What Is Freddie Short For? (Boy and Girl Names)

What names can Freddie be short for?

Freddie is a cute unisex name that started as a nickname but has now become a full name in its own right. 

The late British star Freddie Mercury made Freddie a name so many people love. 

Freddie is typically a short form of the name Frederick which means peaceful ruler. But are there other names Freddie can be short for?

Generally, names that begin with or end in ‘fred’ or ‘fried’ can serve as full names for Freddie.

So yes, there are several different names that Freddie is short for. Both masculine and feminine names.

In case you aren’t a big fan of Frederick, keep reading to discover what other names Freddie can be a nickname for.

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Boy Names That Can Be Shortened To Freddie

#1. Frederick

Frederick is an English name that means peaceful ruler. It’s a very popular name in the United Kingdom.

Frederick is associated with royalty. Many members of European monarchies bore the name including Frederick the Great, King Frederick I of Sweden, 10 Danish kings and Frederick, Prince of Wales amongst many others.

Most males named Freddie have Frederick as their full name.

#2. Frédéric

Frédéric is the French form of Frederick. From the late 1960s to the early 1980s, Frédéric was in the top 10 most popular names for boys in France. However, it’s now a very rare name.

Chopin, the famous composer and pianist went by Frédéric as his first name.

If you love rare names with a musical connotation, then Frédéric may just be the name for you.

#3. Frederik

A popular boy name in Denmark. Frederik has been given to many Danish royal children over the years.

The Danish royal family has an interesting tradition whereby, the male monarchs are alternatively named Frederik or Christian. 

So, if the king is Frederik, his oldest son is given the name Christian and vice versa.

It’s also a Slovak name. Frederik is the Danish form of Frederick and means peaceful ruler.

#4. Fredric

Fredric is a rare boy name. As a shortened form of Frederick, it can have Freddie as a nickname.

#5. Elfred

An old English name with mystical meaning. Elfred means elf or magical counsel. It’s related to Alfred.

#6. Alfred

Alfred means one who counsels the elves. It is popularly used in many European countries like Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

Famous bearers include Alfred the Great, the King of Wessex who’s credited with building Britain’s first navy.

Alfred Tennyson, the popular Victorian British poet and Swedish inventor and Nobel Prize founder, Alfred Nobel are other famous name bearers.

Cool nicknames for Alfred are Alf, Alfie, Freddie, Fred.

Alfred will make the perfect unique Christmas name for your boy.

#7. Wilfred

This old fashioned English name means desiring peace.

Even though it’s not currently in the top 1000 names in the US, it’s been gaining in popularity in England and Wales over the past few years.

Several Olympic medalists are named Wilfred including Wilfred Bungei.

Wilfred is a name that will look good not only on a young boy but also on a grown man because it can be shortened to Will, Fred and Freddie.

#8. Friedrich

A traditional name for the German royal family. Friedrich is the German form of Federick and pronounced Freed-rik.

Friedrich was the name of the older Von Trapp boy in the Sound of Music.

Like several of the names on this list, it’s a rare name.

#9. Frederico

Frederico is the Portuguese form of Frederick. It’s a seriously cool boy name.

Many famous sports personalities are named Frederico. So if you’re hoping to have a sporty child, Frederico might be the perfect name for you.

#10. Godfred

Alternative spelling of Gudfred. Gudfred was one of the earliest Danish kings. It’s an uncommon name used in many African countries.

It’s also a variant of Godfrey which means peace of God.

#11. Winfred

Winfred is an English unisex name that means friend of peace. It died out in the 1960s and hasn’t been revived since.

It was the birth name of Saint Boniface.

#12. Ulfred

Ulfred is a German name that means peaceful wolf. It is an extremely uncommon name. That said, Ulfred can be a full name for Freddie.

#13. Manfred

A very unusual name, Manfred is German for strength and peace. It was the name of a knight, Manfred Dondarrion in the book, A Song of Ice and Fire.

