176 Names That Mean Silver (For Boys and Girls)

Silver is a beautiful and precious metal. It is often associated with luxury and wealth. 

Not only is it pretty, but it has a whole bunch of practical applications, too. 

Silver is used in coins, jewelry, tableware, and electronics. It’s also an important part of industry and medicine. 

Silver is a valuable resource. So it’s no surprise that there are a lot of people with names that mean silver.

This is the post for you if you’re searching for a silver-themed name.

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This post provides a list of names that mean silver as well as their meanings and origins. 

Girl Names That Mean Silver

1. Adgilis Deda – A Georgian name that refers to ‘beautiful goddesses who wear silver jewelry’.

2. A-eun – A Korean name, meaning ‘pretty, lovely, beautiful, or silver’

3. Akkumis – A Kazakhian name that means ‘white and silver’.

4. Argantael – Derived from Old Breton history, where ‘Argant’ means ‘silver’ and ‘tael’ means ‘prince’.

5. Argenis – A Spanish name derived from a Latin word meaning ‘silver’.

6. Argenta – A Greek-originated, Italian name meaning ‘silver’.

7. Argentina – A Spanish name resonant with the South American country, derived from Latin and Greek origins meaning ‘white, shining, and silver’

8. Argiope – A Greek name meaning ‘Silver face’.

9. Argjendore – An Albanian name meaning ‘silver’.

10. Argyra – Derived from Greek mythology meaning ‘silver’.

11.  Arianell – A Welsh name meaning ‘white, shining, and silver’.

12.  Arianwen – A Welsh name meaning ‘white, fair, blessed, and silver’.

13.  Arianwyn – A Welsh name meaning ‘women of silver’.

14.  Asimbola – A Malagasy name meaning ‘piece of silver’ in the native language of Madagascar.

15. Asimina – A Greek name that means ‘without mark or silver’.

Girl throwing up a silver helium balloon

16.  Aykomos – A Bashkir name that means ‘moon and silver’.

17.  Bac – A Vietnamese name meaning ‘silver’ in the native language.

18.  Baranamtarra – A name of Sumerian origin which was the name of Lagash queen dealing with ‘wool and silver trades’.

19.  Casiphia – A name derived from Bible whose literal meaning is ‘silver and money. ‘

20.  Celebrant – A word of Quenyan language that means ‘Silver River’.

21.  Celebrian – Derived from Sindarin language, a fictional language in Lord of the Rings, which ‘means silver queen’

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22.  Chandani – A name of Indian origin that means ‘silver and moonlight’ in Sanskrit.

