376 Nature Girl Names That Embrace The Beauty Of The Outdoors

Today, we’re diving deep into the enchanting world of nature girl names.

If you’ve ever daydreamed about a little one with a name as fresh as a spring breeze or as wild as a roaring waterfall, then you’re in for a treat!

We’ve scoured the meadows, climbed the mountains, and floated down the rivers to bring you a delightful bouquet of names inspired by the great outdoors.

Apart from providing the origin and meaning of each name, we have also included potential nicknames in brackets for your convenience.

We’ve even included the current popularity ranking next to the names that are part of the US SSA website’s top 1000 baby names, which makes the unranked names exceptionally unique and rare.

If you enjoyed our earthy girl names collection, these nature girl names are perfect for you!

Floral-Inspired Names For Girls

Newborn girl wearing floral headband sleeping - Floral-Inspired Names For Girls
  • Acacia 

Greek Thorny (Cassie, Cacia, Cass) 

  • Amaranth 

Greek Unfading (Amy, Mara) 

  • Aster 

Greek Star, flower (Ast, Astie)

  • Aven 

Irish Mountain flower (Ave, Avie, Aves) 

  • Azalea – #423 

Greek Dry flower (Lea, Azzy) 

  • Begonia 

French Begonia plant (Bee, Bibi, Nia) 

  • Blossom 

English Flower-like (Bloss, Blossy)

  • Bluebell 

English Bluebell flower (Blu, Bluey, Belle, Bella) 

  • Briar – #515

English Thorny bush of wild roses (Brie, Bree)

  • Bryony 

Greek Climbing plant (Bry, Nee) 

  • Buttercup 

English Yellow wildflower (Butter, Cuppy) 

  • Calla 

Greek Beauty (Cal, Lala) 

  • Camellia 

Latin Helper to the priest (Cam, Cammy, Lia) 

  • Clover – 866

English Meadow flower (Clo, Clove, Vera) 

  • Daffodil 

English Yellow flower (Daff, Daffy)

  • Dahlia – #309

Scandinavian Valley flower (Dahl, Lia, Dee) 

  • Daisy – #134

English Day’s eye (Day, Days)

Floral-Inspired Names For Girls
  • Dianthus 

Greek Heavenly flower (Dee, Dia, Deedee) 

  • Fleur 

French Flower (Fleury, Flurry) 

  • Flora – #647 

Latin Flower (Flo, Flory)

  • Florence – #713

Latin Blossoming in faith (Flow, Flo, Florie, Flora)

  • Freesia 

Latin Freese’s flower (Free, Frees, Freezy, Sia) 

  • Holly – #465

Old English Resilience, Eternal life (Holl, Hollis)

  • Iris #107

Greek Rainbow (Rissy, Rees, Iry)

  • Ixora 

English Flowering plant (Ixie, Ix, Sora) 

  • Jasmine – #170

Persian Gift of God (Jazz, Jas, Minnie, Jazzy)

  • Laurel – #636

English The laurel tree (Laurie, Laur, El, Ella) 

  • Lavender 

English Purple flower (Lav, Lavey, Lavs)

  • Leilani 

Hawaiian Heavenly garland of flowers (Lei, Lili, Lani) 

  • Lilac 

Latin Bluish purple color (Lila, Lil, Lily)

  • Lilia 

Latin Lily (Lil, Lia, Leah. Lily) 

  • Lily – #31 

Latin Lily flower, Innocence (Lil, Lee)

  • Linden 

German Lime tree (Lin, Linny) 

  • Linnea 

Swedish Linden tree (Lin, Linny) 

  • Magnolia – #140 

Latin Of great excellence (Maggie, Mags, Mag, Lia) 

Floral-Inspired Names For Girls
  • Marigold 

English Golden flower (Mary, Goldie)

  • Orchid 

Greek Orchid flower (Ore, Chid) 

  • Peach 

Latin Persian apple (Peachy, Pea)

  • Peony 

Greek Praise giving (Pea, Pen, Penny) 

  • Periwinkle 

English Bluish purple plant (Peri, Perry, Wink, Winkie)

  • Petal 

English A part of a flower’s blossom (Patty, Tal, Tally) 

  • Poppy – #401 

Latin Red flower (Pop, Pops, Pip) 

  • Posie 

English Small flower (Pose, Po) 

