60 Names That Mean Green (For Boys and Girls)

Names that mean green reflect the natural beauty of the color and often signify growth, new beginnings, and prosperity. 

They can also symbolize good luck, fertility, health, positive energy and environmental awareness.

However, in recent years, the color green’s meaning has broadened beyond its original connotation. 

Today, “green” refers to everything sustainable, eco-friendly, organic, natural, or otherwise beneficial to the environment.

Many cultures consider green to be the most healing of all colors, making these green names perfect for children born on St. Patrick’s Day.

In Chinese culture, the color represents longevity, wealth and happiness.

With all the lovely attributes above, it’s no wonder you’re looking to name your child after this wonderful color.

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Here are some lovely options to get you started!

Girl Names That Mean Green

sleeping baby girl in an emerald green swaddle

1. Aneeza- A lovely girl’s name with its main origin being Arabic. Its meanings are ‘happiness’ and ‘green valleys’.

2. Beryl- A beautiful and popular Greek name for girls which means ‘light green semiprecious gemstone’.

3. Blerina- Blerina is an adorable girl’s name from Swiss lineage. It means ‘Fresh greenness’.

4. Blerta- Blerta is an Albanian girl’s name that means “green” or “blossom.”

5. Charelle- A pretty girl’s name from America. It means ‘a green gemstone’ and ‘cherry fruit’. It is popular in the Christian religion.

6. Chloe- Chloe is a beautiful girl’s name of Greek origin. Its meanings include ‘young green shoot’ and ‘blooming’.

7. Clora- A fetching girl’s name of American heritage. It has different meanings including ‘fresh and green’ and ‘goddess of flowers’’.

8. Emerald- It has different origins including English and Persian. It is a precious baby girl name with meanings like ‘green gemstone’ and ‘green’.

9. Esmeralda- A beautiful name for girls that means ‘Emerald’. It is of Spanish origin.

10. Ezmeralda- A Spanish baby name for girls. It means ‘prized green emerald gemstone.’

11. Giada- An attractive Italian name for girls, it means ‘Jade’.

12. Harita- An adorable baby girl with Indian roots. It means ‘green’.

13. Irati- A lovely girl’s name hailing from Spain. It means ‘fern field’.

St. Patrick's Day baby
St. Patrick’s Day baby

14. Jaida- A unique girl given name of English ancestry. It means ‘precious stone’ and ‘gem stone’.

15. Khadra- Its main origin is Urdu. It is a girl’s name popular in the Islamic religion and it means ‘green’ or ‘verdant’.

16. Kirrily- A unique green-related girl’s name in Australia. It is of Aboriginal, Maori lineage meaning ‘tree bark’ or ‘leaf’.

18. Luntian- A unique name for girls with Filippino roots. It means ‘green’.

19. Makala- A lovely baby girl name of Hawaiian heritage. It means ‘myrtle’.

20. Midori- A beautiful, popular girl’s name from Japanese lineage. It means ‘green’.

21. Myrtle- A cute baby girl’s name of Latin ancestry. It’s derived from Myrtus an evergreen shrub with medicinal properties.

22. Panra- A lovely nature name for girls meaning ‘leaf’. It is of Pakistani origin.

23. Peridot- A unique girl given name of Arabic ancestry that means ‘a green gemstone’.

24. Phyllis- A unique girl’s name of Greek origin meaning ‘greenery’. Phyllis in Greek mythology was a girl who died out of love and was transformed into a tree.

25. Yarkona- Yarkona is a pretty girl’s name hailing from Hebrew. Its meaning is ‘green’.

26. Verda- is a Latin and Spanish girl’s name that means ‘green.’

27. Verna- A lovely girl’s name of Latin origin. It means ‘springtime’ or ‘spring green’.


Boy Names That Mean Green

smiling African American boy in a green and black top

1. Aaranay- An appealing boy’s name hailing from India. It means ‘wild forest’ which signifies fertility, abundance, greenery etc.

