31 Names That Mean Mirror (For Girls and Boys)

There are a few beautiful names that mean mirror. Mirrors have been used throughout history to reflect light and images.

They are also associated with clarity, self-awareness, and self-love.

If you are looking for a name that represents all of these things, consider one of the following.

Girl Names That Mean Mirror 

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  1. Aarsi 

Aarsi is a name that rolls off the tongue and comes from Sanskrit origins. It means “looking glass” or “mirror.” 

  1. Aina

There are many spelling variants to this lovely Arabic name meaning “mirror.”

Some of these variants are Ainah, Aaina, and Ayna,

  1. Amira

This name is suitable for a child born in many cultures. 

However, this specific Japanese name comes from a combination of the kanji letters for A, which means “love,” and Mira, which means “mirror.”

Overall, the name means “love mirror.”

  1. Aniani

Aniani is a sweet Hawaiian name that will bring the spirit of “mirror” to any young girl with this name. 

  1. Aynagözel

This is another Turkish name that comes from a combination of other words. Ayna means “mirror” while gözel means “beautiful.” 

  1. Bimba 

This name does have some negative connotations when viewed from a Western context. 

However, Bimba is a beautiful Hindi name that expresses the sentiment of “mirror” or “reflection.”

  1. Darpana

If you’re looking for a classy name that comes from Indian culture, Darpana is the name for you. 

It means “small mirror.” 

  1. Guloyna

This is a name that has roots in the Uzbek language. It is derived from the words Gul, meaning “flower,” and Oyna, meaning “mirror.” 

  1. Gyeong-mi

If you’re interested in Korean culture and wish to pay tribute to it by naming your baby girl, Gyeong-mi is a great choice for a name. 

Gyeong means “mirror” while Mi means “beauty.”

  1. Gyuzgyush

This name is more exotic and comes from Lezgin origin. It denotes “glass” or “mirror.”

  1. Kagami

Kagami is a Japanese name that means “mirror.” 

It is a name that is easy to remember and pronounce, even though it is not in English

  1. Kagamine

A similar name is Kagamine which also is of Japanese origin.

One of the kanji combinations produces the meaning “mirror” from Kagami and “sound” from Ne. 

One notable use of this name is through the Vocaloids Kagamine Rin and Kagamine Len, who are twin vocals.

Their names are possibly a reference to the fact that they are mirror images of each other. 

  1. Kyoka

If you are a fan of the anime, Bungo Stray Dogs, you will recognize this name as one of its characters. 

Kyoka means “mirror.”

  1. Kyoko 

Kyoko is a cute Japanese name that means “mirror.” 

  1. Oyna

Oyna is a name that means “mirror” in Uzbek culture. 

There are many variants to this name that you might consider using for your daughter if you like this name.

Oynagul, Oynatoj, and Oynaxol are some examples of variants to choose from. 

Boy Names That Mean Mirror

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  1. Adrish

Adrish is a Sanskrit name that gives off a regal aura. 

It means “mirror” and “Lord of the mountains,” two meaningful things you can pass on as a name for your son. 

  1. Darsanapala

This is the perfect name for your son if you’re looking for a 5-syllable name from Hindi origins. 

This name expresses the sentiment of “mirror.” 

  1. Hidetoshi

This is a Japanese name derived from the combination of Hide, meaning “excellent,” and Toshi meaning “mirror image.”

Hidetoshi Nakata is a Japanese football player who is widely considered to be one of the best Japanese footballers is someone who bears this name. 

  1. Makur

Makur has roots in Indian culture and gives the simple meaning of “mirror.” 

  1. Mirat

For a simple masculine name of Hindi origin, Mirat is a good choice that conveys the word “mirror.”

  1. Tezcatlipoca

This is an interesting name with a history in Aztec mythology. 

It means “smoking mirror” in Nahuatl. It is the combination of Tezcatl, which means “mirror,” and Poctli, which means “smoke”. 

In Aztec mythology, Tezcatlipoca is one of the chief Gods, tied to the night sky, wind, and war, among other things. 

  1. Toshi 

If you’re looking for a short and simple name with roots in the Japanese language, Toshi is your name. 

The name means “mirror image.” Some of the variants of this name are Toshiko or Toshikyo. 

  1. Ugluspegill

This unique Icelandic name is derived from the words Ugla which means “owl,” and Spegill, which means “mirror.”

This name translates to “owl mirror” and is a good name for your child if you’re interested in birds. 

Unisex Names That Mean Mirror 

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  1. Jingyu

This name is suitable for both boys and girls. It comes from Chinese heritage and is a combination of characters. 

Jing means “mirror” or “glass” and is combined with Yu, which has many meanings, but one notable one is “excellence.” 

  1. Wenjing 

This is another gender-neutral Chinese name that is a combination of characters. 

The meaning of this name is “literature” from Wen and “mirror” from Jing.

This is a great name to instill a love of reading from a young age as the word “literature” is in its meaning.   

  1. Yayauhqui

Yayauhqui is a name that comes from Aztec origins. In Nahuatl, it means “black smoking mirror. 

Mirror-Related Names 

List of names that mean mirror for boys and girls
  1. Alice 

While Alice does not mean mirror, the common German name for girls has some mirror-related ties. 

Meaning “noble,” this is the name of the protagonist from Lewis Carroll’s book ‘Alice in Wonderland, where she goes through a mirror into another world.  

  1. Hannei

Once again, this girl’s name with Japanese origins does not directly mean mirror but “reflection.” 

  1. Manan

This boy’s name comes from Indian culture and means “reflection,” which relates to mirrors. 

  1. Mulan

Mulan means “magnolia,” but it does have some ties to mirror. 

Reflection by Lea Salonga, which is featured in the Disney animated film Mulan, shows the title Mulan gazing into a mirror as she takes off her makeup to reveal her face.

Thus, if you want your daughter to have a warrior princess name, you can go with Mulan. 

  1. Olan 

Olan is a handsome name that has Kurdish origins and means “reflection.” 

  1. Opor

Another name that has roots in Russian is Opor, which expresses the sentiment of “reflection. 

Wrapping up Names Meaning Mirror

In conclusion, many names mean mirror.

These names come from a variety of cultures and have a variety of origins.

Like those super cool blob mirrors everyone’s digging, why not pick a baby name that means ‘mirror’—now that’s trendy!

If you are looking for a name that represents this concept, you will surely find one on this list that you love.

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