130 Snowman Names (Cute, Funny and Clever)


Winter is just around the corner. And with Winter, comes snow (at least in many countries).

If you live in England as I do then you know it’s not guaranteed that you’ll see any snow every winter.

But what happens when you wake up one fine December morning, look through the window and find it’s snowing?

You make snowmen!

I love making snowmen with my kids and I bet you do too. 

And if, after all that effort in the frigid cold, you’ve made your magnificent snowperson and need help naming him or her, this is the post to read.

Today, I’m going to help you name your snowman or snowwoman or snow animal.

I’ve come up with 130 snowman names to give you exciting, funny, and mischievous ideas on what to call your snowman.

So, without much more talk, let’s get into it!


Gosh! There are so many different sizes of snowmen that people make. From squeaky tiny to ginormous! 

The tallest snowperson ever built, according to Guinness World Records, was built in Maine, USA, in 2008. 

She was a snowman named Olympia the Snowwoman and built over a month! And only a little bit shorter than the Statue of Liberty. Wow!

Here are other popular snowman names:

  1. The Abominable Snowman/Yeti
  2. Frosty the Snowman
  3. Jack Frost, Jack Frost
  4. Calvin’s Snowpeople
  5. Olaf from Frozen
  6. Olympia SnowWoman
  7. Blue Snowman
  8. Schneemann
A smiling snowman with a red scarf round his neck


  1. Noel McSparkle
  2. Claus McJingle
  3. Cinnamon Mctinsel
  4. Joseph McSnowy
  5. Ember
  6. Eve
  7. Eira
  8. Crystal Flakes
  9. Missytoes
  10. Lumi
  11. Nevada
  12. Aspen
  13. Holly
  14. Timothy
  15. Rudolph
  16. Kelvin
  17. Leon
  18. Angel
  19. Storm
  20. Jack
  21. Gabriel
  22. Nicholas
A family smiling and hugging a snowman


  1. Crispin
  2. Melchior
  3. Balthazar
  4. Joshy
  5.  Lukey
  6. Jakey
  7. Tom-tom 
  8. Jamie
  9. Dave
  10. Caspar
  11. Malcolm 
  12. Derek
  13. Reginald Frost
  14. Jack
  15. Noel
  16. Joseph
  17. Christoph
  18. Claus
  19. Norman
  20. Snowy
  21. Bing
  22. Chris
  23. Jasper
  24. Frosty
  25. snowy
  26. Mr Snow 
  27. Mr Freeze 
  28. Mr Cool
  29. Flurry
  30. Flaky 
  31. Fluffy
  32. Jabba
  33. Cinnamon
  34. Boots
  35. Muffin 
  36. Slowman
  37. Jack frost
  38. Mr White
  39. Sassy Snow Dancer
  40. Sassy Nippy Toes
  41. Snowflakes
  42. Snow King
  43. Fluffy
  44. Snowman Wilson
  45. Dexter
  46. Slim
  47. Roman
  48. Melts
  49. Melty
  50. Melty McMeltyson
  51. Melty Raisineyes
  52. Melty Raisinface
  53. Puddles
  54. Jon Snowman
  55. Frostbite


  1. Jingle
  2. Marshmallow
  3. Leif
  4. Snowdon
  5. Eira  (snow in Welsh)
  6. Yuki (snow in Japanese)
  7. Karli (covered in snow)
  8. Himesh (Hindi for snow king)
  9. Eirwyn (Snow white in Welsh)
  10. Robin
  11. Oisín Little Deer
  12. Snowman Paul
  13. Sneezy Snowman
  14. Snowball
  15. Freeze
  16. Ice
  17. Winter
  18. Polar
  19. Blitzen
  20. Claus
  21. Crisp
  22. Snowtoothflake (snowman wearing a mask)
  23. Frosty the Snowman
  24. Mini Snowman
  25. Dusty the Snowman
  26. Snow Cat
  27. Snow Mouse
  28. Snowman Eric
  29. Snowman Philip
  30. Snowy Marshmallow
  31. Snow Bunny
  32. Snowy Polar Bear
  33. Freddie
  34. Snowy Potter (snowman with a harry potter scarf and hat)
  35. Snowman Alfred
  36. Snow Monster
  37. Mr Weeble
  38. Snowy the Dinosaur
  39. Snow Dog
  40. Snow Boy
  41. Snow Post Lady
  42. Elsa the Snowwoman
  43. Snow Family
  44. Snow Guards
  45. Frost King


Choosing a name for your snowman is part of the activities that make the winter season so special and fun!

Don’t get too worked up about it. If you don’t find any name that appeals to you, give it your name!

I do hope this list of snowman names have helped you pick a good name for your snowman.

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Have fun building and naming your snowman this winter!

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