  • Primrose 

English First rose (Prim, Rose, Rosie, Pree)

  • Rosalie – #185 

French Rose garden (Rosa, Rosie, Rose, Allie) 

  • Rose – #116

Latin Rose flower (Rose, Rosie, Rosa)

  • Rosella 

Latin Rose (Rose, Sel, Rosie, Rosa, Sella) 

  • Rue 

Greek Regret, street (Ruru, Ruey) 

  • Saffron 

Arabic Yellow flower (Saff, Saffy, Ron, Ronnie)

  • Snowdrop 

English Winter flower (Snow, Snowy) 

  • Violet 

Latin Purple (Vi, Vio, Lettie) 

  • Zinnia 

Latin Flower (Zee, Zinny, Nia)

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Earthy And Land Names For Girls

Little girl happily walking on a land trail - Earthy And Land Names For Girls
  • Ainsley – #363 

Old English Meadow, one hermitage (Ains, Lee, Annie)

  • Alaska 

Aleut Great land (Lassie, Allie, Sky, Al)

  • Arbor 

English Tree (Ar, Arbie, Arbies) 

  • Ash 

Hebrew happy (Azzy, Asha, Ashie) 

  • Aspen – #201

English Quaking tree (Pen, Penny, Azzy)

  • Birch 

Old English Bright, shining, the Birch tree (Bir, Birchy) 

  • Boston 

English Town by the woods (Boss, Bos)

  • Cadence – #759 

Italian Rhythmic (Cad, Caddie, Denny) 

  • Clementine – #549 

French Merciful (Clem, Clemmy, Tina, Teenie) 

  • Cherry 

English Dear one (Cher)

  • Cypress 

Greek Cypress tree (Cy, Cyp, Ress, Rissy) 

  • Dallas – #635

Scottish The valley meadows (Dall, Lassie, Lass)

  • Eartha 

Old English Earth (Earthiy, Earth)

  • Eden – #117 

Hebrew Paradise (Edie, Ed, Den, Denny) 

  • Fern 

English Someone who lives among ferns (Ferny, Fen, Fer)

  • Gaia 

Greek The Earth (Guy, Gia, Gigi)

Earthy And Land Names For Girls
  • Geneva 

German Juniper tree (Gen, Jenny, Ginny, Eve, Eva) 

  • Georgia – #165

Greek Agriculture (Georgie, Gigi, Gia)

  • Ginger 

English Pure, chaste (Ginny, Gingey)

  • Hazel – #28

English The hazel tree (Haze, Hazzy, El, Ella) 

  • Heather 

English Evergreen flowering plant (Heath, Hattie)

  • Honey 

English Nectar (Hon, Hun) 

  • Ireland 

Irish Land of abundance, fertile land (Ira, Irie, Landy) 

  • Isla #33

Spanish Island (Isle)

  • Ivy – #49

English Evergreen climbing plant, Vine (Ives, Ive, Vee)

  • Juniper – #138

Latin Young, evergreen (June, Junie, Junebug, Jay, Juno)

  • Kenya

African Mountain of white (Kenna, Enya, Eni, Kenny, Kennie)

  • Langley 

Old English Long meadow (Lang, Ley) 

  • Lennox – #599 

Scottish With many elm trees (Lenny, Len)

  • Lory 

Latin Bay, Laurel plant (Lore, Lor, Laura, Lo, Lolo) 

  • Marley – #277 

English Marshy meadow (Mar, Marl, Ley, Lili) 

  • Meadow – #499 

English Grass, vegetation, field (Mae, Maddie, Doe, Mo)

Earthy And Land Names For Girls
  • Montana 

Latin Mountain (Monty, Mon, Anna, Annie) 

  • Olive – #182

English The olive tree (Ollie, Liv, Livie)

  • Pepper 

German Relating to the spice (Pep, Peppy, Peps, Peppa) 

  • Poplar 

Middle English At the Poplar tree (Pop, Poppy, Pops, Popper) 

  • Prairie 

French Meadow or grassland (Rie, Prair, Pree)

  • Rowan – #241

Irish Little redhead (Row, Ro, Rowie)

  • Sandy 

Greek Man’s defender (Sand, San, Deedee, Dee) 

  • Savannah – #68 

Spanish Treeless plain (Savvy, Hannah, Anna)

