47 Names That Mean Mist (For Girls and Boys)

Baby names are a reflection of the times.

In the past, many parents named their children after family members or other people they admired.

Today, some parents are choosing names that have special meanings. There are a lot of baby names out there with interesting connotations.

One that falls under this category is names that mean mist or fog.

If you’re looking for a name for your baby that has an ethereal quality, then check out these names meaning mist.

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Girl Names That Mean Mist

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Binglan is a classic Chinese girl’s name that means “ice-cold mountain mist.” 


In Chinese, this name means “color” and “rosy clouds, mist.”


Chae-ha is a South Korean girl’s name meaning “color mist, haze.”


A unique name with Burmese origins. It means “mist” or “dew” in Burmese. 


Izhi is a rare but beautiful name meaning “mist.”

It originates from Quechua, an indigenous language spoken in the Andes Mountains of South America


Kaoko is a cute Japanese girl’s name meaning “mist child.”


Kasumi is a classic Japanese girl’s name that translates as “mist.”  It is quite rare in the US.  

Sumi and Kas would both work well as nicknames. Kasumi is the name of a popular character from the video game Mass Effect


Kēhau is a more unique-sounding Hawaiian girl’s name, meaning “mist, dew, dewdrop.”


Lilinoe is a beautiful girl from Hawaiian mythology. 

Lilinoe is the goddess of mists. Lili would be a pretty nickname. 


This special name means “mist” and comes from Bulgarian origins.

It is contracted from Magdalena, which is “mist” in Slavic.


Migle is a name for girls of Lithuanian origin.

It is derived from the word migla, which means “mist.” 


An elegant name from South Asia, Miha, is used in many cultures. 

It is derived from a Sanskrit word for “downpour of water” or “mist.” 


Mis is a cute one-syllable name for a baby girl and comes from the Afrikaans word meaning “mist.”


Mistin is an unusual girl’s name.  It comes from the Old English word “mist.”


Mist is a self-explanatory name with Scandanavian roots. 

The name connects to Norse mythology and can be found as a name of a Valkyrie in the poem, Grímnismál.  


This cute name simply originates from the English word “Mist.”

It was popular in the US from the 1960s- 2000.

Misti and Mysty are fun alternative spellings.


Neblina is a sophisticated name for a girl that means “mist” in Spanish.


Nebula is different from the Latin word, Nebula, which means “mist.” 

One cool thing about it is that it describes a cloud of dust and gas in space in astronomy.

You’d know this amazing character if you’re a big Marvel fan.

In pop culture, Nebula is the name of an alien character from the Marvel franchise. 


This adorable name comes from Hindi roots and means “mist.”


Nihari is the feminine version of the Indian boy’s name Nihar, meaning “mist, fog, dew.”


Noelani is a gorgeous and rare name of Hawaiian origin.

It originates from the Hawaiian words noe meaning “mist,” and lani meaning “heaven, sky.”   


This unique name for girls is from Uzbek heritage.

Oytuman is derived from oy, meaning “moon,” and tuman, meaning “mist.”


The meanings of this exotic Chinese name are “sun, day” paired with “big, splendid” or “rosy clouds, mist.”


Sanae is an uncommon name from the Hawaiian word noe that means “mist.” 

This is also the title of a song by Queen Liliuokalani. 


This is an Arabic name for girls that means “mist.” 


Silvermist is a beautiful English name.

One famous use of the name is as a fairy in Disney’s fairies.

She is Tinkerbell’s friend and a water-talent fairy.


A two-syllable girl’s name with Finnish origins.

The short form of Terhenetär comes from Terhen, which means “mist.” 

Terhenetär is the name of a sprite related to mist in a Finnish epic, Kalevala.


Xia is a cute girl’s name meaning “rosy clouds, mist” and is of Japanese descent.

Boy Names That Mean Mist 

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This is a strong boy’s name with Hungarian origins, meaning “mist.” 


Kohu is a masculine name meaning “mist” from the Maori culture. 


Hazo, the Hausa word for “mist,” makes a fun name for a baby boy. 


Laino is a cool name for a boy, deriving from the Basque word meaning “mist.” 


This name comes from the Italian name Napoleone.

It is believed to be derived from German mythology, meaning “sons of mist.”

It is famously associated with Napoleon Bonaparte, the French emperor in the 18th century.


The deeper translation of this Hindu name is “covering with morning dew drops,” which is a cooler way of saying “mist.”


Nihar is a handsome name for a boy.  It is of Indian origin and means “mist, fog, dew.”


This handsome name is of Uzbek origin, and it is derived from the word meaning “mist.”

Unisex Names That Mean Mist 


Lan is a gender-neutral name that comes from Chinese culture.

The meaning of this name is “mountain mist.” 


This name is good for both boys and girls. It comes from Lao roots and means “mist.” 


This uncommon name comes from Finland. The definition of this name is “mist.”

Mist Related Names

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Nefeli is a gorgeous girl’s name and is the modern Greek form of Nephele, meaning “cloud.”


Nomvula, meaning “Mother of the rain, after the rain,” is a traditional Zulu name for a baby girl.


Pilvia is an adorable Finnish girl’s name meaning “cloud.”


Suong is a female name descending from the Vietnamese meaning “she is like a fog.”  Su would be a sweet nickname. 


Anan is a boy’s name meaning “cloud” in Hindu.


Mazin is a solid boy’s name meaning “rain clouds” in Arabic


Vân is a great one-syllable boy’s name that originates from the Vietnamese word for “cloud.”


Wabanquot is a masculine name meaning “white cloud” in Ojibwe.

List of names meaning Mist

Wrapping up Mist Names

So there you have it, a list of names that all mean ‘Mist.’

Whether you’re looking for a name for your baby, your pet, or even yourself, these names will inspire you.

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