40+ Names That Mean Wings (For Boys and Girls)

Wings are associated with birds, flight, and freedom. 

They are also a metaphor for ideas or messages that spread quickly. 

Names that mean wings reflect the idea of something taking off or spreading rapidly. 

Winged creatures are often seen as God’s messengers and symbols of spirituality and freedom.

You’ll love this list of names if you like our post on names that mean to fly.

If you’re looking for a name that means wings, here are a few to choose from.

Boy Names That Mean Wings

boy wearing wings to fly

1.   Aleron

Aleron is Latin in origin. It means “winged one” or “eagle”.  It also has French roots where it means “knight armor”.

2.   Alaris

Alaris is a Latin boy name that means “of the wing.”

3.   Ernannaq

Ernannaq is a very rarely used boy name all over the world. Ernannaq is the Greenlandic variant for Ernangna.

“Winged Harpoon” is a slang term for a harpoon with wings originating in Greenland.

4.   Garutmat

The name Garutmat has its roots in the Hindi language.  It is a famous Hindu name meaning “winged one who protects against poison.”

5.   Garuda

It is an Indian male name that means “king of birds” or “heavenly eagle”.

6.   Igoghohon

Igoghohon is a boy name with the most attractive meaning; “wings of an eagle” or “Eagle’s feather”. The name originated from Africa.

7.   Omawnakw

Omawnakw translates to “cloud feather”. This Native American name is particularly suitable for boys.

8.   Pakshin

Boys can be named Pakshin, which means “winged.” Pakshin is used in the Hindu and Sanskrit languages.

9.   Ritaparna

Ritaparna is a popular Hindi boy’s name in India. “Truth winged” is the meaning of the name Ritaparna.

10.  Uranui

Uranui is a widely known boy’s name in Tahiti. “Big feather” is the meaning of the name.

11.  Xiuhtecuhtli

It is a boy’s name of Aztec origin that means “god of spirit with butterfly wings”.

Girl Names That Mean Wings

Young girl dressed as an angel with wings

1.   Aldara

A rare and lovely Greek name Aldara has the most beautiful meaning; “winged gift.” The name is widely used for girls.

2.   Aleda

The name Aleda is a Latin female name that means “small and winged.”

It is not listed in the top 1000 names so it is rare.

3.   Allete

The meaning of the French name Allete is “Winged”.

4.   Alula

Alula is a Latin name for girls that mean “singer; first born; winged one”.

5.   Avelina

Avelina means “bird-like”. It was derived from Latin ‘Avis’ meaning “bird”. Ava would be a lovely nickname for this name.

6.   Archangelia

The meaning of Archangelia is “high-ranking angel”. It has Greek roots and it is used for girls.

7.   Angelina

The Greek name Angelina is a 1diminutive version of Angela, it is a heavenly name with the meaning “messenger or angel”.

8.   Etapalli

 Etapalli is an Aztec girl name that means “wing.”

9.   Elida

Elida is a girl’s name that is related to Alida in Latin. The name Elida means “little winged one.” It has origins in Mexico.

10.  Eeksha

Eeksha is a Girl name in the Telugu language and the meaning of this name is “Feather”.

11. Evangeline

Evangeline is a classic girl’s name that means “good angel”. It is an English name composed of Greek elements ‘eu’ meaning ‘good’ and ‘angeles’ meaning ‘angel’. 

12.  Flutura

Flutura is Albanian for “butterfly”. It is a cute fluttery name for baby girls.

13.  Indaliai

Indaliai means “Feather from the Sea Shore”. This is a particularly feminine name`. The name Indaliai is derived from the Hindi language.

14.  Mayurika

 Mayurika is a feminine Indian name with the most attractive meaning. It signifies “peacock feathers” or “baby peahen.”fr

15.  Miu

Miu is a traditionally feminine name. Miu is a short and cute Japanese girl’s name that translates to “lovely feather”.

16. Malaikah

It is a baby girl’s name. In Arabic, Malaikah is translated to “angel”.

17.  Lumaia

Lumaia is a girl’s name with Basque roots. It is a Hawaiian word that means “feather”.

18.  Olita

Olita is an English girl’s name with the meaning “winged, or The one who is able to fly anywhere.” Olita also has Lativian roots.

19.   Pekham

Pekham is a Hindu baby girl name. It has a very colorful meaning; “peacock feathers”.

20.  Quetzalli

Quetzalli is a female name that means “feather, or a precious thing”.

It also means “quetzal feather.” 

Quetzalli comes from the Aztec (Nahuatl) language. The Quetzal is a lovely green bird found in Mexico, Guatemala, and South America.

21.  Resha

“Feather, line, and saintly” are the meanings of the name Resha. Resha is a girl’s name generally used by Indian people.

22.  Sera

Sera is a Latin word that means “heavenly, winged angel.” Sera means “angel” in Hebrew.

23.  Serafina

Serafina is a Hebrew word that means “ablaze,” “angel,” or “seraph.” It’s a divine name for girls.

Other suggested roots for the word include Vietnamese, Romanian, Egyptian, and Arabic.

24.  Tablita

It is a Native American name that means “tiara made out of feathers”.

Unisex Names That Mean Wings

cute girl with butterfly wings in a field of flowers

1.   Fei

Fei is an energetic gender-neutral name that means “fly, flit, winged, or swift” in Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, and Swedish languages.

2.   Luitl

Luitl is another name that means “feather” in the Nahuatl language. Iuitl is a unisex name.

3.   Kinfe

Kinfe is a gender-neutral name that means “wing.” The name has African roots. Kinfe is currently unranked in the United States.

4.   Kahili

Kahili is a unisex name that can be used for both boys and girls. “Feather standard” is the meaning of the word “Kahili.” 

Kahili is a Hawaiian name but it is also used in a few other countries.

5.   Meegwin

This American name means “feather”. 

6.   Suluk

Suluk is a Greenlandic name that means “wing.” The Inuit name, on the other hand, can be used by both men and women.

7.   Tsubasa

Tsubasa is a Japanese name that means “wings”. This name does not appear to be popular in the United States.

Final Thoughts On Names Meaning Wings 

Parents tend to think of their newborns as a gift from God

So, they often like to name them after angelic and winged creatures to associate their baby with purity, innocence, strength, and freedom.

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