  • Senna 

Arabic Brightness, Flowering bush with bright yellow flowers (Sen, Sennie, Enna, Nana) 

  • Sierra – #510 

Spanish Mountain range (Sea, Cece) 

  • Sydney – #249 

Old English Wide meadow (Syd, Nee)

  • Terra 

Latin Earth (Terri, Ter)

  • Valley 

English Between the mountains Val, Vals, Ley) 

  • Vermont 

French Green mountain (Vera, Ver, Verie) 

  • Willa – #353 

German Helmet, protection 

  • Willow – #39

Old English Willow tree (Willa, Will, Low)

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Water Names

Little girl in a white summer dress and hat walking on the seashore - Water Names
  • Atlantis 

Greek Island of Atlas (Attie, Lan, Atlan) 

  • Aqua

Latin Sea blue, water (Qua)

  • Brooke – #259 

English Water or Small stream (Brookes, Bree) 

  • Brooklyn – #63

English Beautiful brook (Brook, Lyn, Brooks, Broo)

  • Coral 

Latin Colorful sea growth (Cora, Cor)

  • Coralie 

French Coral (Cora, Coral, Cor, Lili) 

  • Daria 

Persian Sea (Dar, Darry, Ria, Riri) 

  • Everest 

English Dweller on the Eure river (Ever, Eva, Evie)

  • Kai – #790 

Hawaiian Sea (Kay, Kiki, Key) 

  • Kaia – #225 

Scandinavian The sea (Kai, Kay, Kiki, Key) 

  • Kendall – #301 

English The Kent river valley (Ken, Kennie, Dolly, Doll) 

  • Lana- #422 

Hawaiian Calm as still waters (Lan, Laney, Ana) 

Water Names
  • Mar – #342 

Spanish Sea (Mar, Mari) 

  • Maren – #500 

Latin Star of the sea (Mar, Mari, Ren, Rennie) 

  • Marina – #718

Latin From the sea (Mari, Rina, Nana)

  • Marion 

French Star of the sea (Mary, Mari, Rio)

  • Maris 

Latin Of the sea (Mar, Mari, Rissy, Risa) 

  • Marisol – #822 

Spanish Sea and sun (Mar, Mari, Sol, Maris) 

  • Maristela 

Spanish Star of the sea (Mari, Mar, Stela, Stel) 

  • Maya – #55 

Arabic Water (May, Mai)

  • Mira 

Latin Ocean (Mi, Mimi, Rara, Mir) 

  • Mora 

Irish Star of the sea (More, Moe)

  • Morgan – #213 

Old Welsh Sea chief, sea protector (Mor, Morgie, Mora, Moe) 

  • Naia 

Greek Water nymph (Nay, Nai, Yaya) 

Water Names
  • Navy – #478 

English Fleet of ships (Nav, Navie, Naves) 

  • Nerissa 

Greek Sea nymph (Riss, Rissa, Rissy) 

  • Ondine 

Latin Little wave (On, Ondie, Deenie, Dina, Din) 

  • Pelagia 

Gaelic White sea dweller (Pela, Pelly, Pel, Gia, Gigi) 

  • Raeburn 

Scottish Roe-deer brook (Rae, Rayray, Burn, Bernie) 

  • Rhea – #615 

Greek Flowing (Rhee, Ree)

  • Oceana 

Greek Ocean (Ocean, Oce, Sea, Sean) 

  • River – #151

English A flowing body of water (Riv, Rive, Riva)

  • Saylor – #207 

German Boat man (Say, Says, Saysay, Lory, Lo) 

  • Shannon 

Irish Wise river (Shan, Shanny, Nonny) 

  • Thalassa 

Greek Sea, ocean (Thal, Thally, Lass, Lassie)  

  • Vienna – #845

Latin Forest stream (Vee, Vi, Enna, Nana)

Plunge into our blue-themed names and be enchanted by the sea-inspired gems within.

