174 Names That Mean Red (For Girls and Boys)

Are you searching for the perfect name for your little bundle of joy?

Maybe you’re a writer or a game designer looking for a unique and meaningful name for your character.

Whatever your reason, you’re in luck!

From classic names like Scarlett and Ruby to lesser-known gems like Aka and Cinnabar, we’ve compiled a list of names that mean red.

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Fiery Names That Mean Red

Each name’s origin, meaning, possible nicknames in brackets, and current popularity ranking are included to simplify your search.

If a name is not ranked among the top 1000 baby names on the US SSA website, it is considered exceptionally rare.

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Let’s get started!

Girl Names That Mean Red

Smiling baby girl in a red dress lying on a blue cloth with Christmas lights - Girl Names That Mean Red
  • Afra 

Hebrew Whitish red dust (Fra, Afrie) 

  • Alhambra

Spanish The red one (Allie, Al, Ambra) 

  • Apple 

English Apple fruit (App, Appie) 

  • Aruna 

Sanskrit Crystalline reddish brown (Arun, Roona, Roo, Una) 

  • Auburn 

English Deep reddish brown (Aubie, Aubrey, Bree) 

  • Carmine 

Latin Purplish red (Cam, Carm, Minnie, Carmy) 

  • Cerise 

French Cherry (Cherry, Reese, Cece, Reesey)

  • Cherry 

English Red fruit (Cher, Cheri) 

  • Cheyenne – #661

Lakota Red speakers, people of a different language (Chey, Shy, Anne, Annie) 

  • Cinnabar 

Greek Vivid red-orange lacquer (Cinna, Cece) 

  • Claret

English Dark red color (Clare, Clarie, Clara)  

  • Coral 

Latin Sea growth which is usually red or pink (Cora, Cor) 

  • Crimson 

English Rich deep red (Crim, Crims, Sonny, Cece)

  • Dahlia – #309

Swedish Valley flower (Dahl, Lia, Dahli, Dolly) 

  • Ember – #163

English Burning low (Em, Emmy, Embie, Berry) 

  • Flanna 

Irish Blood red (Flan, Flanny, Lana, Anna) 

  • Fuchsia 

English A pink flower (Fufu, Sia) 

  • Garnet 

English A semi-precious red gem (Gar, Garney, Garner, Netty) 

A list of girl names that mean red
  • Hibiscus 

Latin Flower (Hibi, Bis, Hi) 

  • Holly – #465

Old English Holly plant (Holl, Hol, Dolly) 

  • Hong 

Chinese Red (Hon) 

  • Kamala 

Sanskrit Pale red (Kam, Mala) 

  • Magenta 

Italian Purplish red color (Mags, Maggie, Madge, Gen) 

  • Omaira 

Arabic Red, long life (Oma, Maira) 

  • Pinky 

English Pink (Pink, Pea, Inky) 

  • Poppy – #401

Latin Red flower (Pop, Popper, Poppet) 

  • Roisin 

Irish Little rose (Roi, Roro, Ro) 

  • Rosa – #660 

Spanish Red rose flower (Rose, Rosie, Roro) 

  • Rosalind 

Spanish Pretty rose (Rosa, Rose, Roro, Rosie)

  • Rose – #116

Latin Rose flower (Ro, Roro, Rosie, Rosa) 

  • Rosella 

Latin Rose (Ro, Roro, Rose, Rosell, Rosie) 

  • Rosie – #461

Latin Rose (Ro, Roro, Rose, Rosa) 

  • Rossa 

Italian Red (Ro, Roro, Rose, Rosie) 

  • Rouge 

French Red-colored (Rue, Roo) 

  • Ruby – #62

Latin Precious red stone (Rue, Rube, Bee, Rubes) 

  • Scarlett – #20 

French Red (Scar, Scarl, Lettie, Red) 

  • Shani 

Italian Scarlet (Shan, Sha, Hani, Honey) 

  • Sherry 

Spanish Red fortified wine (Sher, Cherry, Cher) 

  • Sienna – #149

Latin Orange red (Sea, Enna, Cece) 

  • Talutah

Sioux Blood red (Talu, Tally, Lulu)

  • Tawny

English A pale orange-brown, golden brown (Tawn, Nee, Tor)

