43 Names That Mean Eagle (for Girls and Boys)

When it comes to names, there are a lot of different options out there.

Some parents choose names with family significance, while others go for something more unique.

But what about names meaning eagle? Lots of great names mean “eagle.”

Some of these names are derived from eagle-related words in other languages, while the bird inspires others.

You’ll enjoy this one if you’ve read our collection of baby names with flight themes.

If you’re looking for a name for your new baby that signifies strength, power, and nobility, you can’t go wrong with an eagle-inspired name.

Here are all of my favorites.

Boy Names That Mean Eagle

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1. Adler

The name Adler means “eagle” in English. It’s a Jewish-German surname. 

Sigmund Freud’s collaborator Alfred Adler, Guns N’ Roses drummer Steve Adler, and actress and prominent acting coach Stella Adler are among the notable carriers of the Adler surname.

2. Arathorn

Arathorn is an old English word that means “the ferocious Lord eagle.” It is a well-known character from The Lord of the Rings.

3. Arno

Arno is a German name that means “eagle.”

When you take out the last two letters of Arnold, you get a much more contemporary-sounding name.

The name of Florence’s main river is also Arno.

4. Anker

Anker is a Scandinavian term that describes “eagle guy.”

5. Arnold

Arnold is an English name that means “ruler, eagle-like might.”

Because the legendary St. Arnold was born in Greece, it is also thought to have Greek origins.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, an Austrian-American actor, and politician is a well-known person with the same name.

6. Aquilo

The name Aquilo comes from the Latin language and signifies “eagle.” It is a Biblical name with a common Roman origin.

7. Arnault

Arnault is a French surname. This is a French modification of the name Arnold and translated as “eagle.”

8. Altair

Altair is a fashionable masculine name with an Arabic origin meaning “the great soaring eagle who hunts.”

9. Arbaaz

Arbaaz is a Muslim name for a baby boy.

It is derived from the word “baaz,” which translates to “eagle.”

The name Arbaaz comes from the Arabic language.

10. Aetius

The Greek word aetos, which means “eagle,” was most likely the source of this Roman moniker.

The 5th-century Roman general Flavius Aetius, who battled Attilain, was a legendary carrier of the name.

11. Arnfried

Arnfried is a Germanic name meaning “eagle of peace,” formed from the parts arn “eagle” and frid “peace.”

12. Amoll

Amoll is a German name. “Eagle’s power” is the meaning of the name Amoll.

13. Amoldo

The meaning of the attractive name Amoldo in Spanish is “the eagle rules.”

14. Darvell

Darvell is from Old English and stands for “eagle town.”

15. Ezio

The Italian variant of the Greek name Aetius is Ezio.

“Eagle” is the meaning of the name. It is one of the Italian names that is currently trending in France.

16. Haytham

The Arabic name Haisam means “young eagle.” It has an alternate name, Haytham. In Arabic-speaking countries, the name is rather popular.

The name was given to the famous mathematician Ibn ul Haytham, also known as the “Father of Modern Optics.”

17. Hatar

Hatar is a powerful name that means “falcon” or “eagle.” It is a name from the Arabic language.

18. Isarno

Isarno has Germanic roots. “Eagle of iron” is the fascinating meaning of the name.

19. Paco

Paco is a strong Spanish name that means “eagle.” Paco Rabanne, a well-known designer, is a bearer of this name.

20. Shahbaz

Shahbaz means “white falcon” or “king of eagles” and is popular amongst Muslim. It’s a name that can be found in both Farsi and Urdu.

21. Uqaab

Uqaab is a well-known Urdu name that means “eagle.”

The famous Eastern poet Allama Muhammad Iqbal used it frequently to symbolize excellence of character.

22. Shaqr

Shaqr is an Arabic baby boy name that is mostly used in the Muslim religion. “Eagle” is the meaning of the name Shaqr.

23. Washi

Washi is predominantly a Japanese male name that means “eagle.”

 Girl Names That Mean Eagle

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1. Arnelle

Arnelle comes from the English language and means “eagle might.” Arnold is the inspiration for this feminine name.

2. Aquilina

Aquilina is a feminine version of the name Aquilo and bears Latin origin. The name means “eagle.”

3. Aquilia

The name Aquilia is derived from the Latin language.

The female versions of this name are Aquila and Aquilina, both of which mean “eagle.”

4. Aleria

The Latin origin Aleria is an adorable name for females and renders “the fierce eagle” as its meaning.

5. Annifrid

Annifrid is a Scandinavian name that means “beautiful and majestic eagle.”

Anni-Frid Lyngstad is famously known for being one of the founding members of ABBA, the Swedish pop group.

6. Arnulfa

The old German name Arnulfa is aesthetically pleasing and means “eagle wolf.”

7. Arnia

The definition of Arnia is “someone as powerful as the magnificent eagle.” The history of this name can be traced back to Old English.

8. Anne

Anne is a Frisian pet version of a Germanic name that begins with the letter arn-, which means “eagle.”

9. Annborg

 It is the Norwegian and Swedish constructs of Old Norse Arnbjorg, implying “eagle protection.”

Veda Ann Borg was an actress who appeared in films and on television in the United States and upheld the name.

10. Alera

The name Alera is Latin. The implication of the name Alera is an “eagle.”

11. Earna

Earna comes from the English word meaning “mighty eagle.”

12. Lazalea

The name Lazalea came from old Greek and means “the eagle ruler” or “the one who rules all the eagles.”

13. Migisi

Migisi is a Native American name that means “like the powerful eagle.”

14. Peta

Peta is a Native American name meaning “golden eagle.”

15. Shiqipe

An Albanian name meaning “eagle” is Shiqipe. The name is unique and beautiful.

Unisex Names That Mean Eagle

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1. Arden

Arden is an English name.

Arden is the name of the beautiful forest in Shakespeare’s book “As You Like It.”

Arden means “valley of the eagle” or “high.”

2. Aquila

Aquila of Latin origin means “eagle.” The name has many variations.

3. Aras

It is a Lithuanian name translating as “intelligence of an eagle.” It is a gender-neutral name.

4. Shaheen

Shaheen is an Arabic name meaning eagle and royal.

Most of the poetry of famous poet and philosopher Allama Iqbal was based on the philosophy of Shaheen.

Famous name bearers include Shaheen Afridi, the Pakistani cricketer.

5. Vega

The name Vega is for both genders. It is Arabic, Scandinavian, and Aboriginal, meaning “swooping eagle.”

The Spanish playwright and novelist Lope Félix de Vega holds the name.

list of 43 names for girls and boys that mean eagle

Wrapping Up Eagle Names

There are a lot of great names that mean eagle.

If you’re looking for a name for your baby that represents power and freedom, any of these names would be a great choice.

You may want to check out baby names meaning wings next.

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