Gemstone Names

Little girl in Hawaiian outfit and seashell necklace - Gemstone Names
  •  Amber – #534

Latin Amber-colored (Am, Amy, Berry)

  • Amethyst 

Greek Violet quartz (Amy, Ames, Thyst) 

  • Beryl 

Greek Light green semiprecious gemstone (Berry, Bear, Bea) 

  • Crystal – #960

Greek Ice, clear (Crys, Cece, Chrissy) 

  • Diamond 

English Of high value (Dia, Dee, Deedee)

  • Emerald – #913

English Green gemstone (Emmy, Emie, Em) 

  • Esmeralda – #453

Spanish Emerald (Esme, Emmy, Essie) 

  • Garnet 

English A red semi-precious gem (Garn, Nettie, Net, Gar) 

  • Gemma – #191

Latin Gem, precious stone (Gemmy, Gem, Gee)

  • Goldie – #883

English Made of gold (Gold, Dee, Deedee) 

  • Jade – #91

English Precious stone (Jay, Jada, J)

  • Jewel 

English Precious stone (Wellie, Jel) 

  • Lapis 

Persian Azure blue stone (Lap, Lappy, Laps) 

Gemstone Names
  • Micah 

Hebrew Who is like God? (Mikey, Mike, Mickie, Mimi) 

  • Onyx 

Greek Fingernail, claw, black gemstone (Nyx, Oni) 

  • Opal – #547

Sanskrit Precious stone (Op, Pally, Pal) 

  • Opaline 

Sanskrit Jewel (Op, Pally, Pal, Opal) 

  • Pearl – #751

Latin Precious (Pea, Pearlie, Pearla) 

  • Petronia 

Greek Rock, stone (Pet, Patty, Petro, Nia, Nini) 

  • Peridot 

French Green gemstone (Peri, Dot, Dottie) 

  • Ruby – #62

Latin Precious red stone (Rube, Rubes, Bee) 

  • Sapphire 

Latin Blue (Sappy, Saffy, Saph) 

  • Sylvia – #467

Latin Spirit of the wood (Syl, Sylla, Sylvie) 

  • Topaz 

Latin Golden gem (Top, Toppy, Azzy) 

  • Tourmaline 

Sinhalese Colourful jewel (Tour, Tori, Tours, Mal, Lina) 

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Animal-Inspired Names For Girls

Two little girls riding a horse - Animal-Inspired Names For Girls
  • Ariel – #273 

Hebrew Lion of God (Ari, Riel, Ara, Riri) 

  • Bunny 

English Little rabbit (Bun, Bunbun, Bunsy) 

  • Corella 

Greek Maiden (Cor, Cory, Ella, Elle, Ellie) 

  • Coyote 

Spanish Barking dog (Coy, Coyo, Yote, Yoyo) 

  • Delphine 

French Dolphin (Del, Della, Deli) 

  • Dove 

English A bird symbolizing peace (Dovey, Lovey)

  • Fawn 

French Young deer (Faw, Fawny)

  • Finch 

English Songbird (Finchey, Finches, Fin, Finnie) 

  • Fox 

English Orange woodland animal (Foxie, Fo) 

  • Heron 

Greek Long-legged freshwater bird (Hero, Her, Herry, Hattie, Ronnie) 

  • Iora 

Greek Pure (Iorie, Ora, Ior, Rara) 

  • Jay 

English To rejoice (Jayjay, Jays) 

  • Kitty 

Latin Pure, clear (Kit, Kits, Itty) 

  • Leona – #534 

Latin Lion (Leo, Leon, Leonie, Ona) 

  • Linnet 

Welsh Songbird (Lin, Linney, Lili) 

  • Lynx 

Greek Brightness, Long-legged forest cat (Lynxie, Lyn, Lynney)  

  • Melisande 

Old French Animal strength (Mel, Melly, Lisa, Liss)

Animal-Inspired Names For Girls


  • Myna 

English Will, desire, bird (My, Min, Minnie, Mina, Mynie) 

  • Paloma – #886 

Spanish Dove (Pal, Pally, Oma)

  • Peregrine 

Latin One from abroad (Per, Peg, Peggy, Perry) 

  • Phoenix – #317 

Greek Dark red, crimson (Phoe, Nix, Nixy, Nini) 

  • Rachel – #244 

Hebrew Ewe, one with purity (Rach, Rachey, Ray, Rayray)  

  • Raven – #409 

Old English Dark haired (Rave, Raves, Ven, Venny) 

  • Robin – #916

German Bright, shining (Rob, Robbie, Ro)

  • Ruelle 

French Famous wolf (Rue, Elle, Ella) 

  • Serval 

French Deerlike Wolf (Servie, Serv, Sera, Ser) 

  • Sora 

Native American Short-billed North American bird species (Sor, Sorie, Sors) 