2. Akhdar- A handsome baby boy name of Arabic lineage which means ‘green’.

3. Al-khidr– It’s a popular boy’s name in the Islamic religion. It means ‘The green one’ in Arabic.

4. Berilo- Berilo is an attractive boy’s name with Spanish roots. It means ‘pale green gemstone’.

5. Bredbeddle- Bredbeddle in the Arthurian legend, Old English origin means ‘The green knight’. It is a boy’s name.

6. Celadon- A rare boy’s name of Chinese ancestry. It is also known as ‘green ware’ and is a soft greyish-green color.

7. Dhrupal- Dhrupal is of Indian origin, Its meanings include ‘prosperity with greenness’, and ‘an area full of greenery’.

8. Hadassah- A beautiful girl given name of Hebrew origin. It means ‘myrtle tree’.

9. Harial- Harial is of Indian, Sanskrit origin. It’s a handsome baby boy name with several meanings e.g., ‘green colored’ and ‘the common green pigeon’.

10. Irving- A unique baby boy name of both Scottish and English heritage. It means ‘green water or river’.

11. Khidr- A handsome baby boy name hailing from Arabic. It’s mainly popular in the Islamic religion and it means ‘the green one’ or ‘the verdant one’.

12. Khizar- An Arabic boy’s name and of a legendary prophet in the Islamic religion. It means ‘moist’ and ‘green’.

13. Liko- A boy’s name associated with green hailing from the Hawaiian islands. It means ‘leaf bud’.

14. Oleander- An attractive boy’s name from Greek lineage. It means ‘evergreen tree’.

15. Oran- A lovely baby boy name of Irish origin. It’s the anglicized version of Odhran. They both mean ‘little green one’.

16. Orna- Orna is of Hebrew and Spanish origin. It is a beautiful name whose meanings include, ‘pine tree’, ‘pale green’ and ‘swallow’.

17. Phyllon- The male version of Phyllis. It is a name of Greek origin and it means ‘leaf’.

18. Yashem- Yashem is a lovely Pakistani boy’s name, Arabic origin. It means ‘A green leaf’.

Unisex Names That Mean Green

baby lying down wearing a green hat

1. Binda- It is of Australian Aboriginal origin meaning ‘A green place’. Binda is non-binary.

2. Cherlyn- A cool gender-neutral name from Greek whose meanings include, ‘free man’, ‘cherry fruit’ and ‘green gemstone’.

3. Cyan- A unique gender-neutral name of English ancestry meaninggreenish-blueue color’.

4. Denver- An appealing unisex name of French and Old English origin. Denver means ‘green valley’.

5. Fern- It’s derived from the Anglo-Saxon word, Fearn. It’s a unisex name of Old English origin that means ‘a green plant that loves shade’.

6. Greenlee- A cool non-binary name of English origin. Its meanings include ‘from the green field’, and ‘green clearing’.

7. Grun- A German word and surname meaning ‘green’. It is a unisex name.

8. Jade- An appealing unisex name of Spanish origin. It has several meanings including, ‘precious green stone’, and ‘stone of the side’.

9. Laramie- An attractive unisex name with French roots. Its meaning is ‘canopy of leafy boughs’.

10. Phyllida- A unisex name, popularly given to girls. It is of Greek heritage and has got several meanings including ‘greenery’ and ‘new beginnings’’.

11. Pine- A cool unisex name from Middle English pine, and Old French pin. Pine is a ‘topographic name for someone who lived in a pine forest or by a conspicuous pine tree’.

13. Teal- A cool gender-related name of American ancestry that meansgreenish-blueue color’.

14. Verdell- A rare unisex name with different origins including French and Latin. Its meanings include ‘green and growing’.

15. Viridian- A gender-neutral name of Latin lineage, derived from the Latin, Viridisis which means ‘green’. Viridian means ‘blue, green color’.

Final Thoughts On Names Meaning Green

There are many different cultures across the globe, and with that comes an array of beautiful names for children. 

If you’re looking for a name that has a special meaning and reflects your eco-friendly values, why not choose one that means green? 

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