28 Baby Names Meaning God Has Given

Are you looking for the perfect name for your miracle baby?

One good way to pick a name you’d love is to pick a name that has a deep meaning.

God given name meaning

If your child is one you’ve waited a long time for, a baby you’ve been believing God for, then it’ll be apt to give her a name that depicts that she is God-given.

To help you find such a name, I’ve compiled 28 baby names meaning God has given. In this post, you’ll find boy names, girl names and unisex names that mean given by God.

Check out these beautiful names for your little blessing!


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1- Adeodatus

Adeodatus was the name of two popes, Adeodatus I and Adeodatus II. This male name has Latin heritage and means given by God.

2- Nethaniah 

Nethaniah is a biblical name that means given of Jehovah. The name, Nethaniah can be found several times in some Old Testament books.

3- Deusdedit 

This is a variant of  Adeodatus which means God has given.

4- Dieudonné 

This dapper French variant of Deusdedit means given by God. It’s more popularly used in African francophone countries than in France. It’s a boy name.

5- Elnathan 

Elnathan is Hebrew for God has given. It’s a biblical baby boy name mentioned in the Old Testament books of 2 Kings, Ezra and Jeremiah. 

6- Bogdan 

Bogdan is a popular male name in Russia, Romanian and Ukraine. Bodgan, a strong masculine name that means given by God is pronounced BAWG- dan.

7- Diosdado

Diosdado is a Spanish name meaning God-given

8- Nethaneel

This is a handsome male name of Hebrew origin. It is found in the bible books of Numbers and 1st and 2nd Chronicles. Nethaneel means given of God.

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9- Nathanael 

Nathanael is a biblical boy name that means God has given or gift of God

It’s Greek in origin. Nathanael is believed to have been one of the disciples of Jesus. The one later referred to as Bartholomew. His story is found in the book of John the beloved. 

10- Nathaniel

Nathaniel is a modern English variant of Nathanael. This handsome name means God has given or gift of God.

Nathaniel lends itself to many nicknames like Nat, Nate, Natty, Nathan, Nath and Ethan. 

Here are 135 more names meaning gift from God.

11- Nathan

Nathan is a seriously cool boy name of Hebrew origin. Nathan means He gave

It’s the name of a prophet in the Old Testament that God sent to rebuke King David after he committed adultery with Bathsheba.

The Polish form is Natan. Nate and Nat are nicknames of Nathan.

12- Khodadad 

This Persian name means God-given.

13- Jonathan 

Jonathan is a cool biblical male name that means Yahweh has given

He was the first son of King Saul and a great and loyal friend to King David who succeeded his father.

This classic name was at its peak in popularity in the 1980s where it was constantly in the top 20 boy names in the United States.

Jon, Jonny, Nathan and Johnny are potential nicknames. 

14- Jathan

This Hebrew name is a shortening of Jonathan. As a result, it has a similar meaning.

If you love unusual and uncommon boy names, this is one to consider.

15- Elzabad 

Elzabad is a strong biblical male name that translates to God has given.

It’s the name of two bible characters found in the book of I Chronicles. One was a warrior that helped David, the other a Levite.


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1- Natania

This very pretty Hebrew name means God has given. It is the feminine form of Natan. Not to be confused with Natalia which is a Christmas themed name meaning born on Christmas Day.

2- Olufunmi 

This is a Yoruba name that literally means God gives me. Olu is short for Oluwa which means God in Yoruba and Funmi means give me

Olufunmi is the short form of many longer variations of this name. 

Longer variants include:

  • Oluwafunmilola (God has given me wealth); 
  • Oluwafunmilade (God has given me a crown);
  • Oluwafunmilayo (God has given me joy);
  • Oluwafunmilorinotun (God has given me a new song).

3- Chimsimchia 

I love the meaning behind this name. This cute Igbo name means my God has given me a reason to laugh.  Chimsirimchia is the Ijaw form of the same name.

4- Amaris

This Hebrew name is primarily a girl name but may sometimes be given to boys as well. It means given by God or promised by God.

5- Chinenye

Chinenye is Igbo for God gives. It is a short form for “chi na-enye” or “chineke na-enye”.  It’s the middle name of the former professional footballer, Emmanuel Emenike. 

Nenye and Chichi are cool nicknames.

6- Nkechiyelumka 

Nkechiyelumka is another gorgeous female Igbo name that means what God has given to me is great. You can call her Nkechi for short.

7- Dieudonnée

Dieudonnée is an absolutely stunning name. Pronounced Dyoo-do-nay, it’s the feminine form of Dieudonné. Dieudonnée means given by God.

8- Chinenyenwa

Chinenyenwa is a lovely Igbo name with a beautiful meaning. It means God gives child, God, the giver of children.  It sounds fancy and elegant and would be an ideal choice for a baby girl.

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9- Nkennanyerem

This long name means the one given to me by God. It has its roots in the Igbo language where many parents give their babies names based on the circumstances surrounding their birth or conception. 

Since it could be a mouthful to pronounce, Nkenna and Nnanyerem are short forms this child can go by. Nkennanyerem is commonly given to boys.

10- Nnanyelugo

Nnanyelugo is another Igbo name on this list with a powerful meaning. It signifies that God has given victory or honour.

Ugo and Nna are cool nicknames for this boy name.

11- Adeodáta

This Hungarian girl name is very rare. It’s the feminine form of Adeodata, meaning “God-given”.

12- Andino

Andino is a gender-neutral name that means God the giver in both the Efik and Ibibio languages.

13- Chinyere 

Chinyere means God gave. It is a beautiful Igbo name from the West African country, Nigeria. Nkechinyere is a variant of Chinyere meaning what God has given.

Chi-chi, Chi and Nkechi are cute nicknames.


Several names mean God has given. If you’re looking for a fairly popular name then Jonathan is a good choice for a boy, Natania is cute for a girl.

If you love uncommon and unusual names, I believe there are a great number of those in this post especially if you’re not from an African country.

I hope going through this article has given you some great ideas and inspiration for the perfect name for your baby.

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Congratulations on your bundle of joy.

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