8 Heartwarming Christmas Adam Traditions To Start With Your Family

Christmas is always a lovely time to start new traditions.

Many people already have specific activities they do on Christmas Day. But what about on Christmas Adam?

First, What is Christmas Adam?

Christmas Adam is the day before Christmas Eve

The idea is that since Adam came before Eve, therefore Christmas Adam comes before Christmas Eve. 

Cheeky right? So instead of calling the 23rd of December, Christmas Eve Eve, it’s called Christmas Adam.

So, what Christmas traditions can you start on the night before Xmas Eve?

Here are 8 ways to have a merry Christmas Adam!

8 Christmas Adam Traditions To Start This Year

1- Drive round to look at Christmas Lights

There’s almost nothing as magical as Christmas lights.

Whether on trees, houses, ornaments. Christmas is not the same without the lights.

If there’s a neighbourhood that goes all out with outdoor Christmas decorations and lights, go see it!

What’s more exciting? Wear your Xmas jammies on the drive-through.

2- Celebrate Grinch Day

Grinch day is traditionally celebrated on the 1st of December. 

But you can make your own tradition and celebrate Grinch Day on Christmas Adam.

So, how do you celebrate Grinch Day?

It’s quite simple really. 

You wear all green, eat all green foods, ( think kiwi, celery, salad, green eggs and ham, green apples, green grapes, mint chocolate chip ice cream, etc.) And watch the Grinch who stole Christmas.

In essence, have a Christmas Adam Party!

3- Nerf Gun Battle

If you are a mom of boys like me, this will be fantastic. 

On the 23rd, get out your nerf guns and have a battle.

4- A Christmas Photoshoot

For many people, Christmas Day is fully packed with lots and lots of activities.

If you are one such family, consider taking your Christmas photos on the day before Christmas Eve.

The photos don’t have to be expensive. With the quality of Cameras on phones these days, it’s easy to get a decent looking picture for less.

Set that timer, and get snapping. You could also get a tripod like this one and this phone accessory to be guaranteed of the best looking Xmas photos.

Don’t forget to use Christmas props!

5- Green or Red Day

Your Christmas Adam tradition could be as simple as making it a day when everyone in the family either wears something red or green.

Kids smiling and stretching arms on Christmas

6- Become Santa

No, I don’t mean put on a red costume and look like you’ve just come from the North Pole. Lol.

One of the beauties of Christmas is that it’s not only a time to receive gifts but it’s also a time to give.

This works well if you have older kids. As they get older and responsible, tell them it’s time they became Santa in someone’s else’s life.

All you do is gift something to a neighbour, friend, anyone, secretly.

This is sure to be so much fun and watching your neighbours receive their gifts while wondering who it came from can only bring warmth and joy to your kid’s hearts.

7- Make a Cranberry And Popcorn String Bird Feeder

Many birds like popcorn and cranberries. They are not only beneficial nutritionally but are also colourful which birds love.

What’s more, popcorn and cranberry strings make beautiful holiday decorations.

Making a cranberry and popcorn string bird feeder is quite easy.

Use it to decorate a tree on your favourite hiking trail. Other hikers will love it. 

Plus, it’s a good way to get the kids outside during the festive season!

8- Make a Handprint Christmas Tree Skirt

This is a fun Christmas tradition to start. And what better day to do this than on Christmas Adam?

All you need is a Christmas tree skirt, paint and everyone’s hands.

You can use any colour of paint, just make sure that it contrasts with the colour of your Christmas tree skirt. 

For example, using red paint on a white tree skirt or white paint on a red skirt and so on. You get the idea?

Every year on December the 23rd, put your family’s handprints in paint and paste them on your Christmas tree skirt.

You can also add the name and year using a permanent marker.

This is a memory-making Christmas Adam tradition your family will never forget!

To Wrap Up,

Christmas Adam, the day before Christmas Eve, can be a magical day for your family.

This post shows you how!

It’s always nice to start heartwarming traditions your family will remember for years.

If you’ve just started your family in the past year or two, now will be a great time to start.

To avoid getting overwhelmed, start with one new Christmas Adam tradition from the list above.

Then, over the years, you can add on to that.

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I pray you have the best Christmas so far!

Happy Christmas Adam!

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