#14. Fredegar

Fredegar is an old German name that means peace. If you are a fan of Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, you’ll recognize this name. 

Fredegar Bolger was one of the hobbits who knew that Frodo had the ring.

#15. Alfredo

Alfredo is the Italian, Portuguese and Spanish form of Alfred. It’s amongst the top 1000 boy names in the US as collated by the SSA. Interestingly, the male name Alfredo is more popular than Alfred.

If you don’t mind the link to the popular Alfredo Sauce, it’s a good handsome name for your baby boy.

Girl Names That Can Be Shortened To Freddie

#1. Frédérique

This exotic name is the feminine form of the name Frédéric. It’s French in origin and like Frédéric, it’s now an uncommon name.

Still, a few famous people go by the name, Frédérique, like Canadian racquetball player, Frédérique Lambert. 

So, it isn’t an odd name. It will make a good formal name for your Freddie girl.

#2. Frederikke

The feminine form of Frederik. As with Frederik, Frederikke is also given to many royal female children.

Unlike Frederik, Frederikke has been declining in popularity over the past few years.

Rikke is the Danish short form of Frederikke. But you can put your spin on Frederikke and call her Freddie.

#3. Frederica

An old-fashioned girl name that has its use in Portuguese, English and Galician.

Frederica is a pretty name with many nickname potentials like Freddie, Erica, Rica, Red, Riri  Frida.

#4. Alfreda

Used in English, French, German and Polish, Alfreda is the feminine form of Alfred.

It’s one of those vintage girl names you don’t hear anymore. 

Allie, Alfie, Alda, Addie, Ada, Freddie, Freda, Red are potential nicknames.

#5. Freda

Freda is a cute 2 syllable female name. It’s a short form of either Winifred or Alfreda.

Freda is a much stronger name to the softer Freya. Though strong, Freda is also pretty and elegant. 

Freddie, Frida, Frieda, Fritz are common pet names.

#6. Wilfreda

This feminine form of Wilfred is a name with a very beautiful meaning. Wilfreda means desiring peace.

It is a pretty vintage name that rarely gets used anymore. So, it’ll be perfect if you love old lady names that are rare.

Wilfreda can be shortened to Freddie, Freda,  Willa, Wilda, Billie, Red and Ree.

#7. Frieda

This sophisticated name has been used in different languages. 

In Yiddish, it means joy and is a variant of Frida. Frieda is also a short form of Frederica, Elfreda and Friederike.

Frieda is seen in Norse mythology, where it means beautiful.

#8 Winifred

This lovely name doesn’t get much use these days. It’s Welsh for white, blessed, peace. 

Winnie is a cute nickname. Winnie Zanyiwe Madikizela, the second wife of Nelson Mandela was given Winifred as her birth name.

#9. Fredrika

This Spanish and Finnish form of Federick is so pleasing to the ears. Potential nicknames are Rikka, Rikky, Freddie and Frida.

Famous People Named Freddie

  1. Freddie Mercury was born Farrokh Bulsara. He was given the nickname Freddie by his classmates. When Queen was formed, he legally changed his name to Freddie Mercury.
  1. Freddie Highmore. This English actor was born Alfred Thomas Highmore. He is known for his role in The Good Doctor.
  1. Freddie Prince Jr. was Born Federick James Prince Jnr and is known for his role in I know what you did last Summer.
  1. Andrew Flintoff. Like Freddie Mercury, Andrew was given the nickname of Freddie because his surname sounded similar to Flintstone, the main character in The Flintstones.
  1. Freddie King was an American guitarist given the birth name of Fred King.
  1. Freddie Kanouté is a former footballer born Frédéric Oumar Kanouté.

In Conclusion

If you were looking for a full name for Freddie other than Frederick, you’ve just gone through 24 other names that Freddie can be short for.

You may also like to check out this post on 170 middle names that go with Freddie or this one, what is Libby short for?

I hope you were able to find a suitable name amongst the names above for your boy, girl or book character.

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