23.  Chandi – A word in the Hindi language meaning ‘silver’.

24.  Crete – A name of Greek origin meaning ‘island of silver’.

25.  Da-eun – A Korean name for ‘kindness, charity, and silver’.

26.  Dorargjenda – A name from Albania which means ‘silver’ in Albanian.

27.  Eun-bi – A Korean name that means ‘kindness, rain, and silver’.

28.  Eun-byeol – A name of Korean origin meaning ‘kindness, silver, and star’.

29.  Eunhwa – A Korean name meaning ‘silver and flowers’.

30.  Geena – An Indian name that means ‘Moon like silver’ in Hindi.

31.  Gin – A name of Malaysian, Japanese, and Chinese origin meaning ‘silver’.

32.  Gina – A Japanese name that means ‘silver’.

33.  Ginchiyo – A very unique name in Japanese which is a combination of words meaning ‘silver and wisdom’

34.  Ginko – A name of Japanese origin meaning ‘silver child’.

35.  Ginshi – A Japanese name that means ‘silver thread’

36. Himangi – An Indian name meaning a girl with a ‘silver body’

37.  Hopea – A Finnish name that means ‘silver’ in the native language.

38.  Komos – A Bashkir name meaning ‘silver’

39.  Kumus – A name of Karachay-Balkar origin which means ‘silver’

40. Kumush – A name from Uzbekistan meaning ‘silver’

Boy Names That Mean Silver

1. Anzar – An Arabic name that means ‘pure gold and silver’

2. Argant – An Old Breton name that means ‘silver’

3. Argenis – A Spanish and Latin American name that means ‘silver’

4. Argento – It means ‘silver’ in Esperanto.

5. Argjend – An Albanian name meaning ‘silver’

6. Argyrios – A Greek-originated name that means ‘silver’

7. Asimakis – A name of Greek origin which is a combination of words that mean ‘silver’

8. Asimbola – A name from Madagascar which means ‘a piece of silver’

9. Birru – An Ethiopian name that means the ‘silver’ in Amharic.

10.  Celeborn – It is derived from the Sindarin language in Lord of The Rings which ‘means tree of silver’.

11.  Celebrimbor – A name in the Sindarin language meaning ‘silver fist’.

12.  Changyin – It is a combination of Chinese words which means ‘sunlight, silver, and flourish’.

13.  Dizchin – Derived from Circassia origin which means ‘silver’.

14.  Eunchang – It is a Korean name meaning ‘kindness and silver’. It means sunlight and prosperity in Sino-Korean.

15.  Eun-ju – It is a combination of Sino-Korean words which mean ‘silver, jewel, and grace’.

A young boy dressed as a silver knight

16.  Eun-yul – It is derived from Korean words that mean ‘silver and favor’.

17.  Gintoki – A Japanese name that means ‘silver time’.

18.  Gumyush – Derived from Lezgins, a group in Russia meaning ‘silver’.

19.  Gyeong-eun – A Korean name that means ‘celebrate and silver’.

20.  Harfang – A name from the Harry Potter series which means ‘silver chair’ in one context.

21.  Herivola – A Malagasy name which is a combination of words that mean ‘power and silver’.

22.  Hiran – The name has its origin in Bengal, Thailand, Sri Lanka, and India and means ‘silver’ in Sanskrit.

23.  Hopea – A Finnish name that means ‘silver’.

24.  Jeong-Eun – A Korean name that means ‘right, loyal, and silver’.

25.  Kymysh – The name has its origin in Turkish and means ‘silver’ in the Shor language.

26.  Landivola – A Malagasy name that means ‘silk and silver’.

27.  Nagito – It is a Japanese name that means calm and harmony but also means ‘silver’ in other contexts.

28.  Ngan – It is derived from Sino-Vietnamese and means ‘silver’.

29.  Ngwe – The name has its origin and Burmese meaning ‘silver and money’.

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30.  Nhia – It is a name among the Hmong people and means ‘money and silver’ in the native language.