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Boy Names That Mean Red

Happy toddler boy in a red sweater crawling on the floor - Boy Names That Mean Red
  • Adam – #104

Hebrew To be red, the ground (Ad, Adder, Addy)  

  • Altan 

Turkish Red dawn, red rising sun (Alt, Tan, Al) 

  • Brick 

English Clay red (Rick, Ricky, Bricky) 

  • Carnelian 

English Cornel cherry (Car, Leon, Carnie) 

  • Clancy 

Irish Red warrior (Clan, Clance, Claney) 

  • Edom 

Hebrew Red (Ed, Eddie) 

  • Flanagan 

Irish Blood red (Flan, Flanny, Lenny) 

  • Flynn – #652

Irish Blood red (Flynny, Fly, Flee) 

  • Harkin – #128 

Irish Dark red (Hark, Harky, Hare, Harry) 

  • Jasper 

Persian Red gemstone (Jas, Jazz, Jazzy, Jack) 

  • Miltiades 

Greek Red earth (Mill, Milti, Millie) 

  • Ormond 

Irish Red (Or, Mond, Monty, Ormo) 

  • Radburn 

English Lives by the red stream (Rad, Rads, Burns, Burny) 

  • Radcliffe 

Old English Red cliff (Rad, Raddy, Cliffey, Cliffs)

  • Radley 

English From the red field (Rad, Raddy, Lee, Addy) 

  • Red 

English Red (Red, Reddy) 

  • Redford 

English Red ford (Red, Reddy, Reds, Ford) 

  • Reed 

English Red (Red, Reddy, Reeds) 

  • Roth 

German Red (Ro, Roro, Rothy) 

  • Roy – #551

Celtic Red, king (Royce, Ro, Roro) 

  • Russell – #352

English Little red one (Russ, Russy, Rusty) 

  • Rust 

Old English Red (Russ, Rusty, Russy) 

  • Titan – #741

Latin Red (Tite, Tan, Ty)

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Unisex Names That Mean Red

Little girl and baby boy unboxing a red gift box while sitting at a park - Unisex Names That Mean Red
  • Blush 

English To become pink in the face (Blu, Lush) 

  • Burgundy 

French Dark red (Burg, Bur) 

  • Copper – #68

English A reddish brown mineral (Coop, Cooper, Hopper) 

  • Corsen 

Welsh Red (Cor, Corse, Orsen) 

  • Flann 

Old Irish Blood red (Fla, Flan, Flanny) 

  • Fox – #939

English Busy tailed wild animal (Fo, Foxie) 

  • Hollis 

English Holly tree (Hol, Holl, Holly) 

  • Mars 

Latin God of war (Mar, Marsie, Mari) 

  • Phoenix – #248

Greek Dark red, crimson (Nix, Nixie, Fifi, Nicky) 

  • Rhodes 

English Where roses grow (Rhodey, Rhode, Rho, Roro) 

  • Rory – #295 

Irish Red king (Ro, Roro, Ory) 

  • Roux 

French Red, russet (Rue, Roo) 

  • Rowan – #106 

Gaelic Little red one (Ro, Roro, Rowie) 

  • Russet 

English Reddish color (Russ, Russy)

  • Sorell 

French Reddish brown (Sore, Ellie, El)

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Japanese Names That Mean Red

Japanese toddler in red clothes smiling - Japanese Names That Mean Red
  • Airo 

(Female) Madder red (Ai) 

  • Aka 

(Female) Red 

  • Akada 

(Female) Deep red dye from the rubia plant (Aka) 

  • Akahiko 

(Male) Red boy (Aka, Hiko) 

  • Akako 

(Female) Red child (Aka) 

  • Akame 

(Female) Red-eye (Aka) 

  • Akane 

(Female) Deep red dye from the rubia plant (Aka, Kane) 

  • Akari 

(Female) Vermilion red (Aka, Ari) 

  • Akayo 

(Female) Red, scarlet (Aka, Ayo) 

  • Akeru 

(Unisex) Scarlet, red (Keru) 

  • Ayuko 

(Female) Red-eye (Ayu. Yuko) 

  • Ayuna 

(Female) Red apple tree (Ayu, Yuna)

  • Chibeni 

(Female) Red as blood (Beni, Ben, Chiben) 

  • Chizuki 

(Female) Red moon (Chizu, Uki)

