girl partly covered by a lavender flower

Girl Names That Mean Purple

  1. Amethyst – A semi-precious gemstone that is also the birthstone for February. 
  1. Biborka – an interesting Hungarian name that means purple. 
  1. Burgundy – both the purple color and a region of France, Burgundy has a lovely vibe to it. 
  1. Evolet – A modern name that is a fusion of Eve and Violet and quite unusual. 
  1. Fialova – the feminine form of Fiala from the Czech language that means Violet or purple in Slovakian.  
  1. Fushia – A pretty purple flower name that is also the middle name of the singer, Sting’s middle daughter. 
  1. Gentiana – from the Albanian language and the name of a flowering herb that has been used in traditional medicine for many centuries.  
  1. Hyacinth – From the Greek language and refers to the purple larkspur flower. It also means precious stone.
  1. Ione – This unusual name has Greek origins and is an unusual and pretty purple flower. 
  1. Iolanthe – The character name of a fairy in the Gilbert & Sullivan operetta of the same name that means violet flower. 
  1. Iris – In Greek mythology, Iris is the Goddess of rainbows who was the messenger for the gods. It is also a beautiful purple flower and can refer to the colored part of an eye. 
  1. Indigo – the dark true purple dye made from a plant from India that was popular with royals and nobility due to its rarity. 
  1. Jacinta – a Spanish girl’s name that means hyacinth or purple. 
  1. Jenive –  another pretty and uncommon name that means hyacinth or purple flower. 
  1. Jerissa – An uncommon name of mysterious origin that also means purple flower. 
  1. Jolanta – A derivative of the French or Polish name Yolanda that means violet. 
  1. Lavender – A name from Old English referring to the purple lavender flower herb. 
  1. Lila – this lovely name means purple in German but night in Arabic and beauty in Hindi. All perfect meanings for your baby girl. 
  1. Lilac – A sweet name with links to purple-blue flowers from both the English and  Persian languages.
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a baby girl wearing a purple garland
  1. Lolanthe – A name with both Greek and French origins, it is a derivative of Yolande and it means little violet flower. 
  1. Magenta – A name with Italian roots that means a vivid red-purple color. 
  1. Mauve – A name of French origin that describes a light purple color and was popular in Victorian England a few centuries ago. 
  1. Nonie – a derivative of Ione that comes from Greek meaning Violet flower. Ione was also a sea nymph in Greek Mythology. 
  1. Plum – Originally the name of a purplish fruit, and popular in France this is a sweet rich name to give a small child. 
  1. Porfirio – An Italian and Spanish name derived from old Greek and means purple dye. 
  1. Regina – A Latin name that has ancient meanings that include purple flowers, queens, and royalty. 
  1. Roxa – A name from the Portuguese Brazilian language that means purple, a symbol of royalty in their country. 
  1. Salvia – another flower name referring to a pretty plant with flowers of all types of purple. In Latin, this name means whole or healthy. 
  1. Sigal – of Hebrew origin, this name means violet treasure and is quite unique. 
  1. Sumire – this Japanese name fits well into the western world and means violet. Sumi also means clear and re means the tinkling of jade which adds to the allure of the name. 
  1. Violet – an English name with Latin roots and simply means purple. Most often thought of as the small purple flower of the violet plant. Other lovely derivatives are Viorel, Violetta, Vi, and Viola. 
  1. Wisteria – Another pretty purple flower name, wisteria mean devotion in the language of flowers. 
  1. Yolande – A name of Greek origin that simply means violet flower and is where the name Iolanthe is derived from. Violet is the English translation.
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Boy Names That Mean Purple

  1. Bora – a Korean name that means purple. Great name to think about if you have a connection with Korea. 
  1. Dhumra – a name from India that means the purple smoke haze. 
  1. Hadlee – an Old English name that means field of heather, a purple shrub that grows on English heaths.
  1. Jesaiah – Probably from a Hebrew origin, a name that refers also to the purple hyacinth.
  1. Kovidar – a name that comes to us from the Sanskrit language and describes the purple orchid tree.
  1. Morado – a modern American baby name with ties to the colour purple. 
a black girl covered with a purple flower
  1. Phoenix – The Greek origins of this name actually refers to a reddish-purple colour found in fire.
  1. Riki – a German derivative of Reginia that refers to royal figures and purple flowers. 
  1. Regie – A Latin name that made its way into English and means purple and refers to kings and royalty. 
  1. Regem – a name from the bible that refers to purple stones. 
  1. Slate – An English name that references a grey rock that is often found with a purplish tinge. 
  1. Suren – A name of Scandinavian origin this name means purple, the colors of nobility. 
  1. Tyrian – A mane that comes from the Phonecians who used this word to describe a purple dye. Also used as a character name in the “Game of Thrones” TV series. 
  1. Viorel – This name has a Romanian origin and is derived from the word for a small purple alpine flower, the Viorea.

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Wrapping Up Purple Names

Purple represents many of nature’s scarcer wonders.

From gemstones deep in the earth to delicate flowers blooming in abundance and all the way out to the stars in the galaxy, purple is a color that inspires and yet, is still very mysterious. 

Purple is also the official color of Advent and represents the holy priesthood. Purple is a combination of Red (the color of flesh) and Blue (the color of the Word of God and its healing power) and is a powerful color in the Bible.  

A name that has its origins in the color purple may be the perfect inspiration for your little one whether they are a sweet little Violet or a bright and brilliant Magenta! 

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