  • Sparrow 

English Small, chirpy (Spare, Row) 

  • Starling 

English Bird (Star, Starry, Starly, Starla) 

  • Swan 

Middle English Swineherd, peasant (Swanny, Swans) 

  • Teal 

English Bird of blue-green color (Tee)

  • Ursa 

Latin Little female bear (Ur, Uri, Ursie, Urs) 

  • Wren – #251

English Small brown songbird (Wrennie, Ren)

Sky And Celestial Names

Newborn girl sleeping beside celestial-themed small pillows - Sky And Celestial Names
  • Adara 

Hebrew Beauty, noble (Dara, Dare, Addy, Ads) 

  • Astra 

Greek Star (Azzy, Asta, Stra, Star) 

  • Azura 

Spanish Sky blue (Azure, Zura, Zoo) 

  • Azure 

French Sky blue (Zure, Zoo)

  • Cassiopeia 

Greek She who chooses to excel, name of a constellation (Cass, Cassie, Cassio, Pea) 

  • Celeste – #322

Latin Heavenly, celestial (Cece, Celia, Cel)

  • Celestine 

Latin Heavenly, Of the sky (Cece, Celie, Cel, Tina, Teenie) 

  • Celia – #866

Latin Heaven (Cece, Lia, Cel) 

  • Celine 

French Heavenly (Cel, Celly, Line, Lina) 

  • Claudia 

Latin Enclosure (Claud, Claudy, Clauds, Cloudy, Cloud) 

  • Cloud 

English Visible vapor (Clo, Clouds, Cloudy) 

  • Dew

Gaelic Morning mist that collects on grass (Dewy) 

  • Elara 

Greek Moon of Jupiter (El, Ella, Lara, Lars) 

  • Estelle – #723 

French Star (Stelle, Stellie, Stella) 

  • Haven – #286 

English A place that makes you feel safe or comfortable (Have, Heaven, Ven, Venny)

  • Galacia 

Celtic Land of the Kallaikoi (Laci, Lacia, Lace, Gal, Gally, Cece) 

Sky And Celestial Names
  • Juno 

Latin Queen of heaven (June, Junie, Junebug) 

  • Layla – #29 

Arabic Night (Lay, Layl, Ayla) 

  • Lua 

Latin Moon (Lulu, Lu) 

  • Luna – #11 

Italian The Moon (Lu, Loony, Lulu)

  • Lyra – #497 

Greek Harp (Ly, Rara, Lili, Lyre) 

  • Nevaeh – #95

American Heaven (Nev, Nevie) 

  • Nova – #32 

Latin New (Nov, Nove, Novie) 

  • Selena – #239

Greek The moon (Sel, Selly, Lena) 

  • Selene – #691 

Greek Moon (Sel, Selly, Lene, Lena) 

  • Seren 

Welsh Star (Ser, Sere, Sera, Ren, Renny) 

  • Skye – #429

Scottish Island of cloud (Sky) 

  • Stella – #41

Latin Star (Stells, Stell, Stelly, Ella)

  • Sylvie – #586 

Latin Spirit of the wood (Syl, Sylv, Sylla) 

  • Thea – #312 

Greek Goddess of the shining ether of the bright blue sky (Thee)

  • Zenith 

Arabic The highest point in the celestial heavens (Zen, Zenny)

You're bound to adore these heavenly names for girls and boys.

Weather And Seasonal Names For Girls

Sleeping and smiling newborn girl wearing floral headband - Weather And Seasonal Names For Girls
  • Amaya – #161 

Basque Night rain (Amy, Maya, May) 

  • April – #530 

Latin The fertile one (Pril, Prilla, Prilly, Ap) 

  • Audra 

English Noble strength, Storm (Audie, Addie) 

  • August – #862 

Latin Esteemed, venerable (Augs, Auggie, Aggie) 

  • Aurora – #36 

Latin Dawn (Auri, Aura, Rory, Ro)

  • Autumn – #66

English Fall, season of harvest (Tummy, Audie, Aut)

  • Breeze 

English Light gentle wind (Bree, Breezy)

  • Bronte 

Gaelic Thunder, bestower (Bron, Tee, Bee) 

  • Eira 

Welsh Snow, merciful (Eir, Ei, Ra) 