A list of names meaning red - Japanese Names That Mean Red


  • Kaeto 

(Male) Red maple (Kae, Eto) 

  • Kakuko 

(Female) Bright red child (Kaku, Kuko) 

  • Kurea 

(Female) Crimson, deep red (Rea, Kure) 

  • Kurisu 

(Unisex) Deep red (Kuri, Risu, Ris. Kuris) 

  • Kyona 

(Female) Red apple (Kyo, Yona, Ona) 

  • Meguro 

(Female) Crimson, deep red (Meg, Guro, Megu) 

  • Miaka 

(Female) Beautiful vermilion red (Mia, Aka, Mimi)

  • Michika

(Unisex) Birch, dark red (Mich, Michi, Chika) 

  • Mio 

(Unisex) Cherry (Mimi, Mi) 

  • Niho 

(Female) Red ear of grain (Nini) 

  • Nishiki 

(Unisex) Red repetition (Nish, Nishi, Shiki) 

  • Sakura 

(Female) Cherry blossom (Kura, Saku) 

  • Senka 

(Unisex) Deep red fruit (Sen, Enka) 

  • Senmi 

(Female) Deep red dye (Sen, Mimi, Mi) 

  • Tatsuako

(Female) Red dragon (Tatsu, Sua, Ako)

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Names Associated With The Color Red

A cute little boy in a reddish brown shirt holding an orange fruit - Names Associated With The Color Red
  • Amaranth 

Greek (Female) Amaranth flowers, unfading (Am, Amy, Ames, Anth) 

  • Amaryllis 

Greek (Female) Sparkle, shine (Am, Amy, Ames, Ry, Leece) 

  • Amber – #534

French (Female) Amber-colored (Am, Ams, Ambie) 

  • Ash 

Hebrew (Unisex) Happy (Ashie, Azz) 

  • Autumn – #66

Latin (Female) Season of autumn, fall (Audie, Auds, Tum, Tummie) 

  • Carmen – #437

Latin (Female) Truthful (Car, Carm, Cam, Carmy) 

  • Carnation 

Latin (Female) Flesh (Car, Carrie, Carnie) 

  • Clifford 

English (Male) Cliff-side ford (Cliff, Cliffey, Ford, Fordy, Cliffs) 

  • Cordovan 

Spanish (Male) Native of Cordova (Cord, Cordy, Dovan, Van) 

  • Cyrus – #350 

Persian (Male) Sun, one who bestows care (Cy, Cyr, Russ) 

  • Dawn 

Old English (Female) The first appearance of light, daybreak (Dawny, Daws, Dawns)

  • Elidi 

Greek (Female) Gift of the sun (Ellie, Eli, Deedee) 

  • Elmo

Elmo (Male) To love (El, Ellie, Moe) 

  • Ixora 

English (Female) A type of flowering plant in tropical climates (Iggy, Ixie, Sora) 

  • Jade – #91

English (Unisex) Precious stone (Jay, JJ, Jadie) 

A list of names associated with the color red
  • Jewel 

English (Female) Precious stone (Jewlie, Jeel) 

  • Maple 

Old English (Female) One who lives near maple trees (Map, Mapie, May) 

  • Nuria 

Arabic (Female) Luminous, bright (Nuri, Ria, Nu) 

  • Peony 

Greek (Female) Praise giving (Pea, Penny, Pen) 

  • Petal 

Greek (Female) Leaf (Pet, Patty, Allie, Al) 

  • Petunia 

French (Female) A flower with white or pink blossoms (Pet, Patty, Nia, Toon) 

  • Redmond 

Irish (Male) Wise protector (Red, Reddy, Mond, Monty) 

  • Robin – #896 

German (Unisex) Bright, shining, famous (Rob, Roro, Robby) 

  • Rosemary – #368

Latin (Female) Dew of the sea (Ro, Roro, Rose, Rosie, Mary) 

  • Saffron 

Arabic (Female) Yellow flower (Saff, Saffy, Ron, Ronnie) 

  • Sedona 

English (Female) City in Arizona (Seddie, Dona, Donna, Ona) 

  • Sorrel 

Old German (Unisex) Reddish brown (Sor, El, Ellie) 

  • Summer – #141 

English (Female) Season of summer (Sum, Summy, Sunny) 

  • Sunny – #650 

English (Unisex) Sunshine, happy (Sun, Sunshine) 