31.  Perak – It is a Malaysian name that means ‘silver ‘in Malay.

32.   Prak – It is a Khmer name meaning ‘silver’.

33.   Qubbu – It is a name derived from the Yi people which means much ‘silver’ in Yi.

34.   Qupo – It is a Yi name that means ‘silver lord’.

35.  Quqi – This name has its origin in the Yi people and means ‘silver leaf’.

36.  Rajat – It is an Indian name that means ‘silver’ in Hindi.

37.  Rrezargjend – This name was derived from the Albanian language and means ray of ‘silver light’.

38.  Selcuk – The name has its origin in Turkey and means ‘silver tonged’.

39.  Sereba – It is a name from Ghana, West Africa, and means ‘silver’ in their mostly spoken language Akan.

40.  Sivuj – The name has its origin in the Mari Republic in Russia and means ‘silver’ in the Mari language.

41.  Vendi – It is a Telugu name meaning ‘silver’.

Unisex Names That Mean Silver

1. Airgead – It is an Irish name that means ‘silver’.

2. Airgid – The name is derived from the Scots and means ‘silver’.

3. Argentu – It is a name derived from Corsica which is a region of France and means ‘silver’ in Corsican.

4. Argenis – It is an Italian name that means ‘silver’.

5. Argint – This name has its origin in the Romanian language and means ‘silver’ in their native language.

6. Aridai – A name of Hebrew origin, that means ‘silver’.

7. Argyro – It is a name from Ancient Greek whose meaning is ‘silver’.

8. Bac – It is a Vietnamese name that means ‘silver’.

9. Eun – It is a Korean name and means ‘money and silver’.

10. Fedha – It is derived from the Bantu language, Swahili, and means ‘silver’.

11.  Fizza – A name of Arabic origin meaning ‘silver

12. Gin – It is a Japanese name that means ‘silver’.

13. Gumus – It is a Turkish name that means ‘silver’.

14. Hiran – This name has its origin in Thailand and means ‘silver’.

15. Hopea – A name belonging to the Finnish language and means ‘silver’.

a child in a silver astronaut costume

16. Kala Kala – It is a Hawaiian name that means ‘silver’.

17. Lacag – It is a name from Somalia and means ‘silver’.

18. Mongo – It is a Mongolian name that means ‘silver’.

19. Ngein – It is a name from Thailand and means ‘silver’.

20. Perak – It is a Malaysian name that means ‘silver’.

21. Pilak – It is a name originating from the Philippines that means ‘silver’.

22. Plata – It is a Spanish name whose meaning is ‘silver’.

23. Prata – This name has its origin in Portugal and means ‘silver’ in Portuguese.

24. Silber – It is a German name that means ‘silver’.

25. Srebro – It is a Bulgarian name and means ‘silver’.

26. Sunaar – An Indian name that means ‘silver’ jeweler.

27. Sterling – A Turkish name that means ‘silver’.

28. Shoneah – It is a Native American name that translates to ‘silver’.

29. Spinzar – It is a name of the Pashto language and means ‘silver or white gold’.

30. Taji – It has its origin in Japan and means ‘yellow color and silver.‘

31. Thoshawah – It has its origin in Native America and means ‘silver jewelry’.

32. Vendi – It is an Indian name and means ‘silver’.

33. Yin – It is a Chinese name and means money and ‘silver’.

34. Zilpher – It has its origin in Scandinavia and means ‘silver’.

35.  Zilpher – it’s a unisexual Scandinavian origin name that refers to ‘silver’.

36.  Ziv – A name having Kurdish roots which means ‘silver’

37. Zilarra – It is a name in the Basque, region of Spain which means ‘silver’.

38. Zilver – It is a Dutch name meaning ‘silver’.

39. Ziv – It is a name from the people of Kurdistan and means ‘silver’.

Names Associated with Silver

1. Akupya – In Indian origin it means ‘silver’

2. Arain – Word of Welsh origin which means ‘silver’.

3. Argentia – The name has Latin roots and it stands for ‘silver’

4. Arjean– The name has French roots which mean ‘silvery’

5. Arcene – A name of French origin that means ‘silvery’.

6. Arjuna – A Sanskrit name meaning ‘silver, lightning, and the dawn’.

7. Ashley – The name has English roots and it stands for ‘silver or grey’

8. Ariene – Derived from the Irish language means ‘silver’

9. Eun-Kyung – Korean originated word which stands for ‘silver’

10.  Eirian – In welsh it means ‘silver’.

11.  Eun – Eun means ‘silver’ in the Korean language.

12.  Eun-ha – Eun-ha is a word of Korean origin that means ‘silver’.

13.  Eun-jin – Korean origin word that means ‘silver, cash, money, wealth’.

14.  Fashan – Originated from India and it means ‘silver’

15.  Ginjiro –Ginjiro means ‘silver’ in Japanese.

16.  Ginko – A word that means ‘silver child ‘ in Japanese

17.  Gulsim – Origin in Kazakh and it means ‘silver’.

18.  Hiriwa – Hiriwa stands for ‘silver’ and the name has roots in New Zealand.

19.  Ilfiza – The name has Arabic roots and it stands for ‘silver’

20.  Jumana ‘Silver Pearl’ in the Arabic language.

21.  Kailasa – A unique word with Indian roots that means ‘silver mountain’.

22.  Joo-eun –  Joo-eun comes from the Korean language and it means ‘silver coin’

23.  Linang – Linang means ‘silver’ in Maranao.

24.  Ligia – A word of Greek origin that refers to ‘silver voice’.

25.  Lujyan – It means ‘silver’ in the Arabic language.

26.  Lupesina – A combination of two-word Lupe and Sina which means ‘silver pigeon or white pigeon

27.  Misty – An Indian-originated name that means ‘silver hue’.

28.  Neeharika – A name of Indian origin and it means ‘silver lightning’.

29.  Ngun – means ‘silver’ in China.

30.  Oqa– The name has Karachay Balkar origin and it stands for ‘gold or silver ribbon’

shoes new arrival baby photo with silver spoon

31.  Oqjamol – A word of Uzbek that means ‘silver beauty’.

32.  Picabo – The name is Native American and it stands for ‘silver creek’

33.  Qullqi – It refers to ‘silver’ in Quechua

34.  Razna – The name means ‘silver’ in Abazin.

35.  Rupa – A word in Sanskrit that means ‘silver’.

36.  Siyana – Siyana means ‘silver’ in Mordvin.

37.  Seemen – Seemen is a Muslim origin name and it means ‘silver

38.  Silvio – The name has Italian roots and it stands for ‘silver’.

39.  Simin – A name which refers to ‘silver’ in Persian

40.  Sterling – A word of English origin that means ‘pre-medieval refiners of silver’

41.  Sterlyn– The name has German roots and it stands for ‘silver’ and it’s a surname.

42.  Szimin – The name has Hungarian roots meaning ‘silvery’.

43.  Sooleawa – Native American word meaning ‘silver’

44.  Silverton – A unique word of Old English that means ‘silver’.

45.  Silverman – Silverman is a  word in Old English that means ‘silver’.

46.  Silfur –  A word used in Iceland for ‘silver’

47.  Simay –  Turkish word meaning ‘silver moon’.

48.  Shirogane – Derived from Japanese surname which means ‘silver’.

49.  Sippia – Means ‘threshold of a silver cup’ and is Israeli originated.

50.  Srebenka – It means ‘silver’ in Serbian.

51.  Simikhan – A name derived from the Lezgin language that means ‘silver’

52.  Tanga – A word of Uzbek origin meaning ‘silver’.

53.  Tiyasha –  Indian origin words means ‘silver’.

54.  Vola – Vola has a Malagasy origin and it means ‘money or silver’.

55.  Yahel – Hebrew origin and it means ‘shine like silver’

56.  Zilar – A Basque origin word meaning ‘silver’

Wrapping Up Silver Names

Silver names can be a beautiful choice for a baby. 

Many parents choose names that have positive connotations. Silver is one such name associated with wealth and prosperity.

Choose the name you love best and give your child a gift that will last a lifetime.

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