  • Ember – #163

English Spark, burning low (Em, Berry, Embie) 

  • Gayle 

Hebrew A father’s joy (Gee, Gigi) 

  • Hailie 

English Hay clearing, hay meadow (Hail, Hay, Lee) 

  • Hayes 

English Hedged area (Hazey, Hay) 

  • January 

Latin From Janus, the God of beginnings (Jan, Janey, Jans, Janny) 

  • June – #172 

Latin Young (Junie, Junes, Junebug) 

  • Khione 

Greek Goddess of the snow (Key, Keys, Kiki, Khio) 

  • Liyana 

Zulu It is raining (Li, Lili, Yana, Nana) 

  • Lumi 

Old Norse Snow (Loom, Minnie, Lu) 

Weather And Seasonal Names For Girls
  • May 

English The fifth month (Mays, Maymay, Mimi, Mi) 

  • Misty 

English Light fog, Haze (Mist, Tee, Mimi)

  • Raiden 

Japanese God or thunder and lightning (Ray, Dennie)

  • Rainbow 

English Rainbow (Rain, Bow, Bowie, Rainy) 

  • Raine 

Sanskrit She is singing (Rainey, Rains)

  • Skyler – #556 

English Scholar, sky (Skye, Sky, Cece)

  • Snow 

English Frozen rain (Sno, Snowy) 

  • Summer – #141

English The season of summer (Summy, Sum, Sunny)

  • Stormie 

English Storm, tempest (Storm, Stormy, Mimi) 

  • Talia – #303

Hebrew Dew of God (Tally, Tal, Lia)

  • Tempest 

French Turbulent, stormy (Temp, Temmie, Tem) 

  • Theresa 

 Greek Late summer (The, Ther, Therry, Reese, Resa) 

  • Thora 

Old Norse Thunder (Thorie, Tori, Thor)

  • Twilight 

English Dusk (Twile, Twi)

  • Wendy 

English Friend (Wend, Wen, Dee)

  • Winter – #324

English Season of winter (Win, Wintry)

  • Zephyr

Greek West wind (Zeph, Zep, Zeppy, Zee)

Sun And Light Names

Little girl in yellow dress dancing on a sunny day among the sunflower farm - Sun And Light Names
  • Alba 

Spanish Dawn (Al, Ally, Alb, Alby) 

  • Cassandra – #650 

Greek The one who shines over men (Cass, Cassie, Sandra, Sandy) 

  • Claire – #66 

French Clear, light (Clairie) 

  • Dawn 

English The first appearance of light, daybreak (Dawny, Dee)

  • Eleanora 

Greek Shining light (Ellie, Ell, Nora, Eleanor, Len) 

  • Elena – #49 

Greek Shining light (El, Ellie, Ella, Len, Lena) 

  • Elora – #515

Greek My God is my light (El, Lora, Lori) 

  • Elva 

Irish White, bright (Elle, Ellie, Elvie) 

  • Halina 

Polish Shining light (Hal, Halle, Lina, Leen, Nana) 

  • Helio 

Spanish The sun (Heli) 

  • Kiara – #252 

Irish Bright, clear (Kia, Kiki, Ara) 

  • Lucina 

Latin Light, grove (Lucy, Luce, Lu, Lulu) 

  • Lucy – #48 

Latin As of light (Lu, Luce, Lulu) 

Sun And Light Names
  • Lux 

Latin Light (Lu)

  • Noor – #773 

Arabic Light, The Divine Light (Noory) 

  • Oriana 

Latin Sunrise, Dawn (Ori, Ore, Ana, Riana)

  • Phoebe – #214 

Greek Bright, shining (Phoe, Fifi, Pheebs, Bibi) 

  • Roxana 

Persian Dawn (Roxy, Rox, Ana) 

  • Sol 

Hebrew Sun 

  • Solana 

Spanish Sunshine (Sol, Solar, Lana) 

  • Solaris 

Latin Of the sun (Sol, Solar, Ris, Rissy) 

  • Soleil – #999  

French Sun (Sol, Lei, Soul)

  • Spark 

English Glowing particle (Sparky, Spar) 

  • Sunny – #650

English Sunshine, happy (Sun)

  • Yelena 

Russian Shining light (Yel, Lena) 

These last names that mean light are perfect for your book character!