  • Tulip 

Turkish (Female) Turban (Tutu, Too, Lippy) 

  • Tyson – #353

Old French (Male) Fire, high-spirited (Ty, Son, Sonny, Tys) 

  • Valentine 

Latin (Unisex) Strong and healthy (Val, Valen, Lenny, Ty) 

  • Velvet 

 English (Female) Soft-napped fabric (Vel, Velly, Vetty) 

  • Zinnia 

Latin (Female) Flower (Zin, Zinny, Nia)

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Names That Mean Red or Fire

Sleeping baby boy wearing a red hat and a red jumpsuit - Names That Mean Red or Fire
  • Aiden – #26

Gaelic (Male) Little fire (Aidy, Ad, Addy, Ads, Denny) 

  • Alinta 

Australian (Female) Fire, flame (Allie, Al, Linta) 

  •  Azar 

Persian (Unisex) Fire (Azz, Azzy, Zar, Zara) 

  • Blaze – #775

Latin (Male) Fire (Blazey, Blazer) 

  • Bridget – #722

Irish (Female) Goddess of fire (Bridge, Bridgey, Gette, Getty) 

  • Emberly – #538 

English (Female) Low flame, spark (Ember, Emmy, Lee, Berry) 

  • Enya 

Irish (Female) Fire (En, Ennie, Nya) 

  • Fia 

Latin (Female) Flame (Fee, Fifi, Fy) 

  • Hugo – #434

Gaelic (Male) Fire (Hugh, Huey, Hughes) 

  • Ignatius 

Latin (Male) Fiery, ardent (Iggy, Nate, Nash, Izzy) 

  • Keegan – #494

Welsh (Unisex) Son of the fiery one (Kee, Keeg, Key, Keegie) 

  • Kenna – #711

Gaelic (Female) Born of fire, handsome (Ken, Kenny, Nana) 

  • Kenneth – #258 

Scottish (Male) Born of fire, handsome (Ken, Kenny, Kent) 

  • Nina – #327

Quechua (Female) Fire (Nini, Neen, Neeners)  

  • Rhys – #413 

Welsh (Male) Fiery warrior (Ray, Rays, Rhy, Rhysie) 

  • Seraphina 

Hebrew (Female) Burning ones (Seph, Seraph, Phina, Fifi) 

  • Tana 

Greek (Female) Fire (Tan, Tanie, Nana) 

  • Uriah – #697

Hebrew (Male) Flame of God (Uri, Riah, Uz)

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Names That Mean Red Hair

Little red-haired girl touching tall grass in an autumn field - Names That Mean Red Hair
  • Alroy 

Gaelic (Male) Red-haired (Al, Roy, Royce, Allie)

  • Derry 

German (Male) Red-haired (Der, Derri, Dear, Dee) 

  • Flannery 

Irish (Female) Russet hair (Flan, Flanney, Anne, Annie) 

  • Gilroy 

Irish (Male) Son of the redhaired servant (Gil, Gilly, Roy, Roys) 

  • Ginger 

English (Female) Red hair (Ginny, Ging, Gingy) 

  • Leroux 

French (Male) The red-haired one (Leroy, Rue, Roux) 

  • Reid – #299

English (Unisex) Red hair (Reed, Rei, Id)

  • Rogan 

Irish (Male) Red-headed (Ro, Roro, Rogee) 

  • Rooney 

Gaelic (Unisex) Red-haired (Roo, Rue, Roon, Nee) 

  • Roslin 

Scottish (Unisex) Red-haired (Ros, Rosie, Rose, Lin, Linnie) 

  • Rufina 

Latin (Female) Red-haired (Ruf, Rufin, Fina, Fifi) 

  • Rufus 

Latin (Male) Red-haired (Ruf, Roof) 

  • Russo 

Old French (Male) Little red-headed one (Russ, Roo, Rue) 

  • Rusty 

English (Male) Red-headed (Rus, Rust, Russy)

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Wrapping Up Names That Mean Red

We hope you enjoyed discovering the meaning and origin of these fiery names and found the perfect one for you (or your baby!).

There are endless possibilities, so think outside the box and embrace your unique style.

Whether you pick a classic name or a cool name like Garnet, make sure it’s a name that feels right for you.

Keep shining bright and adding a splash of color to the world!

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