Unique Nature Girl Names

Little girl on a brown-themed nature background hugging a rabbit - Unique Nature Girl Names
  • Anise 

English Spice (Anisa, Nisa, Annie, Ann) 

  • Arden 

English Great forest (Ardie, Artie, Den, Denna)

  • Avalon 

Celtic Island of apples (Ave, Avie, Ava, Lonnie)

  • Avril 

English Opening buds of Spring (Ave, Aves, Avri, Riri) 

  • Azora 

Spanish Sky blue (Azzy, Azore)

  • Belladonna 

Italian Beautiful lady (Bella, Belly, Belle, Donna, Donnie) 

  • Bloom 

English Flower (Bloo, Bloomie) 

  • Cassia 

Greek Cinnamon (Cass, Cassie, Sia) 

  • Cove

English Small bay (Coves, Covey) 

  • Cricket 

English Loud insect of the night (Crick, Crickey, Cree)

  • Elowen 

Cornish Elm (Elle, Low, Wen, Wennie)

  • Evanie 

Hebrew Life, animal (Evan, Eva, Anie, Ana)

  • Harbor 

English Boat dock on the shore (Har, Bear, Arbor) 

Unique Nature Girl Names
  • Hyacinth 

Greek Blue larkspur flower (Cynth, Hya, Cinna)

  • Kestrel 

English Small, colorful falcon (Kes, Kess, Kessy, Kerri) 

  • Lake 

English A body of water (Lakes, Lakey) 

  • Lark 

English A playful, lighthearted songbird (Larks, Larkie) 

  • Lotus 

Greek Lotus flower (Lottie, Lot) 

  • Maple 

Old English One who lives near maple trees (Map, Maps, Mapes)

  • Oona 

Scottish Lamb (Oo, Oon, Nana)

  • Saskia 

Danish Valley of the light (Sassy, Sass, Kia, Sasi) 

  • Sequoia 

Cherokee Redwood (Coya, Soya, Coco, Koi)

  • Soline 

Spanish Sunlight (Sol, Line, Lina) 

  • Solstice 

English When the sun stands still (Sol, Sols, Stace)

  • Tallulah 

Native American Leaping water (Tally, Lulu, Lulah) 

  • Wisteria 

German A vine with purple blue blossoms (Wisty, Wist, Ria, Terry)

We have over 350 more unique girl names with meanings and nicknames!

Vintage Nature Names For Girls

Portrait of a little girl in vintage green dress at a nature park - Vintage Nature Names For Girls
  • Deborah 

Hebrew Bee (Debs, Debbie)

  • Doris

Greek Gift from the sea (Dory, Dora) 

  • Essie 

Persian Star (Cece) 

  • Laverne 

English The Adler tree (Vern, Verni, Vera, Lala) 

  • Leontine 

French Lioness (Leonie, Tina) 

  • Morgana 

Welsh Edge of the sea (Morgan, Morganne) 

  • Muriel 

English Sea, bright (Muri, Mel) 

  • Olympia 

Greek Heavenly (Olympe, Oly, Pia) 

  • Phyllis 

Greek Green bough (Phyll, Philly, Fliss) 

  • Rhoda

Greek Rose, From Rhodes (Rhodey) 

  • Shirley 

English Bright meadow (Shirl, Ley) 

  • Susie 

Hebrew Lily (Sue) 

  • Suzanne 

French Graceful lily (Sue, Suzy, Anne, Annie)

  • Ursula 

Latin Little bear (Orso, Sula)

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Nature Names For Girls With Strong Meanings

Little girl in red dress and black hat sitting in an autumn park - Nature Names For Girls With Strong Meanings
  • Alina – #133

Russian Light (Ali, Lina, Lin) 

  • Austra 

Australian Dawn (Aus, Tra) 

  • Danica 

Slavic Morning star (Dani, Dan) 

  • Eleanor – #16

Greek Shining light (Ellie, Len, Nora) 

  • Eve – #554 

Hebrew Life (Evie, Eva) 

  • Leora 

Greek Light (Leo) 

  • Tala 

Native American Wolf (Tal, Tally) 

  • Zoe – #38

Greek Life (Zo, Zozo, Zoo) 

  • Zorina 

Slavic Golden dawn (Zori, Zora, Rina)

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Exotic Nature Names From Around The World

Newborn girl sleeping in a wicker basket - Exotic Nature Names From Around The World
  •  Aolani 

Hawaiian Beautiful cloud (Lani, Lan) 

  • Alizeh 

Persian Wind (Ali, Liz, Lizzy, Zeze) 

  • Alya 

Arabic Sky, heaven (Aly, Ally, Al, Yaya) 

  • Amisa 

Japanese Blue ocean (Ami, Am, Misa) 

  • Akaria – #23

Italian Air (Ari, Ria, Riri)

  • Brisa 

Spanish Breeze (Bris, Brissy, Rissy, Risa) 

  • Enya 

Irish Fire (En, Yaya, Eny) 

  • Estrela 

Spanish Star, divine strength (Estre, Stela) 

  • Hali 

Greek Sea (Hal, Hally, Haley, Lili, Ali) 

  • Hana – #807 

Japanese Flower (Han, Nana)

Exotic Nature Names From Around The World
  • Haru 

Japanese Spring (Har, Roo, Ruru, Ha) 

  • Haukea 

Hawaiian White snow (Hau, Kea, Key, Keys, Kiki) 

  • Haunani 

Hawaiian Snow beauty (Hau, Nani, Nan, Una, Nini) 

  • Helmi 

Finnish Pearl (Hel, Helly, Hela, Mimi, El, Ellie) 

  • Ilana 

Hebrew Tree (Ila, Lana, Lan) 

  • Ilayda 

Turkish Water fairy (Illy, Ilay, Lay, Layda, Ayda) 

  • Ilma 

Finnish Air (Illy, Ill, Ills, Ilm) 

  • Jacinta 

Spanish Hyacinth (Jacinth, Jas, Cynthia)

  • Jurate 

Lithuanian Goddess of the sea (Jura, Rate) 

  • Kailani – #275 

Hawaiian Sea and sky (Kai, Lani) 

  • Kaisla 

Finnish Reed (Kai, Kais, Lala, Isla) 

Exotic Nature Names From Around The World
  • Kasumi 

Japanese Mist (Sumi, Mimi, Kasu) 

  • Kealani 

Hawaiian Clear skies (Kea, Key, Kiki, Lani, Lan) 

  • Kima 

Basque Flower blossom (Kim, Kimi, Kims, Kiki, Key) 

  • Laguna 

Italian Pond, lake (Lala, Lagu, Guna) 

  • Lluvia 

Spanish Rain (Llu, Via, Vivi) 

  • Makani 

Hawaiian Wind (Mak, Kani, Nini) 

  • Maricela 

Spanish Of the sea (Mari, Mar, Cel, Cela) 

  • Mayim 

Hebrew Water (May, Mayi, Yima, Mays) 

  • Mayuri 

Sanskirt Peahen (Mayu, Yuri, Yura, Riri) 

  • Meri 

Finnish Sea (Mer, Mers, Mera) 

  • Moana 

Hawaiian Ocean, sea (Mo, Mona, Momo, Ana, Ann) 

Exotic Nature Names From Around The World
  • Nimue 

Welsh Lady of the lake (Nim, Nimmy, Mue) 

  • Nieves 

Spanish Snow (Nini, Nie, Nev, Eve, Evie) 

  • Rocío

Spanish Dew (Roro, Rothy) 

  • Rosa – #605

Spanish Rose (Ro, Roro, Rosie, Rose) 

  • Sakura 

Japanese Cherry blossoms (Sa, Kura) 

  • Sirocco 

Italian Warm wind (Sir, Rocco, Siro, Cece) 

  • Synnove 

Scandinavian Gift of the sun (Syn, Synna, Nov, Nove) 

  • Tuuli 

Finnish Wind (Tutu, Tully, Tulls, Lili) 

  • Xia 

Chinese Rosy clouds (Xixi, Xi) 

  • Yuki 

Japanese Snow (Yu, Yuyu, Yuks) 

Wrapping Up Nature Girl Names

Whether you’re leaning towards a name as fierce as a lioness or as gentle as a flowing river, trust your instincts and let your heart lead the way.

After all, naming your precious one is like planting a seed that’ll blossom into a unique and beautiful soul.

And as you set forth on this exciting naming journey, know that Mother Nature herself is cheering you on.

May your little nature girl’s name be a story of love, adventure, and the endless possibilities that lie ahead.

These mountain-inspired names and air-themed names will make your name-hunting journey even more exciting!

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